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This thread will contain all important links, archive info, written and video updates, as well as any thing else you might need. This thread will be updated regularly and will serve as a guide to the forum. Please do not post any comments in this thread.

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 A b o u t  T h e  S h o w

Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli is the story of the Thakur family who owns a palatial house in Ujjain called Swarn Bhavan. The head of the family Thakur Uday Pratap Singh (played by veteran actor Alok Nath) believes in living a lavish lifestyle and is proud of his rich heritage. He would under no circumstances compromise on his pride and principles.

His daughter Swarn Abha (played by Suhasi Dhami) has been brought up in a very comfortable environment and is attached to her family, especially her father. She nurtures her father's pride.

Unfortunately, the family faces the unforeseen and is compelled to lead a life of adjustments and struggle. Will Swarn Abha be able to cope up with the changed circumstances keeping her father's pride intact?

*courtesy Zee TV*

 C h a r a c t e r  S k e t c h

*coming soon*


 S t o r y  T i l l  N o w

Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli is the story of palatial mansion set in Ujjain called Swarn Bhavan (meaning: The house of gold) and the families that are involved with it. Swarn Bhavan has been passed down the Thakur family and in this time Thakur Uday Pratap, his wife, Thakurain Chandra Prabha, their eldest son, Swarn Prakash, their eldest daughter Swarn Lata and their youngest daughter Swarn Abha reside in Swarn Bhavan. Swarn Abha is very attached to Swarn Bhawan, her family, and especially her father. Unfortunately, the Thakur family faces unforeseen circumstances and are forced to leave Swarn Bhawan by Jagmohan Prasad(Uday Pratap's father's driver's son). The reason for rivalry between Uday Pratap & Jagmohan is a tragedy which took place when Uday pratab and Jagmohan were children. Many years before, there was a Puja in Swarn Bhawan, Jagmohan's father, who was the driver of Uday Pratab's father was present with his wife & son, Jagmohan. Swarn Bhawan has a beautiful Mandir which contained gold statues of the Gods. Jagmohan wanted to see the gold statues from a near view as he goes closer to temple, Uday Pratab's father feels angry and insulted, he then disgraced Jagmohan and his Family. Now, Jagmohan arrives to take revenge on the Thakurs. The Thakur family goes to live with Chandra Prabha's brother Raghav Pandit, who was once Thakur's Divan. Raghav is a nice and kind man while his wife Sheetal is very greedy and shrewd, she continually insults the Thakur family and tries her best to drive them out of her house. Abha decides to work as Jagmohan's employ in Swarn Bhawan, Abha tells him her name is Tasveer so that Jagmohan cannot recognise her as the daughter of his arch enemy. Jagmohan's youngest son Karan Prasad falls in love with Abha. Abha also begins to fall in love with him, but because of the rivalry between their families, their love story is surely not to be going smooth. Soon because of Vimal (Karan's elder brother), Abha's brother Prakash gets caught and Abha's true identity is revealed.

Karan is forced to marry Swarn Abha to save her life from being ruined by his father, who had planned on marrying Abha to a drunkard. Abha and Jagmohan refuse to accept this marriage and Karan as her husband. Soon, Karan succeeds in making Abha confess her love for him. Karan's childhood friend, Sania Mathur, arrives at Swarn Bhavan and falls in love with him. At the same time, even Abha's childhood friend Sanskar realises his love for Abha. Abha's marriage gets fixed with Sanskar; but on the wedding day, Karan has an accident and Abha rushes to him, revealing to everyone their love and marriage. Now Abha and Karan's marriage take place with all the traditions with reluctance of both their fathers. Though it pains her, Abha leaves Jagmohan and tells him to get lost.Forces she storage.Loveand care soon win over the family's hearts.

Later Abha and Karan go for their honeymoon, but they make a quick stop to Mumbai to meet their friends Sania and Sanskar. Sanskar is still madly in love with Abha and wants her, deciding to kill Karan; he fails many times. Abha soon finds out about Sanskar's obsession over her and is worried. Then because of a misunderstanding caused by Sanskar, Karan divorces Abha and accuses her of doing a deed that Sanskar did. He then finds out that it was Sanskar and pleads to Abha for forgiveness and remarries her. Sanskar has created misunderstandings between Abha and Karan, successfully turning Karan against her. Abha tries to gain back everyone's trust with the help of her sister Lata and her mother.

Karan's arrogant and rude sister Kanika tries to run away with her so-called boyfriend Nikal and Which later Jagmohan finds out and he is very angry and Kanika is thoroughly humiliated from her family. Shaili, Vimal's wife and Karan's sister-in-law, is an evil, plotting woman that convinces Kanika to hate Abha for this traumatic episode. She ends up marrying Abha's more soft-spoken brother Prakash, and tensions between them raise high.

Sanskar's plot finally fails as he's caught and Abha forgives Karan. Sanskar becomes good, but a new problem arises. It begins with clues from Karan's past It is revealed when Karan was young, his maternal uncle was forcing his mother Prathiba to get her husband Jaghmohan to fight a false case. After her refusal, he attempted to kill Karan but killed his own son, Bunty, by accident. So he comes back and tries to get revenge with Pratibha's other sister Yashodhra. He is caught and punished but Yashodhra slips away. She attempts to kill Karan. Abha meets his twin Sidharth, an actor and screenwriter whose actual name is Ranchod (something only he and his girlfriend knew originally). It is revealed that many years ago, Jagmohan won a case "777", which he later learned he was fighting for the wrong person. Because of his case, the innocent person whom he proved wrong lost his son. After a couple weeks when Pratibha gave birth to Karan, she also gave birth to his twin Ranchod, but no one except Jagmohan and a nanny knew that. He handed Ranchod to the innocent Mr. Tiwari and named him. So later on Karan gets into a severe car accident and is missing, leaving Abha miserable and grief-stricken. Ranchod agrees to help Abha for 11 days, masquerading as Karan so the family is not worried. After the 11 days are completed, Abha and Ranchod return to Mumbai. There, Abha goes to search for Karan one last time and Ranchod goes on his way. While Abha is searching for Karan, Ranchod gets into a vicious fight with the drunkard Dushyant, who is Yashodhra's only son. Then Ranchod meets Karan in the hospital, seeing his bad shape, and thought Karan was about to die promises him that he will protect Abha and rest of family from Yashodhra.

