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Arshi FF: THE VALLEY OF LOVE- update at page 76

meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 7:01am | IP Logged
hey  everybody...Smile
i am here starting my first attempt to world of writing..
hope you guys enjoy... pls leave comments and likes..Big smile

                                      Chapters Index

note: if there is any mistake pls excuse me as its my 1st attempt..Smile

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 7:37am | IP Logged

Characters sketch: 1

Family 1 ' Raizada Family

House name- Shanthivan

Amar Singh Raizada (  mohnish bhel )

A business man , who owns a small company called AR company. A lovable man, who cares his family very much. He a very responsible husband and loving father.

Susheela Singh Raizada (Papiya Dey)

Wife of Mr. Amar Singh Raizada. She is sweet and a responsible housewife. She loves her family most.

Arnav Singh Raizada (barun sobti)

Son of Mr. Amar Singh Raizada. He was the youngest son of Raizada family, who completed his master in business. He is smart and intelligent, who now join their family business. He has an ambition in life, that to become a well known business tycoon.

Anjali Khurana (daljeet bhanot)

Elder sister of Arnav, who is married and well settled in Mumbai. She  is a prefect housewife and a great mother ("great" is need becoz of her naughty son).

Jai Khurana (Rithvik Dhanjani)

The owner of Khurana industries. Anjali's be loved husband. He always keep time for his family, who is not less than any superhero for his son.

Sanjay Khurana

Anjali and Jai's only son, who very very very naughty and equally lazy in studies. He is papa's boy.

Yashodara Singh Raizada (Anju Mahendru)

Arnav's grandmother. She is very kind and humble, who cares her family alots. She stays with Amar (his son).


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BarunSanayaHM Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
nice continue it seens very interesting

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Maithly Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
What abt khushi and others???
Pls continue

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged

character sketch 2

Family2- Manhothra

House name- Ramida

Yashvardan Manhothra (Anupam Battacharya)

A Business tycoon, well known industrialist in India as well as world. He is the man of his own principles. He have the power and courage to say "No" to anything who ever against him. But even though he is a very soft person, who loves his daughter the most.

Radhika manhothra (Anita Kulkarni)

Wife of business tycoon ,Yashvardan Manhotra. She is a simple and kind hearted women, who is equally responsible and caring housewife. Her world is her family, her husband and her lovely daughter. Khushi was her life, she call her "gudiya".

Khushi Manhotra ( sanaya irani)

A very sweet and innocent as well as beautiful girl. She loves to enjoy each and every moment of her life. She is a kind of person who make everyone around her happy, so as everyone loves her so much. She is now doing her 3 year medicine, who will soon become a doctor. Her best friend is her papa, she shares her each and every moment in life with him. She is a person who has so many names.(while reading you will get it)  

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 8:25am | IP Logged

character sktech 3

Family 3- Raichand

Avinash Raichand (Avinash Wadhawan)

Family friend of Manhotra's . He is a well known doctor. He owns the hospital named Sanjivini. 

Chandini Raichand ( seema kapoor)

Wife of Dr. Avinash Raichand. She is also a responsible doctor. She is a loving mother too.

Dhruv Raichand (kushal tandon)

Son of Dr. Avinash. He is a mechanical engineer and who owns the designing manager job in audi car company. Teasing brother to his sister and loving naughty son for his parents. His best friend is none other than Khushi. He shares his every moment with her. He call her birdy and she calls him catcher.

Deepthi Raichand (priya wal)

Daughter of Dr. Avinash. Very bubbly girl, who didn't care to do ANYTHING(carefree) in her life. Very courageous and equally cunning brain girl. She loves Khushi so much, becoz she is the only person who stand by her side when she in trouble. She was a total trouble maker. Everybody calls her shethain but Khushi calls her deeps. 

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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character sketch 4

There are so many characters like

Rahul Kashyap(vishal gandhi)

Best friend of Arnav. A rich Carefree and Stylish guy. He and Arnav had a shared  a strong friendship.

Lavanya Kashyap(sana khan)

Sister of Rahul. A very Spoiled girl. The enemy of Deepthi. Utilize anyone for her needs. Fashionable and cunning girl.

Mr. Malik (Malik bhai)

The head servant of Ramida house. Yashvardan and Radhika consider him as one among their family itself and gives him respects. Khushi calls him as "kakaji" and she was his pari.


 she is a servant of Ramida. She is very kind and good in her work but she has a problem, that she forgot everything fastly(memory loss). Khushi likes her a lot and that's the reason she in Ramida. She loves Khushi as her own baby.

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meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 1

Delhi 2011

Morning 8 am

At Ramida house garden

Malik bhai was busy in instructing the gardener and some other servants. On then he heard the noise over their main gate.


Hearing this shout Malik bhai went over their with full rage of anger face.

Malik-"oh'they started early morning itself'.(with anger face opening the gate and moving towards) Jhon'how many time I warn you to not call our pari as maddy???"

There was some boys with their bicycle. All of them fastly ride off from there, when Malik came out of the gate. But Jhon and Sam (boys over the colony) was caught by him.

