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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein(MG) Thread 1 (Page 8)

todayzstar IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome start dear...:))

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mysteriousmilli IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome prologue...loved it...
waiting to know the next...
star_777 Goldie

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Nice prologue
Waiting for next update
Infinity. IF-Addictz

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Intresting concet
Do cont.soon
PaintedSky IF-Dazzler

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I think she is going to kiss him...
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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein...



Part 1


Geet: look maan I want to enjoy my life  with my friends and those boring party of papa I really feel yuck' so let me go, I will give u anything u want'

Maan smirks: Anything?

Geet: ANYTHING'.. Geet Handa promising u'

Maan gave his killing smirk, and geet felt she had done some great mistake to say this'

Maan: ok then' u can go' geet smiles broadly but her smile fade away with the last words'.


But for that u have KISS ME''


Ok this is maan singh khurana known for his shrewd mind of business, I wonder that's why papa loves him so much'. He only knows the language of business, now its also a DEAL for him.. ohhooo aisa bhi deal hota hain kya? And why he is asking a KISS' I hate this' Maan Singh Khurana actually ye hain kya cheese?



Maan singh Khurana'25yrs hot bachelor rude behavior yet soft at heart' word are less but action is full.. he is a man of his action.. loves his family a lot, some hidden past is in his life that he never wanted to show or ask' because its pains his mother.. his mother and sister is the only thing in his life' there is one more person but the person doesn't care much about him.. yes its Geet for whom he is a moron stupid gadha but for him she is his reason of breath.. his life his mishty'

               At the age of 8 he shifted to delhi with his mother and sister' when they entered the place only few pennies were in their hand when they meet geet's father who was a great man by heart' in an accident maan saved his life from then he became his right hand' Mr Mohindar Handa loves him like his own son' he taught him every single thing in business' yet maan doesn't take advantage of his love.. he was waiting for that day he will built his own construction company' mr handa took his expenses of study but maan insist that he wanted to work for him.. from there he did everything for him' to begin with his office strike to supervision the worker everything done under his observation.. maan is a dark horse and mr handa knew this' and for that he is paying him a good money as well though maan never wanted it but mr handa gave him for his work' in one line he trust him more than his shadow'


I know what is cooking in ur mind geet, who better knows u than me, badha shouk hain na agreement karne ka, now I will show what call a DEAL'. Geet Handa can't back out now'




 Geet Handa: bubbly cute beautiful words are less to describe her.. her angelic beauty can make any man fall on her feet yet she didn't give a damn to them, loud but soft at heart' sweet but mix spice, didn't hate poor but hate maan to the core.. one of the reason is maan had never shows any importance to her, she felt insulted when he didn't talk to her at the 1st meeting.. and 1 more thing is her papa loves and trust him more than anyone' For maan his one priority is Geet'he met her when she was 4yrs old' she was a princess of her family' he still remember the 1st sight, baby pink frock looking like an angel' and her white skin was giving compliment to her angelic face..but he was afraid to talk to her what if she rejects to talk to him and that took a war between the two that she was a spoilt brat, a pampered princess and tantrums queen' maan always admire her relation with mr handa but geet didn't liked his presence in the mansion.. her nani(grandmother) n maasi(maternal aunt) spoil her innocent brain cooking rubbish for maan n his family'.

                   Geet thought what she is doing is the best so she didn't gave any chance to maan to be call frnd.. and maan silently accepted that'but maan was very careful for her life, he actually controlled everything without letting her know,, whenever she ask something to mr handa and he refused it was him who manages to take that for her' never in his life he give anyone the right to shout on her except her parents'but geet was a adamant child, when she liked someone she can give her life but when she hate someone she made that person's life did she for maan.. she had made his life hell,, it effect his study n everything' at the age of 12 maan wanted to shift at the servant quarter but mr handa was not ready for it' geet was happy but as soon as she saw same affection for maan in her father's eyes she become more jealous' and started teasing him more, often she insulted maan infront of her rich frnds' maan never said anything to her because whatever she did he thought that her right on him'

Kitna saccha pyar hain

Kitna masoom dil hain

Kash kabhi tode na koi ye dil

Sheesha se bhi zyada kamzor hain'


Atlast Mr handa decide to send maan to boarding because his princess was making his life hell' but maan was not ready.. then mr handa and his mother told him its only few yrs then he can come and joined him in the business.. at the age of 14 maan left for Massouri. But whenever he got his weekend or holiday he came to delhi to meet his princess n his family... he did his schooling there and collage after that he took MBA' for MBA mr handa wanted to send him London but maan was not ready to leave india because he knew mr handa doesn't trust anyone except him and if he goes there he will be alone'  in this yrs though maan was in massori but he always manages the business and tackle every obstacle of mr handa's company, but now he wanted to send him London for his better future' finally he agreed' after he finished his study he came back to join mr handa's company'


Now he can brought a decent house for his mother but mr handa had insisted him to stay there' because now he is old and his only child geet is very nave.. her mother had died at her birth so he always look after her like a mother but he knows what damage he did with that, he gave her so liberty that now she is a spoilt brat, couldn't care anyone except him.. but she is a little afraid of maan as well and mr handa knew only maan can control her no one else'. So he wanted maan and his family staying there in handa mansion but still maan's family refuse to stay there as it was going beyond their limits so maan brought a small house with cozy n beautiful atmosphere and he stays in both, in house n handa mansion' at night he always prefers to stay at handa mansion only'.



