Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

last day 2 ( sirius) of 6 month

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As Arnav woke up from his sedative sleep, he was feeling a bit better. But a sudden chaos made him push to the edge. It was an India guy, probably family who was trying desperately to contact him to give an address. But he was chased way by Arnav's body guards who were appointed by Akash for Arnav's safety from the media and from Himself aswell.

The doctor also gave strict order, not to let him go anywhere else by himself and not to make any sort of situation, that Arnav might get tensed and worked up. His pressure needs to be under control to avoid any further damage to his body.

Hearing that the name of the person was " NK", " Nanda Kishore", one of his distant cousins, Arnav feels agitated. Arnav hates NK to the core because Khushi used to like him. He knows KHUSHI was being friendly, may be over friendly and NK took full advantage of it. "She used to talk her heart out to NK , something She never did with me.

"Or maybe I was too egoistic that Khuhsi never felt totally comfortable to pour her heart out to me" Arnav drifts into his thoughts.

He shrugs off, at the thought of it. 


//    DEAR , Reader!  Arnav is trying to connect the dots and going on a dangerous struggle in hope of getting some clue about his "LOST LOVE" , we cannot let out poor Arnav go alone in this physical state:


So let's buckle up and accompany him in this ride…..

Let's find out, what address did he wish to give Arnav…….. : (  a little bit something extra for you...)

         kindly connect to the next link  ( Collateral track : PAUL OAKENFOLD: Ready, Steady, Go….)

         Use headphones if possible to Blast up the music and enjoy the ride with our ASR //




Hand bandaged up and cut and bruises, all over Arnav springs up to his knees….…he walks to the door and asks about it.

He involuntary whispers: "KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA….Where are you?"

His guards told that NK was trying to give him an address.

Arnav stops for a second and tries to think……………….

In the next fraction of a second ARNAV kicks the front door open and pushes the guard down on the floor and smiles saying:









TIME: 8.05 PM

Tick Tock !!!! 

Tick Tock !!!! 

The Clock strikes 1

The Clock strikes 2…………………


Arnav is running…………….

He dives

He dribbles

He bullets his way out……..

He is clad in a milk white shirt, crumbled and wrinkled, in a pair of dark khakis and boots.

He picks up his feet and starts to run with all the energy he has left…..


Guards shout out : " Stop stop…!!

Mr Raizada!!!!

STOP !!!

…...stop running at ones…

We cannot let you go alone…



The Doctor comes out from his office and shouts at top of his lungs;

"Mr Raizada! Stop at once…………

Where one earth do you think you are going?"


ARNAV starts to run towards the open door to near the staircase.

He shoots a piercing eye to the doctor and shouts back:

"I am going to look to look for my meds!

And will come back, only if I find HER !

He smirk an evil mischievous smirk and starts running again…"


He has to go and find out what happened, who NK was here. What address did he have? Does it have any relation to the missing of Khushi?

"Does NK know something?

Is the address important?"


A man in black suit with vice stare bocks his way ahead and pushes him down towards the room, blocking his view of the door.

Arnav starts to shove him away and digs his head into the man's shoulder.

He kicks and he punches.

He punches the guard on the face, right on his cheek bones. The man grunts out in pain and holler down banging his back on the wall.

Arnav's hands bump up and a faint blue line appears due to the force he used. But he doesn't care at all. The bandage starts to throb and tiny lines of fresh blood appears on the stale bandage. Arnav frowns a little out of pain.  

The guard falls down on the ground holding his head up and tries to push Arnav down to stop him speed along but he fails.

The Gurad picks up his speaker and shots out to his fellows:

"Stop him at once.

He is acting crazy and he is running away from the hospital on his own.

I tried to hold him back, but he bolted his way out. He does not seem to care about his bleeding condition and I think he is a threat to himself, of what we have been notified about.

He is on the run !

Close him in !!  NOW !!"


Arnav keeps on running………


Arnav is running and picking up some speed.

Guards again shouts out into their speakers:

"Arnav sing Raizada: is on the loose, he just punched and knocked one of ours down and he is heading to the north gate.

Stop the elevator at once.

He is trying to leave the hospital.

Shut down all the elevators.

Shut down all the entrances and trigger the guards at all spots".

" NO….


