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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Break Away_Maaneet FF_UPDATES HELD TILL MARCH (Page 55)

dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2012 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by divya22

Omg y r u giving shock after shock to maan n us...
U made me cry yaar... Sob sob sob...
Geet n ridz knew abt maan...
N now this split personality... Oh god...

hehehe awien hi hai fir Wink

dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2012 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetgirls1

shock par shock shock par shock...
shockers ki dukaan hai tumare pass...
haila split personality...
what is yr...???
i want to kill that rapist ... grhh...
waiting for maan geet confrontation ...

heheheh shockers ki dukan Wink
chal konse shocker chahie car k yaa bike k LOL
me too
dont wry maan will kill him
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Originally posted by 16anyaa.gurti

OhkConfused... So geet knw about maan all the while... aur Ridz hid it frm ArmaanOuch... But Armaans disgust nd anger towardz maan bfore knwing the truth was corrct... But yaar, one question- If she was so critical tht time so hw did the baby serviveOuch???????? Hope u clear it in nxt part may b.Smile... Bt loved the update. THnx for PM.. And Divz di, take careHeart... LOV Ya,, UmmmaahhhHug
-LUV anyaaEmbarrassed

shona it is a mental disorder so it wont effect baby in any term Wink
dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2012 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gurtifan

Shocked Divz i m crying Cry oween my GEET is sufering so much 
Angrythat bas***d i will kill himWacko grrr nikal bahar sale teri tu mein Angry(sorry for languageEmbarrassed) na na na mein kuchh nai karon gi ab jo kuchh kare ga MAAN kare ga Evil Smile.. MAAN i m telling u chhorna mat ose MAKE THAT MORON PAY FOR HIS DEED  Ouch


aiee le sorry kyu nikal nikal or nikal m wid u Wink

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Posted: 13 June 2012 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Remya_Pillai

Sum1 raped her..even she is unaware of that man...
Geet's love for maan s beyond limits..
She always took care of him in her weak state..
Geet has split personality!!!! omg!

somethings are better revealed wid tym Wink
dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 June 2012 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shruthiruchs

oh god aur kitne jhatke baaki hai jaldi ek saat hi de do...
toh attacks k saath doc k pass jaane mein aasani hogi...
i can't beleive...itna dukh bhi ho sakta hai...
update was so emotional... dono uss halat mein bhi ek dusre k baare mein sooch rahe hai , the , aur humesha rahenge...
luv maaneet...

hehehe bass ab or jhatke ni dungi for now Wink baad ka pata ni LOL

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Break Away

Part 9

He sat near them on his knees and with a blank dark face asked in a cold emotionless voice
what happened to her...???

Amy broke out of Ridhzi's embrace and looked at him with hope and trust, may be the last hope left in him for his gudia and said the last piece hidden under the crevices of time to Maan...followed by a wide stretch haunted silence

She is suffering from split personality...


The single word froze everything he possessed, his world was already shattered which came crumbling down his feet, his numb body was losing its heat passing moments asking that God whom she always admired, prayed...what was her mistake, why she have to go through all this, why she was suffering all this...his stilled blank eyes and those yellowish nails were evident of his defeat, prove to show he was losing everything he ever wanted to protect, his pale skin was turning lifeless with all revelations he was facing in a day, he knew his life was her, he was her, but he dint knew how to get that torn of life to start again, he was at a loss a loss not just of life, but soul and existence, holding the sofa tight in his fist he was trying to breathe again, trying to cope up knowing he can't break down if he wanna break this break away build between the two, his rapid heartbeats were the only beats going in synchrony with the sobs of the other two, his gasping breaths was verdict of the turmoil running through his veins to curse his entire existence now, his shaking body was his last try to still be in conscious while he knew his flashed soul is ready to prey away his existence, he knew he'll be having a hard time to redo the effects of disaster already done, but he promised he'll do anything because he knew she's the one for whom this heart again started to beat which was numb without her, promising to make his soul, his geet to return back in his life he looked once again at Amy to continue...

It is a mental imbalance in which the patient acquire a totally different personality in them which does not resemble the host, recurrently take control over your behavior overpowering your own personal identity which at the end of attack leave you with the memory loss of the period you were going through different conflicting identity of yours in your traumatic state, this misbalance in their manipulated physiological and mental state which disrupts normal functioning forces some harsh memories and thoughts in your mind which you wanna forget, it occurs when undergone a severe mental stress, and in her case we knew it was the sexual abuse, her physical and mental state was torn of which was dooming her existence to a new shattered level where we can't even do anything but having faith on god and patience to time with our love and care...Maan's heart was having that uncontrollable rhythms thinking of what all his angel have underwent all these years when he should have been with her he was unaware of her state, thinking about how that girl who use to rush to him with even the slightest of the matters, when she use to come to him with her silly antics and cry for all what he use to take care of her and sooth her hiccups and listen to her then distract her mind to a different talk, he thinks of those days and thinks of today when she was alone even when she needed him the most, when she actually needed come rushing to him like always and cocoon herself in my embrace she was doomed to third scary den of aloofness and loneliness, he should have been with her than. Demit what the hell was he doing all the while when he should be with her, when he was cursing his life he should have been known he life was fighting to live all alone, not just for her own self but for their love, their Aahana, he closed his eyes fighting not to let those unshed tears in front of anyone, only she had the right to sooth her pain, but he knew his pain will worsen her torn state...

