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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein(MG) Thread 1 (Page 59)

vanshi_maaneet Goldie

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Wow superb update...
waiting 4 nxt ...
continue soon...

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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein



Part 9



The song end and whole hall clapped for maan,, maaneet broke the eye contact and geet looked at the surroundings' she felt embarrassed with it' she just ran off from their not wanting any humiliation or painful words from him at least'.


geet lied on her fluffy bed covering her face in the pillow... his words and his face only are the things she can imagine,, why her heart is feeling the unknown sensation for the 1st time? what was there in him that today was giving her a new face to see... she thought he is ruthless, always love to control her but why there was pain today? was he really feeling the same pain she is feeling...


just then she heard the door being open with a Thud... she instantly looked at the person and stood up removing the tears of her face...



geet: what r u doing here Maan?

maan: why u came from there geet?

geet looked away: its none of ur concern maan...

he pulls her to him plastering herself with his body snaking his hand on her back...

maan: why geet? why is the tears on ur face? hearing my song or hearing ur heart?

geet: leave me maan,, she struggle but maan held it more tighter...

maan: why can't u admit, u can't go away from me geet, whatever is it u r bound to be with me always...

geet: no,, i can never be with u,, we are never meant to be,,,

maan: ohh really then prove me...

geet: what?

maan: let me kiss u for 5 min and don't respond back i will learn u don't have any feelings for me...

she looked at him shocked where his lips lower close to her...


geet was so dumbfounded to realize anything but the his husky voice make her jerk to reality'

maan: what happen geet? Can't u give ur heart a fare chance or u r afraid that it will open ur all secret.. geet looked at his eyes with anger'

geet: I have no secret or anything to hide, let me go maan, ur touch disgust me' he instantly let her go, she felt a sharp pain in her heart and lowered her lashes to control the heated water' but it was impossible to send those fat tears back' so she just turn around to hide her pain away from him' least she knew what he wants' she thought her harsh word will make him go away from there but it bring some kind of challenge in him' she felt his breath on her neck and then his hard chest pressing her back, trapping her between him and the wall'. She gasp,, Maannn'.

But he lowered himself to touch her earlobe: what happen geet,, u said my touch disgust u but why I felt whenever I came close to u ur heartbeat rose 100 time higher.. why it felt so content when my fingers lingered on ur skin' he said as his finger started tracing her waist line making her gulp her saliva.. her bare waist was distracting him for a long time and now he is not gonna leave the chance' his voice became more hoarse as his lips touched geet's earlobe..

Maan: bolo geet,, u don't feel anything when I touch u' he kissed her earlobe where she moans his name'

Geet: maan' she tried to held the wall but couldn't find anything' he came on her nape and placed feather kisses'

Maan: tell me when I kiss u here u doesn't feel anything' he kissed the sensual place behind the ears' her whole body shudder with the mare kiss' he can feel her rising heartbeat but he didn't stopped his assault' he kissed her shoulder.. do u feel disgust when I kissed u here,,

Geet: maan please..

Maan: tell me geet please' he pleaded where his hands beg to get the permission to roam around her body freely.. he slipped his hand on her belly making patterns there'  tell me geet did my touch felt repulsion' but geet turned and leaned on the wall closing her eyes giving a complete view of her flushed face' he touches her cheeks with his finger tracking it, rubbing it sensually' u can't resist my one simple touch geet and neither my kiss' admit geet that u r highly affected by my presence' admit ur heart feels for me the way u had never felt for anyone, admit geet that ur life is bound to be with me'

Though geet was lost in his smell still there was some kind of consciousness and she whisper'

Geet: No' no maan, nothing is between us.. she said in a hoarse voice.. but the sexy voice only made maan more mad in pleasure..

Maan: then prove it'

Geet go away maan please'

Maan: prove it u don't feel anything for me..

Geet: maan

Maan: let me kiss u and resist me only for 5 mins..

Geet: leave from here maan isse pehle koi ajaye, u r forgetting 2 din baad meri shaadi hain.. and that's the last word escaped from her mouth as he sealed her mouth with his'

She was baffled finding his rough lips on her soft petal like lips' her small fist tried to hit him but it was nothing in front of his well built structure' she continue protesting by hitting his chest with her tiny fist,, she stares at his eyes which was looking at her only,, she firmly pressed her lips not to let him have her inside out,,, he was desperate to feel her full mouth but before that he wanted to see her reaction' he sucks her both lips taking all the juice in his mouth where his hands were busy in roaming around her back rubbing and caressing her smooth skin' she felt a shiver down her spine when his hand crushes on her back waist' he felt her breath quicken,, he smirks in the kiss and slipped the dupatta off from her body giving a full view of her full belly bottom and upper cleavage,, the dupatta was covering the short blouse and now its looking half bare,, his one hand goes inside her back where only one string was holding her full curved.. she felt her throat went dry and her protesting had already meek infront of his passion' his finger lingered on her waist line,, he traces the waist chain making her shiver in his touch' he pressed the side curve of her waist and same time bites her lips making her gasp and took the chance to enter her mouth' she was dumbfounded and he was enjoying his effect on her, though she didn't responded back but he can see her struggle to hold herself'

Maan groan in the kiss making: Geet'.. and he kissed her more hungrily.. her protest died and a thick cloud of desire took place.. he rolled his tongue inside her mouth and dance with her tongue' she felt something warm between her legs' his rough palm was touching her every place'

Geet couldn't hold herself feeling the sensation in her body, she moans his name giving him the little bit permission that she was holding back'

