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Originally posted by nishi12345

just a perfect oneee
loved the virman ..
the way manvi escaped virat's question was reslly sooo gud
so our intelligent manvi ke ans ne virat ko hila diya
bt koi baat nai virat bhi kuch na kuch to karega hi..
so waiting for virat in action again
virika was so gud
it was so sweet to see viren buying the watch and gifting it to jeevika
waiting for jeevi 's reaction
beautiful dear
cont soon
and please cont araam se dont rush and destroy the beauty of the story
loved it a lott
Thank you so much! Exactly, infact she is THE manvi choudhary...
yeah, i have thought of some ideas about virat, but i just hope i can write it out well and i dont spoil it... i'll try my best to update nicely...
Thanks for this long update!

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Originally posted by KT_4eva

Awesome awesomeee! Clap
Virat and Maanvi! LOL
smart Maanvi haan! Big smile And I love red sauce too! LOL
I wonder whats the dare!? Shocked
And how sweet of Virat! Embarrassed Red sauce order kiya! Embarrassed
Beechara Viren ! I could exactly imagine.. ROFL
Virika! Embarrassed Viren's so sweet ! Day Dreaming
I just love themm! Star
Good job! Thumbs Up Waiting was worth it! Big smile
Continue asap! Big smile
Thanks so much! 
Im not going to update the dare in my next update, that will come a little later!
when i was writing this part of virman + viren, i had just the exact picture of viren's expression in my imagination.. 
I love them too... 
Im thankful that you'll didnt find the update a stupid one.. 
:) i'll try to update soon...

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Originally posted by shona_virman

Phew!! Tat was indeed super LONG... Thanx for tat;) i really liked da virman part... How typical virmanish!! Smarty Manvi she escaped da situation so easily n poor virat... He dint hear 'life partner' part... Looking fwd to da nxt part n wonder wat will be virat's dare for Manvi... Viren is sooo sweet yaar:) n i liked it wen jeevi flipped pages n on food n snacks Wala page she says 'yeh toh virat aur Manvi k liye hai' lol... Tat was cutely funny... Thanx 4 updating n da pm... Hope to see na nxt part soon...
im not going to add manvis dare in the next update... im sorry, i really know you'll wanna read it, but it will have to wait for sometime... 
I will try my best to update as soon as i can...
Im really happy that you liked the VirMan parts... will add lots of virman next time also...

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plz add me 2 ur buddy list and pm me on your next update 
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Loved it
Write in English the conversations please as I don't understand Hindi

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your ss is cute and awsom...plz pm me in ur further updts

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Hey Guys!

Im back with a HUGE update after a WHOLE MONTH!

Im really sorry for the delay, but i hope you'll like the part!

ABOUT THE UPDATE: This is a VIRIKA-VIRMAN update with a bit of JEEMAN . There are 2 things about this part:-

Firstly, The family reaches Singapore, so finally all the wait is over and the actual story-the holiday- begins.

Secondly, this part is just a bit of fun. VirMan fun with VirIka cuteness. There is no specific message in this part. The actual fun will start from the next update only. I really hope that you'll dont find the part STUPID!

Please feel free to give your comments and suggestions. I would love to know what you'll think of this update.



NEXT UPDATE:  firstly, sorry that i updated so late! After a whole MONTH! But this is a REALLY BIG update and i want LONG comments and a LONG LONG LONG list of likes as well. I'll try and update on the 26th-27th


I hope you'll like the part. Here it goes:-


Part:10: Fun and Landing:-

Update A. (my whole part was too big for a post, so i have divided it into two- A and B!) Part B is after Part A!


VirMan are waiting for their food as they are feeling extremely hungry.

M(murmuring): mere pet mein itne choohe daur rahe hai, yeh khana aane mein itna der kyu lag raha hai...

Virat hears her murmuring and wonders what she is talking about.

Virat(in the 'virat' style): kya hua partner? khud se baate kyu kar rahi ho? Mein dikhai nahi se raha hoon kya? Ya fir mein itna boring hoon ki tum khud se baate karna hi prefer karti ho?

Manvi was annoyed because of her hunger and Virat's teasing made her more irritated.


Virat: toh apni aakhon ki testing karwa lo, tumhe chashmo ki zarwat hai! (Virat laughs)...i can just imagine, MANVI CHOUDHARY IN GLASSES!!

M: (fake laughs) HA, HA ,HA! Kitna funny hai na? Wese bhi, agar kisi ko bhi tum dikhai doge na, fir bhi woh khud se hi baat karna prefer karega...your too boring!

Virat: Boring? Mein? Partner, toh itne din se tum mere saath baat kyu kar rahi thi? Mein toh bohot boring tha na?

M: haan, woh toh meine sirf isliye kiya tha taki tumhara dil na toote aur tumhe bura na lage...

Virat: toh tumne mera man rakhne ke liye mujhse baat kiya tha?

M: Haan...toh?

Virat: Toh tumhe mujhse baat karne mein koi interest nahi tha?

