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What if JUHI becomes FINALIST or WINNER Of SHOW? (Page 9)

Azru_4_Nik Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 6:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Moderator-

Ever since show started, I have not come across a single thread or post where someone has mentioned anything positive about Juhi. She is the most hated contestant on this forum from day one. Before she get evicted, I want to make unbiased post about Juhi Wink LOL I am sure there is at least something that can be admired about her.Confused LOL


Reasons why people hate Juhi? Well based on posts I read.

- Her eating/sleeping habits which has motivated some to make numerous posts about it. LOL

- She is a bully, superbitcy, hypocrite, double-faced woman, and backstabber. Unhappy

- She is not an entertainer Cool

- She was too horrible in her last reality show. Evil Smile


Let's assume that all of these accusations are true.

1) Now eating habits could be part of humorous discussion but that's not how anyone would judge a contestant on this show? Sleeping habits? Well I never heard so far from any housemate that Juhi does not complete household work .She is not part of kitchen at the moment where camera's are focused for most part. When it comes to sleeping, we have seen how Sid is, so Juhi is little better than him. Isn't it? At least we heard dogs barking to wake up Sid LOL


2) Now yes she could be bully, so? Is she the only bully in the house? Confused

   She could be superbitchy , again haven't we seen almost every housemate bitching about others? Confused

   Hypocrite and double standards? Yes she has. But it could be just part of her personality and others  have shown this  trait too. Embarrassed

   Backstabber? She does it in subtle way and so does other housemates. There are numerous examples of ppl backstabbing each other.Wink

Now when someone like Amar changes groups or bitches , we call him a smart game player. So why not Juhi ? Embarrassed She is here to win the game like others. If Amar and Sky are using their deeemag to win this game, then what is Juhi doing? Isn't she smartest in the lot considering how well she has escaped from nominations without making much noise? We all were tired of dirty abuses, loud fights so isn't she little better than other inmates? If she used SKy and Bedi so far, then what's wrong? That is what the game is all about and ppl keep using each other for their advantage. Not everyone can be as direct as mishra, and some prefer to play dirty politics. If other housemates could not understand her game, then they are dumb. If sky thinks he is smartest player in the game, juhi def has surpassed him. Wink

3)Entertainment- When it comes to entertainment, actually no one but only Pooja mishra deserves credit and big round of applause Clap , and probably sky comes next.Thumbs Up  Otherwise what was so entertaining about others ? Most ppl were involved in dirty n nasty fights. Juhi is not a great dancer to dance on early morning tunes. If she was assigned a Rajkumari task like shraddha, she could have been more entertaining too.  And dialogues like "Beimaan" were entertaining, isn't it? ROFL

4) About her last reality show? well this is bigg boss. If you want to judge someone by last reality show, then Mishra,sky and sid have terrible record compared to her.Wink

Now those who think BB is favoring juhi? Well she has been on nomination only twice and once BB closed voting lines. Its not that Juhi has been favored all the time. And we got to admit the fact that Juhi was not in bad books of everyone so far hence they didn't nominate her in most cases. Most housemates thought PM, Mehak and sky were involved in fights/drama hence these 3 have faced most nominations. Tongue

If Juhi has always escaped nomination it means she has it in her to be liked by everyone in the house.

If we compare Juhi against other contenstants...

 Juhi vs Sunny : For me Juhi is better anyday unless someone can convince otherwise.

Juhi vs Sid : Sid appears to be changed but i don't believe it. Becoz of Salmaan's superstar status, he actually was scared and started hanging out more with Mehak. If someone else had told him what salmaan said , then he would have ignored it. He knows that his behavior is monitored by big shot and he can't afford to get scolded again.Ermm

Juhi vs Amar: Now this is interesting. Both are best players in the game and use all bitching tactics to move forward. Nothing wrong in it. Amar admits it openly though. I think Amar is slightly better than Juhi  in overall game.Embarrassed

Juhi vs Sky : Sky has shown his good entertaining  side but when it comes to abuses/character assassination or walking out of the show, Juhi is slightly better. Wink

Juhi vs Mehak : Mehak's highlight so far is morning dances n fights with sky, anything else?. ConfusedPlus mehak has a unfair advantage of coming back on the show.

So overall if you keep aside her hypocrisy and double standards (which is acceptable in this game), she is pretty reasonable. She is not a LIAR, she is LOYAL to her group, she can defend her own decisions, She is witty and sharp and she has been consoling people in almost all fights. She was not involved in dirty abuses, Now what if she is friends with bedi and sky? we have how others change every other week. Amar n mehak were close mates at one time but other day Mehak was bitching about Amar to sid stating amar fights whenever he is on nominations which is a LIE. Juhi has not really backstabbed her own group mates by nominating them so far. Embarrassed

Also Juhi is the only contestant who is on the show from day one. Thumbs Up She has no idea how she is portrayed outside and has survived well without getting nominating often. Other have seen the game from outside and ofcourse mehak has unfair advantage over anyone else in the game.