The Prasad family expects Karan and Abha to bring Ranchod home, with the family planning a grand birthday party for both sons. Abha is about to tell the family the sad news about Karan, when Ranchod, seemingly agreeing to continue posing as Karan, enters. Abha finds out that she is pregnant with Karan's baby. Later Yashodhra and Dushyant's evil plan is exposed to the family, though they still escape. During a religious Holi celebration, Ranchod explains why he did not tell the family the truth and that he is only fulfilling Karan's last wish.

Later it is found out that Karan is alive and is saved by Dr. Arudati, who decides to take him home and treat him. Otherwise he will be sent to a Government hospital and will most likely die. As Karan cannot speak and his body is motionless, she names him Neel. Shaili sees a picture of Karan in the newspaper and decides to keep him away from Abha and Ranchod. Abha and Ranchod marry reluctantly after they realize Karan is most likely dead and with pressure from both of their families. After that, Karan is kidnapped by Dushyant, who is actually trying to kidnap Ranchod. However, they find out it os the wrong man and throw him out of the car. He is found by Dr. Arundhati, a young aspiring nurse, who then treats him. Abha is still sad over Karan's disappearance, and because of an elaborate, dirty trap laid by Shaili and Dushyant, trips over a string down the stairs and loses her baby, despite Ranchod's vain attempts to catch her and also falls down the stairs.

Two Years Leap

It is soon Abha and Ranchod's 2nd year anniversary and Karan is able to talk and move by now. He goes back to Ujjain and gives Abha traces of his presence, not knowing how to make himself known. He begins by sending her an sms text about their first meeting. He then talks to Abha at a religious play festival, pretending to be Ranchod. Karan then ends the suspense, coming in a helicopter and greeting Abha with rose petals. The following day, when Karan arrives with Abha, everybody is happy except for Ranchod, who is also a bit depressed, which Abha understands as him not being fully happy with Karan coming back. Shaili, angry at Karan's return, warns Abha that if Karan says anything against her, she will leave the house along with her daughter Asmi, which Abha knows will break the now-noble Vimal's heart. In the meantime, Abha's greedy aunt Sheetal wants to tell Karan about Abha and Ranchod's marriage, but Karan misunderstands her point, making her stop and saying that Ranchod has kept very good care of Abha. Ranchod becomes very hurt when Karan touches Abha, as he has now fallen deeply in love with her and fantasizes about her. His jealousy increases as Karan and Abha perform the puja. Dr. Arundhati is surprised when Jagmohan introduces Shaili as Karan's sister-in-law. Arundhati recalls Shaili had introduced herself as Maithili, Karan's cousin. However, on seeing Karan and the family happy, Arundhati decides to tell Karan about Shaili later. Chandra Prabha, Abha's mother, is alarmed when Sheetal states that Karan might suspect Abha's love after learning about her marriage to Ranchod. To make for the time he had lost, Karan promises to grant Abha's every wish. When Karan keeps insisting, Abha asks him to join the family for dinner. Karan is surprised when he finds Ranchod's shirt in his and Abha's closet, forcing Abha to lie that she forgot to hand over the shirt to Ranchod, which he had given to her to stitch a button. Karan tells Abha that they must find a suitable girl for Ranchod who would take care of his needs, not wanting his brother to remain a bachelor. As Abha gathers Ranchod's clothes and other items from her room, she feels miserable thinking about him, his life, his dreams, and his sacrifices. Pratibha witnesses Ranchod's pain, but is at a loss on what to do. While walking towards his room, Ranchod accidentally drops his and Abha's marriage photograph near the corridor.

Vimal tries to console a heart-broken Ranchod. While Ranchod expresses his misfortune, Arundhati too laments about unrequited love for Karan. However, Ranchod consoles himself and decides to seek happiness in Abha's happiness. Abha informs Karan that she had suffered an accident during her pregnancy and lost their child. Karan pacifies and assures her that the worst is over. Abha fears Karan might learn about her and Ranchod's marriage.

Abha manages to hide her photograph with Ranchod before Karan can discover it. She nearly tears the photo but stops on spotting Ranchod. Shaili decides to reveal Ranchod and Abha's marriage to Karan with the help of the talent hunt contest video, where Ranchod had confessed his love for Abha. Karan finds the CD and decides to watch it. Pratibha and Jagmohan are stunned when Ranchod announces his decision to leave Swarna Bhavan. Pratibha and Abha attempt to dissuade him, but his mind is made up. The lights go out in Swarn Bhavan. In the darkness, Abha mistakes Karan to be Ranchod and tries to convince him from leaving. On realizing that it is Karan, Abha lies that she was asking him not to go out and get ice-cream for her.

