Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 4th April 2012

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Oopsie daisy! We fail another test!

Love demands complete abandon - Blessing in Disguise

Arnav and Khushi as Ranjha and Heer ...

Arnav, you have the depth of his love.
Khushi, you have the purity of her love.
Yet, love demands selflessness, a reckless abandon that turns a man into a Ranjha and a woman into a Heer.

As of now, Arnav has been focused on protecting what is precious to him. He has sacrificed his joy for his sister.
As of now, Khushi has been focused on protecting what is important for her. She has sacrificed her joy for her sister.
In their relationship with their sisters and family, both Arnav and Khushi have been very selfless. But then, loving your own and trusting them is effortless.

As of now, Arnav has been focused on holding Khushi back from what he perceives is the love of her life.
As of now, Khushi has been focused on getting out of a forced relationship with Arnav.
Going by circumstances, this is the perfect way to proceed. Too bad, love doesn't care a bit about the circumstances!

Simple love becomes complicated when a person not your own steps into your life and owns it as though it were theirs - and you are powerless. There is a tussle between head and heart, thoughts and feelings, holding back and letting go.

Love is powerful force to reckon with. Hatred with all its falsehood and deception cannot hope to stand up against Love in its purest form. Love is as powerful and as permanent as death. But...

... Love demands complete abandon.

Till the time, there is a holding back, love patiently waits - simmering away - for the season when those in its refuge are compelled to let go - and let go of it all. Love is a gentle giant.

It is a pity to hold back from something as pure and precious and joyful as love. Yet, one finds it increasingly hard to let go of one's tender heart at the mercy of another, who at any given moment of time, may break and crush it.

Arnav, Khushi, you both are yet holding back.

Arnav, you may consider Khushi dishonest. Did you ever consider winning over her dishonesty with your love?
Khushi, you may consider Arnav full of pride and ego. Did you ever consider breaking down his ego with your love?

Your feelings of love are only feelings as of now - not been put into action. They spurt like a flame in right conditions - that is, your hearts are protected, your words are concealed, your feelings are disguised, the circumstances are ambiguous, the perceptions are vague, there are curtains between you, and you have a fallback plan lest you need a safe exit - your heart intact with all its loneliness and longing. Then, darkness takes over.

My dears, you must understand.

When you love someone, you are agreeing to be hurt. Love is not all roses and candles and moonlight and stars! Love is strength to be without them all, and still rejoice because you have love.

What happened today after the Heer-Ranjha act? It is blessing in disguise, really it is. Just like all the times before this: at near kiss on Diwali, at finding of Khushi's engagement, at the sangeet, at the kisses sequence, at ambulance chase, at the bindi sequence, and at the planned confession on the terrace, and even the bhang-infused confession on holi - each of them was a blessing in disguise. It's good you haven't taken the plunge if you're unsure of depths.

You two are not ready for letting go. You long to let go, but you're not willing to let go until you see the promise of an equivalent let-go from the other. You want guarantee that your heart won't be broken in the trade. Oops! This is no trade. Love gives freely, but does not expect.

Khushi, you know that you'd overlook much for him because in your heart, you are Arnav. But you are yet, miles from Heer who gave up all just see Ranjha once, who forgot everything when his flute sounded, who didn't care for the world just to be with Ranjha and trust his love, though he was irredeemably taken from her.

Arnav, you know that you cannot live without her. You know that if she not in it, your life is meaningless. You know that this girl has become all your existence. But if you'd rather die than tell her of your love, you are yet miles from a Ranjha, who became a servant just to be near his Heer, who became a hermit to visit her in the house she was married into, and who refused to breathe another breath if life was meant to be lived without Heer.

Probably the reason that you both have felt the connection between yourselves but never understood it is because, you both are so tied up with circumstances that you never stop to ponder. You both keep beating around the bush.

You're so busy skimming the surface, that you've never experienced diving in the deeps. You are aware of a place called the deep, unfathomable deep; it calls to you, but you are so caught up with ensuring that the diving gear is in place, you're missing precious moments of what could have been enjoying the profound oneness.


Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav, you built the fortress around the one you treasure. Successfully done! But, Buddy, you locked your life out of it. There appeared a crack in your fortress wall and you attempted to bolster it only from the inside. On the outside, however, the enemy has been picking away at the cranny and getting more and more access into your fortress wall. Your very life is roaming around outside without much protection and your enemy is getting bolder.

Be concerned, not jealous. Why should a man, supposingly at your mercy, be getting bolder by the day?

Arnav what you consider your weakness is your greatest strength. Had you just recognized your strength half this war was won long back. But then, the real war is recognizing your blessing that is disguised in a brown paper package tied up with string - but, Buddy, it is your favorite thing!

