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Sushpective: Amazing Performances!!! (Page 7)

-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jamba111

Amen with a cherry on top, Sush! IT'S BACK. Party Party

THIS is the show that so many of us fell in love with, and we stuck it out through OTT comedy, mindless MU's, conversations with Laxmi the goat, and crazy character assassination attempts. 

I'll admit I was apprehensive at the thought of ASR doing a Ranjha - the lovesick village boy, a complete one-eighty to the suave man-of-the-world that is ASR. BS delivered a restrained, yet believable performance. Ditto SI, the hesitation with which they started out, and then sort of flowed into their characters was beautifully done. They got thrown in at the deep end, and it showed. A polished, perfect enactment would have been out of place here.

Today's five cents...happy Arhiday! Party Party

1. The Gabbar-Thakur clip was mercifully short. Got to hand it to the CV's - you take one of the most iconic moments of Hindi cinema and spoof it - you had better be prepared for the inevitable brickbats that will follow.LOL Same goes for the Salim-Anarkali bit, build-up to the main act.

2. KKGSR starts off to audience heckling. This is usually annoying, but I loved that guy's line - "make up your mind - Ranjha, Majnu or Nani!" No offense to these guys - but if Heer/Laila had had that choice - they'd pick Nani in a about a master manipulator!! Hug

3. Speaking of Nani - she's busy laying a guilt trip on her reluctant grandson - proving yet again that he got all his ASR genes from her. She's got her moves down pat - charm, disarm, attack. Both of them know how to locate their opponent's jugular and zero in for the kill. But she's got a few decades of experience to boot, and before you can say "what-the", ASR is striding out onto the stage to enact a "stupid" love story! LOL

4. "Farak padta hai" cleverly worked into ASR's monologue - he is no longer Ranjha, and the audience doesn't exist anymore. Minor gripe - there were too many cutaway shots of audience reactions, kinda dilutes the intensity of the moment. Dead They did the same thing during that dance last week, though that was compounded by positioning the camera behind all those lanterns and assorted paraphernelia dangling from the ceiling. Angry CV's - did you lose the editor/cameraman you had for Teri Meri?

Honorable mention on audience reaction shots - Jayshree T was the only one who NAILED her expression. Go on Nani - show the young 'uns how its done! Clap Clap

The lights come on to a standing O...but KKGSR could care less - she's focused on what he almost said. Nice touch by the director and a precap of what will follow - she'll continue to hound him for an answer.

5. Precap. W*F? But I'm going to restrain myself here and not do what I accuse the CV's of - namely, have an OTT reaction to a twelve second clip. This might be another head fake like last Friday, or the catalyst to another knock-down, drag-out fight that will have them actually completing a conversation for a change. Confused

Though I gotta say, the one thing I've always liked is that their disagreements were kept private. CV's - be very careful...take the dirty laundry out, and you just have a bunch of people holding their noses at the smell. Let's see how they salvage this tomorrow.

PS: What happened to the PayMam that scheduled for tomorrow? Wouldn't that be anticlimactic - like going to a Little League game after watching the (Yankees/Red Sox/Giants/insert favorite team) mop up the World Series? LOL

BS - for the love of Mike, shave already!

Hi Jamba...Totally with you on the shaving thing ...I think the CVs also got confused between Majnoo look and Rnajha look...LOLLOLLOLLOL 
Some drama relating to PayMam is coming up...for sure...
Yankees all the way...for me girl!!!
Good catch on the cameraman...What is going on with IPKKND? Are they paying the crew like they are financing the sets and Sarun's wardrobes?LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Any way ...Sat Khoon Maaaf today...all the intensity and a true ASR was all worth it...!!
Lets make a pledge to not judge any IPPKND episodes by precaps, WUs or even the promos...Big smile

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sbk2

Originally posted by bollywoodcrazed

@Shwets, those aren't the only ways to getting Arnav to confess. Khushi can just get him fired up like she usually does, push his buttons. I would love for her to use a means to get him to speak but given the fact she is angry right now her focus will be on lashing out rather than getting him to confess.


Believe me, I would love it if Khushi gets him to say it in the heat of the moment...
Then again, I will believe it when I see it.

Anjali's near death accident and later her words of advice to him had given him the much needed nudge to finally go and confess to Khushi...but the MU caused him to slam the doors to his heart firmly.

Only the big revelation of her innocence or something drastic will make him reopen those doors...