NO !!!!    He just ditched another man on his way….

He is heading to the north gate, I repeat north gate.

Do you copy? Over and out ……."

The guards in black suits and mikes in their ears start to clog the stair cases and the entrances.

The sudden change in speed, and alarm within the hospital, creates a ripple effect.


The media circus out of the hospital also starts to rise up in tension. Their interests double up.



TIME: 8.25 PM


Arnav drops down and ascends some flights of stairs and approaches the towering entrance to the North gate, the building is 15 stories and he is in the tenth floor.

He then swings the door open of the exit gate and paces in the hallway.

He has two options on hand. Either to run along the stair and face the guards and hospital police, take one by one by him or use the elevator.

First time around he thought of taking the elevator, and then he wants to take the stair all the way down.

He glides and almost flies down one flight of stair…..he grabs a rope from the fire hydrant shaft and wraps it around his other hand. He needs to keep that in working order and utilize it in anytime needed.

He seems a pair of men approaching from the stair directly beneath him. Arnav turns around and faces sideways.

He runs to the opposite direction and tries to find the next exit point.


He was half way down the hallway, when a man grabs him by his arms and thrust him down on the ground.

He slides down face forward. His foreheads bangs on the wall and arms slums up on the hospital bed He hits the ground and starts to get numb, out of pain…..

But he gathers his breath and closes his eyes. He wraps up his arm around the hospital bed and lifts his body up as soon as possible. He creates a margin of 2 second gap time for the guard to strike him again and from making him, stall.

He gains 2 second time on the hospital guard on acting again. He launches himself towards the opposite door behind him and holds it open. He swings his feet on the door handle and flips the rope edge towards the table.

He seizes the other end and pulls himself away from the man standing at his head.

He hauls himself forward and grabs a telephone set from the table top.

He swings it across the face of the man.

Thud !!

The man in black slows down a few step and grunts in pain.

Arnav in the next instant, pulls himself up and flips the rope up , wrapping it again to his hand.

The impact of the phone set launching right across the face makes the guard angry……, the guard utters a dirty name out to Arnav.

Arnav was almost couple of feet away from the guard and on his way towards the staircase.


BUT he halts back.


Arnav is 2 feet away : running from the Guard, he turns back and then his boot gives away….

He flips a karate kick on the man and flies a back kick with all his might.

It crashes onto the face and the same man hits ground.


Arnav is running…………. the next minute……………….

Arnav messing around and trying to ditch the guards and hospital patrols: triggers the system of the entire hospital!

The alarm goes off!


Arnav hears a shout from somewhere behind. "Follow him, Stop him at any cost".

" is there anything we do not know about him? That Mr Akash Raizada forgot to add? This man seems to be pretty trained to ditch our finest man so easily…." The guards chatters along his ear mike to others and keep on running behind Arnav.


He turns his head around and steals a breath. The group of men running behind him might slow him down.

But he refuses that to slow down his spirit. 

He keeps his full focus on the next exit door and keeps moving. Without pause, he places his both hands on the door and cranks it open. He jumps up the next instant.

They had come up from behind him and before he could react, a hand wraps around his neck and another hand wrenches the rope off his fists.

Some more hands started to drag him back down into the hallway, moving him inch by inch towards the entrance way.  

He starts to scream and curse………..






HE tries to loosen their grip.

Arnav shouts out to stop the guards and rolls to his right.


At the very next moment:

A beam of light strikes his eyes to the right.

'F*** !!!!!"



TIME: 8.40 PM


He sees a big broom handle to the right and flings his hand towards that.

He lifts up the broom stick and sees the next man crouching towards him. He flips the broom handle over to this head and bangs him up in a circular motion.

Without hesitation Arnab swings the stick around and knocks another two men down to the ground.





A flash light and a mouth piece rolls off to the side of the men on the floor. The cell phone from the guard's pocket peeks out.

Arnav grabs it in a flash and scrapes the flash light into his hands.

He draws is hands into the guard's pocket and pulls out a pair of keys.

He jumps into the stair case and starts to climb down. He slips on the ear piece with attached mike and takes off running across the stirs to the next floor down


One story…

Two story……..

Another story…

Next right and he ditch the man standing straight in his path.

Arnav finally makes it to the lower floor of the hospital.

