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Kuch megic SS updated NOTE page47 (Page 39)

lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Saumya_D3

yaarrr...!!! where is part 8...???
mujhe part 7 ke baad sidha part 9 hi mila..!!!
please batao na..!!!!!!

Hey part 8 is on page 32 dear!!

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SugarCubes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Amazing! Luvd it! :D

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 2:07am | IP Logged

PART 10 

Rey was driving the car. It was beautiful dawn and his baatcutter was in a peaceful sleep embracing his hand in hers. Swaron were sleeping touching their heads. On the back seats Vicky was sleeping resting his head on the seat while Neha was sleeping peacefully in his lap. As the car halted near a beautiful bungalow everybody wake up rubbing their eyes. Rey looked at his baatcutter who was rubbing her eyes as she wake up.. Rey was staring at her wandering how someone can look so cute??? As kriya opened her eyes wide she noticed his stare and blushed... They exchanged good mornings.. And Rey walked out of the car to open door for his lady... But he startled as he saw all Kriya, Sharon and Neha were running towards the entrance to meet Vishakha, Simmy, Rinni and the rest of the gang. Vicky and Swayam were in same state as Rey. Three of them looked at each other and said "Chics". Looking at the scene before them Rey and Swayam were understood that again the trouble was calling them. Vicky was blessed as Viha were an official couple but Reyam was in trouble as their "chics" wanted their relation to be kept as secret. Their brains were already gone for trip to find out reasons to meet their "Chics". Nicole ma'am greeted all of them and made them comfortable. Nicole arranged separate rooms for them. Sharon, Kriya and Neha went to one room while boys went to other room. After freshening up all of them joined the gang for breakfast. Vicky went and sat next to Neha. Reyam too wanted to sit next to their respective gals, but couldn't as Vishkha dragged Kriya and made her sit next to her. Sharon helplessly looked at Swayam as Rinni, Simmi made her sit between them. Reyam looked at each other and ended sitting next to each other. Kriya was looking at Rey who looked so down. Even she wanted to sit next to him but she too was helpless. Nicole ma'am came and sat next to Rey. She kept a hand on his shoulders asking him about their journey. Vishkha took a piece of sandwitch and went outside. Rey noticed Kriya who was looking at Nicole's hand which was resting on his shoulder. He pretended to be not bother and started chatting with Nicole. Kriya was in flames as he ignored her and was enjoying talking with Nicole. She tried to ignore and started talking with Swayam. Swayam was staring at Sharon who was trying to be attentive in Simmi-Rinni's discussion. Swayam came back to senses as Kriya called him. Kriya started talking to him and Swayam also joined in. They started talking to each other about Nicole's place and nature around. Rey and Sharon noticed them talking to each other. Sharon was so jealous at Kriya, she left the dining room looking at Swayam furiously. Simmi RInni followed her. Kriya didn't understand anything she turned to see Swayam but he also left. She turned to see Rey but he was so deeply in chat with Nicole. She couldn't stay there longer. Rey noticed her leaving and said to himself "Marr Gaya". Entire day he kept trying to talk to her. Everytime he failed as she was surrounded with the gang and sometimes with Neha, Vishakha.

It was 10 pm, Sharon Neha and Kriya were all ready in deep sleep as they were too tired. After 2-3 hours of sleep Kriya woke up and she couldn't resume her sleep as she was missing Rey. She felt so bad that she couldn't talk to him the entire day. She noticed Sharon was also awake. She turned to her side.

"Tum bhi ab tak jag rahi ho" Sharon was surprside as Kriya too was awake.

"pata nahi kaise neend khul gayi aur ab neend hi nahi aa rahi hain"

"Mujhe bhi.."

"kahi tum bhi Swayam ko miss tho nahi kar rahi"

"Tum bhi matlab? Tum bhi Swayam ko miss kar rahi ho.." Sharon remembered the breakfast scene, where Kriyam chatting together.

