Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: ASR's first feelings of jealousy P2 *complete*

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For all those who still need to read part one:
It is quite a long update, but let me warn you, I did write it in quite a rush.. Hope you enjoy reading!!

In the car, Khushi sitting in front with ASR

KKG (murmuring to herself) : Atleast Laad Governer will not say WHAT THE , WHAT THE today and ask me to get out of the car

ASR: Khushi did you say something??

KKG: Hum?? No..

NK: Naanav...

KKG: What did you call him???

NK: Naanav... I could call him Nana but he'd kill me for saying that so.. Naanav it is!!

KKG: Naanav heheheehe (bursting out into laughter)

NK starts laughing too and says Naanav Naanav many times like a chant

ASR glares at Khushi

KKG pinches herself to stop laughing

KKG: But my nickname for him is much better NK, L.. (just as she is about to say the full Laad Governer she stops as if its just her's and ASR's personal secret) its LG!!!

NK: LG?? Is that a short form for something

Khushi: That I cannot tell you, its a secret

ASR thankful to Khushi for not blurting it out or else NK would have teased him for life with that Nick name.. But in his head he still couldn't believe that that was what Khushi called him

ASR: Enough of what you guys call me. There's better things to do

NK: But Naaanav (stretching the a's) , I need to find out what LG means... Could it be Lord Gorilla.. Legend...Living gangster

Khushi starts giggling at the suggestions of what LG could mean

ASR just decides to ignore both of them but is agitated by the fact that Khushi is Joining forces with NK and teasing him

NK: ahhh I got it!!!!

KKG: Love God!!!

KKG: hahahahahaha Love God, and him??? Hahahah .. he doesn't believe in Love

ASR( in his mind thinking: Khushi, I'll show you how much I believe in Love): ENOUGHH!!!!

Both KKG and NK jumped up in their sits due to his loud angry voice

NK: Naanav, you still get as angry as you use to

KKG: Yeahh he's always angry, angry, angry..

ASR: Khushi, you're talking to Nandakishore as if you've known him for agesss

NK: Naanav, Its NK.. and plus, whats so wrong with her talking to me?? We're both having a good laugh

ASR(trying to cover up from sounding jealous): Yeah I don't care who she talks to, chatterbox she is. Atleast it'll save me from answering her day long chatter.. Anyways we've reached the shopping mall

NK: Lets go Khushi, naanav u coming bro?

ASR: Giving him a *what the, ofcourse I'm coming look*

Khushi: Lets go NK before he gets angry and starts saying WHAT THE what the loudly here


Khushi: see see!!!

Then both Khushi & NK start laughing together

NG: YAY atleast I have support now to tease out dear naanav here, right Khushiji???

Khushi: hehee (catches ASR giving her & NK angry looks & starts walking)

ASR is extremely annoyed by the fact that Khushi is continuously pairing up with NK and not giving him (ASR) any importance or even acknowledging his presence apart from the ongoing teasing..

He's getting jealous that Khushi's talking more with NK

ASR: shall we go???

As they enter the mall, most of the staff know ASR therefore greet him respectfully and all acknowledge him

NK: wow Naanav, you're quite famous now aren't ya?

Khushi: he's not famous, all of those people are just scared of him (whispering into NK's ear) then both start giggling again

ASR: Khushi what are you telling him??

Khushi: Nothing Arnavji, Nothing..

ASR to himself: Unbelievable both of them

ASR: Nandakishore, Since we've come shopping why don't you just choose your clothes for the cocktail party as well today?? And the sangeet.. Saves you coming again and again (and me facing all the teasing *to himself*)

NK: Ahh thats a good idea, atleast Khushi can help me choose something.. wont you Khushi??

Khushi: hum??

NK: yeahh, ofcourse i wont ask Naanav here to help me choose something for me as he only wears suits

ASR: I only wear suits?

Khushi: yeahh you do

ASR: Well who said I'll b wearing a suit to the Sangeet?

Khushi: then??? (confused as she'd only really seen him in a suit)

ASR: I'll be wearing a Sherwani (he said this to get Khushi's attention )

Khushi looks at him with an extremely shocked face

Khushi: U.. wearing a Sherwani??

ASR: whats there to be so shocked at Khushi Kumari Gupta??

NK (interrupting) : That is something you don't get to see everyday.. yeah Khushi?? Go try a couple Naanav..

ASR: (He hadn't really intended on trying any nor had he even thought of ever wearing one, but if it made him get Khushi's attention for some time there was no harm doing so) I think I'll do just that Nandakishore.

Khushi: (she was trying to picture him in a sherwani but coudn't really imagine it and was very eager to see him in one) Since you've never really worn one, I'll help you choose a couple!

ASR ( he smiled to himself knowing Khushi was dying to see him in a sherwani and he had finally got her attention): Ok

NK: Guys I just saw some shoes way up that end which I really fancy. I'll go check them out while you two choose sherwani's okay?

ASR was more then okay with that

ASR: yeah fine

Khushi: Should I come with you??

ASR: You said you're gna help me choose right? Then, u're goin with...?  *with a slightly sad look*

Both NK and Khushi looked at him and he realized how he must have sounded like he wanted Khushi to stay so he covered up: I mean, you said you know more about those type of clothes ryt?

Khushi: NK, you go.. I'll help him choose first then help you later kayy!

