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Behnas and Bhaiyas FF. Thread 1!! (Page 122)

girl97 Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 10:36am | IP Logged

update plz

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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Anika-

Originally posted by Kays94





Well My little Spammer Congratulations Big smile

You little greedy spammer.. I'm still writing so can't update Tongue You will have to wait. Smile

Love Hug


me waiting very very very eagerly LOL

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romanticgurl070 Goldie

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-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Sorry Guys!
Really very sorry!
I have been busy today... I have been writing the update... I'll post as soon as possible.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

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Kays94 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Anika-

Sorry Guys!
Really very sorry!
I have been busy today... I have been writing the update... I'll post as soon as possible.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

take your time Hug

your updated are sooo worth the wait 

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ashni0905 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2013 at 1:37am | IP Logged
i have started reading this only now..nice story

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-Anika- Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Hello Guys Big smile
Extremely sorry for the late update but hey it's still weekend so didn't break my promise Wink
Thank you so much for the comments.. Long comments Big smile and the likes.
Please do comment and let me know what you feel about this update.

Part 53:

August 2016

Around 6am

Jeevika turns in her sleep when the alarm goes off. Viren gets up quickly and turns off the alarm so that Jeevika can sleep for longer. He goes inside the bathroom and when he comes out he sees Jeevika making their bed.
Viren: Jeevika..
Jeevika turns around and runs to him and hugs him tightly.
Viren: Jeeevika.. * concern* what's wrong?
Jeevika has a wide grin on her face and hides her face in his shoulder.
Viren: Jeevikaa..
Jeevika: Ssshhh.. * smiles*
Viren just smiles at this..
After a few minutes Jeevika detaches from the hug. Viren has a surprised look on his face.
Jeevika doesn't say anything; she just looks in his eyes and Viren understands what she is trying to say. He just holds her hand and looks into her eyes.
*Knock knock*
Viren: Seriously? who is disturbing us? Jeevika we will always be Mr and Mrs Knock Knock
Jeevika giggles.
*Knock knock*
Viren walks towards the door and opens it. Dhruv is standing there rubbing his eyes half asleep. Dhruv hugs Viren. Viren goes down on his knees.
Viren: Bache.. Why are you up so early? Still have 45mins till you wake up.
Dhruv: Dadddy... I want to sleep here. * yawns*
Viren: Okay Bache* lifts him up in his arms and places him on bed*
Dhruv falls asleep in less 2 minutes.
Viren and Jeevika smile at this.
Jeevika goes inside the bathroom for a shower while Viren reading a newspaper in their room.

Around 6.30am

Manvi and Virat's room

Manvi: Stupid Alarm!!!!
Virat turns in his sleep and taps Manvi to shut the alarm.
Manvi: Viraaat!
Virat: Hmmm..
Manvi shuts the alarm angry and hits Virat on his arm.
Virat: Ooouccch * eyes closed*
Manvi: Ugggh why do I have to get up early? DadaJi ke rules! A new rule should be launched.. Pregnant women in this house can get up anytime in the morning.
Virat starts to laugh.
Manvi: Viraaat! It's not funny!
Virat: Sorry sorry * smiles*
Manvi: You go in first..
Virat: It's your turn this time.. I went first yesterday.
Manvi: Virat Im pregnant! You have to listen to me.
Virat: Where does it say that and who says that?
Manvi: Manvi says that * grins*
Virat: Manviii
Manvi: Pleaaassseee Virat.
Virat: This is not fair * gets up and walks to the bathroom*
Manvi: Works all the time * goes back to sleep*

Around 7am

Jeevika: Dhruviieee.. * sits next to him*
Dhruv: Mummaaa 5mins please
Jeevika: Okay but only 5 mins.
Viren: Jeeevika * says loudly while coming inside the room*
Jeevika: Shhh * points towards Dhruv*
Viren: Ooops * mouths*
Jeevika walks to him.
Jeevika: Yes VirenJi..
Viren: Actually Maa is calling you..
Jeevika: Okay... Can you please wake him up * points to Dhruv* I'll go downstairs.
Viren smiles and walks to where Dhruv is sleeping.
Viren pokes him..
Dhruv: Mummma Not fair! * goes back to sleep*
Viren pokes him again..
Dhruv: Mummaaa pleaseee
Viren pokes him again..
Dhruv: Mummmaaa* gets up quickly*
Dhruv is surprised to see Viren. Viren opens his arms and Dhruv hugs him.
Viren: Good Morning Dhruv * Kisses his cheek*
Dhruv: Goood Morninggg Dadddy
Viren: Let's go to your room and get you ready for nursery.
Viren starts to walk towards the door and turns round; Dhruv is still standing on bed.
Viren walks back to him and stands in front of him and pulls his cheek.
Viren: Cheeky monkey boy..
Dhruv: Dadddy Im a good boy
Viren: Cheeky Monkey * saying this he picks him up and walks to dhruv's room*