Once this one is won, the other one has help!

Arnav, bit of advice: Wifey needs you to protect her.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

He did not answer your question. He broke your heart but not his resolve. So, then you transform and give him back what he gave to you. You are not only Arnav in your heart but also turning into an ASR on the outside. You sent off all his questions bouncing back at him - if you need to answer me, then I don't need to tell you.

Khushi, you vented out - for the first time, you attacked your husband's honor in public. That's a big step for Khushi ' but then, hell hath no fury as that of a woman scorned.

The enemy has caught you again and this time you're stuck.


Attack and Counter Attack

*thinking hard for an apt opening to this segment*

- Nani ji, love's labor lost! No...

- Nani's time bomb went off in the dressing room! No...

- Worse after verse! No... that's so lame!

- Arnav and Khushi on the War path! No' they've been there for ages and no one's even offering them a reprieve.

Oh well! Let's go with the obvious - if nothing works, obvious does!

Back to the review...

Well, today's battle was assured following the battles lines that were drawn by the end of yesterday's episode.

Arnav's changed into ASR, but Khushi is still walking around as Heer the bride. (The event people told her not to change. Why could Arnav change? The fandom might've been happier to see him donning the sherwani again! But it'll take some serious guts to tell ASR not to change!)

Some progress was made beyond that on Holi, of course, the curtains in-between still intact. This is a next stage of awareness.

However, as Joyce Meyer says, new level, new devil - Shyam is bolder now.

1. Khushi, you refused the prize because what happened on stage wasn't really all that good, it was just play-acting, and it was cheating.

So far, so good. But then came the vent to the pent up emotions ' he's a cheat.
OHMIGOSH! That one was a heavy blow, and you haven't a clue as to who heard it.


2. Arnav, you can't believe that she refused the prize. You can't understand why she did it. She actually called you a cheater - the cheek!

"I can't lose." What can't you lose, Buddy! Your prize stands right before you. Take it.


3. Khushi, you really cannot understand why it matters to him? Of course you do! But would you give in? Huh! The Sun can try setting on the North Pole.
Arnav: Tell me.
Khushi: I won't.
Arnav: Tell me.
Khushi: I don't feel it necessary to tell you.
Arnav: Tell me, or else '
Khushi: Else what? You'll throw things around *throws some* [Total ASR avatar]
Arnav: Khushi, stop! I can't lose.
Khushi: Why does it matter to you? You only did this for Nani ji.

Khushi, stop arguing. You're just giving him reason to think that he is the reason why you won't receive the prize.


4. Arnav: I did you a favor

Oh kay! SHEESH! I don't believe you said that, ASR! Eww! Confessions, even if incomplete and disguised, are NOT favors! You, nutter of the first grade (My Vocab replenished)


5. Khushi: This is the reason I don't want the prize. I don't want your favor.

Buddy, you asked for it.

6. Well, Khushi, what you said to the event organizers is pretty nutty too! You don't go calling ASR a cheat in public, my dear. Don't wash your dirty linen in public. Arnav was, at least, doing his washing in the privacy of the dressing room.



1. Arnav and Khushi, learn something from Payal and Anjali.
Khushi made a plain and simple statement to Arnav - Complete what I have started - but neither of them did.

But look at your sisters - such sync! What Payal started, Anjali completed - or rather finished. One dumb sister started the MU and the other dumb one finished it.


2. Payal's MU with Manorama reflects Arnav's MU with Khushi.

Manorama was happily waiting for Payal to show up, but she didn't - could not because she needed to help someone in need - whose need was greater than Payal's, as Payal perceived.

Payal couldn't be there for Manorama to help someone else, though she was there in person.

As Manorama pushed Payal to do her part or say something, Payal's ghada (water jar) broke.

Manorama, hopping around, fell in it and was ridiculed.
Payal's action was misunderstood and everyone attempted more to calm Manorama down.
Manorama was angry and refused to be consoled. Only Arnav and Akash consoled Payal, though everyone sympathized with her too. Payal could only confide in Khushi, who also stood by her purpose and refused the prize.

On the other hand, the woman who asked Payal to lose was probably doing so in vain. As after Heer Ranjha performance, there was little chance of someone else winning. So, the whole MU was probably pointless, and could have been avoided had Payal only confided in someone.


3. LOVED that Arnav came to console Payal.


4. Anjali, darling I've started to think of giving you something more potent than Bournevita.

One, it's okay to feel dizzy especially for someone as feathery as you.

Two, you don't send your brother's wife on a chore and tell her to keep it secret from her hubby. It's her decision whether she wants to tell her hubby or not.

Three, well, there was no reason to send your personal creep off with the girl because it wasn't safe at night. Well, if you want her safe, you should keep the creep under lock and key.