I am saying not Juhi should win, but she deserves to be a finalist coz she has managed to be in house for so long. Its not easy ride. If it was easy ride, then everyone else would have followed the same strategy Wink

 PS: Turned out to be a long post. But one and only post dedicated to Juhi Wink






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cute_alien Groupbie

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 7:02am | IP Logged
For not being involved in fights, I'd like to point out that most of the fight in the BB house were initiated/instigated by Sky. She was on the safe side of the road, making her journey peaceful. Others had to counter Sky every single day. Besides, for picking a fight you need to put forth an opinion as well...this was also missing before the last 2 weeks.
Khushi. IF-Sizzlerz

JJJKJF Banner Contest Winne
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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by CCBM_fan

Khushi... loved all ur points... gal I love one thing about u... U always put ur opinion in a well defined manner...
Awww...Yati..this was so sweet...Thank you so muchHug
-Moderator- Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Khushi.

-Juhi has always been someone who has been busy with sleeping and not taking apart actively in ANY task.

Sleeping ? Why ? I don't see anyone in the house complaining that she does not complete her household work and only sleeps. She is better compared to  sid and sunny when it comes to work.

-She is someone who has always complained..complained..and just complained. BB i wont to this task..BB you should have put a chair for me to sit and eat..BB i wont dance in this task..etc. etc..She has NEVER beeen an active participant in any task and has been a big time compaliner.

Yes this I have to agree. I have made this post considering all her flaws. But she raises her voice at the right time which may sound as complaining to some. And some of the tasks were nothing but girls seducing boys. I am glad Juhi didnt take part in those. Its not her cup of coffee for sure !

-She has been someone who has pointed out to the fairness of BB according to her own comfort. When she feels that she is benefited then BB is fair for her and when she feels that she is not being benefited then BB is unfair for her. For Example-When Sky and Sid(who were a part fo her group) were given the right to nominate 4 people then all this procedure was fair according to her and she didnt shout out that "Oh are so unfair" ..similarly during the Rajneeti task she started shouting out that BB is unfair within a second!!

But if you looks at those two situations, She was actually right. In Rajneeti task, BB created confusion and he was never clear about his instructions. There is nothing wrong in raising concerns. Everyone else has accussed BB as well including sky and Sid. The others have not done it coz they probably want to win this show badly and do not want to go in bad books of BB

-Juhi has been someone who HAS NOT faced any TROUBLES in the house. BB journey for her has been like sailing so smoothly. She has been nominated just once(considering that the second time she was nominated the eviction was cancelled). She has been best friends with the no.1 humiliater in the house i.e she was spared from getting humiliated as i am sure is she wasn't friends with him then he wouldnt have spared her and we would have seen a totally different Juhi right now.

We got to show did she manage to stay away from troubles? Why did she was not in bad books of housemates ? That actually is smart game. Lot of people who we think were in troubles, were actually looking for fights and drama. They wanted to stay in limelight while Juhi managed to sail through smoothly.

-Juhi has a VERY agressive side to herself which has been very unvisible in this show. This side of her comes out but just sometimes. Its not that this is the first reality show Juhi is doing..she has done two of them erlier and in both of them we saw her dominating and agressive side which are a very important part of her character. So...Juhi has had a very peaceful time in BB by being a very "good" and "quite" girl which she anyhow isnt. So There is so much in Juhi which is still not visible.

Everyone has such personalities I think. Even Mehak who was accused everyone of bitching behind not herself bitching about everyone. People have to change their personalities according to situation. Sometimes you got to be aggressive and sometimes you just got to take things take their own course.

-Juhi has NEVER stood up for things that are right. She has never been seen taking a stand for the right and then she complains of Amar not taking part in any fight and minding his own business.

So who has taken stand for things that are right? And anyways in BB house, for most part, all the housemates were wrong. Its difficult to tell who was right in a perticular situation. She at least managed to stay away from abuse and unnecessary drama.

- Juhi has had the support of a GROUP. She has been safe from nominations as she has never played alone in this game but with a group. From day 1 she has been surrounded by atleast 4-5 people which assure her that they won't nominate her.

Thats the smart strategy to be in game. One has to know the psychology of the game and be in group for the needed support. The others kept backbiting each other and could not even make any friends in the house.

People like Sid,Mahek,Amar and even Sky have faced difficulties..nominations and have atleast stood up for what is right according to them..Juhi has NEVER EVER done that apart from just pointing out to Sky for 2 mins that he was wrong and that too in a very kind manner which didnt even look like she is actually trying to tell him that he is wrong .

Just being a part of the show from day 1 doesnt make you eligible for NEED to have the characteristics to win the show. The characteristics she has..which i have just mentioned above make her a NO WAY eligible winner atleast in my eyes.

So who has those characteristics ? I think everyone has shown their negative side on this show.

And therefore Moderator ji..the only one who can beat you in writing a longer post is ME...lolLOL

Oh win hands down ! LOL

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maureen100001 Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Definitely she's a clear winner... Smartest of them all hand down
sgtp111 Newbie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 8:50am | IP Logged
"IF" Juhi wins the finale, she will drive her husband crazy saying mai mai mai.. I m the winner of BB.
Snehabr Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Oh dear...such a looongg post!! but good one!! D'oh
Juhi is going to win the show..its there on the internet!!...some astrologers prediction...LOLLOL

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-Moderator- Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2012 at 8:09am | IP Logged
CONGRATULATIONS JUHI PARMAR for Winning BB season 5 !! Party

It looks like this topic influenced many to vote for her LOL

[If the spoilers are true]

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