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Arshi FF: THE VALLEY OF LOVE- update at page 76 (Page 43)

am_pikkili Groupbie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 4:10am | IP Logged
wow.. just read your chapter and message.. Smile
all the best for your studies.. but do update plzzz...
loved your work.. Clapwaiting for your update

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penny25 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Thnk God u updated dat u will update a chptr... U know na dere is more celebrtion bcoz vishesh bansal who'se anji son in dis FF he is aarav in real life..maybe d makers must have taken u're view point jnto consideration...:-):-):-):-)

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lolerblade Groupbie

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
plz update soon na...

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged

Chapter 19

Deeps was stunned by her appearance. She shook her head. Radhika was happy to see her daughter all ok and well. Malik and kali and all other were sighed and take a breath of relief. Every tiny action of everyone over there was noticed by Yash carefully and his mind was working on to reveal that secret from them somehow.

Khushi was well aware of her dad's master brain. So she soon changed the topics and made the mood over there more delightful. Khushi then helped deeps to get fresh and after readying her friend, they both came for breakfast.

Breakfast was more pleasant and peaceful than everyone thought. Yash was so happy while having his breakfast with his full family. Everyone was enjoying to it's fullest.

Malik-"now this home become home actually.."

Deeps-"what??(laughing) what do you mean kakaji?? (funny tone) Home become  HOME?? "

Everyone laughed at this.

Malik-"oye.. shaithan..(irritated) just shut up your mouth ok.."

Deeps-"haaa.. (making a little angry face) what wrong did I said?? You are the one who is speaking foolishness .."

Malik-"what?? (irritated and anger)  I spoke foolishness???"

Deeps-"yeah, Ofcourse..(anger) its utter foolishness you said before.. 'home become home'. (mocking) whats that mean?? Before was this any zoo over here??"

Khushi and Yash were just enjoying their verbal fighting session.

Malik-"oye hoye.. (hitting his head with is hand) you stupid shaithan.. (with a hand action) you never get what I say.."

Deeps-"what? (Irritated plus confused)I never get??"

Malik-"yes.. you never ever get it..(irritated) what I meant was the happiness of this house was not there(smiling) and now it's back and become "a real pleasant home".(looking at her and rolling his eyes) Got it?? (making fun of deeps) You will not get that too.. (mocking and shaking his head) so simply mentioning only for your understanding.. (mentioning deeps and showing Khushi to her) I meant that without our Khushi bitiya this home was not a home.. "

Khushi-"o.. kakaji..(smiling) you are so sweet.."

Deeps mouth was a perfect "O". Her anger was at peek and to explore that everyone over there was laughing at her. Thus their verbal fight continued as the breakfast proceeded.

After a delightful breakfast Yash get himself ready to move to office. In a three piece coat, he moved towards his entrance. Mr. Sinha, his PA and some managers and his security guards were waiting for him at the door when he came over there.

Mr.Sinha-"Good Morning Sir.."

Yash was moving while looking at his iphone, when he heard Mr.Sinha he looked up and proceeded towards him pleasantly.

Yash-" Morning Mr.Sinha..(with a good mood) so what's line up for today??"  

Everyone over there was standing still with full respect towards their boss.

Mr.Sinha-"well sir.. today you have.."

But before he move on there come a voice.

"Excuse me please.. Sinha uncle! "

That sweet voice made everyone turn their head towards the person. A Smiling Khushi came forward.

Sanaya Irani

Khushi-"sorry,(with an apological look) if I disturbed you guys.."

Mr.Sinha-" no no.. it's ok pari.."

Khushi-"oh.. thank you uncle..(smiling) a.. I will not take more time of your boss"

Mr.Sinha smiled at her and gave her a nod to proceed on.

Khushi-"papa.. (holding his hand) shall we move inside for 5 minutes please..(requesting him with a smiling face)"

Yash just nodded to her and excused himself and moved inside with her.

Khushi holding her dad and leading him towards their living room so happily where everybody was waiting for them with lots of excitement on their face.

Khushi-"papa.. see ! (showing all with a smile )they all are just waiting for you..(pulling him) come.. "

Yash-"gudiya..(in serious tone) wait.."

Khushi turned towards him and saw her dad with a serious expression. So she give a puzzled expression to him.

Khushi-"for what papa??"

Yash-"Gudiya..(serious tone) What was that??"

Khushi-"what papa??"

Yash-" gudiya.. (little irritated) what you done outside just before?? (he didn't give a chance to open her mouth) why you seek permission?? "

Khushi-"papa.. (smiling and casually talking) you were busy with them and(try to explain him) they were waiting for you so I thought.."

Yash-"you thought what gudiya?? (serious tone) See.. for me nothing.. I meant NOTHING is rather important than YOU.. (cupping her face in his hands) You don't have to wait for anyone's permission to have a word with your dad.. (giving her an assuring look) even mine.. you know that right??"

Khushi-"oho papa relax..(relaxing him) I know that.. (making a cute face) even though you know me na?? (winking at him and smiling try to change the topic) now can I have a word with you??"

Yash-"hmm.. (not fully satisfied)yeah tell me.."

Khushi-"not here..(pointing other) look they all are waiting.. come..(while seeing his face she stopped him) wait! (pointing at his face with a 'no-ok' face ) not like this..(making his lip line up) like this..  (smiling with her dad) come.."

They made their way towards all where everyone was waiting eagerly.

Deeps-"oho come fast birdy.."

Khushi-"oh deeps can't you see.. we are here!"