"Kya? Main Swayam ko kyun miss karungi? Main tho..."

Sharon brushed her thoughts away realising that Kriya feels for Rey.

"Tum Rey ko miss kar rahi thi na" Sharon. Kriya blushed on mention of Rey's name.

"Oyye hoyye...  Tum tho blush kar rahi ho... kitni cute ho tum.."

 She squeezed Kriya's cheeks.

"Ha main Rey ko bohat miss kar rahi hoon. Aaj hum pura din baat hi nahi kar paye..."

"Same here.. aur abhi usse bohat miss kar rahi hoon"

"Sharon maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki hum dono kabhi iss tarah se baat karenge.."

"ha socha tho maine bhi nahi tha but kya kare... Waise you are a nice friend.. nd I would like to be your friend"

Kriya was so shocked to see Sharon saying that... She hugged Sharon in excitement...

Sharon too joined the hug...

"Bass.. bass.. Ab kuch kaam ki baat kare.."Sharon said breaking the hug.

"kaam ki baat? Itni raat ko kya kaam karn hain?"

"Arre budhdhu, hum dono boys ko miss kar rahe hain aur hum unse baat karna chahte hain. Ryt?"

"ha par ab hum kya kar sakte hain?"

"Woh tho yaha aanese rahe? Aur subah hone ka intezaar bhi kar lete hain hum tho hum unse baat nahi kar payenge!"

"Ha you are right. Subah tho sab honge. Aur fir hum unse kaise baat kar payenge"

"Ek kaam kyun karte hum log? Hum abhi chalte hain unse milne? What say?"

"Sharon tum paagal tho nahi ho gayi ho? Boys ke room mein? Woh bhi itni raat ko?"

"Ayye hello.. tum Sharon raiprakash ko paagal bol rahi ho.. waise jaane do abhi yeh sab important nahi hain"

"But SHaron"

"Arre dadi amma maan bhi jao.. Boys ke room mein hi tho jaana hain. Aur waise bhi waha kounse sab boys hone wale hain.. Sirf Swayam, Rey aur Vicky"

"Ha aur m sure Vicky tho neha ke sapne dekh raha hoga neend mein"

"Ha jaise Neha dekh rahi hain"

They both looked at Neha who was blushing in her sleep.

"OMG look at het how she is blushing!!"

"Sharon usse chhodo plan ke bare me socho."

"Ahem ahem.. thodi der pehle tho koi darr raha tha Boys ka room and all?"

"Woh tho bass"

"Chal forget it lets focus!!"

"ha let's focus!"

"Boys tho next room mein hi hain.. but hum door se nahi ja sakte.. kisine dekh liya tho problem ho jayegi.. "

"Fir kaise jayenge.. balcony se?'

"Waah kya idea hain? Mere sath rahogi tho aise hi achche ideas aayenge tumhe"

"ha chalo ab chalo.."

They both wrapped their rugs around them and Kriya opened the door and startled as it was too dark outside.

"Kya hua ruk kyun gayi?"

"b.. ba..bahar bohat andhera Sharon mujhe darr lag raha hain"

"Arre... darpok chalo Rey se milna hain na tumhe... aut waise bhi main hoon na tumhare sath.. ruko tum mere picche aao.."

"ok.. but Sharon sachchi mujhe bohar dar lag raha hain"

"i can't believe Kriya teh ultimate fighter is scared of darkness.. don't worry m with you.. waise ek secret hain mujhe bhi darkness se thoda darr lagat ahain.. but you don't worry. Boys room tho bass baju mein hi hain.. bass 2 minutes mein hum pohach jayenge..."

They both jumped from their balcony to the boy's balcony.. It was not too far.. it was adjacent to their balcony.. they easily passed it...

There in boys room, Vicky was sleeping peacefully where as Rey and Swayam were tossing and turning in the bed. They were missing their gals so badly. After a while they also fast asleep as they were also tired.

