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What I liked and the contrary - April 3rd (Page 2)

rainbowgirl IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by norzar


enjoyed reading your take,

my response in red

Originally posted by chitsss

Well, well, well contrary to popular expectations Siddhi gets shot!!! 

so that means tc article was wrong  hmmm, yeah

@ the Chopra's:

How can Raj eat and drink ?he wasn't...seema was trying to make him eat coz of his health...His two kids are missing , his mute wife has suddenly started prophesying calamity i was wondering whn she wud make her entry with her melodramatic anand jaap Ouch.Enough to unhinge any father.Really it must be a terrible state to be in.Ignorance is not a bliss in this situation.And seriously whats wrong with the police?

ram jaane...the police put a tap on thakral's phone ...wth the approval of the higher officer that inspector cud have held rohit n family for initial questioning when they got to knw that sinal were shot... 

They drove all the way there ,for the sake of friendship I appreciate it, but for the sake of common sense and good policing methods could they not have called up the police station nearest to hotel where SINAL were put up and asked them to provide police protectionAngry? ditto...why cudn't the inspector make use of the police control room to trace the nearest police station? or a BOLO (be on the lookout) for the kidnappers? 

For the sake of generating drama the law and order mechanism of a country is being ridiculously degraded  very true.

This is for the writers of the show,does social responsibility translate to not showing sleazy contentAngry? huh!!! didn't get this

Well getting back to what was shown, Raj was quite right when he asked the inspector how come the kidnappers reached there and you did not! Thumbs Up

exactly how come the police couldnt manage to trace sinal while kidnappers doid, wonder wh in films and serials police is shown so laid back. pathetic

so raj does think veena dream was related to kunal?. so your predication reg it being a case of mistaken identity can be true?

but gaurav dismissed it


I was pretty sure when Siddhi woke up first that it was Kunal who got shot , confirmed when I saw him vomit blood, the blood was wiped clean in the nxt shot though

 but it was not to be Siddhi was shot, the wound being cleverly hidden under a dry leaf and surprisingly Kunal knew where exactly to lookConfused. sounds cliched but i believe he was checking her head, face etc to check for injuries n later moved the leaf

I knew Siddhi getting shot leads up to more drama but I thought they might get Kunal shot so that they could include the antique cliched scene where the heroine strips of a piece from her pallu or dupatta and bandages the wound, 'gun shot hain , jungle hain yeh scene toh banta hain boss'.The makers of Parichay instead got Siddhi shot and had Kunal tear up his shirt sleeve.See different aint itLOL!!Male centric you know!! i like it allot LOL it wud have been better if he had torn more of his shirt Wink a chance for kunal's fan to see him shirtless n also it wud have made a better bandage for siddhi Ouch

By the way Kunal got time to change his shirt, wowLOL !  its the same shirt Confused

But yea I have to give it to the actors for their good performances and to the creatives for the apt emotional dramaClap. yeah, i cud feel their pain Cry

Why did Siddhi wake up first, she was the one shot after all.Was it just to hold the suspense longer or was it symbolism of how Siddhi is the driving force in kunal's life? The ignition that gets him up and running.

yes i too feel thats the case, siddhi getting up, waking him up, making sure he is fine and then going behoosh. her last few words were left hanging, she couldnt complete the sentence. poor girl. yes it was to create drama n the above things Wink

 like she wanted to say  if something happens to her, wil he miss her. awww

i feel she wanted to say,if something happened to her not to blame himself for he goes into guilt trips very often...

why did kunal vomit blood then? was it due to head injury(even if it was minor?)

his heart must have been bleeding Wink

When I saw this scene, I could not first get what disturbed me , I knew one of them would be hurt ,I expected drama , then what was it?I guess it was Kunal's absolute breakdownCry,the Kunal chopra we know was sarcastic, stubborn ,stuck up but like Thakral said this Kunal was different.I knew Kunal loved Siddhi but I always doubted whether he loved her more than himself , but I guess the past few episodes has been showing us that Kunal does not want to exist without Siddhi.It is not a question of whether he can ,it is more of if he wants to .And to put it plainly 'NO'.

exactly the past few episodes have highlighted kunal's love for siddhi and how he doesnt want to live without siddhi. i was in tears when he realised siddhi got shot and he hugged her and began to cry hyserticall.. Him screaming and saying mein maar jaygo was heart breaking. fab performances. a well executed scene

it indeed was a heart wrenching scene Cry ...n he emoted the feelings to the T with great poise...kudos to him Clap Cry