M: Nahi! Mujhe tumse kyu baat karna hoga? Tum jese chep se?

Virat: baat ghumana toh koi tumse seekhe! MEIN ek BANDERIYA se kyu baat karna chahoonga bhala? Aur wese bhi, bander baat nahin karte, SIRF KHATE HAI!

He said the last line a little loudly so that Manvi would get angry. He loved seeing her fuming with anger, especially, when he is the reason for it.

Manvi's eyes widened with anger when she heard that, but she soon, calmed herself down.

M(murmuring): dekho manvi, virat yahi chahata hai, ki tum uspe gussa karo aur apna temper lose karo, par tum aisa nahi karogi... usne yeh sabh jaan boojhke ke bola hoga, par mein gussa nahi hongi... chodo na, wese bhi yeh chep toh kabhi nahi sudher sakhta... (she shook her head).

She looked at him and faked a smile.

Virat was surprised that she didnt say anything to him. But he was determined to make her annoyed.

Virat: Kya yaar partner? tumne kabhi aine mein nahi dekha hai kya? Tum haste hue bilkul achi nahi lagti! Tum hi socho, ek bander hasta hua kesa lagta hai?

Manvi imagined herself looking in a mirror and saw a monkey smiling widely, showing all his teeth.

Manvi couldn't control her anger anymore.


Virat was loving the expression on Manvi's face.

Virat: tum gusse mein kitni achi lagti ho!


Virat: acha acha, theek hai, nahi pareshaan karunga...aakhir mujhe apni jaan bohot pyaari hai..


Virat: wah wah, kya din aa gaye hai? Sach ko log bakwaas manne lage hai? Tum hi batao partner, GUSSE WAALI MANVI se panga lena khatre se khaali hai kya?

M: ARGH!!! Tum hatto!

She stood up.

Virat: arrey lekin tum ja kaha rahi ho?

M: Air hostess se poochne ki khana ke liye aur kitna time lagega! (She added sarcastically) tumhari aur koi suggestion?

Virat: Bilkul, air hostess ke upar apna gussa mat chirak dena! Though, I'm sure ki first sight mein unhe already pata chal gaya hoga ki tum aadhi pagal ho, magar abh aise hi jaake bina matlab ke chilao gi, toh poori pagal lagogi. (In a fake sweet way) mein tumhara dost hoon, aur isliye mein tumhare bhale ke liye sochta hoon... mein nahi chahata ki log mere partner ko pagal bulaye!

M(fakely): Aww, How sweet of you virat!!!!!

Virat (acting innocent): I'm sure ki agar tum bhi mere jagah hoti toh mere liye bilkul aise hi acha sochti.. kyu? Mein sahi keh raha hoon na?

M(making a face): bilkul sahi keh rahe ho tum Mr. Chep Singh Vadera! ...tum kabhi nahi badloge na? Chodo...mein 2 minute mein aa rahi hoon...

Virat: 2 minute kyu? Aaram se 2 ghante baad aana na! Kisko harbari hai?

M: tumhe time ka khayal nahi hai, matlab yeh toh nahi hai ki kissi ko bhi time ki parwah nahi hai? Tumhare information ke liye, 2 ghante ke bohot pehle, flight land kar jayegi, aur tumhe shayad flight mein extra time rehna hai, par mujhe nahi rehna hai, i hate traveling, isliye mujhe harbari hai! Abh agar tumhari bak bak khatam ho gayi ho, toh kya mein ja sakhti hoon?

Virat: jao na, meine thodi na roka hai..

M: haan haan, apni free ki advice toh mein de rahi thee na?

Virat: tumne manga tha!

M: tumne kabhi sarcasm ke baare mein nahi suna hai kya?

Virat: suna kya, meine apply bhi kiya hai... what do you think, jab meine kaha ki tum sirf 'aadhi pagal ho' toh mein sach bol raha tha kya?

M: uff! Mein bekar mein hi tumse baat karke apna time waste kar rahi hoon...

Manvi goes off from there. She went to the air hostess chamber and knocked.

A fair lady with glasses and blonde hair came out and looked inquisitively at Manvi. Her badge, neatly pinned onto her uniform, read 'Gabrielle'.

Ah: Yes ma'am?

M: could i have a glass of water please?

Ah: sure ma'am.

Gabrielle went inside and came back with a glass of water in her hands.

Ah: Here you are ma'am..

M: Thank you so much.. and one more thing..

Ah: Yes?

M: i had ordered some food in seat no 2A and 2B, could you check how long it would take? Ac...actually, my friend is really hungry and he...

Ah: I understand madam, i will send the food to your seat, as soon as possible...

M: Thank you so much..

Gabrielle smiled and went inside.

Manvi thinks: sorry partner, bhook mujhe lag rahi thi aur meine tumhara naam de diya, haha, but i know you wont mind... aakhir tum kuch toh kaam aaye..

She gets back to her seat followed by Claire soon afterwards with their burgers.

Ah: Here you are sir, madam... Your pasta will take just 5 minutes more...

M: Thank you so much...

