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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Pt3/4/5"Accidentally Yours" Pg29/55/101/125 (Page 24)

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Waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting...

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Ani di u'll wait many times in this thread...

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mee too waiting...
Reni update fast...

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helllozzz every1...
missed u all...
ny1 home??????????

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Written by RENI


Vicky, Maan's younger brother came out of his room rubbing his forehead as he was hurt with the piece of rock Geet threw on him by mistake.. What the hell.. itni raat ko kaun hai bahar, kahin ko chor to nahi aa gaya.. Oh God..!! I should go and check..


While Vicky was coming down the stairs, he banged with Anvesha Maan's younger sister & Vicky's Twin..

 Aaahhh!!  Who's there.. chor chor chor.. She started hitting Vicky & shouted like a maniac..


Vicky just held her arm & shut her mouth with his palm Shut up..!! stop shouting Annie.. u r tearing my ear curtains..


Oh Vicky!! I am so sorry, mujhe laga koi chor hai.. By the way what are you doing here at this time & what happened to your head.. Annie asked


Actually someone just threw a rock from outside my room and I got hit.. I am going out to check who's there..

You better go to your room.. Vicky replied


Okay..!! saying so Aniee walked towards her room..

Suddenly her eyes fell on the end of the corridor & she ran towards Vicky

Bhai I guess someone is there in the study.. i was passing by and saw the lights on, we should go and check.


Both Anni & Vicky walk toward the study & slightly sneaked from the half closed door.. They saw Maan's face & Geet was standing opposite to him, they could only see Geet's back.. Maan was standing very close to Geet, holding her arms..

Oh my my..!! Vicky look who's here.. Annie giggled

Bhabhi..!! Itni raat ko..!! Vicky was shocked..

I must say Maan Bhai is changing.. typical Romeo types.. I think we should give them some privacy.. Annie giggled & winked to Vicky.. both gave evil laugh & high five to each other..

They closed the door without making any noise and locked from outside and just vanished from there.. knowing that if Maan would come to know about their little prank.. Then they both are dead..


Inside the study..

Maan held her arms tightly, he was in so much anger but when he saw straight into her eyes, something flickered in her hazel eyes, all he could see was immense hatred & unshed tears of anguish. He jerked her away & she almost tripped on the couch.

With emotionless eyes & cold expressions he asked you haven't told me the reason of your visit.


It took her few minutes to gather all the courage & strength to tell him the truth. She clutched her duppatta tightly in her fist.

Taking a deep breath and in a barely audible tone she said Naiantara ran away..


What..!! are you out of your mind.. What the hell you are talking about, Where did Naiantara go? She run away, a day before the wedding..!! He spatted in anger..


His ego was hurt very badly. How could a mere girl leave him and that too one day before the wedding. He was The Maan Singh Khurana, girls would die to get just his glimpse.. Just one look from him would make them weak in their knees. He was a dream life partner for any girl and this girl had the guts to reject him. He did a favour on her by agreeing to this alliance just because of the promise his mother had made to Naintara's mother that they would turn their friendship into a relationship.


Savitri Khurana Maan's mother wanted to see Maan married to daughter of the Handa family, who had been by her through all her difficult times. Remembering his mothers last wish, Maan stood there for a moment looking into her eyes with intense emotions. His eyes were spitting fire which made geet shiver in fear.


They stood there motionless, Naiantara's tears stain face flashed in her mind. Geet had agreed to help her sister get married to the love of her life. Naiantara, Geets best friend cum sister, fell in love with Dev in college. Naiantara's mother was very much against their love. Which mother would not? After all Dev was a nobody in comparison to Maan. Her mother just wanted Naiantara to get a life partner who would fulfil all her hearts desires without having the need to voice it. She knew that Maan was capable of doing it. She was not greedy for his money but she wanted the best for her daughter.


The moment Naiantara's mother came to know that she ran away from the wedding, she was shattered and put the entire blame on geet. Geet did feel her Tai jee's pain but somewhere she knew that Naiantara would always be happy with her love. Remembering all those painful moments she looked to find him still look intently at her waiting for the answer.


She didn't love u, she went to live her life with the one she loved.. Geet said meekly


What..?? Maan was shocked.. He was in a deep thought and after a while said..

Well I know she can't take such a major decision without anyone's help. Tell me who has helped her?


Geet didn't know what to say, but she owed him an answer, she looked down to the floor and told him I helped them run away.