I will rejoice if they show him admitting to himself that he loves her despite the MU...and rejoice the most when he once again returns to the path towards full acceptance of his feelings towards Khushi...(it does not have to be I Love You), just enough words to convey to her, she means everything to her..without it ending with another excuse or denial.
That is all Khushi wants, it doesn't have to be an I love you. All Khushi wants to hear is that he cares, that he does have feelings for her. For Khushi that will be enough but until then she is bound to get frustrated when he shuts down what she knows is in his heart.
@Sari, exactly either way you look at it the track is finally progressing. We are finally moving closer to getting past this MU.

The fact Khushi still longs to hear his love for her despite everything he put her through speaks volumes for how much she loves him. Most women like Khushi wouldn't have put up with Arnav this long, they would have called his bluff and ditched him never to return until the MU was out in the open but she stayed.
@Sush, I don't think you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I think the CVs have realized by now that things must progress from here, they can't drag it forever. Arnav and Khushi must move past the MU, show that their love overpowers anything. From there, there is still a lot left to be told so it is not like they will run out of ideas.
@Sari, have to admit I am a sucker for the mushy scenes but hope the CVs don't over do it for Arnav and Khushi once they move past the MU

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purplenpink Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2012 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
Hi Sush and everyone else, really disappointed to be so late in coming here. Back to back work meetings ensured that I was late in coming to my favorite post of the day!

But it's not going to stop me from nooning, swooning and awwwing over the episode. What a piece- mind-blowing stuff really! As I was saying yesterday the Cvs do have a penchant for surprising us and that's exactly what they did. Again on the strength of this epi itself personally forgive them for any viewer atrocities they commit for the rest of this week.

Loved how they handled the heer ranjha track and switching between those historical characters and Arnav-Khushi was a brilliant move. Must say I found Sanaya superlative in that entire sequence and outshining Barun though I am usually way more partial to him. The green room scene following the play was my favorite and Barun was excellent there.

I am hoping that someday soon atleast one of the leads will confess without it being a play or under the influence etc. Hell they haven't even had a conscious anf complete self confession yet!'

As for the pre-cap I may be in the minority but did not find it too bad. Firstly because as I said I forgive the CVs anything for now and secondly because I think Khushi may be doing that to goad Arnav into making his feelings clear.

Ah the power of one great epi- induces you into a positive frame of mind. The dialogues today were to die for- mush unlimited!!

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pinky_blueskies IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 3:28am | IP Logged
*pinky is laaatee.. sorry peoples Unhappy

enjoyed reading everyone's takes..
i guess you'll said it all..

i loved the epi.. the heer ranjha play was touching.. i've seen the one in dill mill gayye but iss pyaar is much more better -- it had everything!!

barun and sanaya -- kudos!

about the precap.. i'm excited to watch it.. 

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docgirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rag1ni

Also, the Raizadas, whatay a family, man. Poora ka poora khandaan ne blackmailing mein PhD haasil kiya hain.

Modern Indian Proverb: The Family that blackmails together, stays together.

LOLLOLLOL . That cracked me up, Rag1ni. 

Originally posted by --Sari--

Especially all the symbolism's, I doubt CV's ever give it so much thought. Most of the time I think they are in a bind to get the episodes completed. That is why we see half-ass job on editing. Yes, its a fun read and we have great writers on the forum. I keep it to a minimum coz I get sucked in & nothing ever gets doneLOL

Sari, could not agree more. I think it's great that analysts on the forum get so much out of it and it's often very nice to read, but I agree that the writers are scrambling to get the scripts done. I'm sure they have an overall plan and they certainly have a number story threads planted which they can reach for as needed. But the key for a daily soap seems to be flexibility to take the story where the ratings dictate. 

I agree that's why we see shoddy production values, editing, dubbing in of lines and so on. They changed the plot to a 6 month contract after the scene had been shot and Barun and Sanaya had dubbed for it and hence the added in lines. I can't imagine they have the time to do even a fraction of all the thinking that the analyses suggest. I do think they have a clear take on the character sketches but as you said elsewhere ASR is bollywoodized and Ranjha-ized whenever the ratings demand and clearly it works! Wink

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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Looks like more interesting things are ahead!!!!

KHushi confessing? I am drooling ... LOL

Edited by -Sush- - 04 April 2012 at 6:29am

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docgirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sush-

Looks like more interesting things are ahead!!!!

KHushi confessing? I am drooling ... LOL

Not so sure of that Sush... that seems like rather drastic action for this rut we're stuck in. Also wouldn't we have a new promo for ratings leverage if that were the case? Then again, I just saw the latest ratings on the forum and seems like IPK has plunged rather drasctically, so perhaps we will climb out of that rut after all... if that were to happen, hallelujah!

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sush-

Looks like more interesting things are ahead!!!!

KHushi confessing? I am drooling ... LOL

TRP's down, hallelujahLOL LOLLOL  don't mean to knock the show but that is the only deciderWink

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