The air hostess smiles and leaves. Manvi grabs her burger, opens the wrapper and bites into it.

Virat: Waah! Waah! Choudharain ki speed to dekho, meine abhi tak sandwich chua bhi nahi hai, aur tumhara already aadha khatam ho gaya hai! Manna parega, your really fast!

M: Toh kya sabko apne jaise slow samajh ke rakhe ho kya?

Virat: kam se kam mein sher ke tarah toh khane pe attack nahi karta!

Manvi remained silent for a moment and thought of an excuse for her impatience.

M: woh kya hai na partner, mujhe khana garam garam pasand hai! Lekin kya kare, kuch log khana itni der se khate hai, ki khana rakhe rakhe hi thanda ho jata hai, aur thanda khana khane se koi faida nahi hota!

Virat: lekin, partner, sandwich kabse garam, thanda hone lag gaya.

Manvi bit her tongue, she hadn't thought about this. After a moment she said:-

M: partner... tumhe pata nahi hai kya, ki khate waqt baatein nahi karna chahiye...chup chap, khao!

Virat: topic change karne ka bohot acha tareeka hai!

M: mein topic change nahi kar rahi hoon...m

Voice 1: Ladies and Gentlemen, may i have your attention please, We will be landing in an hours time, we request you to do whatever you wish now, like using the washroom, walking around, checking your cabinet above for your things, etc, because in sometime, we will be lowering down and you'll would not be allowed to get up from your seat. Thank You.

Virat: Thankfully, sirf ek ghanta hi baaki hai..

M: SIRF ek ghanta? Abhi toh POORA EK GHANTA baaki hai! Ek ghanta matlab ki 60 minutes matlab ki 3600 secs! Aur pata nahi kitni milliseconds honge!

Virat frowns and shakes his head.

Virat: tumhara kuch nahi ho sakhta...

Meanwhile VirIka:-

Viren thinks: mujhe kissi na kissi tarah se Jeevika ko confess karwana hi parega ki usse woh watch pasand aaya hai, warna kya pata jab mein usse woh watch doon tab woh gussa ho jaye ki mein chup chup kar uski baatein sun raha tha... aur jab woh gussa hoti hai, toh usse manana easy nahi hota.. (he remembers all the times when Jeevika got annoyed with him- when he pretended to be angry with her for Virat, when he took Manvi's side and irritated Jeevika, etc.) Aur wese bhi, jab Jeevika mujhse naaraaz hoti hai toh meri poori zindagi upar-neeche ho jaati hai.. kuch toh karna hi parega...umm... idea! Mein usse yeh ehsas dilata hoon ki mujhe uske jhoot ke baare mein pata hai, fir woh apne aap hi confess kar legi, haan yahi sahi rahega..

Jeevika thinks: Mujhe pata lagana hi hoga ki Viren ji ke man mein kya chal raha hai. Koi na koi baat toh zarur hai, magar kya ho sakhta hai? Viren ji toh mujhse kabhi kuch nahi chupate, toh fir abh kyu? Kahi unhe kissi tarah ki koi pareshaani toh nahi? Mein unhi se pooch leti hoon...(she stopped and thought for a moment)..nahi nahi...agar yeh sirf mera soch hai, aur asal mein aisa kuch nahi hai toh fir Viren ji ko bohot dukh hoga ki mein unpar aise shaq kar rahi thi... kya karu, kya karu? Haan, idea! Mein unhe yeh ehsas dilane ki koshish karti hoon ki mujhe pata hai ki woh mujhse kuch chupa rahe hai, fir woh apne aap hi mujhe sabh kuch bata denge...haan, yeh theek rahega!

VirIka together:-

Viren: Jeevika..

J: Viren ji...

They share a laugh.

VirIka together:-

Viren: pehle tum..

J: pehle aap..

They smile.

J: woh Viren ji, mujhe aapse kuch zaroori baat karni hai...

Viren decides to forget about what he was thinking for a minute and listen to Jeevika.

Viren: Haan bolo na Jeevika..

J: Woh, woh.. mujhe aapse poochna tha

She was confused how to place her words in a way, so that Viren does not catch her completely but he does realise the actual meaning behind her words.

Viren looked at her inquisitively. Jeevika said whatever came into her mind next cause she knew that if she would delay further on, Viren would definitely feel suspicious.

J(quickly): buaji ko kya kya pasand hai?

Viren was a bit surprised at her question.

Viren: Badi maa ko kya pasand hai...matlab?

J: me..mera matlab hai ki, unhe konsa rang pasand hai, konsa napasand hai...

Viren thought it to be a normal question and replied instantly, without thinking about his lie of red earrings.

Viren: Jeevika, tumhe toh pata hai na ki unka sabse manpasand rang yellow hai aur sabse napasand rang red hai..

J: oh, haan, sorry mein bhool gayi thi..

Viren smiles. After a couple of moments:-

J: magar Viren ji, aapne toh abhi abhi kaha ki buaji ne RED colour ke earrings liye hai? Unhe toh pasand nahi hai na, toh fir?

