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--**Soulmate**--Kriyaansh n Swaron OS*Chap 1-11* (Page 41)

Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 6:37pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by SugarCubes

It was really cutee! :D


-Sanj- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 9:58pm | IP Logged
Awsome update snigdha...i loved it ...waiting for next chapter...thanks for the PM         

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mishtika_diva Senior Member

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Hey...eagrly w8n 2 read ahead...pls upd8 d nxt chp soon...

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preeti_kreya Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2012 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Again n Awesum update.. UPdate nxt part asap

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---Shailu--- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by snigdha_arsha

                     --Chapter 6-Cherished Moments--


On d Next day Morning

Rey n Swayam got up a bit early for discussing deir plans abt deir business n den girls, they were thinking for a long tym but a perfect plan didn't struck deir mind yet.Swayam was talking still lying down on his bed beside Kriya, n Rey in his room.Kriya's sleep was getting continuously disturbed.


Kriya:Sweeto pls bahar jaake baat karo na..

love it when she calls swayam sweeto..


She managed to utter dose words in her sleep, rey was listening 2 her baby voice, it sounded really cute, thinking n thinking abt her'.an idea finally strikes in his mind.They discuss abt d plan n swayam goes back to his room n sleeps.Swayam wakes up after sumtym n goes to bath.Swayam's cell started ringing as soon as he left, she took d cell in her hands it was rey, she thought for a while to lift or not to n finally lifts it.Before she cud speak anything, he spoke out, "Ready" n disconnected d cal.Kriya sat up on d bed thinking wat really it meant.Swayam came  n enquired her abt d cal, she told him it was rey.Swayam too didn't speak any word, he left out after getting ready.


Kriya:Ek word kehne ke liye cal kiya'n woh b "ready"!!!How weird??*Sleeping again*

 hehehe...surely wierd !



Rey comes to Swayam's house.Swayam was sitting in d hall n Rey accompanies him.


Swayam:Rey plans toh set right par office..


Rey:Easy dude..tum sab ko unki kaam assign laro n I will check dem tonight n send dem..


Swayam:Kuch ghadbad nahi hogi na..


Rey:I think v shud giv dem a chance to prove too'


Swayam:Then ok'.


Rey:Swayam tu mrng bathaya plan workout hogi na..


Swayam:Zaroor baba.Let dem meet together n hav fun, we will separate after sumtym.Ok??




Rey comes to a halt when Kriya comes downstairs still in her sleepy avatar wearing shorts n a top n yells at her home for "Tea".At first she doesn't notice rey, when she realises, her sleep flied away n she went upstairs without uttering a word.


After a long gap of tym, Dimple comes wid a cup of tea n finds only Reyam.


Dimple:Good Morning Beta..


Rey:Good Morning Aunty..


Dimple:Swayam ye Kriya kahaan chale gayi..




Dimple:Uff..phir se upar chalna hain'*Poor mom too tired*


Swayam:Its ok..mein dethi hun..


Dimple hands over d cup to swayam n goes back to kitchen.Swayam darts a look at rey n gives him d cup.


Swayam:Track chalne hain toh karna padtha hain..


Rey:Thnxx dude..*N was leaving wen*




Rey: Kya??


Swayam:Abhi Abhi uthi hain na toh thoda gussa karegi so maintain peace, baat mat karo zyaada. nuce swayam giving instructions abt kriya !Embarrassed


Rey:Ok aur tum Sharon se track badaana toh chalo...*throwing him d keys*


Swayam:Ok dude..I'll go to ur house..problem nahi hogi na??


Rey:Bilkul bhi nahi, mom aur dad so rahe hain n keys tumhari paas hain..just go.




He goes upstairs, d door was open, Kriya was struggling hard to keep her churidar's Dori,her back was facing him, rey enters.His stupid shoes make some noise n he stops at d door.


Kriya:Come in'


He takes d permission in dat way n enters d room.


Kriya:Tea ko table ke upar rakhar jao.


Rey's face turns back to normal unlike his glitting face which was b4.Before he completely steps out of d room, there was an another order.


Kriya:Ek min yahaan aao na.


Rey's face enlightens more, he moves towards her, kriya points out two fingers to him without looking back.She demands him to touch a finger.


Kriya:Actually mujhe na aaj kis dress pehno samaj nahi aa raha hain isiliye aisa..jaldi karo na mujhe jaana bhi hain.


He selects a finger from d both since she was losing her patience.


Kriya:Thanks..*Dis was in a sweet tone* n pls ye dori bandiyena kithna try kar rahi hun..


She moves her hair to another side revealing her bare back to him, he was lost, completely lost.He moves more closer to her until their bodies touched slightly, he held d dori in his hands n looked at her from d side.She looked damn cute.He started tieing d dori touching her skin often, but Kriya felt d very change of d touch by d time he completed wid  d dori section. dead ! *HOT*Blushing

Kriya:Daisy tumhari haath ithna cold kyun hain..




She was dumbstruck by d voice, she immediately turned back wid a jerk wid her back against d wardrobe.


Kriya:Tum matlab Aap yahaan kya kar rahi ho??


Rey:Mein toh bas tea dene aaya tha..


Kriya*Talking 2 herself*:Ye tumne kya kiya kriya daisy aur rey ke beech mein difference bhi nahi patha chala tujhe..


Rey:Waise ye daisy kon hain..nice name.


Kriya:Meri maa..mein usse daisy bhulathi hun!!!


Rey:Nice Nickname'aur tumhara??


Kriya:Kuch Nahi..


Rey:By d way I love d names u giv sweeto n now dis daisy n all..


Kriya:Thnks..*Fake smile*


Rey:N wat was dat??


