Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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                                                   OS BELOW THIS POST

                                                It has been two years since all started though i didn't start watching it from the first day ... i loved star one and while watching DMG i saw the trailor of GHSP first i thought i shoul give it a try as it had Dr.Muskan but when i saw the first episode i decided never to see it again . Then there was a promo showing Abinav Shukla i kinda found him cute so i again watched two episode but nothing interested me so i quit . When i was watching MJHT Diya and Benji were going gaga about the new entry in GHSP so i watched the episode of his entry but nothing impressed me .At times i use to watch two or three scenes max of the serial when i m bored . But i didn't find it much interesting always maan was shouting to be frank i thought he was the villan or something (lol) . But one day i saw the Khurban Hua promo i very much wanted to see it as i love dancing i started to watch a couple of days before Kurban hua and that was it i kinda got obssessed or addicted to it . Everything about them attracted me . From then i never remember missing even one episode i actually used to see ever episode minimum two times. Automatically a smile crept on my lips when i say or hear maan and geet . This is really not normal for me to happen coz i really get bored very soon but in maneet's case i got crazier day by day . I even loved Mayur and AR but nothing to this extend . I can't believe even after three months of the serial going off air still i see atleast one maneet romantic scene everyday in youtube . I have no words to describe the love for them . GHSP has given me many things i longed to be a writer and it was possible only coz of maneet i can never forget them for this reason . Of course i got a lot of friends. I started to see the word Romance in diff way . i imagine maeet in every romantic Song and story. Though a fiction Character i adore maan and geet a lot . Maanlaria issyndrome of lifetime which i never want to get cured . I would Love to Thank maneet for all changes they brought in my life .KURBAN HUA TERE ISHQ MEIN .

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_nandy_ IF-Rockerz

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                                                               Maan was checking his laptop for the nth time '''''''' it was a news regarding reunion of Excel college's 2006 batch ''''''''' it is six years since he completed his college and never had any communication with any of his friends '''''''' though he is member of the page " Excel 2006 rox " in facebook he never chatted or made his presence obvious to anyone '''''''''. Its not that he had grudge on anyone but if he talks with his friends he would remember his college days which apparently means he ll remember her ''''''''.. the girl who was his life ''''''' the girl whose heart he broke just a day before their last day in collage ''''''''.He has many times noticed the name Geet Handa in that group ''''''' she used to post some status or old college pics ''''''. Everyone would comment and have a happy reliving of old memories '''''''' every time they used to mention  his name as well and he will be despo to join the group chat but he will be scared to face Geet '''''''''''. Geet never comments on anything where he is been mentioned '''''''''''. He visited her profile but it was blocked to outsiders and he wasn't brave enough to send her frd request''''''''''.

                             Maan and geet met first during their first year ''''''''. Maan was quiet reserved person while geet was fun loving and bubbly ''''''''. It was love at first sight for maan '''''''.. They were in different department yet they became frds through Yash and Meera their common frds ''''''''.. Maan never expressed his feelings to her as he didn't want to break their frdship ''''''' he can live with the hope that she will love him someday but he can't stand rejection '''''''''..

                                 Once maan came to know from Yash that one of geet's classmate Dev was to propose to her and she is likely to accept it ''''''' maan was shattered '''''''. He didn't attend the class for next two days ''''''''.. when he came to collage first one he spotted was Dev who walked near him with a bright smile '''''''''.. maan tried to be casual and was about to congratulate him for getting geet when dev said " lucky boy u r '''. Congratz " maan looked  at him questioningly ''''''''' Then dev told him how he proposed geet very grandly and romantically yet she declined saying that she loves maan ''''''''Maan couldn't be more happy '''''''.. he immediately ran to geet

                                      Geet was with meera and yash in the canteen '''''. Geet's eyes were teary maan went near her '''''''''. She immediately hugged him '''''..

"Where did u go without informing us '''''.. I was worried " she said between sobs 
" I went to get this " maan said taking out a ring from his pocket '''''' He has long time before bought the ring '''''''. When he first saw the ring with beautiful design he knew that only his  geet deserves to wear that ''''''''''.

                                   Maan went on his knees and proposed her in front of everyone and she accepted with a blush '''''''. For next three years they were the most happening Jodi  '''''''''. Their love for each other grew  every second '''''

                                        But everything was not the same during the last year of their collage '''''' Maan's father's construction company suffered a huge loss and they had many loans to be settled ''''''''.. his father wanted maan to join their business as soon as he completes his studies ''''''''.


" maan u don't make sense what is with our relationship and business " asked geet
" geet I have a big responsibility to take care of KC '''''' its not alone my life but life of thousand employees and family " maan said
" maan I ll be with u and help u '''''. " she said
" ur not understanding geet I don't want hinderance between business '''''''''.. I ll be distracted with personal relationship " maan said
" do u think me and my love will make u weak ''''''. Don't u trust our love '''''. Don't u treasure me " geet asked hurt 
" don't act childish geet why can't u understand that I need to move away " 
" u mean break up " geet asked with breaking voice
" I m afraid yes " maan said not making eye contact with her 


                               That was the last time he saw her ''''''' Now Maan Singh Khuranna the best in his field '''''''.. Richest man in india ''''''.. but he is a failure a looser '''''''' he failed her and lost her love ''''''''he was the one who wanted to move on breaking  the relationship '''''''''.  Now she must have moved on but he is struck in the same place ''''''''. He realized he was nothing without her , he is weak but it was late '''''''''..

                                    Maan thought the whole night he knew he can't get her back '''''''. But she at least wants to see her '''''''.. if she was married he wants to make sure that he is a nice guy and she is happy '''''''..

                                    Maan entered the hall ''''''''.. he found many familiar heads '''''.. he soon spotted Yash and went to him ''''''..

