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Arshi FF: THE VALLEY OF LOVE- update at page 76 (Page 59)

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1.Dhruv and khushi at a business party where arnav meets her.
 and they have  a converstation. deeps college a event organised at khushi helps her when she in trouble

3.arnav rescues khushi from a danger

4.arnav and khushi's friendship

These are coming ahead in next...Smile

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Thanks for the PM. Nice teaser.

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Lovely part...
And nice teaser..
Can't wait for next part
meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by chandana.s

Lovely part...
And nice teaser..
Can't wait for next part

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 PM List
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Hey... It's update time...EmoticonEmoticonEmoticonEmoticonEmoticonEmoticon

chapter 26-  part 1

At home

Yash was restless due their delay in arriving and he thoughts-"why are they taking so much time? When I called Radha, she said that they were on their way.. then why??(looking at watch) even though phone I could reach gudiya.. where are they? I should try driver's number.. but whom have gone with them.. "

Yash-"Malik ..Malik.."

Malik-" ji.. badesahib.."

Yash-"who went to pick  Khushi?"

Malik-"raju sahib.. but what happened?"

Yash-"nothing.. they didn't reached yet.. so I thought to make a call? Tell his number?"

Malik-"I will just get it.."

saying this he was going to fetch the number when there comes a sweet voice.

"there is no need of that "

Yash and Malik turn towards the voice with a smiling playing on their face. Khushi came there with her usual. Yash moved towards her and hug her.

Yash-"oho.. pari.. what made you people this late??"

Khushi-"oho papa.. we are not late.. "


Khushi-"yes papa.. by the way ..(sweetly)"

Yash-"by the way..(copying Khushi)"

Khushi-"papa.. don't copy me..(making a face)"

Yash-"don't copy me..( copying Khushi again)""

Khushi-"ha.. papa !..!(irritated)"

Yash-"haha.. ok ok.."(laughing at his daughter)

Khushi-"ok ok.."(coping Yash)

Yash-"now see who is copying??"(pointing her to everyone)

Khushi-" now see who is copying??"(making a funny and challenging face)

Yash-" gudiya.."(seriously)

Khushi-"papa.."( seriously)

Yash-"arre.. baba enough is enough"( in stop-it tone)

Khushi-" arre.. baba enough is enough" ( in stop-it tone)

Yash-"ofo.."(putting a hand  on his head)

Khushi-"ofo.."(imitating her papa)

Yash-"achha.. baba I am sorry.."(making a sorry face)

Khushi-" achha.. baba I am too sorry.."( making a sorry face)

And then laughter began. After a little while of their laughter- shaghter Yash noticed the coffee satin on deeps.

Yash-"arre.. deeps.. what happened to you??"

With that question there arise a silence with all others except one whose laughter only increased.

Who will be that? Yeah none other than our Malik bhai.

Everyone looked at him with astonishment. Khushi give a look in such a way that to signal him to stop his laughter.

Khushi-"malik kaka.."

Malik-"sorry.. pari.. I couldn't control it.."

And with that statement Yash and all began to laugh which irritated deeps.

Deeps-"laugh .. laugh at me..  how much you want laugh.. laugh.."

They all still with her sudden out bust. Radhika try to control the situation as well as deeps.

Radhika-"stop it all.. "

Khushi to came forward with her mother .

Khushi-"yeah.. stop it all.. what is so funny in the coffee stain?? Deeps don't mind them.. ok.."

Deeps-"birdy.. you just shut up.. it all happened just because of you.. and you also laughed at me.."

Yash-"what did gudiya do deeps??"(sensing something fishy in serious voice)

But before deeps could answer Khushi began to interrupt to avoid spiting previous incident  in front of her papa.

Khushi-"Deeps .. I was just.. "

Deeps-"what you was just?? Because you that Mr. disaster destroyed my two dresses.."

Yash-"Mr. Disaster??"(suddenly all serious)

Sensing her husband's serious nature Radhika try to interrupt

Radhika-"wo.. wo.."

Deeps not in a mood to stop so she began to take it ahead.

Deeps-"what wo wo  radz.. uncle I will tell you what exactly happened..!"

Yash-"ok tell me.."(in serious voice)

Khushi-" papa.. it's nothing.. she is just blundering out.. that's all.. (making a very serious face towards her friend) Deeps.. will you just zib up your mouth.."