Kriya*self talk*:God ye kithna saawal poochega..*2 rey*:Kya??


Rey:Fingers one actually Tum issi dress mein bahut acche lag rahi ho.


Kriya's door opens completely, Dimple steps in.Kriya goes lil forward making dem a distance trying hard to cover her back wid hair.Dimple also comes towards her n stops.


Dimple-Ye kya hain Kriya??


Kriya:Maa mujhe bhi patha nahi ki..


Dimple*Interrupting*:Kya patha nahi!!!Ek toh mein ithni mushkil se tea banayi aur tum usse table par hee chod dhi..




Dimple-Haan'mujhe phir se banana padega.


Dimple leaves d room fumingly wid d cup, kriya turns wid a sigh of relief bcoz her mom didn't ask her abt rey but wen she turned back rey wasn't deir.She immediately closed d door n came back to d spot where once rey stood.


Kriya*In a slow tone*:Rey'Rey..!!


When she turned back she bumped into him n began to shout.He shut her mouth wid his right  hand while his other hand hand settled on her back.She jerked up again n moved for a distance but was held possisively by him.He straightened her holding her shoulders, he moved closer n she moved back until her back was against d wardrobe.He kept his hands on either side of her without missing d eyecontact.She examined her position n crushed her back against it as much as she cud.He smiles at her innoncence n whispers,"I wil be waiting outside..come fast".





{P.S.-In sharon's room, d bed n d mirror r opp. To each other which means one can see who is on d bed looking into d mirror}

Swayam went to rey's house, the main door was closed.He opened it n went inside without making much noise, he crept upstairs in d same pace, Sharon's door room was open.She was sleeping peacefully while her hair covered her face totally.He went in n closed d door slowly behind him n settled on d bed admiring her beauty.He pinned her hair back to d ear to hav a clear view of her face.She was looking cute, hugging her ruggy blankets n sleeping wid her face in d direction of bed.The door opened wid a bang, swayam's heart jumped out n he was too instant, he hid under d bed.It was her housemaid.She woke up Sharon n gav her bed coffee.Sharon took it wid a smile n sipped it while her maid was busy cleaning d room.Sharon got up from her bed carrying dat heavenly smile on her face, went to her wardrobe, took jeans n a top n placed it on d bed n went to bath.The housemaid was still in d room cleaning.She was too lazy, she did only few things n left d room.Swayam followed her without a single clue n closed d door behind her.He was too tired hiding under d bed which didnt even giv him sufficient air, his body was on a full on advantage, he hid in dat tiny space under her bed.He sat on d bed waiting for her staring at d door.He dozed off to sleep on d bed covering him up wid dose blanket of hers.He got up wen he heard someone singing in a full pitch, kicking him of sleep.He rubbed his eyes n removed d blanket on his face.His jaw dropped at wat he actually saw.Sharon was in her petite pink bathrobe singing n jumping around d room.After she became completely exhausted, she went to d mirror n started wiping d water drops on her face.Her hair was wet too, she was drying dat.Inspite of all dat, she managed to take a look of her in d mirror'she was looking pretty hot!!!But wait for a sec'there was another person too'Swayam!!!She turned back shocked, surprised n all at d same moment.
awweee...nice :D


Sharon:Swayam!!!*Yelled out*


Swayam rested his head on his hand which was supported by an elbow on d bed.


Swayam:Hi'Good Morning.


Their was no change of expressions on her face, she stood lyk dat gaping at him.


Sharon:Good Morning!!!!*controlling her temper*Tum yahaan??


Swayam:Haan koi problem hain..


Sharon*2 herself*:Kaise pooch raha hain dekho..kithni baar bolun usse aane se pehle knock karne ke liye..


Swayam:Actually door khuli thi..

Sharon:God!!!Mujhe yeh patha nahi chal raha ki tumhe kaise samjadhun..
Swayam:Then better not to..
Sharon:Seriously u r sick..
Swayam:I kno..
Sharon:Gosh swayam!!!Go out..
Swayam:Ok..come soon.I wil be waiting for u..
He went upto d door but stopped deir.
Swayam:U r looking so hot..*Eyeing her*
Sharon felt it more like a slap rather dan a compliment, she had mixed emotions.
Sharon:Get out..
Swayam left d room, sharon closed d door.
hehehehe...bechara swayam !
Precap-Kriyaansh n Swaron spend time alone..
waiting eagerly for ur next update DEE...
Pls forgive me if any mistakes r deir.I didnt check it out again.

simply mindblowing !!!!Clap
u rocked it DEE !Star
mwaaah !Hug

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achuAR IF-Dazzler

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swayam aur rey ka dil kitna wadda hain..
ek dusre itne help koi kartha hain kya?? LOL

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-Insight- IF-Rockerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Mahak Sinha IF-Sizzlerz
Mahak Sinha
Mahak Sinha

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged

Nice update. Clap
Swayam n Rey r making plans to bring their respt beaus wid them spending time who were making excuses initially.Unhappy
Kria's beauty sleep got disturb by them n Rey was drooling over her childlike voice, n wat a mind he got he made d plan n reached at her place.Wink
Kria rushed 2 her room when she saw Rey there n tea gave them solid idea Rey went to her room n she thought it's her mom n he helped her while choosing dress n tieing her strings great. Day Dreaming
Thank god Kria's mom didn't saw him in her room he quickly hided. Tongue
Sharon ki beauty sleep to disturb nahi ki Swayam varna 3rd world war to hona hi tha.Big smile
Swayam was sleeping at her bed n she was shocked to see him their but thank god he got successful in complementing her .Smile
Swayam bechara to maid se chupte chupte pareshaan ho gaya.LOL
They told their gals to come down fast they were waiting for them.Big smile
update soon.

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