Viren was speechless, it was like Jeevika had caught him in the act red handed, and he could see no way to escape this situation!

Viren thinks: Mar gaya! Abh kya bolunga Jeevika ko? Kya yaar Viren tu poori tarah se pagal ho gaya hai... badi maa theek hi kehti hai, mujhe jhoot bolna aata hi nahi hai! Log jhat se pakar lete hai... aur Jeevika se toh koi baat nahi chupti..abh kya karun...kya viren vadera! Tujhe pata tha na ki badi maa ko red bilkul pasand nahi hai aur tune yeh baat Jeevika ko bhi pehle boli thi, fir tune yeh kese bol diya ki unhone red earrings khareede hai! Tera kuch nahi ho sakhta Viren! Abh kya bahana banaoge? Jaldi kuch sochna parega warna Jeevika ka shaq yakeen mein badal jayega...

Jeevika thinks: matlab mera shaq sahi tha! Agar koi aur baat hoti toh fir Viren ji ko jawab dene mein itna samay kyu lagta? Zarur woh mujhse kuch chupa rahe hai...magar kyu?

J: Aap kaha kho gaye? Boliye na buaji ne red earrings kese khareed liye?

Viren: wo...woh..actua...actually na kya hua tha ki...

Viren was continuously making up a story in his mind as he was speaking.

Jeevika was irritated. She could not understand why Viren would want to hide anything from her.

J(annoyed): ki?

He sensed that Jeevika was feeling annoyed and knew he had to come up with something quickly before Jeevika loses her temper.

Viren: ki..woh..umm...woh..

Jeevika was fuming with anger. Seeing her expressions, Viren started sweating. He really needed some training for telling lies.

J(sure he is up to something): boliye na...arrey, aapko itna paseena kyu aa raha hai?

Viren takes out his hanky and wipes his forehead.

Viren: woh bas...

Jeevika thinks: UGGGHHH...chod Jeevika! Shayad viren ji ko tujhpe bharosa hi nahi hai, isliye toh woh kuch bata hi nahi rahe hai! Warna unhone aaj tak kuch nahi chupaya mujhse, aur abh... woh mujhpe bharosa hi nahi karte..hmph.. chalega jeevika, tu chod! Tu unhe jitna bhau degi na, woh utna hi zyada attitude dikhaenge... tum chodo, jab unhe batana hoga woh apne aap hi aake bata denge, tujhe baar baar poochne ki koi zarwat nahi hai...

Meanwhile Viren had thought of a story.

Viren: HAAN!

Jeevika came out of her thoughts. She looked at him for his strange loud, comment.

Viren: woh, actually badi maa na..

Jeevika turned away from Viren and faced the window. She was really angry with Viren. Her husband was lying to her and after asking so many times he didnt want to share anything with her and the worst part-HE WAS STILL TRYING TO MAKE UP STORIES TO HIDE THE TRUTH FROM JEEVIKA.

Viren was a bit taken aback.

Viren: ky..kya hua Jeevika? Tum..

J: Viren ji, aap please mujhe akela chod dijiye...(she was so annoyed. But she realised that she had been mean)..

She looked at Viren and saw his sad expression. She changed the topic for him.

J(calmly): mera matlab hai ki...mein samajh sakhti hoon, shayad, buaji ne apne kissi friend ke liye liya hoga... its ok..(she made it up so that Viren didn't feel bad)..

Viren was relieved when he heard her calm voice.

After sometime, Jeevika thought of sharing this with someone. The only person that came in her mind was Manvi. She picked up her phone and texted Manvi.

Jeevika typed:-

Mannu, sun, mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai L...


Kya di? Koi baat hui hai kya? Sad face kyu? :O

Her phone vibrated. She read her message.


Woh kya hai na mannu...(she went on and told the whole story)..par samajh nahi aa raha ki woh mujhse kuch bhi kyu chupayenge? Unhe mujhpe bharosa nahi hai kya?


Nahi di! Aap kese  baatein soch rahi ho? Aisa kuch nahi hai! Aap bina matlab ke hi zyada soch rahi ho...

Another beep.


Par tu hi bata mannu, meri kya galti hai...Viren ji aise behave kar rahe hai ki, mein na chahate hue bhi yeh sabh soch rahi hoon..


Di! Di! Relax... aap kyu itna tension le rahi ho...aap jeeju ko saaf saaf kyu nahi pooch leti?


Meine poocha toh tha, magar unke paas kuch kehne ko hi nahi tha...pakka mannu, woh mujhse kuch chupa rahe hai!


Dekho di, jeeju aapse utna hi pyaar karte hai jitna mein appse karti hoon... aur kya meine aapse kabhi jhoot bola hai jo abh woh bolenge?


... Nahi mannu... par mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hai...unke chehre pe saaf likha hua tha ki woh jhoot bol rahe hai...mein unhe pad sakhti hoon, mein keh rahi hoon na...