Yash-"gudiya.. let her talk.. I wanted to know.."(authenticated voice)

Khushi-"but papa.. it's nothing.."(trying to let it go)

Yash-"that I will decide (very serious tone) ok.!  now deeps (giving her full attention) tell me what exactly happened..?"

Deeps was in little tensed after listening his tone. So she blurred out each and everything from the beginning itself. Yash listen everything with so much seriousness and that made Radhika and Khushi under tension.


Yash stopped her while showing his hand and began to move. Khushi know him very well so she just go behind him and catch his wrist and stopped him.

Khushi-"papa.. listen.. it's was just an accident.. nothing else.."(in serious tone)

Yash-"just an accident?? Someone try to pull you in mud pit and You are referring it as an accident??"(very serious and anger tone)

Khushi-"papa.. it was a mistake.. he didn't done it purposefully.. try to understand papa.."

Yash-"what am I try to understand? That somebody mistakenly try to pull my daughter into a mud pit??"

Khushi-"papa.. please.. it's nothing like that.. he didn't even know me.. and plus I didn't fall right?? "

Yash-"yeah.. right.. you didn't fall because deeps was there.. what if she was not there?? What if you actually fall?? How.."

Khushi-"papa.. stop it.. nothing happened to me na?? see I am all well.. don't make it as any issue.. please.. please..  please .. pleaseee"(sweetly to melt his anger)

Yash-"gudiya.. you know na? you are my everything.. if .. if something happened to.."(sensitive tone)

Khushi-"nothing will happen to me.. papa.. you are there na?? so nothing will ever happen to me.. now chill.. give me a smile.. come on.. give me.."

And like that all witnessed father-daughter solving the problem simply. Only one person over there sense that it's not the end of the topic but just the begin.



continues below...Smile

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part 2

Dhruv in office full engaged in his new venture.

"Tring.. Tring.."

Dhruv pick up the phone absentmindedly.


Aj-"Dhruve buddy.. how are you??"

Coming back to the real world and realizing his friend's voice.

Dhruv-"hey buddy.. I am fine.. how are you??"

Aj-"I am fine man.. so you are coming for tonight party na??"

Dhruv-"oh.. party?? At Sid's house right?? I just forget it.. anyway thanks yaar.."

Aj-"that's my pleasure..yaar by the way you informed Khush about the party na?? she will come with you na??"

Dhruv-" oh shit man! She just came yesterday night from her camp.. and this party thing.. it really went out of my mind.. but it's ok.. I will bring her with me don't worry.."

Aj-"you better bring her.. without her there won't be any funny.. ok yaar see you tonight.. bye.. take care.."

Dhruv-"ok bye.. tc.."

Dhruv thought-"you better bring her!(imitating his friend) saying as if he didn't say I won't bring her.. hmm! "

Dhruv took in phone to call his birdy but before he even unlock the cell it began to ring and seeing called id a smile drawn on his face.

Dhruv-"I was just thinking about you"

"Oh really"

Dhruv-"Ofcourse birdy.. believe me.. I was just about to ring you but before I even press the button you called me.."

Khushi-"haha.. very funny.. now tell me what are you doing?? What about your important presentation?? All gone good??"

Dhruv-"birdy.. birdy.. relax.. so many questions in one go.. and yeah my presentation went very well..  we made it and I was just looking up on this new venture.."

Khushi-"oh.. good to hear that.."

Dhruv-"hmm.. anyways any plans for tonight??"

Khushi-"nothing yet..why??"

Dhruv-"there is a party at Sid's house .. and  we are going for it.."

Khushi-"oho catcher.. party!"

Dhruv-"yeah party! Be ready at 7 I will come and pick you"

Khushi-"but I am not interested na.."

Dhruv-"what? But why??"

Khushi-"nothing.. I am just not much interested.. that's all.. you just go and attend it"

Dhruv-"birdy.. If you won't come then I also won't go.."

Khushi-"catcher ??"

Dhruv-"yes birdy.."

Khushi-"ok.. I will come.. anyways what's the theme??"

Dhruv-"black and red"


Dhruv-"ok.. will pick you at 7.."