Sharon knocked the door and as she sensed the door getting opened she went and hides herself behind Kriya. Kriya was also scared as Sharon went behind she turned to see Sharon while she bumped in to Rey who was opening the door. Kriya closed her eyes as she didn't know who it was. Rey was shocked to see his baatcutter in front of his eyes. He widened his eyes to see whether it was real or his dream. As he looked at her face peeping through the rug wrapped around her. She was losing her balance and was about to fall when he held her by her waist. Sharon was peeping from behind. Rey looked at her getting another shock.

"Tum log yaha kya kar rahe hi"

Kriya opened her eyes and looked down with embracement.

"kuch nahi woh hum bass... Swayam kaha hain?" Sharon asked.

Rey indicated inside the room. She went inside.

Rey's hands were still around her waist. Rey's eyes followed Sharon as she went inside. He turned to see his baatcutter whose cheeks were turned beautiful crimson shade. He looked at her admiring her cute face wrapped in a white rug. He lifted her face up; she didn't lift her lashes up. Rey moved forward with her and shut the door behind. Now they were in the balcony alone. A beautiful view of beach form the balcony and the two lovebirds lost in each other. It was so perfect for them. He pinned her against the wall. The rug around her fell from her head to her shoulders. She looked into his eyes. Some seconds went away as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Baatcutter, I can't believe tum mujhse milne aayi ho woh bhi itni raat mein..." He said pinning a strips of her hair behind her ears.

"Woh aaj pura din hum baat nahi kar payee. Aur shayad kal bhi na kar paye.. tho isliye maine socha..." He blocked her words putting his finger on her lips.. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach.. She looked deep in his eyes.. Their faces were centimetres away from each other...

"Tumhe darr nahi laga andhere se..." He took away his finger.

"Darr tho lag raha tha.. but mujhe aapse milna tha... Aur Sharon thin a sath mein.."

He was so touched that his baatcutter came there to meet him that too not bothering about the darkness around. He slowly leaned down and kissed her forehead. She shuddered with the touch of his lips and closed her eyes taking the moment inside. Rey looked at her trying to catch her every expression. He was lost in her while a thought came in his mind. He was unsure whether she will be ready or not but still he thought of trying once.  

"Baatcutter meri ek baat manogi?" He whispered in her ears.

"Kya?" She said while opening her eyes.

"Mere saath chalogi?"

"Kaha? Aur iss waqt?"

"Ha.. Main tumhare saath kuch time spend karana chahata hoon.. sirf tumhare saath..."

"But Rey itni raat ko hum kaha jayenge?"

 He made puppy face. He knew it that she won't agree but still he wanted to try. He looked away.

"Thik hain chalo chalte hain..." She said making him face her. He was shocked to hear that

"Kriya, sachchi?"

"Muchchi.. ab chale.. jaldi chalte hain warna sab jag jayenge..."

PRECAP: Kriyaansh on beach in the dawn having their moments... 

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medha16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 2:23am | IP Logged
AHHH...this was so romantic...i specially liked the kriya sharon convo...nice!nice!!!...jus cant wait 4 nxt part...kriyaansh romance!wow!!!

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HR-DMG4life IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 2:25am | IP Logged
aawww this is so adorable and thanks for the pm :D

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..nams.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 2:34am | IP Logged
OMG OMG DIS IS AWSUM!!!!! kria climbing up thru balcony OMG I LOVED DIS SOOO MUCH!!! i cnt say in words how much i loved dis! i cud imagine every scene! haye haye maar dala!!!!!

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preeti_kreya Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 3:32am | IP Logged
Awesum update Clap krion part was supeb.. Kriyansh on beach Wink loved it.. Jaldi jaldi update karna plz nd pm karna. Thanks 4 pm

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_SenbonZakura_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 3:33am | IP Logged
i loved loved loved KrIon... i sooo want something like dis in D3!!! i loved it completely!!! awesome awesome awesome!!! 

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