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Break Away_Maaneet FF_UPDATES HELD TILL MARCH (Page 48)

ramahesh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 2:39am | IP Logged
poor geet...Cry

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 4:00am | IP Logged
what she must have gone through...Ouch

maan will not leave whoever hurt his mishty...

continue soon...

thnx for PM..

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Ash1991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
omg...poor geet,,,,,,,

her past is so sad...n she wz raped bt couldnt maan know seeing hs a business tycoon...

wonder who wz dat guy...


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16anyaa.gurti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 4:59am | IP Logged
HayilaaaShocked!!!!!!! Yeh kya kr diya????? Was expcting kuch aur past nd yahhaa to totally shockingShocked!!!! Loved Armaan-Ridhimaa-Geets bond as described by both.Smile... Geet was pregnent tht time and wantd to tell it to maan as soon as pssblCry... Bt yeh kya hogaya usk saath.. THt was a really heart wrenching revealitionCry... Can undrstnd maan's anger nd pain for his two angels.Ouch... And again bich mei chod gayiAngry... I thnk geet mst have faced huge mental trauma due to ths incidnt, nd I thnk abh bh shes emotionally weak.Cry. Hope maan finds out about those Devils and punish thm to deathAngry... PLs pls pls pls, Update quickly di... WAITING!!!!!!!!!!Big smile
-LUV AnyaaEmbarrassed

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dazzlingdivz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged

Break Away

Part 8

Raising his anger, acrimony, animosity, annoyance to self, to world, to god, to that animal who did this crime knew no bounds now, knew no limits, knew no morals now...what he knew he will dug him out of hell and punish him in the most inhuman and inmorelistic way anyone could ever think of...the burning boiling sensation cursing his veins was at the verge of rupturing his veins any time, his world was already shattered, torn, but he knew he will do anything, go to any extent to repair the dead done by someone else to ruin him...he will finish, demolish that filthy man's existence now...

Both Amy and Ridhz shivered when a cantankerous hoarse voice escaped The Maan Singh Khurana's throat...who was he???


We don't know...we not able to find the culprit we searched, but...she dint knew who's he, she said she dint saw him before, that animal was not known to her... Ridhzi said hiding herself in Amy's chest more and more passing each second

Amy looked at his with his firey eyes and said in a thunder raised tone...if we would have found her I could have sworn you, you wouldn't have been able to find him living and I ensure you I'll dig the hell to pull that beast out of it...


Maan looked at him and an unknown sense of relief and honor came with the pain and hurt visible in them Amy looked into his eyes and he knew this man loves his gudia a lot, he won't let anything, or anyone ever touch her again but still that insecurity which was built in all these years was there, he searched the eyes of that Maan whom he knew his gudia loves more than anything, more than herself, more than her child also...


He looked deep into his eyes while Maan's eyes were showing the evidient turmoil running in his heart and brain, when he continued...we took her to hospital she was week, her condition was critical, we dint had your contact no. we tried to reach you through several ways, but you monthly available dates for a single meeting were no help...Amy looked at him in a accusing way while Maan looked away feeling helpless and shame on himself...


We called day and night hundreds of time but always a same answer Maan sir is busy, he will not see you without any appointment, we can't give away his no. , we can't connect you, he is not here...Amy's voice raised a bit in disgust...where were you Maan, where were you when were trying all our means to reach you...where were you Maan...why the hell were you not here with her when she needed you the most, when she was suffering all the time...why couldn't THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA make it upto reach his own wife in need...why Maan why???

While Maan never opened his mouth to answer him back, he never learned to answer anyone, he was never bound to explain, but this was different self hate, the guilt, that self anger was taking toll on him while his heart was slitting to find an answer...why couldn't he make it upto his Mishthy on time when she needed him...why???


Amy loosened Ridhz and came right in front of Maan standing crossing his arms over his chest with that disgusting smirk...why weren't you there...??? Amy defiantly was in no mood to leave this question unanswered again today...why Maan...??? He asked again gritting his teeth


He was in hospital, unconscious, for 2 days, his condition was no less Armaan, he was in pain not just physically but mentally he was suffering the same, may be more than what she was going through, his car got crushed in a serious accident the time he was coming to take her away from airport but the news of air crash left his heart shattered, he faced partial coma those days it took 2 days to gain him conscious but he was under treatment for 6 months due to savior injuries...she said not daring to look at the eyes of any man standing in front of them with questioning eyes...


