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Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein(MG) Thread 1 (Page 30)

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 4 PMing me dear...
all r the  updates done by u dear...Tongue
...dear..Big smile
keep the  job up dear..Clap..
keep ing dear...Big smile
P.S.: plz don't copy paste my comments...i only make it 4 my frndz...if anyone do it again as i saw many of my comments r copied i'll report it...u guys plz make comment urself...u can use my componets indevisual...but don't coppied it whole as my post...Angry
 P.S.S.: Plz guys also comment on my stuff...i tried to post comment in everyones...but my most of buddies didn't comment...if u not liked tell also...plz guys...ShockedOuchConfused
Note: sad...i PM ed almost 500 but comment only...17-18...ConfusedOuch

i said u guys ealier if u don't like plz tell me...but it really hurts a try to reply each of u...many serials i don't watch but i read ur ff's ...checking out ur updated stuff's...n try to make a sweet comment which u guys liked...but u never check my any stuff...i really busy wid my studies...but also don't want to hurt my frndz...i try to comment ecah of u woh Pmed me...but only few of u ans my Pms...if don't want me to bother u...plz tell me...i never pm u.4 my any update...
but i updated 4 whom woh waited...i know just few..but i updated for them surely...but that surely ime said..that me really hurt abut u guys...Cryme uncontorled sob.sob..Cry
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nice part
geet n prem marriageOuch
hope geet so realize her feeling for maan
update soon

thnx for the pm dear
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Kurbaan tere Ishq Mein



Part 5


Maan enter his own house feeling so alone,, he was going to his room when the lights went on… he saw his mother priti standing there with her arm crossed….

Maan: maa aap soyi nahi?

Priti: when a mother knew her son will be feeling alone not to find anyone how can she sleep peacefully…

Maan: maa I m ok…

Priti: I can see that maan… come here now…. I have made food for u, eat now…

Maan: maa I m not hungry…

Priti: maan I know u better than u know urself… just don't test my patience now, eat 1st…. we have lots to talk…


Priti made him sit and serve him the food…

Maan: maa can u feed me today?

Priti controlled her tears and nodded… she lovingly fed him while he was lost in his world…

Priti: kya huya maan?

Maan: she will left me, he said absent mindedly… priti smiles sadly…

Priti: then stop her before its too late… maan came back to his senses….

Maan: maa, aisa kuch nahi….

Priti: I know everything maan…. I know what u feel for her, I m ur mother.. I know u from when u was only a fetus… I can sense ur every heartbeat.. that is belongs to her now… when u entered the house at this hr I knew something must had happen and then sid had called me to tell everything… maan looked at her with tears…. Priti wiped that… don't let her go… u said na when we love someone we should go to any extent to get her, then I will say go to any extent but don't leave her.. she is a kid, she doesn't know her heart but I know only u can give her the love she deserves…

Maan: but maa I don't want to let uncle down… he trust me so much and I can't break that…

Who said u will break his trust in gaining geet's love… priti and maan turn to see sid and pari was standing there…. Pari walked upto stand near priti where sid took her blessing…

Maan: sid pari tum log yaha…

Pari: ha maan… hum… we know everything…

Sid: and trust me maan, she won't be happy with another man… she herself doesn't knew how much she is depended on u… and how much love she have for u…

Maan smiles sadly: she have hate for me sid.. and I don't want to show my weak point to her, its better to forget before its too late… he was walking off when sid started…

Sid: I never knew Maan Singh Khurana lost so early,, the man who had never feared from challenges today is afraid of his own emotion… u r accepting ur defeat so early maan… maan looked at him with furious eyes… though sid always a little nervous in front of him but when its comes to his best frnd's matter he can handle a real ghost also…


Maan: MSK never lose anything…

Pari: but u r loosing before the battle starts… maan looked at her questioningly… she is going to marry that guy without saying anything because she never went against her papa… but even uncle wants her happiness only… she doesn't know what is love but we can see she already in love with u maan…

Maan looked at her shocked….

Pari: maan don't u see that in her eyes, in her words, in her action? She doesn't know her heart but u r mature enough to see that, still u failed to notice that… when u were dancing with me did u saw her anger… the way she danced with u… did u ever thought why she didn't like u to talk with her other frnds… its not that she doesn't like as u not rich like her because she refrain u from talking to girls only… she never interfere when sid talk to u…. u never get to know her heart maan, just think about it… knowingly or unknowingly she loved u and she will love u… bas usse khud ko nahi pata….

Maan looked at her thoughtfully…

Sid: I have always looked at u like a big brother… I followed u like crazy because of ur decision and ur ethics… I wish to see the MSK who can have anything by hook or crook, and its matter about ur love and I wish the best for my best frnd… I know u will be the best choice for her… u love her like no one can…

Maan: how do u know that.. it came like an whisper…

Sid came close and stood infront of him: because I saw the craziness in ur eyes that I see in her eyes… u both are made for each other and I know u can do everything for her that no one can imagine in his wildest dream… and that's why u always brought everything before she can ask for…. I know whenever uncle give her anything that she desired its always u who had manage him to give her that…. don't let me drag the story its long in list that u did for her… he smiles cheekily where maan gave a small smile…

Pari felt like dreaming: dreamy.. she let out a whisper… to which all burst out in laughing and pari felt embarrassed…

Sid: I never knew MSK will smile in this life…

Maan: what?