Karan watches the talent hunt video. Ranchod lies to Karan that he had requested Abha to pose as his life-partner as he was asked to confess his love in the contest. The family is stunned when Karan is furious at Ranchod for using Abha for his performance, though are relieved when he laughs and tells Ranchod to show more emotion. On Abha's birthday, she has visions of Ranchod being tortured. Eventually, Ranchod finds out that it was Dushayant who caused Abha's miscarriage and goes to take revenge. In his rage, Ranchod severely injures Dushyant with liquor bottles and chairs. The next morning, Dushayant dies and Ranchod is framed for murdering him and is arrested. Abha knows that Ranchod is innocent and has to fight his case as, because Karan was presumed dead, he cannot fight it. On the day of the hearing, Shaili tells Karan everything about Abha's marriage with Ranchod. Karan is extremely upset and leaves in anger, thinking Abha is in love and has moved on with Ranchod. When he does return, he tells Abha that he will help her fight the case but afterwards (when the case is over), it will also be a decision of their relationship, which is hinted by him as almost over. Shaili also bribes the lawyer fighting against Abha to emotionally torture her about Karan, as Karan is Abha's biggest strength and weakness. Abha has two days to find evidence for Ranchod. While she and Karan find it, they temporarily keep unwillingly showing how much they love each other but attempt hide it. They attend a satanic burning ritual for Dushyant, where they see a cloaked woman with a bracelet. When they go to Dushayant's funeral, they notice Shaili and Karan recognises the person lighting the pyre as the same one with the bracelet. Together he and Abha trap Shaili and reveal her truth before everyone on the final day of Ranchod's hearing. Vimal is very angry and throws her out. Karan then tells Abha that they will reveal Ranchod is innocent and some other decisions too (referring to when he said their relationship will be decided on that day) and that the case is starting soon. Abha, with the help from Karan, finds evidence to help prove that Ranchod is innocent. In the end, the killer turns out to be Dushayant's wife, who was unhappy with their relationship. Through this, Abha becomes a very good lawyer. Ranchod is able to bring Abha and Karan back together wittingly and he leaves to go to Mumbai with the doctor to perfect his acting and movie career. The Prasad family start looking for someone to marry their middle son Veer, who is overweight and unattractive, often donning tropical shirts. He doesn't have a good job. A family comes with their daughter, her friend, and her friend's nanny. The girl rudely rejects him but her friend gets chosen as his wife. Abha's father finds a book that his ancient ancestors wrote that tells about the chilling history of Swarna Bhaban and the destruction of the daughters in the household. Abha and her mother- in-law are shopping for some jewelry. Shaili, who is struggling with money, is working there and she spots the duo so she hides. Abha then sees the owner firing her and she pleads for him not to.
Abha tries to make Shaili come back into the family by showing the Prasad family that she cannot live without her daughter Asmi. Little by little, they accept Shaili back. Shaili is now a good daughter-in-law and has changed her ways. Veer gets married to a girl named Priyanka, whose sweet looks suggest something very different from what is inside of her. Her nanny is really Yashodhra in disguise, who wants Swarn Bhawan and revenge for her murdered son. The book that Abha's father found contains a story which mentions Vasundara. Vasundara is trying to harm the daughters of the house. Long ago, Vasaundara was in love with Abha's grandfather. Someone from Thakur family locked her up in the basement and made her suffer because they believed she was poor and unable to marry him, because he was too rich and proper. Vasaundara was pregnant and someone killed her and the baby died. After her violent death, she becomes a haunting dark spirit that attempts to possess Abha into opening the door of her family's doom. Meanwhile, Vasundara is also taking Yashodhara's form to scare the family. Abha is in labor and Vasundara is waiting to take the baby into the spirit world with her. Everybody in the family is looking for the amulet and enchanted necklace, given to them by a concerned fortune teller, that Yashodhara stole and is later gifted to Abha. Abha is still in labor and there is a few minutes before 5:00, when Abha is supposed to give birth. Priyanka has the necklace and after some time,she reveals to everyone that Yashodhara stole it and sold it to the same jeweler who then sold it to Abha's mother-in-law. Karan then goes to the river to dump the necklace, which is considered a good omen, but on his way there he gets into an accident, still managing to throw the necklace into the river with a few seconds to spare. Abha gives birth to a little girl after a taunting labor, and cries in sadness when the ghost takes her baby cruelly. Abha stops Vasundara and tells her that if she needs a daughter, she should take her instead. Karan comes back and Abha asks him to kill her. The family quietens, as, in both of their anger and fear, Karan gets ready to kill her. Vasaundara stops him and agrees to give her baby back, stating that Abha's affection has won then she turns back into Yashodara and everybody realizes that she had possessed her. She has the dagger that Abha had and threatens to kill the baby unless they give her Swarn Bhawan. The talk leads everyone outside and Vasundara comes back and hands the baby to Karan. She then causes Yashodhra to get hit by a truck in her disdain, finally killing her. Abha is reunited with her daughter.

Pratibha and Shaili are praying and begin talking about how Abha and her daughter went for a pilgrimage. Karan comes in and tells everybody to gather around. He tells Priyanka to leave the house, stating that she was the reason that Yashodhara came back. She insists that she only did it to give Yashodhara back her place in the house. She tries creating misunderstandings between Veer and his family, saying that they are taking advantage of him and do not care for him. Karan tells Veer that she didn't marry him because she loved him and tells her to leave again. As she is walking out of the house, she faints. The doctor reveals that she is pregnant. Karan decides to let her stay and everybody seems to forgive her. She states that she will break the unity in the house. Karan and Vimal come home and state that Vimal's dream project has been approved. Everyone is so happy, other than Priyanka. Priyanka wants to create a rift between the brothers.She plans to set the factory (the brother's millionaire project) on fire. Karan is in the office at the time but, due to several annoying advertisement calls, turns off his phone, so his co-workers, who are terrified of the fire, are unable to call him. Everyone in Prasad and Thakur family find out about the fire and do not tell anyone (i.e. media, press, market etc.). Karan is really depressed, thinking that he is the cause for all this. Priyanka and Veer start saying that Karan is at fault, but others say it was a mistake. Priyanka had already told the press and the news. Jagmohan realizes that somebody sold them out, and highly suspects Priyanka. The Prasad family owes $30,000 to the bank because they took a loan for the factory. When the insurance people come, they state they can't give the money because the insurance papers say that if the factory is damaged because of someone's carelessness or it is planned, they can't give the insurance.