Four, there are other members in the family who are level-headed - Mama Ji, for instance - and won't lose it at the sight of a dizzy Anjali. Not everyone's as paranoid about you as your Chhote!

Five, you do NOT need to lie to your Chhote when he calls to find out where you are off to!!

Well, at least you unstuck Khushi from the situation she was stuck in - we can't help but have high hopes from you, Anjali Di!


5. Nani Ji *HUGS* you tried! It's okay! You are not the only one these two nutters have hurt. Don't be sad. They'll be alright. You predicted yourself that they fight, get upset, then woo one another back, repeat the cycle, and probably they'd do so for the rest of their lives. So, relax! They'll be okay. At least, this is what the CVs tell us.


6. Shyam, you keep gathering pennies from heaven and spending them on all evil purposes - soon your paap ka ghada (jar of sins - horrible translation!) will be overflowing and then it'll burst!

Sheesh! You cheap creep - you were implying that Khushi was your wife and was expecting your kid!! The very thought makes the Fandom want to throw up their dinner, lunch, and breakfast!

Now, you've gonna and picked up her handkerchief and we're sure you'll put it to worst possible use.


7. Khushi sure is in a mood for some solid 'whack on the side' tonight.
She gave a few to Arnav - he's a cheat! I don't want to share the award with my husband. I don't want your favor!

She even awarded one to the creep - 'Shall we go, Jijaji? Di must be waiting' - totally knocked that smile off his face!


On the Lighter Side

1. The first two acts of tonight were ' okay! I'll skip this one!

2. The creep creeped out even the Chemist tonight.

3. The Dressing Room was curiously kept empty and available for the Raizadas to change, to transform, to fight ego battles, to push each other around, to throw things about, to get stuck, to get unstuck, to feel dizzy in, to get leered at in a filthy manner by a creep ... does no other participant require to change or use the room at all?



The enemy is within the premises. He's holding Khushi's arm, not her hand. He's confident that Arnav is seeing what he is intending to show him. He seems to have dropped the plan to win Arnav's trust. Instead, he seems to now show him that Khushi is as much into it as he is. Creep is boldly breaking the law of the land ' Don't come anywhere near Khushi, because she is now my PATNI.

Arnav, hurt, anger, and pain! Hmm, after seeing what you saw, are you planning to remind her of the 'cheat' statement? This new one is reinstating the terrace scene in Arnav's mind - though it's worse now, she's now his wife.

Khushi, I don't know if Arnav gets to see the creep holding your hand, but it'll be something to add fuel to your suspicion if you see Arnav's hatred and anger for Shyam. If not, oh well! I love surprises in any case.
Though Khushi, you can give us a bonus if you vent out some of that gunpowder on Shyam that you did on Arnav - stamp his foot, at least! Psst, I'd recommend punching him in the nose so that his eyes tear up.

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mirka88 IF-Dazzler

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I was really upset after today's episode..really couldn't see any progress... So was waiting for your post to find something in i to LOVE...because I just can't hate IPKKND.
You always explain Arnav and Khushi's actions so logically and emotionally at the same time that its easier for us to accept their, at times harsh, actions...
I feel much better about the episode now!Smile
Wonder what'll happen tomorrow... I wish they'd just MOVE the storyAngry..its been on stand-by for quite a bit with Mami-Payal rubbish. I loved Arnav consoling Payal, and Khushi's smart line to ShyamBig smile...I've always felt that Khushi always handles him much better with much less effort...but then again the creep is obsessed with her. Confused

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Yippie, I made it to the first page! First time in months, since the time I started following your post. I am so excited, I forgot what I wanted to write Tongue.
It's  raining misunderstandings in IPKKND... It's getting quite messy now. How these MUs gets resolved remains to be seen. As of now, there seems to be no light as we can't see the end of just keeps getting deeper and deeper. 

I hope CVs stay on this intense track, no deviations please. Barun, u need a shave dear, u look old, tired, shabby, sick. Where is our stylish Asr? Diwali and pre-Diwali wala.

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RajPreet_Preeto Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
I loved your post.  It is shantastic!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you :)

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Cetronia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 1:38pm | IP Logged

Lovely analysis as usual !!! Loved your Joyce Meyer comment " new level new devil"

I just had a thought, Shyam left the holy thread hanging in the cupboard handle and now Khushi left the handkerchief  on the counter for shyam to pick it up ,so counting the days for the MU to blow up pretty soon...

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polly_mk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Thank you for this wonderful analysis! Enjoyed the episode today... but your analysis took it to the new level.

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jiyap Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
thanks for superb analysis as usuall .

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bones88 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome analysis shalini

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