He walked all night to reach the highway?And still the police did not reach there? Parichay makers please please do look into the time frame issue with the showAngry!

if we all sit outside their office n shout out to them i doubt they'l notice Disapprove
My heart went out to Kunal when he says 'main bata nahi paaya...' ,Cry it must be a terrible feeling, the person you love more than anything lies gravely injured in your arms , you dont know if you will get a chance to tell them that you love her , it hurts even more when you know she has been waitig to hear it from you!

i know it must be a killing feeling for kunal, he  wanted to tell siddhi he loves her and all what she means to him but now he doesnt even know if he will ever be able to tell her all that. 

i swear... the poor guy wud have sold his soul to the devil for a chance to have told all those things to his wifey dear Cry

So Kunal has challenged God now! Well so we can be prepared for more drama.Because now Kunal will have to go down on his knees and beg to God for Siddhi's life after all challenge god and get his way still , that does not generally happen 

i did think something like that wud happen n he wud tell...'bhagwan, maine zindagi main aap se kuch nahi manga par ab mang raha hoon...meri siddhi ki jaan bachalo plz CryTongue .

Not a good lesson to all those  kids watching right!Poor man, he was just devastatedCry.No offense intended anyone!

this scene was another highlight. kunal is ready to die instead of siddhi. Wish cvs would have shown siddhi like this before, i have always wanted to see this side of kunal and we got to see it finally and that too for siddhi. awesome performance

yus yus!!!...he was awesome to the core Smile

kunal will ofcourse will be shown praying to God now to save siddhi and i feel that will happen once siddhi operation starts, i have a feeling doctors may say siddhi is dead and then we may get another heartbreaking scene from kunal, 

nahiii...its tooo filmy n cliched...but i feel we might get that from CVs nonetheless  Ouch

Shootout Location:

I was so irritated with the police inspector Angry, whats with the mutism?

me too...the inspector was standing so calmly n was explaining what if scenarios n describing the possibilities of Sinal becoming fossil n contributing to the history of paleontology Angry Angry Angry Angry...seriously its a possible murder scene and the forensic team is no where to be seen Shocked

the case hearings made an appearance in the news but sansani kidnapping khabar escaped the notice of the press?

 Raj emoted well here, his pain when he tells the inspector do not worry I wont die you can tell me my son is dead was so disheartening.And the police weren't doing anything much to help either.This was very melodramatic but I will say it went with the current tempo and mood of the show.Imagine their plight, there are just no words to explain that feelingCry.

hated the inspector, useless he is. felt very bad for raj. good seema gaurav were there to console him

wonder where kapil shilpa are?

and vira?

yes vira cud have drove down wth them for moral support

Hospital :

Which doctor talks like thaAngryt? Without even making an initial diagnosis who says there is not much hope? not only that he was walking as if he was leisurely taking a stroll in the park Confused there was not even one excuse of an x-ray in his hand to make him look like a serious doc Ouch 

I felt sorry for Kunal , its a terrible state to be in, no one to console him, he will constantly blame himself for what happened.Call up your family Kunal , they deserve to know and you need them too.

exactly even the doc's in parichay are shown so dis encouraging.. i thought siddhi hasnt been opertaed yet, atleast the could give kunal some hope. 

but they took her straight to the OT ...this useless doc was giving diagnosis whn he hadn't been inside once? 

no mention of pregnancy, so that means mabe veena words mean something else and not pregnancy or they do bring it up after the successful operation?though technically speaking, if she was pregnant by now she would have suffered a miscarriage.

 even i was thinking no mention of pregnancy so maybe she isn't ...yes if she was preggs...they might have mentioned the miscarriage by now or maybe we might hear abt it in 2day's epi

kunal was too numb to call his family, the nurse spoke to him reg getting his injuries treated and he didint react. poor guy

 but i do hope today he does. he needs them and they to deserve to know reg siddhi;s condition

wonder what kapil will say?

ditto Smile

That critical eh, I thought a bullet shot to the right shoulder was not that lethal, well with the added on blood loss and internal injuries I guess it becomes so. 

hehehehe...yes off course it has to be life n death situation, there is no fun in doc saying..'mamuli sa goli lagi hai...ek do din main theek ho jayegi..chinta ki koi baat nahi' Wink 

So what now.I think its safe to presume that Siddhi will not die because then I dont know what they were thinking when they said 'Parichay - nayee zindagi ke sapno ka'! And moreover SINAL is the usp of the show. true there is no show without sinal so miraculous recovery is round the corner ( i mean after a couple of heavy duty drama epis Wink)

siddhi wont die for sure

Another traditional option is 'memory loss' but her memory was perfectly fine when she woke up so I guess we can rule that out. major blooper if the CVs show the bullet shot transferred from shoulder to forehead LOL

But then I have noticed in serials they like to bandage the head , its like if that is not done then it does not seem critical enough  true LOL.