We found it out quite early because after the incidence she use to behave quite weird, she use to get hyper, get violent even on slightest matters which she use to ignore before...her condition got worse one day when a ward boy touched her with an injection, she grabbed the injection and pierced his skin violently pocking his skin to bleed, fortunately that was only a mild does we use to calm her and make her sleep else we dint knew what would have happened than...
Maan was shocked beyond limits the Geet who could never even hurt an ant hurt someone, attacked someone so violently he could comprehend that with his Geet, he dint knew what he was suppose to think or do all he knew was he has to walk a long journey to gain his jaan back, to gain her back

we took her for examination next day and the experts confirmed it be an Dissociative identity disorder (DID), we were not able to think straight, we dint knew what to do than, her condition was getting worse day by day and on top of it her pregnancy was a big hurdle we were facing because we cant give her any strong medication neither can go for any other treatment, we use to stay with her day and night to keep a check on her state, We us to spend sleepless night, hungry stomach to keep calm her down, she use to get scared of unknown voices, felt disgusting with unknown touches lingering on her which was not actually there but was her hallucinations, she use to get hyper run away hiding herself in far corners to protect herself for imaginary shadows, her panic attacks were becoming regular she started getting more violent with each anxious attack when she gets flashbacks of her abuse, her tranced state got worse with her trauma each time...Ridhzi wasn't able to here it anymore she felt dead thinking what all that girl has gone through who always filled life in everyone, though they were her doctors and knew it all but being her close and only support that time they got an unbreakable bound which they devolved all these years they could feel her pain now, they suffered each time she shed tears, they suffered each time she went through that torturous medication by their own hands


amy looked away trying to continue but couldn't find the strength when Ridhzi said...she can do anything when she is in her traumic state, she gets violent not for others but to her own self, she have tried commit...she chocked gulping hard...commit suicide

Maan moved his gaze at Ridhz in shock and horror as if he was looking at some alien...his misthy tried to take her own life, shit what was the worth of his living in his own shell when she was suffering each passing minute...but the nest words were squeezing his bleeding heart tight in torture

She was successful once, she slit her wrist mercilessly, we have to rush her to hospital even today her house is bugged with cameras and microphones to keep a check on her unknown to her...Maan was not able to contemplate with the situation it all seemed so alien to him, so weird

once she...Ridhz looked at Amy who looked away not able to word anything sighing she continued...once we found her sitting in balcony alone humming lullabies caressing her big tummy in her 7th month we were so happy to see her, she was looking happy as if she dint had anything to suffer, as if she was having a normal life, we looked at her adoring her big tummy talking to her baby, we felt contented...we were about to leave her to have her privacy with her little angel when the next moment...Ridhz gasped thinking the moment they lived then, while Maan chocked his breath

we turned to see her mercilessly beating her owe tummy, lying flat on her tummy she was squeezing and torturing herself, she was about to...Maan closed his eyes feeling anger on himself to be his negligence when she continued...

She took the knife lying beside her and was about to tear herself when Amy blocked her hand and she fainted, we needed to rush hospital again, it took each ounce of our blood to save her and your baby, it was soo difficult Maan...she sobbed taking her heart, her pain was damn difficult then, and it is damn difficult now...she need you every time beside herself, she need your presence Maan, to sooth her, to heal her sorrows, to get her out of her doom she need you to be with her each time...

Maan please, please come back, come back to her please don't leave her she'll die, die without you, she won't be able to survive ever please Maan don't go away, don't break away from her this time she'll be shattered and we won't be able to gather her this time to live...she won't be able to...

Please...please Maan...she sobbed hugging Amy hiding her face in his chest while Amy's hand were lifelessly hanging round living those dreadful past again want easy for anyone of the: but they knew they have to if they want their gudia to be back to herself, to come back, they have to go back to that once to confront it with spirit and strength, with a new hope, that single faith on this man to get her back


He looked back to them and then turned his gaze taking a deep breath he stood up and without any word start moving out the door leaving behind the screams of Ridhz calling her in fear...

Armaan see he's going, he's going again, please stop him, please amy...she tried to free herself to stop maan but amy's grip tightened round her...amy rokka na use wo chala jaayega...amy wo gudia ko chod dega...amy...she cried but amy hugged her tight soothing her, rubbing her back

let him go...amy said looking at Maan's retrieving figure

no...she shrieked in horror

don't stop him, I know where he's going, he need to go their Ridhz, he need to be with her right now...Amy smiled within tears while Ridhz hugged him tight in his embrace taking her in his soothing warmth feeling contented with the thought this Man won't ever leave the little angels of them...Maan won't ever leave HIS Geet and HIS Aahana ever again, he will be with them always to heal their pains and wounds with his love and care always...




Loud continuous thundering knocks on door irritated her to core already a frustrated day and now this...she was angry ready to strangle the person's neck who's knocking the teak wood door with such a coming, cant you wait for a second...she said in an angry tone while and opened to open the door unlocking the knobs...she opened the door tucking the loose strands of hairs behind her ear and looked upto meet those dark eyes again, the same eyes looking at her with love and affection, with anger and pain mixed she looked at him in shock and surprise...

Maan...she gasped as he hugged her tight with all his will, only he knew how he managed here, breaking all rules and laws under the wheels of his car and than those 1 minute wait on the door was killing him finally he got his solace, his peace, his love, his mishty, his geet, finally in the arms of the one he loved more than anything, more than himself hiding his face in her crook he was breathing in her essence and sorry

Precap: some Maaneet Moments Wink

PS. : Is this font and size ohk now ?? do tell I changed it Big smile

break-away_part-9 On Blog

Ohkiz guyz This SS is specially for our new page

Geet-Begining Of A New Ere

so now give me my comments and like

will be waiting



HeartDivzi sighing off

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  wat is tis ...ah wat is crying yar much my geet went through...oh no how my maan is going to take all tis...but my geet suffered all maaneet are in pain and im crying for them...lovely update .thanku for sharing with me

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