Oho Di! Aap kuch zyada hi soch rahi ho... dekho, iske baare mein baad mein baat kar lena, magar yeh toh socho, agar aisa kuch nahi hua toh jeeju ko kesa lagega? Unhe toh aise hi lagega na ki aapko un par vishvas nahi hai...

Jeevika thinks for a moment.


Haan mannu, tu sahi keh rahi hai...


Isliye, abhi aap yeh sabh chodo aur unse baad mein, shaanti se, iske baare mein baat kar lena.. ok?


Ok...Thanks Mannu! Tu meri humesha help kar deti hai.. aur abh tune mera dil bhi halka kar diya... Thank You so much!

Manvi (in her tone):-

Thank You kyu di? Aap bhi toh baar baar mera tension kam karti ho na? Aur saari problems bhi solve kar deti ho? And afterall, Behen hoon aapki, Khoon ka rishta hai humara!


Woh toh hai (with a smiling face)...

Seeing Jeevika smile Viren asked:-

Viren: kya hua jeevika?

J: kuch nahi...bas aise hi...

Viren smiles. Jeevika forgets about everything, she refuses to think that Viren lied to her.

-----------------------------------------------------This is Part A of update 10. Part B follows:- 

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Part B:-

Meanwhile VirMan:-

Claire comes with the pasta and keeps it on the table.

M: Thank You...

Claire smiles and leaves. Since Manvi had finished her burger, she thought of having some pasta too. There were special type of tongs kept to serve. Manvi tried lifting the pasta from it but always failed. It would always slip out of the grasp of the tongs and she got really annoyed. Virat kept looking at her all this while and laughed out loud on seeing her try. Manvi glared at Virat.

M(angry): Bohot hasi aa rahi hai na? Tumhe kya lagta hai, ki mein isse utha nahi sakhti? Abhi dikhati hoon, ki pasta serve kese kiya jata hai!

She applied so much of pressure on the two handles of the tongs that one of the pasta broke apart and a few drops of sauce spilled out. Unfortunately, a drop went into Virat's eye.

Virat: OUCH! Dhyaan se partner, kya kar rahi ho?

He rubbed his eyes from his sleeves. It was burning. Manvi didn't realise it.

M: haha, aadmi kitne ajeeb hote hai na? Abhi do minute pehle tum gala phaar phaar ke has rahe the, aur abh dekho? Ek minute mein bolti bandh ho gayi na?

Virat didn't reply to her.

M: Kya hua partner? kuch bol kyu nahi rahe ho?

He was still silent. Manvi looked at him and she saw him rubbing his eyes. She got a little scared.

Manvi thinks: Yeh Virat ko kya hua hai? Aise kyu aakh ragar raha hai?...Kahi...kahi yeh sauce uske aakh mein toh nahi chala gaya!!!! I hope not...par yeh kuch bol kyu nahi raha hai? Muh mein thodi na gaya hai! Kahi yeh uski koi nayi chaal toh nahi? Nahi nahi...usse sach mein jal raha hoga... I hope he is alright...

M: tum theek toh ho na?

Virat heard Manvi but pretended not to hear her. He just ignored her.

M(joking manner): partner, tum so gaye kya?

She waited for the response but didn't get one.

M: arrey yaar mazak kar rahin hoon...itna serious hone ki zarwat nahi hai...tum kuch bol kyu nahi rahe ho? Aur aise kyu aakh ragar rahe ho? Sauce aakh mein gayi kya? Bohot jalan ho raha hai? Tum kuch bolte kyu nahi ho partner...bolo na!! Tumhare kaan toh theek hai na? Kahi aisa toh nahi ki tumhe sunaai dena bandh ho gaya hai? Sauce kaan mein chali gayi kya? Magar kaan mein gayi hai toh fir tum aakh kyu ragar rahe ho?

Virat thinks: ufff!!! Kitna bak bak karti hai! Bhagwan ne usse yeh aisa talent diya hai, jo kissi se bhi jeet sakhta hai! ITNA BOLTI HAI, ITNA BOLTI HAI, KI KOI BEHERA BHI USKO ZYADA DER TAK IGNORE NAHI KAR PAYEGA!

He was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he didn't realise Manvi's actions.

M(on the top of her voice): PARTNERRR!

She shouted in his ear tremendously. Virat came out of his lost world and leaped back! He got so scared!

Virat(loudly): KYA HAI?????

M: tum agar mere baaton ko suno ge nahi, toh mein aise hi chilate rahoongi!

Virat: magar mein toh tumhari baatein sun raha tha na, fir itni zor se chilane ki kya zarwat thi!

M: sun rahe the, magar jawaab nahi de rahe the na! Mujhe toh 2 second ke liye laga ki tum sachmuch behere ho gaye ho, isliye mein bass confirm kar rahi thi!

Virat(imitating Manvi's voice): 'isliye mein bas confirm kar rahi thi', arrey confirm karne ke toh aur bhi kitne saare tareeke hai na...

M: pa...

Virat: oh haan, haan, haan, mein toh bhool hi gaya tha ki SHERNI ko pehla aur sabse simple solution CHILANA hi lagta hai har situation mein!

M: dekho Virat...