Khushi-"ok..bye.. "

Dhruv-"what bye?? Now tell me what is the problem?"

Khushi-"what problem? Nothing!"

Dhruv-"oye! I know you better than you ok! So now tell me what happened??"

Khushi-"wo.. catcher.. wo.. I.."

Dhruv-"arre.. why are you so dull and slow.. now tell me fast! So that I can solve it.."

Khushi-"oh.. you don't have  to solve it.. as it's already solved.."

Dhruv-"oh.. then why my birdy's mood so off off??"


Dhruv-"oho.. now tell me the matter khush.."

Then Khushi explain what happened to him in detail.

Khushi-"and papa.. he was making it to another level.. and I was worried because of him.. now tell me something.. Dhruve.. hello.. you are hearing me na??"

Dhruv-"hmm.. "

Khushi-"what hmm?? Now don't tell me you are also worried like papa.."

Dhruv-"no.. wo.. I was just.. "


Dhruv-"nothing.. tell me one thing.. you are alright na??"

Khushi-"oho.. Dhruve.. I am perfectly fine.. it was deeps who always face the worst.."

Dhruv-"hmm.. how is uncle??"

Khushi-"he is fine now.."

Dhruv-"now you don't worry.. about anything.. it's ok.."

Khushi-"arre.. I am not worried yaar.. actually I didn't talk to deeps after that.."

Dhruv-"it's ok.. if you don't want then don't talk.. to that duffer.. I will see her.. anyways it all started with her stupid prank idea.. I will see her in detail.."

Khushi-"oho.. now you don't start.. ok.."

Dhruv-" ya..  ok.. be ready at 7.. I will come and pick you.."

Khushi-"ok.. bye.."

Dhruv-"bye.. tc.."


At evening

In  home - Khushi's room

Deeps-"birdy.. please yaar.. how many times I said sorry.. now I am ready to do this sit up also.. look .. look.. I am doing it..

 I am sorry.. sit up 1

I am so sorry.. sit up 2 ..

I  am so soo sooo sorry birdy.. sit up 3"

Deeps was doing sit up and Radhika was watching her while controlling her laughter.

Deeps-"oho.. birdy.. please forgive me now.. it's already 20 sit up I have done.."

Khushi just pass a glare towards her and move towards her mother.

Khushi-"mom.. I have a party to attend at 7 so I am going to get ready.."

Radhika-"ok gudiya.."

Deeps at once came forward and block her way.

Deeps-"oho.. what ok gudiya.. birdy.. you can't go anywhere without forgiving me.."

"oh really"

With that strong voice everyone turn to witness a well dressed Dhruv in his Armani suit.

Khushi-"oho.. catcher.. .. you came so early.."

Dhruv-"early..  am I ?? really?? I think you are delaying to get ready birdy.. it's already half past 6.. and I have told you to be ready at 7.. so technically.."

Khushi-"so technically it's not even 7.. So I am not late.. ok.. I will be ready within seconds.."

Deeps-"oho.. stop.. first you have to forgive me then only I allow you to move from here.."

Dhruv-"oh really.. you will stop her??"

Deeps-"bro.. now you don't come in between.. please tell birdy to forgive me.. she is not talking to me..yaar.. "

Dhruv-"it's best thing birdy ever done.. don't talk ever to this duffer.. birdy.. and you just go and get ready.."

Deeps-"bro.. radz.. birdy I am really really sorry.. .."(with filled eyes)

And that soft cry made Khushi melt her anger in it. So she hugged her friend and made their fight end.

Khushi get ready for the party with the help of deeps. Meanwhile Radhika took care of Dhruv.

Dhruv-"arre aunty.. how is uncle??"

Radhika-"don't ask me Dhruv..  I was really sacred when deeps told him everything.. you know how possessive is he about gudiya.. and hear all that.. ofo.. but somehow gudiya managed him.."

Dhruv-"hmm.. she told me.. now where is these two.. "

"we are here.."

There comes Khushi wearing her gorgeous smile with simple and wonderful full length red dress, which made our Dhruv stilled.

khushi's dress

katy perry red dress black makeup smokey eyes red carpet 2012 Billboard Women In Music Awards

Deeps-"kyu bhaiya hogayina zor ka jhadka.."