A new character is added, named Raj Singhania, a childhood friend of Karan's. He buys Swarna Bhawan claiming that he is saving it from becoming a hotel.Therefore, everyone is happy that they do not have to leave Swarna Bhawan. Karan goes to Mumbai to complete some work for Mr. Singhania. He does not want to take Abha and his daughter Pavani along. Abha is suspicious at Karan's secrecy and follows him to Mumbai where she spies on him. They then meet each other briefly. She supports him stating that whatever he does will be for everyone's good. Abha heads back to her hotel when a young girl meets with an accident. The girl's hand is bleeding and Abha helps her. She is going to decorate a bride and Abha offers to help her, stating it would be a blessing to do so. Little does Abha know, the bride is to be Karan's wife. The deal with Raj Singhania is for Karan to marry Raj's sister, Koyal. Koyal loved Karan in their college days in America. It was Koyal's last wish to marry Karan even if it is for one day. Karan takes rounds with Koyal but does not apply vermillion or the mangal sutra. He claims that applying vermillion and mangal sutra is only for Abha. This makes Koyal upset and she faints. She is rushed to the hospital where she is in good health and is not going to die. Abha goes to the hospital for another matter; Koyal introduces herself to Abha as Koyal Karan Prasad. Abha is so upset that she leaves and runs away with Karan running behind her. In the action of trying to get Abha's attention, he is hit by a taxi which caused a little bleeding. Abha promises to work together with Karan to save their relationship and Swarna Bhawan. Koyal keeps telling Karan that she and Karan have a daughter but Karan is not believing her, having never been intimate with her. Karan agrees to take a paternity test. Meanwhile Priyanka is looking for an opportunity to shake hands with Koyal so they can get Abha out of the house. Shaili overhears Koyal and Priyanka talking about something and that creates doubts in her mind and she follows Koyal to the hospital, where Karan and Koyal are getting the girl's DNA test. She calls Abha and tells her that Karan is in the hospital (she doesn't know anything about the DNA) and tells Abha to be careful. Soon they find out that Koyal bribes the doctor to make the test positive but she gets caught. Karan and Abha take pictures of Koyal bribing the doctor. When Abha tells Raj that his sister is lying and that girl is not Karan's daughter, she gives him proof. When Abha goes to get the pictures she learns that someone has changed the pictures and it turns out to be Priyanka. Priyanka tells Koyal that she changed them and put them in the office. Koyal gets angry and says that anyone could get those in their hands. Abha is looking for her father-in-law's health report and finds the picture but is distracted by Priyanka before she can see them. Jagmohan awakens and is admitted to a hospital and Raj is the only one that knows a doctor that can cure him. Karan lays a challenge in front of Koyal that if Koyal can win everyone's heart and be Abha, he will happily accept her as his wife. Koyal asks Priyanka to tell Abha's daily routine to her and she says that wakes up at 6 am to make tea and breakfast. When koyal gets up really tired to get milk, she ends up spilling it and makes black tea instead. Abha then comes with milk powder tea, thus winning the first score. They later perform pooja, but Koyal had no idea of the aarti (words), so Priyanka gives her the aarti book, but she is still not able to learn. Do Priyanka writes the aarti on Koyal's hand but when baby Pavani pees on her, she accidentally erases it and during the pooja, Koyal had a hard time with the aarti. Abha steps in and does the aarti, further humiliating Koyal. Later Priyanka gives Koyal a plan of kidnapping Pavani so that family will distrust Abha. Koyal and Priyanka hide Pavani in Swarn Bhawan. Karan and his whole family are playing along with what Koyal wants, and they finally unmask her and they make her confess. Koyal and Raj leave, with Raj apologizing for her behavior but also showing that he still distrusts the fact that Karan isn't the father of Tanvi (Koyal's Daughter).

Koyal and Raj leave Swarn Bhawan. Lata is now being bothered because she is a divorcee after her previous torturous marriage, and Vimal is being strange and flirtatious towards her. Meanwhile at Swarn Bhawan everyone is ready for the naming ceremony for Pavani. Lata is waiting at a jewelry shop for a gift for Pavani and is met up with her boss Dev, a handsome man in velvet suits whom Lata has a slight crush on. She helps her boss pick a set for his mother's birthday. Later she is found out to be raped treacherously and Vimal is the main suspect because everyone knew he was with her. Lata is found on the street in a bad state and brought by Raj to the hospital. Vimal is now arrested, but is shown that he is not really the person who had raped her. When Lata wakes up in the emergency room, she points towards Vimal when the police ask the rapist's identity. Vimal gets arrested again; Karan fights for him as a lawyer. Abha's mom promises that whomever has done this to her daughter will be punished.

Raj begins to look suspicious, calling thugs and unknown people. Abha is forced to choose between Lata and Vimal, her family or her in-laws. Shaili begs Abha for Lata to withdraw her case, which she does, releasing Vimal from jail. Lata's boss says that he will marry her. They meet the boss's mother who says she knows everything about Lata's past and is willing to let her son marry to Lata. Lata starts to like Dev and as the engagement goes by, Chandha Prabha gets suspicous. At the beginning, she goes to Dev's office to see her when a Punjabi boy comes and calls him by a different name. As the story continues we find out the guy who called the goons drank poison before the police were able to talk to him. Then Abha and Shaili go to the mail office where a call comes a few days before about the courier with Koyal's pregnancy report. It turns out the father of Tanvi is someone named AK. Dev makes a call, citing his name as AK, revealing that he and Koyal had an affair. As both Abha and chandha prabha try to find out what is happening, they stumble upon some clues. Chandhra prabha goes into their house and finds a wedding picture of "Dev" and Koyal. It turns out that Tanvi is "Dev's" daughter. She is found by Dev, who calls Koyal. Koyal is in a car, and she kills Chanda Prabha mercilessly, while her daughter stares horrified. Now everyone is at her funeral and Abha promises to her mom's soul that appears in her mind that she will find her killers and Lata's culprits.

The police come and say that Chandra Prabha's death was not an accident; she was killed on purpose and there will be an investigation. Shaili's friend has emailed her the right culprit of Tanvi's dad and the rapist, which are the same person. Tanvi tells Raj that Dev/AK is Koyal's real husband and Dev is now getting married to Lata so he can ruin her life and Dev is the one who had the fake rape done to frame Vimal. Karan and Abha search the email and discover it was Dev. Raj finds out too and they end up of stopping the wedding. Koyal and Ak/Dev are arrested and Raj Singhnia ends up marrying Lata. Then everyone gets to know the truth and also are happy that the misunderstandings between the families are cleared and are happy beause Kanika is pregnant. However, Kanika aborts the child and puts the blame on Thakurji as he gets to know that she has aborted the child. she does the abortion as she was not getting offers for her modelling career because of her increase in weight. She sees her husband entering the house and pretends as though Thakurji had hit/slapped her and then she fell down and lost her baby. Then Prakash scolds his father and puts him out of the house, as Kanika is the owner of Raghav mama's house. Thakur leaves the house and goes to his friends house to stay there for a few days but they humiliate him and hence he leaves that house, too, and goes to a temple to live there, that is when he sees robbers trying to steal the god's money and he saves it by calling the nearby people to help him. In revenge, the robbers attack him when he is alone but Abha finds him and informs Karan. Both save Thakurji from the goons and take him to Swarn Bhavan.Then they do the final rituals of their mother Chandra Prabha and for that the Priest says all the family members is to be included so Abha tries to contact Kanika but in vain, so Prathiba goes her after her and learns that she went to shoot with Maami. Then everyone questions where she was and then she is caught as everyone gets to know she was shooting for an ad. Some cute moments of Raj and Lata in between and Karan and Abha's vaishno devi trip.