Virat: Dekhaao Manvi!

M: Tum toh...

Virat: Mein toh..?

M: Urghhh...

Virat: Ughhh...

M: Chodo...

She looked away. Then she remembered the pasta. She looked at the plate and saw Virat picking it up neatly with the tongs smirking mischievously at her. She got annoyed and picked the pasta from her fork, slowly and put it on her plate. It took time but Manvi didn't mind, it was much better for her than trying with those tongs. Virat looked at her.

M: woh kya hai na partner, Hrishikesh mein humne tongs se serve karna nahi seekha tha!

Virat: mujhe bol deti, mein hi serve kar deta...

M: toh abhi tak kya kar rahe the? Khud ke man se serve nahi kar sakhte the kya? Har cheez agar mein bataaungi, toh fir tum kuch bhi kese seekhoge?

Virat: theek hai, lo...

He put more pasta on her plate. Now her plate was completely full!


Virat: Nahi toh...meine toh sirf wohi kiya jo tumne mujhse kaha tha, isme bhi problem hai kya?

M: Uhhh!!! Itna sara abh kaun khayega?

Virat: Yeh kiske plate mein hein?

M: Mere!

Virat: Toh fir obviously tum hi khaogi na!

M: Tum kabhi nahi badloge na?

Virat: no chance, aur mein badalna chahata bhi nahi hoon...You see, Girls like me How I am!

Manvi(under her breadth): FLIRT!

Virat: Kuch kaha tumne?

Manvi just ignores him and eats...

Virat: wese koi zabardasti nahi hai, jitna khana hai, utna hi khao! Poora khane ka man nahi ho, toh chod dena!

M: tum aise amir ghar mein rahe ho na partner, isliye tumhare liye khana barbaad karna koi bari baat nahi hogi, magar mere liye hai! Meine bachpan se yahi seekha hai ki khana kabhi bhi chodna nahi chahiye..

Virat: haan, magar khana zabardasti pet mein bhi nahi thoosna chahiye, tum socho, agar yeh khana waste hoga toh kaha jayega? ...Dustbin mein?... lekin humara pet dusbin toh nahi hai na, ki tum khana thooste jao sirf isliye taaki waste na ho! Beman se khane se toh acha hi hai ki tum yeh khana fek do...

Manvi nods her head.

M: Tum bilkul sahi keh rahe ho partner... khana zabardasti se khane mein koi faida nahi hota...

Virat smiles.

Virat: acha abh khana thanda mat karo..

They both start eating. Manvi takes a bite and gulps it down quickly.

M: Pani, pani...

Virat: kya hua partner, bohot garam hai kya?

M: garam nahi MIRCHI hai, bohot zyada!

Virat: Mirchi?

Virat looks at her pasta and sees chilli flakes sprinkled all over it.

Virat: sorry partner...

M: tum kyu sorry bol rahe ho?

Virat: kyuki woh saara chilli flakes meine hi dhaala tha kyuki..


Virat: haan, kyuki..


Virat: sorry, woh actually...

M: Pani do pehle...

Virat: oh haan..

He pours a glass of water from the bottle and hands it over to her. Manvi drinks the water and feels relieved.

M: Haan abh bolo..

Virat: woh kya hai na manvi, mein tumhari baat sun raha tha, aur mein dhyaan hi nahi diya ki kitna zyada gir gaya hai!

M: koi baat nahi partner, galti sabse hoti hai... and I'm thankful, tum kabhi toh mere baatein sunte ho!

Virat: Par abh yeh pasta tum kese khaogi?

M: Nahi khana aur...wese bhi paani itna piliya ki saara bhook khatam ho gaya hai..

Virat: are you sure? Tumhare liye kuch aur mangaao?

M: Nahi not hungry anymore..

Virat smiled.


After sometime , Jeevika yawns and her eyelids start shutting. She closes her eyes for a couple of moments and then opens it remembering that they were travelling and not at home. Seeing her in this condition, Viren tells her:-

Viren: arrey jeevika, tumhe neend aa rahi hai na? Tum soh jao!

J: nahi viren ji, mein nahi soh sakhti, flight abhi kuch hi der mein land kar jayegi, aur wese bhi mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hai..

Viren(sarcastically): haan haan, woh toh dikh hi raha hai!

J: mein neend mein nahi hoon, bas thoda sa thak gayi hoon..

Viren: tumhari tabyet toh theek hai na jeevika? Suddenly aaj, aise thak gayi ho, aur woh bhi sirf 4 baje!

J: haan viren ji, mein theek hoon, aap fikar mat kijiye, woh...aapko yaad hai, kal raat aapka conference tha? toh aap bohot late aaye the, mein aapke liye 1 baje tak wait kar rahi thi, aur fir pata nahi kab meri aakh lag gayi.. aapki packing bhi khatam nahi hui thi, toh mein aaj 5 baje uth gayi thi, kyuki bohot saara saamaan rakhna baaki tha! Bas isliye thoda thak gayi hoon...