Geet: maan'. and he lost himself completely' her hands entangle in his hair pulling him more close where his hands slipped in her blouse back caressing her back pulling the string' she rolled her tongue and captured his making him broke in a crook smile' he saw her close eyes and dare not to disturb her.. he wanted her to rejoice their unison' her heaving chest was touching his hard chest making him groan in anticipation, he wanted to rip her thin material but doesn't wanted her to regret the moment'


Her hands slipped in to his shirt,, he looked at her surprise but she was lost in him' he broke the kiss and peck her lips numerous time, it was like lip locking,, smooching like they are not having enough of each other' then he came down on her neck marking her his' he kissed her collarbone and bite it slowly,, she winched in pain n pleasure but soon felt his warm tongue licking the portion to sooth the pain' she dig her nails in his back making him groan'

He again came on her lips capturing the swollen lips in his mouth' but this time she was too aggressive..his hands went to her curves pressing it making her mad in pleasure'

Geet: maan,, she moans his name in the kiss but he deepen that to reach the insanity from where she can never return' he folder her hard bud between his forefinger and thumb above the thin material' and then his perfect palm seized the perfect mount'. Her breath was heavy and her thighs were wet from the desire he is awaken in her just then they heard few giggles' maan abruptly parted his lips from her.. she tried to compose her rapid heartbeat but it was too much to handle for her' she leaned on the wall still holding maan with her arms' maan rest his nose on her chin and then they again heard few voices'


Geet catch some breath and then reality hit her.. she looked at maan who was looking at her eyes only'

Maan: 5 mins over, he whisper and her eyes instantly went on the clock,, she gulp her saliva its not 5 actually it 25 min extra' they lost count the time long before,, she looked at maan smirking face'

Geet felt her heart will explode just then a loud bang came on her door'

Geet ur would be husband is going,, usse bye nahi bologi' some of her frnds giggle and shouted' geet couldn't utter a single word.. her voice was chocked and then felt his hand roaming on her back, snaking sensually pulling the single string' she looked at him like warning him.. but maan was nowhere to listen, he knew she can't deny her feeling and more naughty ideas were roaming in his head'

Geet open the door yaar..

Geet felt frustrated and looked at maan with angry eyes like telling him to do something but maan only shrug off his shoulder like what can I do'

We are going to break the door geet..

Geet's eyes widen in horror but soon she felt maan pinning her against the door' but that was a gentle one'

Maan: do u want to open the door geet to hear their rubbish..

Geet looked in his eyes and shouted: just go away,, I need some rest, I don't feel like coming'

But geet

Geet shouted again: I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE' And they went out from the place'

Maan whisper: so u are alone ha? But I thought u r with me, and look its not dream also, u r in my arms and telling lies to ur frnds for me,,, and u were saying u had nothing in ur heart for me except disgust or hatred' geet ur heartbeat said it all,, its only taking one name,, Maan'.


geet stares at the smirking face which is teasing now, she doesn't know why she is doing all this, why she is listening to her enemy, what is in him that is making her weak on her knees, few days back she actually hated his mare presence then why she felt lonely when he was not around' why her heart is dejecting her, why its beating for him, She doesn't know any answer' but her submission had an impact on her mind and heart.. she knew its an irrespirable temptation that she can never back off now' soon her chain of thought broke as soon as she felt his fingers touching her corner of lips' she looked at the desiring eyes and once again submit in the fire not knowing what can be the consequent..


she slammed her lips on his shutting his voice and kissing him with her soul' she doesn't know what is it or what will come the next moment but she just want to say in his arm' he took the charge next moment and torn her blouse in one swift moment'. He broke the kiss coming on her cleavage taking her one mount in his mouth'

geet: aahh maan.. she cried in pleasure as he latched urgently and then bite her soft mount.. her hard nipples were inviting him and he took them in his mouth one by one, where alternately his fingers were kneading them' u will never leave me right? Maan kissed her bosom coming on her lips claiming it again n again'

maan: never in my wildest dream I can leave u geet.. I can't survive without u' she looked at him in surprise' he kissed her lips one more time.. yes geet I can never live without u, I need u with me in every phase of life'

geet: but u never loved me' alone tears came out but he kissed it away and then scooped her in his arm making his way to the bed'



precap: confession or night only with submission????

next part Part 10

So how many of u are still in shock??? Yes that was a chota mota sa twist' geet's responding was itself a shock for all,, but when desire take over mind stopped working and heart start

thanks to all who had pressed the like and commented here, sorry for not replying anyone, i m not feeling well now and on top of that can't even PM properly no a days because of my exam hope u will understand...

Sorry guys for not replying each n everyone but thanks a lot for ur all support, please hit the linke or atleast say u don't like the story and won't like to be receive PM,, I pmed at least 250 ppl still likes are poor' 

i will update it every Wednesday.. if u want to read other stories then U HAVE TO COME ON THE PAGE'..

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or  can visit our IF thread as well, all the links will be there, everyday new update and surprise so keep checking it

Geet Begining of a New Era all MG story's Links IF THREAD

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Again me first yuppiee! LOL Omg loved it! Finally geet has submitted herself to her desire ! Umm whats gonna happen next ?*bitting her nails * ...totally unpredictable update !

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its pretty amazing..

Hope they will confess their love.. Though maan told he cant live without her.. Even. she shud know her feelings clearly...

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lalitha.. Goldie

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its awesome update

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tat was an mazing update..
but m scared wat will happne when gewt will come out of all this...
will she accept her love...
will the marriage take place
shalinisaran89 IF-Dazzler

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awesome upd...
lov it...

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