Sid: u never smiled, atleast I never saw that smile on ur face that I saw just now…

Maan: I m not smiling… he said sternly and maan gave his famous angry look…

Sid: and I m not dreaming,, he said trying to be sound stern…

And both of them burst out laughing…. Priti felt happy to see her son smiling with open heart with someone.. he never had any frnds also…

Maan looked at sid and pari with gratitude: thank u… sid raise his one brow…

Sid: wow today is really my day, thank u from MSK…. He gave his full teeth smile and maan gave him few angry glare that was enough for sid to shut his mouth….





Sid: pari u liked him na? then why u r helping him to get geet?

Pari smiles: aree I like him,, no no actually I love him but do u know why? Sid looked at her confused… because I always saw his concern towards geet… I loved his protectiveness towards geet.. I knew he loved her, and its not today its long time… but she is such a dumbo…. Wo ladki khusnaseeb hogi jisse maan pyar karega.. but I guess I m not the girl.. in his entire life he loved only geet and I knew it, still I admire him and wish I could get a man like him…. I m happy to call him dreamy and I admire him… I will be happy to see him getting his love and my frnd will be happy with him what I need more…

She smiles while eating her chocolate icecream where sid saw her in admiration… he never knew his crazy frnd can be so sensible…





A new day with new hope.. maan was feeling fresh with the thought of having geet with him… he knew its gonna be a tough work but he have to do it… for his love he have to win her…. no matter what happen love need to be close in ur heart….

He makes his way to the handa mansion where everyone was busy in discussing the preparation of engagement… it took a little time for maan to understand that they want to do the engagement tom.. he saw geet sitting in the middle of her cousins… she was lost… she was smiling but the smile doesn't reach her eyes… just then their eyes met.. geet felt some kind of peace seeing him but she ignore his presence,, maan tried his best not to show the hurt in his eyes… he faked a smile and just then he met with his cousin brother… Brijraaj Handa… 28yr old cunning,, ruthless womanizer and her maasi's son… he saw other family member was present… wow fast he thought…. Brij is handling the business of handa's in Mumbai.. mr handa trust him but not as much as he trust maan and that irk brij to the bits… he hate maan and his mere presence…

Brij: ohh so agaye aapke ladle uncle ji…. Mr handa looked up and saw maan standing there, at 1st he was angry as he left the party without talking to him but later he found maan lost in his thought… he motion him to sit beside him and ask him what happen.. maan said nothing and gave his smile…. That geet skipped a beat… she felt hurt.. don't know why but she was expecting him to talk to her father about her sudden marriage or how is the guy at least but nope nothing came instead another thing comes in front of her…

Mr handa: thank u maan, its all because of u I m seeing this day… if u had never enquired about prem then I couldn't have decided this marriage… maan n geet both looked at mr handa shocked… geet was feeling a pain inside where maan was confuse like hell that what is he talking about… he cursed himself for ignoring the matter…. Mr handa senses his confusion…. Are maan I inform u to collect all information about prem junejha and his business…

Maan: yes because we are expanding the business with them…

Mr handa smiles: actually maan, prem's father was my frnd but still I was little afraid of how is his son, so I told u to take proper information about him and yes I didn't said anything to u because u will get hype with it and now I don't think I have enough time son… maaneet looked at mr handa with painful eyes…  yes son,, I want to see geet settle well in her life and it's a good alliance… maan looked at geet who was looking at her father and then him with anger…. And after her marriage I want to see ur dulhan(bride)… maan just looked at geet and saw her fuming in anger but there was something else also, hurt, pain?? Is he day dreaming… for the 1st time he is reading her eyes… she didn't look at him instead she left the place feeling chocked with emotion… maan smirks seeing her reaction….



In geet's room….


She lied flat on her stomach on the sift bed…. Her face was hiding behind her locks… unknown tears were making their way… she hate it… she wiped the tears and sat up…

Why I m crying like this… why its feeling empty inside… whatever papa decides for me its good for me only,, prem is a good looking guy and he came from the same status then why I m feeling so broken that everything gonna change… and today papa was talking about HIS marriage… hell with him… papa wants a beautiful dulhan for him… my foot, no one is gonna marry that khadus karela… but when he said so why my heart felt heavy… what if he marry someone… accha hain he will never look at me then.. he will never scold me, he will never give lecture to me… he will never care for me..

Her words caught in her throat…

Did he care for me any day? But he never said that… he will look at the new girl who will be his WIFE… he will be always with her only…

Unknown tears were making her way…. It was paining her still she couldn't understand what this pain is….

But its good for me… yes it will be better for me, after my marriage no one will interfere in my matter like the way he did… he will be out of my life.. my Heart… she said whisperingly…




HE smirks hearing her words… maan was standing beside her door.. she forgot to lock the door.. he heard everything, her dilemma, her painful words and her stupid thinking….

U can never go away from me geet,, u r mine… only mine… no one is gonna enter my life till the time u are in this life… I will never see a girl till the end u are with me…. I promise u will be in my heart forever till this eternity is alive….




Precap: stuck in lift in dark,,




I know I m going slow but this ff will be fast.. after 2 more updates a big TWIST is there…. Hmm geet is confuse in her heart but man's confusion is clear but sid and pari's word… now what do u think will maan let geet to marry someone else? I think this ff is going too fast than my other work,, hehehe but it needed….

sorry for abrupt ending but i will update it every Wednesday. and next update will be on Monday. if u want to read this story PLEASE  COME ON THE PAGE'..

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my all work together

                  My little Paradise with Maaneet

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awesome update yaar
yaar yeh geet kab samjhegi apnei feelings ko
i hope the TWISt would not be too dangerous as ur other works twistsLOLLOL

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Wow awesome update
Waiting for twist

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update geet in confusion sid pari pritithem

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awesome update.
waiting for next  part.

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