Viren: I'm sorry Jeevika, mujhe khayal rakhna chahiye tha ki mein time se aa jao aur upar se meine apna packing bhi khatam nahi kiya, tumhe sabh kuch karna para, aur tumne mujhe madad ke liye uthaya bhi nahi subah! Tum itna stress kyu leti ho?

J: aapka kaam karna mere liye kabhi bhi stress nahi ho sakhta! yeh toh mera FARZ hai, aur farz se zyada, meri KHUSHI hai!

Viren is silent for a few moments and finally says: mein yakeen ke saath keh sakhta hoon, ki mein iss duniya ka sabse lucky pati hoon, thank you so much...

J: mein bhi guarantee ke saath keh sakhti hoon, ki aap iss duniya ke BEST pati hai!

Viren smiles.

Viren: acha abh jeevika, please so jao... flight land hone mein abhi aadhi ghanta baaki hai...tum tab tak aaraam se soh sakhti ho... please abh zidd mat karo...dekho, agar tum abhi apna khayal nahi rakhogi toh bimar ho jaogi, aur apna trip bhi enjoy nahi kar paogi, isliye please meri baat maan lo...

Jeevika understands what Viren is trying to say and agrees.

J: Theek hai Viren ji... lekin flight land hone ke thodi der pehle aap mujhe utha dijiye ga!

Viren nods. Jeevika leans on the window and tries to sleep, but because its really hard, her head keeps banging against the glass and that breaks her sleep. she tried sleeping with the arm support on her left but that was too uncomfortable.

Viren (on seeing her struggling): jeevika ek kaam karo na, apna sar mere shoulder ke upar rakh ke so jao!

Jeevika was really sleepy, she hardly took in any word which Viren said.

Viren shifted her head from against the window to his shoulder. He patted her head lightly and softly so that she would fall asleep comfortably. After fifteen minutes he felt Jeevika's body shivering with cold. The temperature in the flight had been decreased as they were close to landing (in some flights, they would do so while taking-off and before landing).

Viren wrapped his arms around her to make her feel warm, but it didn't work. After thinking for a few moments, Viren clicked on the 'service' button and Gabrielle came to his seat.

Ah: How may i help you sir?

Viren: could i get a blanket and a pillow please?

Ah: sure sir, just a minute..

The air hostess leaves VirIka and comes back a moment later with a cosy cumble and a fluffy pillow.

Ah: here you are sir..

Viren: Thank You so much..

Gabrielle smiles and goes away.

Viren throws the cumble over Jeevika and puts a pillow behind her head. He kisses her forehead and observes her sleep. It was perfect! She had no tension, no worries, she was sleeping peacefully in his arms and they were going for a holiday abroad! EVERYTHING WAS SO PERFECT!

Viren felt really happy. He thanked God more than a million times for getting Jeevika in his life. He loved her more than anything and anyone and could do anything in the world just to see a little smile on her face!

Just then he hears Emily and comes out of his thoughts.

Ah: Excuse me Sir..

Viren: Yes?

Ah: here is you cheque, listing all the amount spent for the food and drinks, please have a look and sign it...

She keeps the bill on the table. Viren goes through it:-

1 kaali daal -1A and B

1 paneer makhni -1A and B

1 brocolli fresh -1A and B

1 fried rice -1A and B

1 tomato and cucumber sandwich -2B

1 cabbage burger -2A

1 all arraibiata -2A and B

1 tandoori roti -3B

1 masala kulcha -3B

1 sprite   -3A

1 mixed vegetable –3C

Viren thinks: Virat aur Manvi ke order mein RED SAUCE pasta? Magar virat ko toh red sauce se nafrat hai! Fir woh kyu.. (viren stopped, then he realised that manvi loves red sauce –Jeevika had told him before) Oh! Toh yeh baat hai, janaab ne manvi ke liye adjust kiya hai! Woh virat jo, sirf APNI dil ki baat sunta tha, woh apne KHANE ka taste badal raha hai! wah Virat, wah! Apne bhai se apne feelings chupa raha hai? Usse baat karni hogi mujhe..usne mujhe pehle kyu nahi bataya!

Viren comes out of his thoughts and signs the bill. He gives it to Emily.

Ah: Thank you so much sir..

Emily leaves.

After sometime:-

Voice 1: Good Afternoon ladies and gentle men. Its quarter to five and we are about to land. Please close your tray tables, make sure your windows are open, put on your seatbelts and kindly switch off all electronics. We hope you've had a good time in the flight. Thank You!

Viren looked at Jeevika to wake her up as she had said, but seeing her sleep so peacefully he didn't want to disturb her. He put on her seatbelt and put his too.


They had finished eating and put on their seat belts.

M: (heaved a sigh of relief) FINALLY!

Virat looked at her expression and smiled at her cuteness.

M: iss plane mein bethe bethe toh mera sar dukh raha tha... aur tumne uss samay kya kaha tha partner?

Virat: kya kaha tha?

M: flight mein charne se pehle, kaha tha na, ki (imitating Virat)'manvi! Ek baar flight mein beth jaogi, toh fir apne Hrishikesh Express mein kabhi bethna nahi chahogi!'...