After they returned from the trip, Priyanka gives birth to a baby boy. Kanika buys a new car by selling Chandra Prabha's jewelley which was given to her and while driving hits someone in the market place where even Thakurji was and Thakur asks him either to pay his hospital bills or to come to the police station. Then they pay the bills and come home when Prakash breaks down in front of God as he couldn't see his father being harsh to him and prays to God to make everything normal again as soon as possible. Finally Kanika's truth is out. This is when he sees Kanika's abortion papers (report) and he gets to know the truth and questions her, but as usual, she lies. He beats her up and then goes to her home and leaves her there. Prakash is arrested for beating Kanika, as she has complained to the police. Prakash is eventually let out of jail but now wants a divorce with Kanika, causing Pratibha to think Abha is behind everything and wants to ruin Kanika's life. Abha goes to get her father, who is out of town, to help fix all problems between the two families.

On the way there, a woman kidnaps Pavani and Abha does everything she can to find her. She eventually finds her and gets on the bus to return home with her father and daughter. Before the bus leaves, some goons get on an take Abha and Pavani. Uday Pratap, with the police, eventually finds Abha lying on the ground in the woods with Pavani sitting next to her crying. They reach home safe, but Abha behaves very different. Eventually we learn that the Abha that came home is an imposter. She is really a dancer names Albeli hired by Priyanka to ruin Abha's reputation in the house and make everyone hate her. It is revealed that she is doing this only so she can earn enough money to get her brother Bitoo operated. He is unable to walk because he fell down stairs. Abha, on the other hand, was brutally beaten and locked in a small room with nothing but hay and a small window. She escapes, severely injuring herself, and reaches Swarn Bhawan but is caught by Priyanka and the goons. They tie her up and keep her in front of their eyes this time but she escapes again when they all fall asleep. She is found unconscious on the ground by a parade. They take her to the hospital and have her operated. She gains consciousness but now has the mind of a child. Bitto finds her thinking that she is Albeli. Abha, not knowing what is going on, goes with him.

Kanika is planning to sell Swarna Bhavan as she threatened Raj to transfer it into her name. Albeli finds out and tells Priyanka. Priyanka makes a deal with Kanika to split the money equally for hiding the truth. The same evening the deal was supposed to be made Pratibha decides to have a naming ceremony for Priyanka's son. As Abha (Albeli) went to collect the money for Karan, she gets to know the truth. She tells the family to come with her, but they refuse. She picks up Priyanka's son and runs all the way to Swarna Bhavan. On reaching there she slaps Kanika and the truth is out. Now they are back in Swarna Bhavan. On Karan and Abha's wedding anniversary day, Veer accidentally puts on the wrong music which makes Albeli dances a village style dance. But she covers up with some excuses. When a romantic music plays on, Karan holds Abha (Albeli) and dances romanticly with her( touches her back, holds her hand, hugs her, kisses her in a romantic mood and they both f**k each other and she is then pregnant). Karan surprised Abha (Albeli) with a picture of him and Albeli which he drew on his own. Albeli's greedy uncle & fiancee Jhumroo wants their money, therefore, they make a plan. Abha who is living with Raj Singhania's mother (who has been thrown out by Raj's father years ago) get kidnapped by Jhumroo. Jhumroo & mama knows that she is not Albeli. Jhumroo & Mama makes Albeli unconscious with the help of chlorofarm. Then Jhumroo calls Albeli to a place where Mama & Jhumroo are with Abha laying unconscious with bleeding forehead. Mama & Jhumroo tells Albeli that Abha met a fatal truck accident & died. Albeli also presumes Abha to be dead. Now Albeli decides to become a real Abha and take Abha's place in the family. She starts loving Karan & his family. Abha is not actually dead. In fact, it was a trick played by Jhumroo & Mama who wanted to earn more money from making Abha sing bhajans in temples. They disguises in the form of sadhu & makes their Satsang place. Abha sings Bhajans and Jhumroo & Mama earn money by that. Abha manages to escape from their clutches during a satsang and reaches Swarn Bhawan. She is seen by Priyanka who hides her in the store room. Now, Albeli exposes Priyanka's evil intentions in front of the family. Priyanka also tries to expose Albeli's truth saying that she is not Abha but her duplicate but the family members does not believe her and Priyanka is thrown out of Swarn Bhawan.

Next day, there is a Puja of Abha's late mother's 'Barsi'. Meanwhile, Albeli is getting ready, Abha comes out and sits in the Puja with Karan. Albeli is totally shocked. On that night, Albeli asks Jhumroo to send some goons to Swarn Bhawan. The goons enter Swarn Bhawan. They takes Abha and throws her from the stairs. Everyone wakes up. But the goons escape. Abha hits her head badly after falling That moment, Albeli comes and presumes to be amazed after seeing her look-alike. She tries to convince that she is real Abha and all the family members believe her except Karan, who had already been doubting on Albeli. On next day, Abha regains consciousness. Because of hitting her head she also regains her memory. She comes out in the hall. She is dumbstruck. Karan was going to apply sindoor on Albeli's forehead. Abha screams "Karan". Everyone is surprised. Abha tries to convince the family & Karan that she is the real Abha but noone believes her. Now, she says to Karan that it didn't't took a second for her to recognize Ranchod & Karan but you ? Abha move out of Swarn Bhawan. She goes to a temple for seeking God's blessing. She goes to the nearby inn for shelter. There was a Durga Puja taking place at the inn. The inn was owned by a Bengali woman named Nilanjana. Abha & Nilanjana becomes good friends and Abha begin to live in the inn. One day, both Abha & Karan get a SMS on their phones which told them to reach a place. It was Priyanka who send that SMS. Priyanka had realised her mistakes. Now Priyanka, Nilanjana & Aruna tries to reunite Karan & Abha. Aruna tells Karan all about what had happened in the last few months. Abha & Karan meets at a 'Dargah' and reunite. Karan brings Abha home but everybody believes that Abha is fake Abha and Albeli is real Abha. Then Karan decides to leave the house with Abha. But Abha stops him. She promises him that she would return Swarn Bhawan soon and teach Albeli a lesson. Abha leaves. Thakur Uday Pratap asks the Prasads to do a Puja which Abha's mother Chandra Prabha used to do every year. Next morning, the family arrives at a temple for Puja. Abha also arrives with Priyanka & Aruna. When Karan is asked to sit with Albeli whom the family members think Abha to do the Puja, he disagrees saying that he cannot sit with his Abha's look-alike to do the Puja which makes Abha happy who was overhearing the conversation from backyard. Albeli goes carrying Paavani outside. Paavani gets kidnapped by Jhumroo & Mama. They run away. Abha & Albeli and other family members also rushes towards them. At a lonely place Jhumroo and other goons stops. Jhumroo, who is carrying Paavani points his gun towards Paavani so as to stop Abha & Albeli but they do not stops. Jhumroo fires bullet from his gun which hit Albeli in her hand. Then the men of the family fights with the goons. Police is called and the goons are arrested. But Abha asks not to arrest Albeli. Albeli finally realises that she can never take Abha's place in the family and Karan's heart. She asks Abha for forgiveness. Abha forgives her. Albeli leaves. Now Abha asks the family to forgive Priyanka as she had realized her mistakes. The family agrees. The family is reunited.