Deeps-" ok now give me my gift.. fast"

Radhika-"deeps.. you are just unbelievable..(smiling at her naughtiness) why we waited here?? You forgotten?"

Deeps-"Radhamaa I know all that..(smiling) we waited here for Yash uncle to come so that birdy could give him his gift as he owns the highest priority in her list..(pouting) but now I can't wait.. as Yash uncle too came, now she should give him his gift fast as possible..(smiling) so that I could have mine.."

Everyone laughed at her comment. Khushi took a red box and handed it to her dad. Instead of accepting the box from her, Yash smiled at her and stretched his hand towards her. Everyone over there was blank and didn't understand his gesture. But his lovely daughter smiled at him and opened the box and take the watch and put on his hand. While doing that she asked her dad.

Khushi-"(smiling and wearing him)how do you know that it's a watch??"

Yash-"who else know you better than me gudiya.. (cupping her face and giving her  hug)you are my life.. (patted on her back)I know you very well."

Khushi-"(breaking the hug) how is it??(looking at him with full enthusiasm )"

Yash-"hmm..(try to tease her while observing the watch in his wrist not leaving her facial expression ) it.. (watched her eagerness) its.. awesome..(smiling at her) I loved it."

(branded watch gift for yash)

Khushi was so happy. She hugged him.

Khushi-"oho papa.. I love you a lot.."

Deeps-"hello..(making the situation funny) stop your melo-drama please.. here we, people are waiting for our turn.. now give us our gift fast.. birdyyy"

Everyone laughed at her comment. Yash and Khushi looked at her. Khushi who was in the embracement of her dad, open her mouth and shut it without saying anything. After broke apart from her dad she moved towards her mother with a blue packet.

Khushi-"So Mrs. Yashvardan Manhothra,(smiling at her mother and pointing her dad through her eyes) do you have any guess like him??"

Radhika smiled at her daughters naughtiness and taken the gift from her.

Radhika-"it must be.. a.. (acts like thinking) a.."

But before she proceed deeps interrupted with her guess.

Deeps-" a saree"(with lots of excitement)

Khushi-"NO"(giving her a silly look and turned towards her mother)

Deeps-"a.. (thinking for another guess) then.. it must be a shawl"

Khushi-"NO..(give her a killing glare to shut up) momma you tell na??"

Deeps-"yeah Radhamaa..(with a sacrificial look) predict fast if you can't then leave it no problem.. (with a small laugh) we can open it and see na??"

Khushi just looked at her with open mouth. Her Irritation was clearly visible from her face. Yash saw that and take a charge.

Yash-"Radha give a try.."

Radhika nodded at her husband's request with a smile. This made Khushi excited and looked at her momma with a pleading puppy face.

Radhika-"hmm..(smiled at her daughter) a pouch.."

Khushi-"you are absolutely right momma.."

(branded party pouch gift of radhika)

Khushi was so happy that her momma guessed her gift like her papa. She at once hugged her. After that Khushi taken another gift pack and moved towards deeps. Deeps was so happy and excited for her gift. But our naughty princess turned her way just an inch before her and gone towards Malik bhai and give him his gift. Deeps was stand there with a open mouth.

Then again Khushi taken another gift and same thing happen, the gift was not for her it was for kali. Now this made deeps irritated .

Deeps-"birdy this is not fair at all.."

Khushi-"(with a puppy face lashing her eye lashes) what deeps?"

Deeps-"am waiting here for my gift (with her little irritation) and you were not considering me at all."

Khushi-"your gift?? (with a questioning look) But..(apological face) I didn't brought anything for you.."

Deeps-"WHAT??"(with a wide open eyes she show her surprise)

Everyone was enjoying their conversation while controlling their laughter. Without saying anything deeps sat on the couch with a dejected face. Khushi then moved towards her and sat beside her. She put a hand on deeps shoulder which deeps at once moved away.

Khushi-"deeps..(with a sad face) am sorry.."

Deeps-"what sorry?(without looking at her friend) I don't want any sorry."

Khushi-"deeps..(pleading) look at me please.."

Deeps-"for what I should look at you?(with a dejected tone) You forget me when you where there na birdy??(in a sad tone)"

Khushi-"oho.. deeps.. just look at me for once yaar..(pleading her)"

Deeps-"(sad and angry face she shouted) WHAT?? (surprised) what is this?? (eyeing a gift in Khushi's hand) For me?? (enquiring to Khushi for which is just nodded with a smile) oh my god.. it's for me.. it's for me.. (jumping with her excited) birdy I love you so much..(kissing Khushi while hugging her)"


Everyone enjoyed their moment. Khushi distributed the gift to all other and had a good time. After bidding bye to his gudiya Yash left for his office.


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Laters_Baby IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
lvly update waitng 4 thr official meet
well update soon ths tym u took a lng tym 4 updatng
deep iz such a sweethrt Smile

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by balsimransobti

lvly update waitng 4 thr official meet
well update soon ths tym u took a lng tym 4 updatng
deep iz such a sweethrt Smile

 thank you so much for the very quick replaySmile
Kareena1994 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Loved it

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penny25 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Fynally u updated yaar..u had us w8  for a long tym..hey plzz virat aur khuhsi k scens bhi do and story shud move a lil faster.. i mean arnav khushi have not even strtd hating each other and i want to see arnav being possessive for khushi wen she goes around wid virat..all other love stories r left pending...plz make  fast updates.,..dn't take more tym noww...update regurlay

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