Virat: toh, sach hi toh tha?

M: NAHI! Trains inn flights se kahi better hote hai. Na itna thand hota hai, na sar ghoomta hai aur naahi TONGS se serve karna hota hai! Everything is simple and sweet!

Virat: tum pehli insaan ho, jo trains ko prefer karta ho!

M: obviously! Mein hoon hi one-piece.. bilkul unique..


M: wese, sirf meri yeh soch nahi hai, ek aur insaan hai jo bilkul mere jese sochta hai!

Virat: acha, kaun hai woh pagal?

M: DI! Aur woh pagal nahi hai! Tumhe sharam nahi aati apni bhabhi ko pagal kehte hue?

Virat: mujhe kya pata tha ki tum bhabhi ko beech mein dhaal dogi, mujhe toh laga ki tum apne friends ya partners ki baat kar rahi ho..

M: friends? Tum mere kaunse friend se mile ho? Jab tum Hrishikesh aaye the, tab meine toh tumhe kissi friend se nahi milaya tha!

Virat: what are you saying Manvi! Tumhare friends world ke har kone mein rehte hai!

M: tum pagal ho kya? Mere friends poore duniya mein kese ho sakhte hai?

Virat: tumhe prove kar dunga.. yaha singapore mein bhi bohot milenge! Surprising to know, ki tum apne friends ko nahi pehechaanti..

M: tumhara dimag kharab ho gaya hai! Oh...sorry sorry sorry, tumhara dimag toh kabhi theek tha hi nahi, abh kya kharab hoga!

Virat: tumhe proof chahiye na? Mere paas tumhare friend ka ek photo hai, mobile pe!

Manvi thought he was joking.

M: acha dikhao toh!

Virat: ok..

Virat went on the 'images' icon on his mobile, clicked on a picture and enlarged it. He then showed it to Manvi. She was RED with ANGER!


Virat: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!! Yeh raaha tumhara dost!


Virat: arrey, tum bandariya ho, aur yeh ek aur bandariya hai...

Manvi didn't reply. She was trying to keep herself calm, but VIRAT wouldnt leave her. he took the phone next to Manvi's face and was looking at the image and then at Manvi.

Virat: wese tum dono bilkul twins lagte ho compare kiya jaye toh..

Manvi couldn't control anymore! Before she could utter a word, Virat could sense a VOLCANIC ERUPTION. He quickly surrendered.

Virat: Sorry, sorry! Mazak tha! Woh kya hai na, mujhe tumhe irritate karna bohot pasand hai! Its like my hobby!

M: uske alawa (instead of that) tum aur kar bhi kya sakhte ho Mr. Chep!

Virat: Bilkul sahi kaha Miss Derfutiya!

Manvi gave a fake smile.


The flight was about to land. It lowered and they reached closer and closer to the Singapore city! Viren was feeling very excited. It was his first abroad trip with Jeevika. He wanted to make it PERFECT for her.

The flight was now just centimeters above from the ground. Viren looked out from the window and in his mind, he counted '5...4...3...2...1...'and THUD! He heard the wheels of the plane land on the runway.

Jeevika woke with a jerk. She was disturbed by the sudden thud of the plane. Viren looked at her because of her sudden action and found her awake. Jeevika looked outside the window and saw they had landed. She wondered why Viren didn't wake her up even when she told him to!

J: Viren ji...

Viren: Haan...

J: woh, meine aapse kaha tha na ki jab flight land karne wala hoga, tab mujhe utha dijiye ga? Toh fir, aapne kyu nahi uthaya?

Viren: woh, Jeevika actually mein uthane wala tha magar fir tum itne aaraam se so rahi thi ki mujhe uthane ka dil nahi kiya! Aur wese bhi tum bohot thak gayi thi na, toh meine socha ki jab hum pohoch jayenge tab utha doonga..

Jeevika smiled. The flight slowly came to a halt.

Voice 1: Ladies and Gentlemen, may i have your attention please, we have safely landed in Singapore after a 5 hours journey. We hope you had no trouble in the flight and you liked the service. Thank you for flying with Singapore Airlines. Have a nice time!

At once, Viren opened his and Jeevika's seatbelt and got up. It seemed he was really happy. He took out his briefcase from the luggage rack and offered Jeevika a hand. She took it and got up. They wanted to start this trip together, holding hands. As they looked towards the exit door, they saw VirMan already there, waiting eagerly for everyone. Looking back, they found the elders getting up and walking towards them. They smiled and walked towards VirMan.

As the gates opened they saw an Aerobridge connecting the plane to the airport. Claire, Emily, Gabrielle and another airhostess stood there, smiling.

Ah: Have a Good Day!

VirMan smiled and went.

Ah: Thank You for flying with Singapore Airlines.

Dadaji, Swamini Bua and Vanshika went.

Ah: Have a Nice Time!

VirIka: Thank You.

They smiled and walked ahead behind the others.



I hope you'll liked the update!

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