" hey dude long time ''''' I was wondering if u r alive or not "said yash giving maan a hug   
" umm I '''.. busy with business " maan said

                               It was two hours since maan entered but he didn't spot geet '''''''' he was sure she will not miss a Reunion so he was waiting impatiently ''''''.

" where Is meera ? " maan asked
" she ll be here somewhere why do u want to think about the devil " said Yash 

                              Maan wanted to ask about geet as next question but before that he spotted her near the entrance ''''''''' she was wearing a pink anarkali with hair put to one side ''''''. Nothing changed in six years to his eyes about his geet '''''''' he wanted to talk to her but will is she interested ''''''' maan tried to stay out of her sight at the same time he wanted to know about her '''''. What is happening in her life '''''''.

                               Maan was standing in a corner forming words to talk to her when someone patted his shoulder ''''''. He turned to get a shock

" hey ." geet said with a sweet smile 
" oh hai ''.." maan said not believing in spite of what he did he received a smile from her  
" I was searching for you " she said
" I was here near you " maan said
" oh i didn't notice sry " said geet

                             Awkward silence prevailed

"so how is life? " asked maan
" great as usual " geet said
"won't u ask about me ? " maan asked desperately
" well i can see how ur life is coz everyday the newspaper publish atleat one news about MSK " said geet with a laugh ..." i see that u achieved what u wanted ... i m happy " she added

                                   maan was hurt ... did he really achieve what he wanted ?... u cannot be a winner losing everything ... Geet didn't stay there more as she was dragged along by meera and she left with a sweet smile...

" guiltt , regret , pain and what not ? " maan turned to find Dev atanding with his hands crossed
" what do u mean ? " maan asked though knowing the answer
" i know what happened at the last day ... geet told me the other day as we both are working in the same office " dev said ..." i m feeling sorry for u ... but at the same time i m jealous ... even after all this she still loves you "
" What? "
" don't tell me that you don't trust her love " dev added with a warning

                                             How can maan be foolish enough to think that geet would have been married...

" i don't deserve her ... she will accept me in life but i can never forgive myself " maan said
" u know what u r a fool ... years ago u hurted her by leaving her and now u  hurting her by not going back to her ..." dev said
" i don't kow if i have the guts to do that " maan said
" if u want her to be happy and if u want to erase the pain of these years  all you should do is just go and be urself with her " dev said

                                                       maan looked at geet who was on the other side of the hall watching Yash and meera's funny antics in dance floor ... he knew that she loves him even now so overcoming his fear of guilt he walked towards her ...he stood there near her silently...

" yash is  funny isn't he? " maan asked
" u bet " geet laughed

                                            After minuts of silence and hell a lot of random talks geet asked if he wants to ask anything in particular...

" well i have never asked u for dance all the time i just dragged to to dance floor with me so its odd for me to formulate words to ask u for dance politely " maan said with nervousness...

geet laughed

" since when you decided to ask me permission u always have rights to drag me to dance floor " geet said looking into his eyes... that was all maan needed his geet never needs words to know his heart ... all his questions were answered ... she made it clear that she still belongs to him ...

                                                     Maan didn't wait a minute before pulling into his arms and bot walked to the dance floor ... they began to dance gracefully 

" i would have made a big mess if i wanted to start everything from first thank god u understood my feelings " maan said
" but i m not satisfied i want u to propose me as u did 8 years ago " geet said
" here ? now ? " maan asked

" aren't u feeling the same for me now as u felt 8 years before " geet asked seeing his silence
" my love multiplied 100 times and my proposal style has also should be better right ? " maan said with a wink

                                        Geet looked at him with astonisment... maan moved away with a wink ...
                                                    maan went to the central stage and took a mike ... Everyone looked at him surprised ... 

" Please guys don't look at me as if i m doing some wierd thing " maan requested the audiance and recieved a roar of laughter

" ohk today i m goint to tell you a story of a stupid idiotic boy named..." 

Before maan could complete everything shouted " maaan"

" yeah right stupid boy maan ... he was madly in love with a girl"

" Geeet " the crowd shouted

" thanks for reminding me guys u have good memory " maan joked and geet blushed

" this stupid boy once hurt his princess for his silly stupid reason ... he was so selfish that he left behind his great possesion to get materialistic achievement " maan said

"Owwwhhh" crowd sighed

" but then i realised i was never away from her ... Never ... she was being with me all time invisibly my support system ... but today when i met her after eight long years i realized that my Love grew with ages and... and now i find myself falling for her again and again ... I m madly truly deeply in love with Her now ... so..."

" sooo..." the crowd continued

                                                Maan walked to geet with a cheesy smile ... he sat on his knees before her and extended his hand... the spot light was on them

" will be give me the honour of making u Mrs.Maan Singh khuranna ? " he asked

" awww..." some girls shouted...
" saaay yeeesss " the crowd roared

" but i already have a ring Mr.khuranna " geet said

                                         maan raised his eyebrows... geet placed her hand on his... she indeed had a ring ... the ring which he gave her years ago... Maan couldn't be more happy than this ever ... He took her hand and kissed gently ... Then he stood up and hugged her ...

" oye yes Or no ? " someone from the crowd shouted

" he knows my answer " geet said with a blush

" but we need to know " said yash
" come on geet tell it loud " Meera cheared

                                              Geet turned to maan to look into his eyes ...he looked at her with eager eyes

" yes i will marry You " she said blushing 

                                                     maan pulled her into a quick hug ...

" i love u geet " he whispered in her ears
" love u too maan " she said with sweet voice

                                          And they happily lived ever after 



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Loved it !!

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it is wonderful gift

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lovely os wow

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darling totally
rock on Embarrassed

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That was so cute...
geet's love s precious...

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