Then the family pandit came and warned the family about the future tragedy. Abha & Karan pays a visit to Nilanjana. The family plans to go for a picnic. Nilanjana & her husband Dr. Viren Roy along with their children also goes to the picnic. Both the families books same hotel. The couples have romantic moments. Abha sees a bad and strange dream every time. On their return, a car accident takes place in which all the men in the family died except Karan. Dr. Viren's wife Nilanjana also died as their car also crashed in the same accident. As the women had returned home earlier, they were preparing for men's welcome. Abha was along with the men but she survived in the accident. Abha comes with the dead bodies of men of the family. All the women are shocked. Thakur Uday Pratap unable to control this trauma goes into coma. Karan is in hospital in critical condition. The doctors tells that only Dr. Viren can do the operation of Karan. Dr. Viren, who was extremely raged towards Karan as he was thinking Karan rasponsible for his wife's death whom he deeply loved. When Abha asks Viren to operate Karan, he immediately disagrees. But then he agrees on one condition that he would operate Karan only if she marries him. Abha has to agree for this marriage to save Karan's life. Then Abha & Viren get married with the Bengali customs. Viren took his promise and operates Karan. Karan is saved but he loses his memory. Viren's parents-in-law were angry with Viren for this marriage. Viren tells them none can take Nilanjana's place in his heart. Abha brings changes in Dr. Viren, because of Abha's prayers Viren's blind daughter Mishti's operation becomes successful further more, Mishti is able to see. Viren thanks Abha and asks her to forgive him. He also frees Abha from the false marriage and remarriage of Karan & Abha takes place. Meanwhile, Lata manages to convince Raj to allow Aruna live in their house. Raj hates his mother Aruna because he believed that Aruna cheated his father and also snatches Raj's childhood. Lata has been already told by Aruna that it was Daai Maa who created misunderstandings between Aruna and Raj's father. Raj has deep faith in Daai Maa and he treates her like his mother. Daai Maa gets raged when Lata brings Aruna back home. She swears to take revenge from Lata. She wants to drive both Lata & Aruna out of the house. Lata promises Aruna that she will give back Aruna her place in the house and Raj's heart.

Sushant, who is send by Priyanka's parents enters Swarn Bhawan as a family charted accountant of Priyanka's family. He is actually Viren's brother-in-law who left his parents alone only for money. Sushant is an evil person. He tries to impress Priyanka and turn her against her family. He becomes successful as already Sheetal (Abha's mami) had turned Priyanka against Abha. Abha, Karan & Viren go to Mumbai for the treatment of Karan. Karan's operation also becomes successful and he regains his memory. Karan comes to know about Abha & Viren's marriage. Viren is feeling a great regret for what he had done. Karan says that he does not need forgiveness because Viren lost his wife due to Karan's mistake. Viren now puts his trust in the Gods. They return Ujjain.

Meanwhile, Shaili's mother Karuna enters Swarn Bhawan after hearing the sad news of death of the men of the family. Karan is unaware about the death of the men of his family (as Abha do not tell him about this because Viren informs her that Karan is not fully well and she should tell him later). On Abha's request the widowed women of family agrees to wear coloured dresses and presuming before Karan that they are not widows. Karan reaches Swarn Bhawan. He is warmly welcomed by his family. All tries to hide the truth from Karan. But then Shaili who had been believing that her husband Vimal is alive comes downstairs in a white widow dress. All are shocked. Finally, Karan comes to know about the truth. Actually, it was the evil plan of Sushant & Priyanka who managed to get Karuna make her daughter accept the truth of her husband's death. Niw Priyanka blames Karan for the death of the men of the family as he was driving that car which crashed. Karan is full of remorse and cries loudly. The other women of the family consoles Karan and tells him he was not responsible for this but this was the game of fate.

Now, Karan takes pledge that he will not allow the tears to come in the eyes of any member of the family and he will equally treat Paavani, Asmi (Shaili's daughter) and Nishant (Priyanka's son). Another good thing happens. Thakur Uday Pratap comes out of coma and regains consciousness. Abha, Karan & their family requests Thakur Sahab to live with them in Swarn Bhawan. Though reluctant, Thakur Sahab agrees. Now Abha and Karan decides to get the widowed ladies of the house Shaili, Priyanka and Kanika remarried. Prathibha also supports them. Abha & Karan goes to meet with a Pandit and ask him to search a good bride for them. Thakur Sahab has some savings which he gives to Karan advising him to do a business. The family decides to start a Achar-Papad business. They get their first order. All the ladies even Shaili's mom works hard to complete the first order. The person who has given them order has already paid them advance money.

The evil Sushant again plays a trick. He sends some women to Swarn Bhawan who complains that there are glass pieces in their achar. But then Shaili gives her daughter Asmi the same achaar to eat and says that they hadn't mixed glass in their achaar. Awomen gets impressed from Shaili tells the family that her son's wife has died and now they are searching a second wife who can take care of her son and grandson. The family gets happy. Now, Karan, Abha & Prathibha tries to convince Shaili for second marriage. Shaili has to agree for the sake of her daughter. Daai maa keeps a puja for welfare of Raj's child (she is presuming to be good). Abha is also there that time. While Daai maa is talking to a pandit regarding puja, Abha and Lata finds Daai maa's passbook in her room which was hidden in a flower vase. In the passbook, it is mentioned that Daai maa has a family account with someone. Lata reminds that Daai maa said thai she had none other than Raj in this world. The pandit tells singhanias that the unborn child's grandmother will have to go to Kshipra river and bring its water. Then the child's mother will have to take bath with that water. Abha says that Aruna is the child's grandmother and she will do that. Daai maa get jealous. Daai maa also comes to know that Lata has known her secret. Thus she plans to kill Lata by burning her.