Dhruv's room
Viren makes Dhruv brush his teeth and gives him a shower.
Dhruv starts to run around in his towel.
Viren: Dhruv come here please.. * tired*
Dhruv is still running around the room.
Viren: how do Maa and Jeevika manage him? * sits on his bed*
Dhruv is still running round and dancing.
Viren: Dhruv please Bache come here..
Dhruv: Muhahahahaha
Viren: Please * giggles*
Dhruv: Im a very strong boy.. * shows his muscles*
Viren laughs.
Viren walks outside the room and shouts for Vanshika and Jeevika.
Vanshika and Jeevika come running up.
Jeevika: VirenJiii kya Hua? * tensed*
Viren: Pleaseee help me! * pleads her*
Vanshika: Beta.. Kya..
Viren: Dhruv... I can't get him ready.. * tired* He's just running round the whole room and laughing..
Vanshika and Jeevika starts to giggle
Manvi comes running
Manvi: Jeeju.. What happened?
Jeevika and Vanshika tell her about the situation and Manvi starts to laugh too.
Jeevika: VirenJi this is not a new thing.. He does this everyday * smiles*
Viren: Seriously * surprised*
Vanshika: You were worse than this Viren...
Viren: Maaa... I wasn't this bad.
Vanshika: Viren you were very naughty.. Dhruv is nothing compared to you.
Jeevika and Manvi giggle.
Viren: Maaa * embarrassed*
Vanshika: But now you are my Accha Bacha * pulls Viren's cheek*
Saying this Vanshika goes inside Dhruv's room to get him ready. Manvi goes downstairs. Jeevika is just looking at Viren.
She starts to giggle.
Viren: Why are you giggling? * arms folded*
Jeevika: Mera Accha Bacha * pulls his cheek*
Viren: Reaally now. You will tease me * gently pulls Jeevika to him*
Jeevika: VirenJiii * shy*
Viren: Oye Hoye... Mrs Knock Knock please don't get shy like this..
Jeevika: VirenJi please.. * hides her face in his chest*
Viren: We will continue this in our Honeymoon * kisses her hair*
Jeevika: Honeymoon?
Viren: Rishikesh * grin*
Jeevika: VirenJi... * walks away quickly*
Viren just sighs and smiles at this.

Manvi is walking down the stairs when Virat calls her name.
Virat: Manvi I'm in our room..
Manvi walks towards their room and enters their room.
Virat: Maaanvi please find my pink shirt.. I can't find it. * tensed*
Manvi: Virat why have you made this mess... Your shirt is drying downstairs * starts to put his clothes in the cupboard*
Virat: Manvi Sorry...
Manvi: It's not about sorry. At least ask me before you mess everything... You don't even know where your watch is so this is way..
Virat: Okay okay... Sorry. You don't worry. I'll put these clothes inside.. Promise properly. You go downstairs
Manvi: Are you sure?
Virat: Yes go.. Please.
Manvi leaves the room and comes back inside.
Manvi: Viraat are you..
Virat: Yes Im sure Manvi.. Go downstairs * smiles*
Manvi just nodes and leaves.
Virat: Pheeewww if her lecture started I would have been finished and during that... her mood swing.. I would have been dead.. * putting in his clothes in the cupboard* Pregnant women I tell you * smiles*

Everyone has their breakfast.
Dhruv has gone to the nursery and Shlok has gone to the school. Dadaji and Inder are in the study having a meeting about their case. Viren and Virat are sitting in the lounge relaxing. Jeevika is sitting on the swing in the garden. Vanshika and Kadambari are making Manvi eat her Laadoo. Swamini has gone outside.

In the Kitchen

Manvi: Maaa please.. I can't eat this everyday warna after the pregnancy I'll be fat.
Vanshika: Maanvi beta.. Every girl puts on weight after pregnancy.. But you have to eat it. Kadambari hold on to her.
Manvi: Maaa Chachi pleaaaseee * shuts her eyes*
Kadambari: Haaaiye ne Manvi... Be a good girl and eat it.
Manvi: Pleaaase.. What difference does it make?
Vanshika: The weakness tiredness ...
Manvi: Okay okay I know but I don't like them..
Kadambari: Haaaiye ne Im calling Virat now..
Kadambari leaves the kitchen to call Virat while Vanshika is still persuading Manvi to eat it.