Hearing that Maan was furious that despite of helping them run away this girl had the courage to stand in front of him and tell him this bitter truth. Did she not think about the disgrace she would bring to the reputation of the Khurana's.


He clenched his fist with anger and said

How dare she run away a day before this marriage, I will ruin Naiantara and her boyfriend's life.. I won't let them be in peace after spoiling the reputation of my family. It will be a lesson for all that Khurana name is not to be messed with.


Geet was shocked to hear his words, how can a person be so insensitive, all he cares is his reputation and not the fact that if this marriage had taken place it would destroy three lives forever. She felt worried about the safety of the girl who had never let her feel the pain of losing her parents at an early age. Naintara was her strength, she couldn't imagine anything happen to her. Geet had helped her elope as she very well knew that Naintara would kill herself than getting married to any one other that Dev.


Maan was raging mad in anger.. Maan accused her family being a middle class family not knowing how lucky they were to be associated with the Khurana's, if it had not been for the promise made by his mother, the Handa's would have to spend years waiting to get an appointment from Maan Singh Khurana.


Geet couldn't stop her tears after hearing his accuse but she had to be strong. She could not let anybody know her weakness. She will not bear any person pointing fingers at her family. The same family who supported her when she was all alone in this world. She had enough of his arrogance and snapped his arms that were still holding her tightly. With new found courage she fought back,


I am happy my sister ran away at least she doesn't have to spend her entire life with a person like you. You are a selfish person who thinks only about himself and not about others. my sisters life would have been destroyed had she not run away. No sane girl can spend her life with you..


Maan looked at her with open eyes. how dare this girl stand in his house and tell him that no one can live with him. He was so mad in anger..

He got an idea and smirked.


Geet couldn't understand the reason for his sudden smirk. Maan opened his mouth to say the words she had least expected

You have to pay the price of yours & your sister's deed.. You said no sane girl can spend her life with me.

You think life with me is a suffering.. Now you have to marry me and suffer your whole life..


Geet was dumbfound with his declaration for once she couldn't utter a word.. She slowly came to her senses looked at him and replied

I won't marry you at any cost..


Maan gave a sarcastic smile and said Tomorrow you will become Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana either by your own will or by force.


Geet stood there in his house, not knowing which direction her life was heading into. She now understood that Maan would do anything and everything in his power to make his words come true.


Maan didn't want to see her in his house any more nor in front of his eyes. He just grabbed her arm, making her wince in pain.. He in a rude manner spatted Show yourself out and be ready tomorrow..


Geet wanted to give him a piece of her mind but thought that it would turn the situation worst, so she just moved towards the door.. She tried to open the door but the door seemed locked.. tried again but couldn't open so..


Why you haven't left yet..?? Don't expect me to drop you out.. Maan said arrogantly..


She turned towards Maan and said.. What can I do if your door is as stiff as you..


Maan came forward and tried to open the door.. But all his effort was in vain, then he realized that the door has been locked from outside..

He tried to call someone for help but no one was there to hear him..


Geet all of a sudden poked him on his shoulder and very innocently said Maan why don't you try to break the door..!!

In a dramatic way she continuedYou know I have seen so many action heroes fighting with goons.. and breaking the doors to rescue the heroine..


Maan was way beyond shocked hearing Geet's nonsense commentary.. He said in sheer irritation Geet i m not some He Man and you are definitely not a pretty girl for whom I'll risk my life.. Now just keep your mouth shut and just let me try to call for help..


Saying so he turned towards Geet and found her sitting on the window pane praying to Baba jee & ready to jump.. He ran towards her and shouted Geet stop it.. are you out of your mind.. what the hell you are doing..


He was just about to reach her and grab her hand.. But Geet, by the time without even giving a second thought jumped from the first floor.. leaving a shocked Maan behind.. He bend to look down from the window.. ye ladki khud to pagal hai aur ek din mujhe pagal kar degi..!!

Thanks to all for liking and commenting on the first part. It really means a lot

This update is written by Leverne(Reni), Sneha and annie have helped a you guysHug

Dedicated to all my friends and crazies

Pls do like and comment.Embarrassed

Merry Christmas to one and allSmile

Next Part

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Me first one to comment for my dear darling Reni..
Clap Clap Clap for u..
Superb part.. Damn hilarious..
Me Luvd It..
U did an outstanding job Sweets..
Keep Rocking..
Luv u too Much..
Hugs.. Hug

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