Next day in the temple, Aruna comes with Kshipra river's water with her in a matka and get busy in other preparations. Daai maa empties the matka containing water and fills it with casoline. Lata takes bath with that water not knowing that it is oil. After bath, she sits near the fireplace. Because her clothes and body are wet with casoline, her clothes catches fire. The very moment, Abha reaches temple and rushes towards Lata. Lata screams with pain. Aruna throws water on Lata. The fire stops. Lata faints. Lata get her hands burnt but rest of the body is saved. She is taken home. Doctor is also called. After checkup, doctor says that Lata is out of danger. She also adds that Lata's body was wet with casolone. Then she calls police. She states that Lata's fire-brekout was not an accident but was an attempt-to-murder. A female police inspector arrives with her force. Daai maa blames Aruna that she tried to kill Lata as she has done all the preparations for Puja. The inspector also believes Aruna to be the culprit. She orders police women to arrest Aruna but Abha stops them saying that she is not the culprit. Abha and the inspector have an argument. The inspector ends up arresting Aruna and taking her to the police station. The man whose mother wished to make Shaili her daughter-in-law rejects Shaili as she is having her daughter. Kanika gets pregnant. She wishes to go to see a Palki of God. Karan goes with her in car. Sushant send some goons to kill Karan.

Ranchod return from Mumbai with his son. The goons take him as Karan and begin chasing him. They also had weapons. Ranchod run though the way, he reaches the palki place where he sees Karan and Kanika. He tries to call them but thy do not hear because of the noise. Ranchod hide his son in a car not knowing that it is Karan's car. Ranchhod get caught by the goons who tie him in a godown. Sushant is shocked to see Karan back safe. Lata regains consciousness. She is shocked after hearing about the arrest of Aruna. Raj files a case against Aruna. Lata at once understand that it is Daai Maa who tried to burn her and also instigated Raj against Aruna. She also files a case against Daai Maa and asks Abha to fight this case. Raj is upset with Lata because of this. Karan finds Ranchod's son in his car and bring him to Swarn Bhawan. Everyone in the family are shocked when the child says Karan his Papa. But they think that the child is scared and due to that' he is saying that. Next day, it is the day of court and Abha get ready to fight the case. Karan goes to hospital with the child when he says that his mother is in that hospital. Karan finds a woman in a ward which the child calls his mother. Karan comes to know that the woman is in coma since two years. Ranchod manages to escape from the goons and also reaches that hospital. Goons following him also reaches there. To save himself from goons, Ranchod disguises himself as a nurse. But he sees Karan and thinks that the goons will capture him as they both have same faces.

In order to save Karan and to find out who sent these goons, Ranchod hand over himself to the goons and they again ties him with ropes in that godown. Karan has to go to Delhi with the child as he get the child's mother's address from hospital which is in Delhi. Shaili's mother Karuna also lives in Delhi. She arrives at the airport and invites Karan to her house. Raj has hired a renowned lawyer to fight case against Aruna. Now Abha is fighting the case. Sushant does not believe that the goons whom he had sent to kidnap Karan have really kidnapped Karan,as Karan is before his eyes. He arrives at the goons' place and sees Ranchod. He is very much surprised. He orders goons to keep an eye on Ranchod. Karan is walking along with Ranchod's son in a street. Ranchod's son sees a poster featuring Ranchod and his new film. He begin calling 'Papa-Papa'. Karan sees the poster and is confused about what is relation between Ranchod, this child and that women in the hospital. Suddenly, a stranger arrives, pick the child and run away. Karan chases him. The stranger enters in a house and Karan also. Karan is hit by someone on his head by a stick. He faints.

In Ujjain, Abha and Lata are trying to find D.M. Shikhawat with whom Daai Maa had a joint account. Abha finds out that this D.M. Shikhawat is Devashish Mukherji aka Ashmit Kappor (Koyal's husband and Lata's rapist) who is Daai Maa's real son. Next day' Abha arrives at the court some late. She tells the reason that on her way, an accident happened on the road in which her sister's husband's relative Devashish Mukherji died. Daai Maa who is also present in the court is shocked. She shouts at Abha that she is telling a lie. In grief and worry, she finally confesses to Raj that Dev is her son whom she kept away from her for his bright future. That moment Devashish also enters the court.Daai Maa then realizes that Dev is unharmed and says that she has no relation to him.After Abha holds a gun to Dev's head, Daai Maa confesses that Dev is her son and that she tried to burn Lata alive. Abha says that she had to tell this lie so that Daai Maa could confess her crime. Aruna is proven innocent and is released. Daai Maa is jailed. Now Raj apologizes Aruna for his behavior and asks her to come with them in her home. Abha, Lata and Aruna are happy.