Jhon-"o..h..oh'Mr. Malik..(placing an artificial smile over their face)..good morning Malik kaka'"

Sam-"ha'good morning Malik kaka..ji'"(agreeing with Jhon)

Malik looks them angrily raising his eyebrow.

Jhon-"Malik kakaji'you know na'we all calls her so as..and she does have any objection for that (try to plead him).."

Sam-"by the way Malik bhai..vo..where is she??"

Malik looks them disgustingly-"you guys are impossible'yesterday she went for the camp'and she informed you guys about that'rite?"

Sam(remembering )-"oh..crap'we forgotten'(look each others face and clear their confusion looks)'sorry Malik kaka.."

Jhon-"ya..sorry'as every morning we call out for as..(making a sorry face).."

Sam-(interrupting Jhon with a fake smile)"ya'its just become an habit for us to call out her every morning like this'."

Malik-" as far as for a week she will be not here'so for this one week don't come up with your stupid habit again.."

Jhon and Sam exchange a looks and says sorry to Malik bhai and went off.

Malik ,who was still anger went inside and starts shouting at servants in the house. While watching this scenario Radhika comes from the upstairs. She is a person who always have smile on her face.

She came to Malik bhai

Radhika-"Malik bhai'what happened?? Why are you so anger?? And shouting so badly.."

Malik-"what else I suppose to do Radhika bahu'?? (making a serious face) they are not at all listening to me.."   

Radhika understands the reason behind his behavior and smiles at him.

Radhika-" o'kali'kali'(looking at her with a smile)why you guys not listening to him?

Kali-"bhabhisa'I listen to him all the time'you known na'I have a very good ears..(making a comic face)he is simply lying.."

Radhika (controlling her laughter)-"kali'"

Malik got irritated by her answer and got ever more angry.

Malik-"o'why god why'.kali 'we all know about you ears as well as brain'"

Radhika-(with a smile)"Malik bhai'"

 Kali-"see'this Malik bhai is always up with my little brain'I will tell babysa about you'she will take care off you.."

Malik-"yeah.. pari'she is the one who gives you this much freedom.."  

Radhika-"now stop it' you two are just impossible to manage'I wonder how gudiya manage ' kali' go to kitchen and see ,the breakfast is ready or not??? "

Kali(making an angry face to Mailk bhai )-"ok bhabhisa'I will'.hmm(to Malik bhai)"

Malik-"hmm...see how she going, like she will manage everything easily'but actually within minutes she will here and ask "bhabhisa what am I suppose to do??""(reacting to her action)

Kali who was on her way back hears malik's comment and stood there with all anger. Radhika who had noticed her. She smiles and goes near by her and instruct her once more that what she was meant to do. Kali who always carries a note and pen with her to note down the work as she always forget everything. It was her babysa who gave her this option to overcome her memory loss. She note down all the work said by Radhika and stormed off to the kitchen.

Radhika-"and you Malik bhai ' why are always teasing her?...and tell why are you so much in angry ? and that to in the morning itself'"

Malik-"hmm..Radhika bahu'what else I do? You tell me..she is always annoying me..its all because of pari"

Radhika-(with a smile)"so..that's the reason'missing your pari'"

Malik-"hmm'.its all because of badesahib'"

Radhika-(with a surprise expression)-"'and what did he done???"

Malik-" ah..he is the only one who gave permission to pari to go..if he not let her go..then I don't have to worry about this kali-gali. Pari will easily manage her.."

Radhika-(laughing uncontrollably)"o..oh'Malik bhai'she is away for only one week medical camp'by the way she went yesterday evening and you started missing her this badly'"

Malik makes a face of missing and caring about his pari.

Radhika-(with a concern)"i think by now she will be reached there safely..and she didn't even made a call till now..oh(serious tone) let me call her.."

 Malik bhai make a fast move and gives the phone to Radhika to call his pari. Radhika was about dial when she hear her husband's voice over there and she turns her attention to him. As answering  his phone he came downstairs near to his lovely wife.

Yash-"is there all settled?...


           ya baba.. I have it'you take care'

(look his wife) and here speak to your lovely mom'Radha"

From her husband's face itself Radhika know that it was her gudiya on the other end of the phone. When he gave his phone she at once took and started enquiring.

Radhika-"hello'gudiya'how are you?

                  How was you fight????

                  Is there everything ok??

                  Had breakfast???

                  Yes'my lord'I have gave him'.

                  better you take good care of your's..

                 Yeah'everything over here is fine and good'

  (smiling) missing..whom???...(pretending and the laugh out)

                Hehe'yea'my sweety'all are miss you alotsss'..

                Your kaka, kali ,all'.your kaka is here talk to him'"

Radhika gives phone to Malik ."here is your pari wants to talk to you"

Malik takes the phone and answers.

Malik-"pari'how are you???

               no here nothing is good without you pari..everything dull..

     can I forget that..i done all you said..

              watered your plants'.

              Take good care of your boxer(pet dog)'etc.. etc.. etc'

              I know its early to say but come fast pari'.

              We all miss you a lot..badesahib "

By this he gave phone to Yashvardan.

Yash-"ha'.Khushi'.take good care of you..

             miss you too dear'

              love you gudiya...bye.."

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