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Maaneet FF- KHUMAARI- BWTB #3/next thread added (Page 89)

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KHUMAARI- Beauty With The Beast
PART- 29

Can't believe Cotton is so much in demand... Well for those who love him this update is gonna be a treat for youLOL

N exactly when were you planning to tell me? He asked through gritted teeth.
His grip on her hand was hurting. I thought you don't care if I work or not. She said meekly. Her intentions were never to hide something but she just did'nt told him as she thought he was not 
concerned whether she was working or  staying at home.
It was right he was not bothered before but now things were different, he was different.
Why do think so dammit. I care for you. He grabbed her hair n said possessively. More than anything else.


Its painful to know that the one for whom you care the most, thinks that you don't...
But somewhere its your gesticulates only which gives them the wrong idea.
Love is not always considering self pain but understanding the other's anguish too.
Geet eyes were ready to spill. She did'nt knew if to shriek with pain inflicted by his tight hold or rejoice at his confession.
I am sorry. She said because seemed the best option.
You think your sorry is enough. Maan was still seething in anger n his grasp on her hair only got intense. How dare she 'his wife' hide something from him.
Her apology did'nt had any affect so only one other thing came to her mind that could help in damage control as it always worked.
Will you calm down if I will give you a kiss? She asked innocently as if offering the world's most precious thing.
Maan watched her amazed. For all the times he had thought that she faked being naive n innocent, he was utterly wrong. She was as pure n as virtuous as she seemed.
Serene... Uncorrupted by any evil or malice, pure,
Virgin to all sins
The real beauty n the only bliss of this beast.

She waited for his answer praying that this would work. Her wait got over when he pushed her to the wall. Pressing her petite frame with his, hard yet pleasurable. He brought his thumb
to her rosy lips.
You remember, I like you raw. He wiped the colour off her lips only to paint them with his love.
Geet tried to match his passion but somehow all her efforts failed, so she let him dominate her. Maan was angry n she took it all in form of his harshness.
He plunged his tongue deep inside her, stroking her tongue ocassioanlly. He brought it back swaying it over her smooth pearls he nipped her lower lip making it bleed.
No wine could match the intoxicating sweet taste of her, he thought. Mishti.. He said into her mouth which Geet obvioulsy was in no position to contemplate. He left her mouth n attacked her
Maan... She hissed throwing her head back as his hot lips burned her skin. She laced her finger in his hairs pressing him more to her. His lips kept making her moan but after sometime he
relieved her.
Maan could have taken her right there but now he was clear. He wanted to do it with her consent n when she was ready. He knew all the wait was worth it as that special moment would be ecstatic.
One strays until he finds the destination.
Lust exists only until true love is not there.
You are not going to work anymore. Maan commanded, he wanted her completely for himself.
Again her eyes became misty she so much wanted to teach, it was her dream job but if he wanted she was ready to give it up.
As you say. She said, still two tears escaped the barrier of control.
God these damn tears. Maan thought. She perfectly knew how to make him think back.
Holding her chin he made her look into his eyes. You want to work?
She shook her head for a no. Yeh sure. Maan thought sarcastically.
When you come back? He asked.
3:30 pm. It was good in a way. He could work peacefully till 3 knowing she would not be available at home.
Ok you can continue your teaching. Her face lit up instantly. But I want you back sharp at 3:30.
Pakka. She chirruped n hugged him.
You wait here I am going to bring your food. Geet said to Cotton n left for kitchen. Everyone was finished with their dinner n now was cotton's turn to fill up his ever hungry tummy.
Maan entered the room n found Cotton sitting on floor.
I am only baring you because of Geet. He said angrily. Poor Cotton looked here n there, balcony door was closed n Maan had closed the main door too so there was no place to run. So he simply
hid under the bed.
Maan settled on the bed with his legs hanging down n started checking his mails on tab.
Cotton did'nt liked the of Geet shifting back to Maan's room. Why mumma did'nt brought my food yet? He thought as his stomach growled.
Few more minutes passed n Geet was still not back. Cotton was getting bored under the bed. He was incredulous why Maan did'nt liked him specially when he had got such a cute face. Lately
Maan was not behaving that scary so he thought to befriend him may be he could give some extra food to him.
By now all must be knowing Cotton's every thought started with food n ended with food only.
Cotton gathered all his tiny miny courage. He cameout from under the bed n rubbed his head against Maan's feet, scowling softly.
What are you doing? Maan asked irritated.
Cotton immediately stepped back n stared at him cutely with his big shinning eyes, dropping his ears.
Maan's expressions softened. Cotton totally resembled Geet's puppy face right now. How could he hate something which she loved?
Like reading his mind Cotton again went to him n this time licked his feet.
Eww... Dare you do that again n I'll cut your tongue. Maan said pissed off.
Geet entered the room with Cotton's food bowl. She placed the bowl on floor n clapped her hands merrily, Maan n Cotton together... that was 8th wonder.
Wow aap dono ki friendship ho gai. She said quite excited while Cotton was busy eating. Mai apko Cotton k new cloths dikhti hu.
Crap! Now I have to look at this animal's designer wear. Maan thought then said.
Geet I don't want to see anything. I have seen enough for today. Just shoo that thing out n come to bed. I wanna sleep.
Both Geet n Cotton made puppy face but that did'nt worked. Finally Geet left Cotton out of their room n they slept off.
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WOW OSSUM part dear
really loved it
wow msk care for her dear...
and he agreed for the teaching also great dear
and poor cotton 
waiting for the next dear
pls update soon
cant wait more at all
Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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That was an awesome update as always sweets!!

i really missed khumaari updates... thanks for updating today...

coming to the update... wow... actually Geet is becoming more smart day by day... she actually knew the secret to pacify MSK anger... and MSK... he actually accepted her to go to work... so much of change and that too in a gradual way... am loving it completely...

and the best was, he actually tried to tolerate even cotton... Shocked

awesome awesome awesome...

and do update soon the next part

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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update maan allowed her to work seeing her tears cotton maan scene them

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oh i love it cotten is so cute

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fab update...
cotton was so cute...
loved maaneet's bonding...
cont soon...

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loved da superb update. jst loving this maan. maan n cotton scene was beautiful. 

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