In the garden

Jeevika is just quietly swaying on the swings. She shuts her eyes and feels all those things around her. The wind making her long hair sway. The sun making her back warm.. The moist grass she can feel under her feet. She opens her eyes and smiles.
Jeevika ( Haaaiye this is so beautiful. Feel positive happy. Feels like life is so wonderful)
Jeevika: Bachas Your Mumma is very happy today. No explanation but just happy.. Very happy. We will soon be going to Rishikesh. The yummy food.. the voices of new people you two will hear.. They love you already. You know that right.I know you are listening to your Mumma and smiling. Bachas you are going to be loved by so many people* touching her abdomen*
She starts to hum a tune and smiles while doing this.

In the lounge

Virat and Viren are watching something and laughing.
Virat: Bhaaai just look at him.. * laughs*
Viren: Viraaat my cheeks are hurting now * laughs harder*
Kadambari: Haaaiye ne.. Look at you two * smiles* Oh yes.. Virat Pleaseee help us.
Virat: Kya Hua Chachi? * smiling*
Kadambari: Manvi is not eating her Laadoo
Viren: Good luck Virat * pats him*
Virat: Thank you Bhai * walks to the kitchen with Kadambari*
Viren: Chaachi Chaachi.. * shouts to get her attention*
Kadambari looks at Viren and raises her eyes browns.
Viren: Have you seen Jeevika..
Kadambari: She is on the swings in the garden.
Viren: Thank you Chachi
Viren stands up and walks towards the garden.

In the Kitchen

Vanshika: Finally.. Virat please make her eat this.. I have to go market
Kadambari: Haaaiye ne I had to call Mumma.. * runs outside the kitchen*
Virat: Maaanvi look..
Manvi: Viraaat please..
Virat: Look at it this way.. If you feel tired and weak would our baby be happy?
Manvi: Noo but...*pouts*
Virat: baby will be happy when the Mumma is happy. What did doctor Madhu say?
Manvi: I shouldn't be tensed or unhappy..
Virat: And in order to be happy.. You have to feel healthy, strong.
Manvi: Yes * pouts*
Virat: In order to be strong and health you have to eat this Laadoo right?
Manvi: Yes.. I mean...
Virat: So will you eat it?
Manvi sighs and nodes.
She eats it while making faces; Virat just looks at her and smiles.

In the garden

Viren enter the garden and can see Jeevika on the swings in a distance. She has her eyes shut and is humming. Viren smiles and walks towards her; Jeevika is lost in the moment and doesn't know that Viren is coming towards her.
Viren sits on the swing next to her and just looks at Jeevika.
Jeevika opens her eyes and has a big smile on her face; she looks around and is surprised to see Viren on the swing next to her swing.
Jeevika: VirenJii aap..
Viren: Yes Me... Kya Baat hai? * smiles*
Jeevika: VirenJi I thought you and Virat were in office now.. * confused*
Viren: Me and Virat have a day off today.. The client can't make it today and the meeting is cancelled too. * smiles*
Jeevika smiles.
Jeevika starts to look around and shuts her eyes.
Viren: So tell me why are you so happy?
Jeevika: Happy because I'm happy * giggles*
Viren: Wow what an answer * smiles*
Jeevika: No reason VirenJi.. Just so happy that we all be going to Rishikesh. Really looking forward * grin*
Viren: I know Jeevika... Im really looking forward to it too * smiles*
Jeevika is still smiling and looking around.
Viren: Jeeevikaa Im sorry.
Jeevika: Sorrry for what? * confused*
Viren: Last year I broke my promise that I made to you
Jeevika: Promise?
Viren: Going to Rishikesh for a month. I promised that every year one month I will become a ghar jamai.. Sorry.
Jeevika: VirenJiii don't say that. Ghar JamaiJi I have no complains. * winks*
Viren: Thank you Mrs Knock Knock * winks back*
They both swing on the swings and talk.


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mariarauf48 Goldie

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first one to comment yayyy 

virika how damn adorable they are 

the morning hug aww soo cute 

dhruviee aww he is such a sweetheart 

mrs knock knock 

jeevika childish behaviour soo cute 

the garden scene yet so beautifull 

clappings ClapClap

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