And with that all began to laugh at his jaw dropped stated. After their laughter they began their journey.



continue belowSmile awaiting part ahead...!!

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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part 3

At party

Arnav was standing with his childhood friend Sid and having a causal talk.

Sid-"Thank god.. you came! I thought that you won't come.."

Arnav-"how come that ever happen? You call and I didn't came.."

Then there came Sid's other friends.

Aj-"hey sid.."

Sid-"hey Aj.. where are other man?"

Aj-"they are coming.. by the way who is this??"

Sid -" oh.. this Arnav my childhood friend.. Arnav this AJ"

Arnav shook his hand with Aj in a friendly manner with some basic pleasantry.

Arnav-"AJ?? Weird name!"

Aj and Sid laughed at his comment.

Aj-"Thank god.. somebody seems its weird!.. actually my name is Ajay.. Ajay Thakkar.. Aj is the name given by one of my cute friend.."

Arnav-"cute friend??"

Aj-"yeah.. actually a very beautiful gorgeous friend.. "

Sid-"yeah.. by the way where is she?? She will make it na?"

Aj-"don't worry.. I confirmed with Dhruve that he will bring her.."


Aj-"by the way Arnav! What are you doing??"

Arnav-"family business.. and you?"

Aj-"actually  I am a RJ at red fm."

Arnav-"wow! RJ.. that's why AJ??"

Aj-"oh no.. as I mentioned before my friend  give me this name.. and as it sound good.. I took it ..that's all.."

Arnav-"oh.. she is that special?"

Aj-"special? Hehe.. she is the life of our gang! "


Aj-"yeah.. we all were in same school.. from then we all are together as a gang . me, Sid Dhruve, milly, neal, dolly, preet, soni, akki and her, all 10 were always together.. Now also we meet like this.."

Arnav-"oho.. that's great!"

Aj-"well.. actually all have came here.. so come let me introduce them to you.. come.. come.."

Arnav-"yeah why not.. let's go.."

They moved towards the gang and started their pleasantries .

Aj-"hey guys.."

"hey AJ"

Every came and have a hug.

Aj-"guys.. this Arnav.. Sid's childhood friend.. he is a business man"

Arnav smiled at that comment.

Soni-"oh hay.. I am soni.. "

Aj-"soni.. tell your original name yaar.."

And the gang began to laugh.

Soni-"oops! sorry.. I am Sonika Malik.. a interior designer "

Milly-"And I am Mithali Amborkar.. everyone call me as Milly.. I am an engineer"

Preet-" hey I am Jaipreet Khor.. family business sambal tha hu yaar..!"

Like this all introduced them self as like Akshay Singha as Akki, Nikhil Varma as Neal, and Dimple Sond as dolly. On that little chit-chat Arnav came to know about their thick friendship and their cute friend whom give them all their sweet nicknames.  From the gang he came to know that their cute friend is actually two younger than them. She was actually Dhruve childhood friend, and they are always together, that made her became their gang mate as well as life of the gang.

Soni-"arre.. yaar AJ call Dhruve and ask when will they be here??"

Aj-"yeah.. let me make a call.."

On that time Arnav's cell made a noise indicating a call and he moved away from the gang to attend that call.

Aj-"yaar .. where are you guys??"

"just behind you"

AJ turned to see his handsome friend Dhruv.

"hey Dhruve.."

All made a noise and came forward and hug him.

Soni-"arre.. Dhruve.. did you came all alone?? where is khush yaar??"

Preet-"yeah.. Where is she yaar??"

Dolly-"didn't she come with you??"

Thus like this all were firing their questions towards him. While enjoying all these Khushi was standing at her hide out, nearby poolside. She was giggling watch her friends freaking out about her missing. What she not known was that, someone was watching her very closely.

After cutting the call when Arnav turn to move in, he was stunned. He saw his mystery girl just in front of him. By the look itself he can make sure that she was hiding from someone. Arnav was totally memorized by her beauty.

In full length red dress, with her glowing white face with minimal make up,  ever plumy pink lips,  black silky hair which is tied in bun, she was looking gorgeous. Her only accessory is her small diamond earring and a small gold bracelet.

While watching her that close Arnav couldn't make a move. He was totally stunned with her beauty.



so how was it???Smile

like it or not??

buddies please leave your comments yaar!!

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