NK: Alright Khushi (with a smile),  Naanav I'll b waiting to see u in a sherwani!e and Khushi

ASR (yay finally me n Khushi alone without NK- ASR to himself): Shall we go Khushi?

Khushi was busily looking at different Sherwani's while ASR was just standing watching  her

Khushi finally found a couple she liked

Khushi: This one!! This one!! (in excitement) at a Deep blue Ocean coloured Sherwani

ASR looked up at her face, lost in her beautiful smiling face for a few seconds before he felt a tap on his hand

ASR: what the???

Khushi: What the Nahi, Wear wear

ASR: yeah I'm going to try, I can see how impatient you r to see me in a sherwani

Khushi: Me impatient? No.. I don't need to see you in a sherwani (lying to hide how much she really wanted to see him in a sherwani). I was just helping you choose one. You can see yourself and admire yourself. I'm going to help NK

ASR: (to himself: Oh god, how do I stop her now) Khushi wait..  I need you to help me choose between the Black and the Blue one

Khushi: Obviously blue, It suits you the best!!

ASR: gives her a *you know me so well look*

Khushi: I mean.. um.. Anjaliji was saying its your favourite colour

ASR: Ok I'm going to try the blue one

He comes out with it looking extremely handsome and Khushi is just blown away by that image

ASR trying to read Khushi's face and is happy with her response at his look

Khushi: You don't look at all like a Laad Governer at all in the Sherwani, you look very handsome..

ASR: um (now feeling slightly shy)thanks

Both have an eyelock + rabba ve moment

Khushi realizes how much she's staring at him and looks down

ASR tells the attendant to pack the blue Sherwani

NK is back

NK: Oh god, I missed seeing him in a Sherwani. Khushi how did he look??

Khushi: (Not wanting to express how hot she found him in a sherwani ): Just like a cartoon

ASR doesn't say anything as both him and Khushi know exactly how she felt about him in the Sherwani.

NK: lol

NK: Khushi, don't you need to shop for anything??

Khushi: (thinking about how expensive everything must be in this mall) No, i'm fine thank you

Arnav reading her mind: Guys everything all of you shop for is on me today, as a celebration for PayAsh engagement

Khushi remembering the shopping trip with LA and what ASR had sayed about the sari and her not being able to afford it, how hurt she had felt, and how hurt she still was at his behaviour that day: No thanks, I don't want to buy anything

NK: Khushi, How about a dress for the cocktail party??

Khushi's mood seemed to have saddened after the flashbacks of how ASR had treated her that week, first with that necklace then the sari: Um I don't know if I will be coming to the party or not

ASR (wondering why Khushi did not want to come and was upset at hearing that and already cooking up a plan to get her to come)

NK: WHAT?? You not coming??? Then the party will be really boring without you

She glanced at ASR to see his reaction

ASR: You'll have to come, it is being held on your sister's honour

Khushi: I'll decide myself. And plus jiji will not mind me not coming, she already knows how happy I am for her

ASR( to himself): But I mind dammit

NK: Khushi, I'm not taking no for an answer.. You have to come thats all!!! Infact, Khushi will you be my date for the Party?? I'll b really upset if you refuse

Khushi: hum aapki date

NK: yeahh  I mean we go as friends together!! I don't really know many people around here yet, so without you the party will be really boring

Khushi: um.. (thinking to herself that NK would feel left out) ok

NK: Yay!!!

ASR felt a big pang of jealousy and also more hurt at how easily Khushi had agreed to NK's request..

He was also very angry at NK for stealing his Khushi, so to get even he said

ASR: Nandakishore, I'm sorry Khushi  cannot be your date. As both me and Khushi were responsible for getting PayAsh together, since Khushi has now decided to come, she shall be hosting the party  with me or the guests will find it very fishy that there's no one from the girls side to welcome them.

He then gave a *I win again* smirk to Khushi

NK: Not realizing that ASR was actually moving him away from Khushi agreed : you're right about that actually, the guests need to be welcomed frm both sides

The day of the cocktail party:

Khushi decided to wear the dress Lavanya had given her as Anjali had told her that everyone wears western type of clothes at such parties

ASR had already told buaji that he would pick Khushi & Payal for the party (as he knew Khushi would just have told him no otherwise)so how could Khushi have argued with buaji?

ASR waits inside the Gupta house and Khushi's door opens suddenly

ASR's eyes are automatically drawn towards Khushi's room and he is mesmerized by the sight of Khushi in the dress and how beautiful she looks in it. He cannot just take his eyes of her..

Khushi see's him staring at her and blushes and starts feeling a bit conscious

An intense eyelock with RABBA VE playing

THE END Evil Smile

If you liked the update do COMMENT & *hit* the like button!! For PM's on future work add me as a buddy

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*edit*                                          Note
Hi everyone,
I'm putting an end to this OS and will not be writing a Part 3 due to my travelling. Let your mind run wild with your version of what could have happened next. Hope you enjoyed reading this part

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Ahh finally Part 2!!
Good start to Part 2, eagerly waiting for the rest!!
Lol lord Gorilla hehe

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I Like it!!..Smile

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nice part yaar cool sound...

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the whole part was superb!!SmileSmile

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A bit more written, still writing up some more!!
Will send out PM's after the whole part is complete

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really nyc part..loved j arnie

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