So I dont know if that doctor might go and operate Siddhi's head and induce amnesia or comatose ROFL  any injury obtained anywhere in the body is directly proportional to amnesia or comatose ROFL  ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

.Both would be a terrible option as I am sure none of us want to see it.So let Siddhi come out of the whole thing battered but well and show Kunal talking care of her.Its a male oriented show so now he has to be the nurse also!LOL!

yes hope no memory loss track and kunal is shown taking care of siddhi

dont know what the will do with the case, wasnt the case hearing the same day?

court hearing is forgotten Confused

Why can't Thakral just expel her from the house? So now they are going to pack off Rohit somewhere? And Ritcha got new lenses to accentuate her paagalpan!!!LOL

rohit for sure will talk against witcha in court i think

and i hope the goons are arrested soon, they can say witcha gave money to kill siddhi


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d.padmini IF-Dazzler

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well said everyone..just hope Sidhi is fine and doing well  
chitsss IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by d.padmini

well said everyone..just hope Sidhi is fine and doing well  
Hey padmini dont worry... Siddhi will be up and back to her junglee billi avataar in no time!!! Big smile
sandy118_RiDdHi IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by chitsss

Originally posted by d.padmini

well said everyone..just hope Sidhi is fine and doing well  
Hey padmini dont worry... Siddhi will be up and back to her junglee billi avataar in no time!!! Big smile

 mujhe junglee billi wapas chaiye Cry
simran_singh_24 IF-Rockerz

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Nice posts Chitss & others.

I know this kidnapping & shoot out track is supposed to be emotional but the dialogues cracked me up frequently, unintended I hope.E.g
Rohit  to Richa "You won't get Kunal but you'll get punishment"
Gaurav to Raj " The blood might be of kidnappers'"
Yeah, the Inspector's best speech "They have taken the dead bodies with them"
And every one calling the kidnappers just kidnappers, no goons/gang or Thakral's men no just kidnappers all the ti8me, including Rohit.Hey, he hired them for the assignment won't he know the names?
I don't expect a memory loss/miscarriage trip for Siddhi at this stage, since there is one character already (Veena) sans memory in Chopra's house, having two people w.o memory will be too much.Siddhi, for most part is shown smart & I'm hoping she would've realised earlier if she were pregnant & shown in some ways other than Veena's ramblings.
What I'm wondering now is the fate of Thakrals?The entire family is caught in one or more crimes and we've a gold medalist lawyer after them.Who will be the villains, once the T clan is locked up? Guess, Richa will escape & will surface later.

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chitsss IF-Dazzler

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@ simran : Yes I agree comatose/memory loss for Siddhi will be too much at this stage.Besides save it for later.Ab aur 1-2 years chalani hain!!! I dont think pregnancy track will happen now.I want happy pregnancy.Tongue

And I dont think the entire Thakral clan will go to jail.I feel Rohit might be made the scape goat and Ritcha will continue her paagal pan , but this directed at Kunal.Though I would like to see Rohit blame Ritcha.

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annie_mckinnen Senior Member

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Chithra, nice post as always Clap I'm not going to give responses today because of time, but yesterday when I said I liked your Veena-Kunal-Anand theory, I also didn't imagine what Fari said about Veena calling Kunal anand and stuff. So if it has to go that way then I'd rather that not happen Angry

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hey chitss gr8 post as always ..the polce have been shown as such big dumbos nd idiots...dat dilagoue kidnappers undon ki body apniu saath legaye dumb was dat...nd police was claming that humnein chapa chapa dhoond liya then how come the blood stains got unnoticed by them .. totally ridiculous ..
i really loved to see the emotional side of kunal ...poor guy my hearet really went out to him ...fab acting by Sammy ... very well emoted
and i am sure nothing will happen to siddhi ..kunal ka parichay siddhi ke bina adhoora hai ..nd i really doubt abt a memory loss track too instinct says this wont happen ...though i am highly apprehensive about a coma track ...doctors would as usual say the cliched line ..aapki wife ko dawaon ki nahin duaon ki zaroorat hai nd then we get to see kunal begging to GOD to save siddhi ... about pregancy even i doubt now dat shez pregnant ..maybe todayz epi ll reveal something on these lines ..lets see now..

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