Geet: do u know what u r saying maan? I will tell papa about this..

Maan took one more step towards her: tell him, do u think I m afraid of it, and its u who is sneaking out and if uncle came to know thennn,, he left his words in middle and smirks at her' geet was frustrated with his behavior.. he always did this, its being 2 yrs he came to this mansion and her life is hell now, no late night parties, no farm house masti nothing' in fact is she wanted to go for picnic with friends she had to take him with her'.sometime he behaves like bodyguard but sometime a typical BF who doesn't like any other man touching his GC,, ufff give me a break she is not his GF'. Still he has all the rights on her and unknowingly geet couldn't do anything about it rather say she never wanted to' she felt irritated when other girl gave him look' she simply took him from there but why she never came to know about it' and for maan that was the beautiful n peaceful sight for him'.

Geet: maan don't u dare to come close to me'

Maan took one step more: why so? His breath was fanning on her face now' no wonder he is a sexy hot guy who any girl can desire but geet always tried not to see him like that but still the look on his face has a spark that always attracts her' maan saw her lost in him, his heart felt heaven to see her eyes that was looking at him only'. Soon their eye lock got disturb as a voice comes there'

Now where is this servant gone'

Geet: papa

Maan: uncle, both whisper at the same time' geet gulp her saliva' if he saw them like this what will he think,, no geet was not thinking about their proximity, its GEET and her reputation..

Geet: move u dumbass, if papa notice us like this my reputation will ruin'

Maan looked at her like she is an alien, she is a girl she is not worrying about her father's thinking about them but its her reputation that matter. Uff kya karu main iss jhalli ka' geet u are seriously one piece.. geet glared him' I mean look at us if any father finds his daughter like this with a guy what will he think, but here u go thinking about ur reputation'

Geet: don't give ur vasan, now move I want escaped before papa look me here'

She was pushing his chest when maan held her hand tight, and drag her in one dark corner of the mansion' he pinned her hand on the pillar and pressed his body with her' he didn't said anything where geet was too shocked to say anything,, she was baffled to see him like this' he winks at her and that broke her revere ' she tried to scream or shout but maan covered her mouth with his'

Maan: chup bilkul chup'. Kitna bolti ho tum,, he signal her to look at the side and she saw her father was there where they were standing previously' she flatter her lashes and maan remove his hand lost in her hazel eyes' he rubbed her soft cheeks, some butterflies danched in her stomach but she shrugged it off'

Geet: don't think I will agree on ur deal' if u r Maan Singh Khurana then I m also Geet Handa' I will not kiss u if that means no outing for month'

Maan smirks and leaned on her face: Good for You'

Their voice was barely audible but it was enough to hear for both of them'


Mr handa: ufff why I had to made this mansion big,, now I can find one thing and this darkness.. maaneet rolled their eyes where mr handa finally found his pen that he left in his study'. Thank god I found my lucky pen, without it how will I manage'

Geet made a face and saw her father retreating figure: weird, I wonder papa tumhare sath rehte rehte weird ban gaye hain' she said looking at her father's direction' maan hide his smile..

Maan: akhir papa kiske hain.

Geet: right, she said absent mindedly,, and then it hit her what he said' uuu Maan I hate u'

Maan: I m bored of it.. he said disinterestedly' and now go to ur room and sleep well'

Geet: uhh, I have to do that only mr moron' she made a cute putting face and turn to leave but his words stopped her..

Maan: umm geet.. if u had chosen to kiss me,, geet turn to see his smirk but it was beyond that, a smile which had more confident' then also I wouldn't let u go at this hour'. she made a O where he chuckle and started walking away to his room'.

Geet: stupid gadha ullu I hate u,, she shouted..

Maan without turning: Good shout in more loud voice uncle is still awake' geet immediately covered her mouth with her hand' and left to her room cursing him under her breath' but soon she hit his rock solid chest and a rubbed her forehead..

Geet: ufff are u made of iron' mera sar fut jata' now what r u doing?

Maan came close to her cheeks whispering in her ear: u r so soft that feather will look like iron, her cheeks went beet root red color, I came here to say' Happy Birthday Mishty.. she closed her eyes where he softly kissed her cheek and left the place'

Few mins later she opened her eyes and realize what had happen'

Geet: uuuggghhh I hate this name maan.. and u dare to kiss.. u will pay for it maan'.

next part Part 2

Sorry guys i can't PM this ff because its only for GEET 2... but i will update it every Wednesday.. if u want to read this story U HAVE TO COME ON THE PAGE'..

GEET beginning of a new Era FB Page

or  can visit our IF thread as well, all the links will be there, everyday new update and surprise so keep checking it

Geet Begining of a New Era all MG story's Links IF THREAD

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thanks a ton guys for supporting me for this ff as well,, love u sooo much, i really need this appreciation n ur love, be with me please...

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