Ranchod escapes and makes it back to Swarn Bhavan. Only Abha knows that he is Ranchod.He tells her about how Sushant wants to kill Karan. They find out from Shaili that Priyanka ran away to get married to Sushant. Abha and Ranchod go to Sushant's house and find Swarn Bhavan owner transferring papers and money that Priyanka gave him. Abha goes and stops the wedding. Ranchod exposes Sushant's plan in front of Priyanka by showing her Swarn Bhavan owner transferring papers. He tells that Sushant wants to get Swarn Bhawan. Now, Sushant picks up a knife and point it towards Priyanka and warns her to sign the transferring papers, but Ranchod manages to save her. Shaili and Kanika also arrives. Abha asks Sushant to leave Priyanka's life forever and not to show his face to their family again. They all return to Swarn Bhawan where Prathibha is worrying about Priyanka. All presumes Ranchod to be Karan. He then says that he is Ranchod. Prathibha and the other family members are overjoyed to see Ranchod. But they starts worrying about where is Karan. Ranchod informs them that they don't need to worry about Karan as he has kept Karan in a safe place in order to protect him from Sushant who wants to kill Karan. He now goes to bring Karan back from that place. Karan regains consciousness and is surprised to see himself in a room laying on the bed. He is confused about who hit him on his head and where is that child. Actually, it was Ranchod's man who hit Karan. Ranchod did so as to keep Karan safe and protected from Sushant. He also did not want Karan to know about his child. Raj and Lata takes Aruna for Chaar Dhaam Yatra as Aruna has asked a mannat from God to reunite her with her son.
That night, Sushant get murdered in mysterious circumstances. Next day, the police inspector who investigated Lata's fire breakout arrives at Swarn Bhawan and tells the Prasaads that Sushant was murdered yesterday night. She begins suspecting the members of Swarn Bhawan as she came to know about the rivalry among Sushant and members of Swarn Bhawan. All are shocked. The police team find a knife and a blood soaked towel from Abha's room which makes Abha sure that Ranchod mistakenly had murdered Sushant. To save him, Abha knowingly drops her ear ring in her room so that Police suspect her for murder and it actually happens. Abha takes the entire blame on herself and is arrested. Priyanka asks Abha for forgiveness for her behavior. Abha is taken to police station. Then Ranchod returns and informs all that Karan is not at the place where he kept him. Actually Karan has escaped from that place and he returns to Ujjain. He is confused about his kidnapper. The he see Karuna who tells him that Shali informed her about Sushant's murder and Abha's arrest. She asks him if he is Karan then who is in Swarn Bhawan as Karan. Now Karan reminds about Ranchod and begin to misunderstand Ranchod that he kidnapped him for money. Karan meets Abha in jail and asks her not to save Ranchod as he is greedy and kidnapped him for money. Abha said that she already knew about Karan's kidnapping and Ranchod did this only for Karan's safety. Karan does not believe her. Abha is surprised.
Now Karan goes to Swarn Bhawan and accuses Ranchod of being kidnapping him for money and hiding his son in Karan's car. Ranchod now tells Karan and the family that the child is not his son and he had promised to the child's mother that he would take care of him. But Karan does not want to hear anything and asks Ranchod to leave Swarn Bhawan. Ranchod is heartbroken. Ranchod moves out. This leaves Prathibha shocked. Priyanka's parents arrive at Swarn Bhawan. They asks Priyanka to leave Swarn Bhawan and live in their house. Priyanka denies and ask her parents to leave. Priyanka is feeling guilty for believing Sushant and disowning her family. A letter is sent from a bank to Swarn Bhawan mentioning that the premium of loan has not been paid since two months. All are surprised when Shaili says that she herself paid the premium for both the months. Karan tells everyone that they were thinking that Sushant was doing all this but now after his death also, someone is plotting against them. He can be either Sushant's partner or boss. Ranchod manages to arrange money for Abha's bail. He goes to Swarn Bhawan in Karan's absence and hand over the money to Thakur Uday Pratap and asks him not to tell this to Karan. All are happy.

Thakur sahab informs Karan that money has been arranged for bail and ask him to arrive at court for granting bail. Thakur Sahab arrives at court. A stranger comes and snatches the money bag from Thakur Sahab. He run away on a bike. Karan and Thakur Sahab are surprised because no one except the members of Swarn Bhawan knew about money. Karan goes to Sushant's home for some investigation where he see Priyanka's father who tries to run away seeing him but is caught by Karan and Ranchod. He is surprised seeing Karan and Ranchod together. Ranchod tells him that Karan's throwing him out of the house was just a drama. Priyanka's father also explains that he didn't murdered Sushant. He went to Sushant's house only to warn him for not trying to ruin his daughter's life. But when he arrived there, Sushant was already murdered. Near his dead body there was a paper on which CD 177 was written with blood. He took that paper but forgot his gun at Sushant's house. Therefore he had to come again to that house. Karan and Ranchod discovers that CD from Sushant's house, which they expecting mentions the murderer's identity. Karan returns to Swarn Bhawan with that CD. Then while Karan was sleeping someone came in his bedroom and took that CD from his drawers, Abha wakes up to make breakfast. Karan wakes up and notices the CD is missing, while he goes downstairs and tells everyone, a man comes and is asking the money from Pratibha, the key is missing she says, then the police officer comes and suspects Pratibha because the key was found in Sushant's house during the murder. So they arrest Pratibha. Abha and Karan tries to convince the police not to arrest Pratibha but all in vain. Karan now decides to get Swarn Bhawan sold as because of it they have made so many enemies. That night Abha prepares milk for Karan and someone mixes some tablets in it.

It is now shown that Shaili is the real culprit and she is now trying to murder Karan but is caught red handed by Karan and he exposes her in front of the family. Ranchod enters Swarn Bhawan with police and ask the police to arrest Shaili. Karuna now slaps Shaili saying that she is the one who murdered Sushant and Shaili is taking the blame on herself to save her mother. She now explains that shewanted to kill all the heirs of Swarn Bhawan to get it for Shaili and Asmi. She gave money to Sushant who sent goons to murder Karan but mistakenly, the goons kidnapped Ranchod. and when she came to know that Sushant wants to marry Priyanka and get Swarn Bhawan she killed him. Shaili says that she came to know about her mother's intentions when she heard Karan calling CD 177 as it is Karuna's car number. She also saw Karuna mixing something in Karan's milk and at once told Karan about it. Shaili and Karan planned this drama so that Karuna admits her mistake. Karuna is arrested for Sushant's murder. Karan and Abha tries to console Shaili. Ranchod now leaves for his film shoot in London saying that next time he will rteturn with his life partner. Pratibha returns from jail and all are happy.

Karan and Abha start thinking about the remarriage of widowed ladies of Swarn Bhawan. Karan's friend who is a police officer comes and proposes to marry Shaili. All are happy when Shaili agrees. Kanika and Priyanka's marriage also get fixed. Abha and Karan promises Pratibha that the responsibility of wedding is theirs and they will try their best to make it an unforgettable wedding. Abha and Karan shares nice moments with the family in the Sangeet ceremony of Shaili, Priyanka and Kanika's marriage. Karan's friend Pankaj, who is Shaili's going to be husband tells Karan that he has no family and if he don't mind he would like to stay in Swarn Bhawan after marriage so that he can get a new family. All are happy and they agrees. Next day, the remarriage of Shaili, Priyanka and Kanika takes place with all the customs and Abha and Karan do the Kanyadaan of all three of them. Thakur Uday Pratap gifts a book to each bride as his blessing. Everything settles in Swarn Bhawan and thus all ends well in Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli.

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 Y M G G K  G u p s h u p  C o r n e r s

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