He reached the meter high concrete wall of the east side.

He faces down and lowers his height keeping his face back towards the wall.

He hides his face from the rest of the people near the entrance of the garages. He reaches the garage and raises his eyes, he beep sin the key to open the gate of the garage with the security key that he took from the guards.

But he spots a guard in his black dark suit sitting behind the wooden door of the garage.

The guard is about 6 feet tall, tattoos all over the sleeve and piercing on the face. He weighs almost 300 pounds:

And looked like a major threat.

After taking a deep breath, Arnav glides towards the wooden door and slowly stirs it open.

The gurad looks up and faces the entry way. He and Arnav stand face to face.

The guard looks up to him straight into his eyes and proceeds forward with wide arms.

Arnav shouts: "SHIT'"

He backs up a few steps and with full might head buts towards the guard. He pops backwards and slams into the desk.

 But he holds Arnav back and holds him pinned to the floor. Arnav takes out the flash light and swing it straight into his head. He then bumps his head again and punches him with all his might.

The heads spins and Arnav falls down along with the man he just struck.

But he jumps up the next instant and pulls himself up. He takes the keys out of his pocket and slams them directly on the glass case. The other keys are hanging inside.

And runs towards the valet parking…... while running: He beeps the keys and makes the doors go open with the security tags once again to reach to his cars.

The guard gains consciousness and starts to wobble down behind him.

He raises his hand to get hold of Arnav's collar……

But he fails to do so, only for a second of time gap…..


BUT then, there stand with all the glory and handsomeness, stand his car: the Matsarati Grand Turismo.

After all 15 minutes, Arnav's face shows a slight ray of sunshine seeing his car.


He rushes towards his car and look behind to see the giant of a man running behind him.

He takes an abrupt stall and dribbles down on the other car front. He slides down and backs up a few steps. He guard looses balance.

Arnav picks up speed and runs towards his car.

He slams on the gas and shifts the gear.







(9.39 PM)


Arnav is driving along Sydney harbor. He reaches the club named: "The Purple Cloud

Nk told the guards that he will hunt down Lavanya and give her an address.

Arnav gets into the club and spots a group of girls on the dance floor.

Arnav  looks up at Lanvanya.



" Lavnaya !! ji Lavnaya Ji!!..."    

NK  is screaming at top of his lungs, he has a folded piece of paper on his right hand and is swinging it to gain some attention.

Two bouncers are hauling him away from the dance floor.

Lavanya: "take him away! I do not know him and I do not know what he is talking about?"


ARNAV dives onto the dance floor: and runs towards Lavanya.

Lavanya is out of her mind to see Arnav here.



TIME: 10.10 PM


ARNAV shift his focus from Lavanya and moves towards NK where the bouncers are chasing him away.

Arnav shouts out at the guards and waves at NK.

In the midst of everything, NK smiles happily to see Arnav. He starts to move and shove the guards away.

Arnav closes in on NK and raises his hand to grab the piece of paper.



I have been trying my best to get hold of you, since morning……..but your stupid guards did not let me  meet you.











RUN ……………………………….


On the paper it's written:



SIRIUS LOOK OUT SPOT (for the best view of the starry sky)




SYDNEY, 123356




please leave loads of comments !!!!

My story comprises of THE LAST 10 DAYS of the 6 month wedding period that ARNAV fixed for KHUSHI.

Here are the previous links:

DAY 10






DAY 5 ( CONT…)


DAY 4 ( CONT…)



DAY 2 (P1)

DAY 2 ( P2)

DAY 2 ( P3)

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simply amazing...its terrific

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wow its superb...
like some action packed movie...
bt sydney add???

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very nice please update soon

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Suspense suspense suspense...U r a suspense package yaar.Clap

I felt as if I am watching an action movie.Wow...ASR in actiion.Tongue

Whose address is that? Khushi's? Did Khushi come to Sydney?Confused

Waiting for the next part.Hug

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very nice .liked it...

Edited by - 06 April 2012 at 2:45am
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wowww ...its fantastic ...our arnie boy in action ...ahhhaaa ... 

update sooonn ...and thanx fr the pm 

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wow.. adventure!!! poor guy had to fight so many guards.. finally he got an address.. what abt it?? waiting!!!!

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