 The two men standing stiff in the sudden piece of knowledge moved there gaze to Ridhz, while her eyes were stuck to the ground not able to meet Amy's eyes, who was looking at her in rage and accusation to hide it, to hide something so big from him all the while, to hide the reason he hated this man standing infront of his sight to core, to hide something related to his gudia, while Maan was astonished, amazed to know she knew his state, understood him not being there with Geet the time she needed him, now he knows why she was so kind and helpful to him when Armaan was not ready to word anything in this case she made him come up to tell him, his eyes were stuck on her in amusement as if she was telling something he dint knew, but keen to know why she hid it from everyone then


she looked above with a deep breath fluttering her eyelashes and continued...she knew it, she called your home without letting anyone know who's she, she called KM's private no. knowing no one will tell anything if she will call office or any colleague, they too loyal to reveal anything against your will so she took a step to call you, it was then she came to know you hospitalized and met with an accident on your way to airport, she was shattered then her already ruptured heart torn into million pieces, she asked me to contact the hospital staff to give his information but your privacy was too strong to leak anything out, it tool all my patience and time to get your information coz she wasn't ready to take medication before knowing hows you...Amy remembered the time he was trying his best to feed her medicines but that stubborn girl wasn't ready to take a single tablet now he knows why she took it so easily from Ridhz then, how was she able to tackle his gudia so easily


I talked to Dr. Rahul, the head of the team treating you, he was our friend and kind enough to say it, he told us each and every condition and improvement of yours, your each second news was with her, each heartbeat was felt by her, you each painful morn was enough to make her restless, she took care of your medicines to your needs the time you were in hospital, the time you were unconscious coz she knew the time you out of there she won't be able to do anything for you, anything to sooth your pain ironically which was given by her only, whose whole soul reason was she but she couldn't do anything to save you from drowning in that pain she gave you, she wanted to know your condition then


she wanted to embrace you to save you from the world but she couldn't dare to reach you and cocoon you, she knew you'll be shattered, destroyed, broken down, crumbled beyond a point anyone could do to heal you, she knew she is the only cure for you, she knew only she possessed the power to make you come back to life, to make you live your life not spend the way you are doing it, but something was hindering her to show it out because she knew it will tear you, burn your existence...her voice trailed off chocking her throat
she loves you...loves you insanely...loves to an extent where insanity seems sane...

She looked above with her teary eyes to see the unbound madness in Maan's eyes, the same insanity which she have, the same depth of love those hazels endure in them, and moved his gaze to Amy and was shuddered in fear to see the restless anguish in them, she knew he's mad, mad on her, on Geet, on his own self...she got up making her way to Amy


You knew it all the while...Amy looked at her with a questioning eyes filling his heart in disbelieve to be barred from such big things around him all the shadowed it from me all the while, you...not just you even she
she kept me out of it...
Amy stumbled a few steps back accusing Ridhz with those angry helpless looks

Armaan...she tries to explain her voice was weak like a whisper, but was interrupted when Amy placed his hand in front of her, shaking his both, you both cheated me...the two most important girls of my life kept me abandoned from their lives, away from such a big matter...why, Ridhima why !! Don't you trust me!! Dint she trusted me...saying so he falls on his knees feeling defeated cheated to his own existence to his own world...

Ridhz immediately go thumping down beside him holding his crying face in her chest embracing him tight in her arms locking him between her cocooned arms and stated the fact...

It was her decision
She dint wanted to...she dint wanted you to tell about her to Maan, she know you both very well, she knew you won't take a second to reveal her state in front of him and she knew Maan will burn the entire hell she was drowned in to take her out when she knew there is no back off from here, the hell they created to throw kill her soul in her lifeless body, when her heart was still beating for this man...
she sobbed at her helplessness

she dint wanted you to tell Maan about her illness, about her health...she said in trance crying unknown to herself, in a run to protect Armaan from the same helpless state she went through all the while, but the words stuck in Maan's mind...

Her illness...her health...her state...these words lingered in his mind...he knew something more is waiting for him...something more is yet to come...he immediately get off the couch and skids down beside the two where two were busy share their aching hearts and souls...

He sat near them on his knees and with a blank dark face asked in a cold emotionless voice
what happened to her...???

Amy broke out of Ridhzi's embrace and looked at him with hope and trust, may be the last hope left in him for his gudia and said the last piece hidden under the crevices of time to Maan...followed by a wide stretch haunted silence

She is suffering from split personality...

Precap: the confrontation Wink

break-away blog_part-8

chalo chalo ab btaao how many of u shocked with this Wink angelic analyst (anjy ji) so you were the only one to guess the previous shock yeh wala kaisa laga !! LOL

Ohkiz guyz This SS is specially for our new page

Geet-Begining Of A New Ere

so now give me my comments and like

will be waiting



HeartDivzi sighing off

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nats0101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged
omg.. dts one hell of an updt
poor geet.. as if wht happened 2 her wasnt enuf.. she also has split personality
awesm emotnal updt
waiting 4 more

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geetsrir.maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 9:32am | IP Logged
divzi...ab yeh kya naya drama...ab toh aap bhool bhulaiyya laana chaahthi ho?????Confused

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.LilGreenRobot. IF-Sizzlerz

Guardian of CC
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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged
this is one hell of an awesome update Div Shocked
i was glued to the screen LOL
poor Geet.. she's gone through sooo much and now split personality Cry
making us ride the emotional roller coaster Div LOL
amazing update.. thanks for the pm too Hug

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