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Kuch megic SS updated NOTE page47 (Page 30)

lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2012 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nams_arsha

Updt faster plzzz
nams likh hi rahi hoon ya.. wil update soon.. tabtak keep dreaming!!! Day DreamingDay Dreaming

apurva100 IF-Rockerz

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update fast plz...zzz
..nams.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 1:45am | IP Logged
3 din se  lik rhi ho??? dear il b inactive fr sum days! bt haan i cnt log in bt i cn do read it! so pm me not to forget so dat wen i cum bac i review all at once !! :) :)

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
heyy m so sosrry Nams... i m tied up wid so many deadlines this week so i couldn't complete ya.. 
m so sorry!!!
i guess i'll update tomorrow... please bear wid me!!
and best of luck for your exams!!! 
lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 5:50am | IP Logged
hey guys so sorry for updating late.. 
i was tied up with too many things and upar se ye h bloody mind block.. i have tried my best to take the story further..i will be ending this ss soon..The new year party will be the last part... So please read this part and review.. happy Reading Smile Smile Smile


No one of them ever thought that this year end will brought a beautiful beginning in their life. They were so lost in their own worlds. All of them came back to their senses when the Rey's driver reached there with the car. Rey took the keys from the driver,

"Reyaansh baba, aap aaj raat yahi rook jaiye, rasta bohat kharab hain, gadi chala ke jana khatre se khali nahi hain.."

"Ramu kaka, you don't worry, aur yaha kaha rahenge hum.. yaha kitni thand bhi hain.. hum thoda aage jayenge waha par koi hotel mil jaye tho waha ruk jayenge..."

"jaise aapki marji, par aap khayala rakhiye."

"Chalo ab hum chalte hain.. Aap yeh gadi leke chale jana.. okay.."

Driver took the smaller car and went. All of them settled in the car. Viha on the back seats, swaron in the middle row and kriyaansh on front seats. They were feeling happy as finally they were moving to Goa.

Vicky: Kriyaansh tum log tho bade chhupe rustam nikale.. 
everybody: kriyaansh!!!
vicky: kriya and reyaansh equals to kriyaansh. Kriya and Rey blushed.

Vicky: Aur rey sale apne chuddy buddy se itni badi baat chhupayi. 
Rey: arre vicky aisa kuch nahi hain hum bass batane hi vale  the tum logon ko.. aur tu tho kuch bol hi mat... mujjse bhi pehle ye baat tuze pata chali thi..
Vicky: ha yeh bhi right hain
Neha: babu this is very bad u not telling neha..
Sharom: hey guys dnt get personal ya... aur waise bhi pata tho chal gaya na ab so chill...
Rey: sharon bass tumhi meri best frnd ho...
Sharon: ha ha isiliye tumne mujhe bhi nahi bataya...
everybody laughed.. while kriyaansh were so embarrased... they were just blushing..
swayam was happy looking at sharon.. how she was getting involved into the chat abt kriyyaansh.. he thought again he is falling for him.. but he controlled himself

They were chitchatting about so many things.. their joys were spread in the air.. the ride between the mountain was adding fun to their chit chat.. It was a fun roller coaster..

"Guys ek baat tho main batana bhul hi gaya"

"Aur bhi kuch bhul gaya.. tu majanu se ghajanu kab bana gaya be"


"he means ghajni.."Swayam


"Arre guys... woh ramu kaka ne mujhe kaha tha ki rastaa bohat khrab hain aage tho hume aaj raat kahi pe rukna hoga.."

"but hum log kaha rukenge?"Sharon asked

"kriya, tumhe pe koi hotel hoga?"

"hotel yahape? Noppzz.. ha but ek cottage hain waha pe ja sakte hain hummm"

"Wow cottage.."

"cool. Tum rasta batao hum wahi chalte hain.."

Kriya guides the way and they reached near a cottage. When everybody stepped out of the car everyone was amazed with the view. 

There was a beautiful small shack with spacious veranda. All of them were checking it inside out. The spacious veranda was like a special treat. Sitting on the swing with your partner in a snowy night was a dream come true. They were all amazed by the beauty of the place. There was only one person sitting on the reception who was available there. They asked him for the rooms. There were only two rooms available. They booked the rooms and told the girls to accommodate in one room and they went to another room. The rooms were nice but the view outside was totally amazing. They were staying in adjacent rooms and both the rooms were having a common balcony. Rey was standing in the balcony wiping his hair. He was thinking

'how unreal it it.. baatcutter.. baatcutter mujhe apne frind se kuch jyada samjhati hain.. ye mera sapna tho nahi hain na..'

"bilkul nahi yes sab sach hain" Kriya came from behind.

"what?" Rey asked her.

"yahi ke ye koi sapna nahi hain"

"kahi ye sach mein sapna tho nahi hain.. isse kaise pata chala ki main yehi soch raha hoon"

"Maine kaha nahi yeh sab sach hain sapna nahi.. aur agar aap mere man ki baat jaan sakte hain tho main bhi tho jaan sakti hoon na.. itna tho connection banata hain"

"ahh" he still can't believe that baatcutter really reading his mind. He looked into her eyes.

She looked at him... his eyes.. his wet hair.. she felt an strong urge to touch his wet hair.. he was still lost in her eyes. She brought her hand close to his face... and ran her fingers on his hair displacing some of the water drops.. and the  very next second she ran away from there.. but he was still frozen there.. He blushed and went behind her.. she was running from her room to the living room of the cottage to the entrance and finally ended up at the veranda... she stopped at one of the pole and stood against it.. gasping for air..she closed eyes to preserve the beautiful moment that she just had.. She was breathing heavily.. but a smile that could make him go crazy was spread along her lips...with blushing cheeks.. she sensed as if he was watching her.. she opened her eyes to see him but she didn't find him... she smiled at herself to always sensing him around her. She turned back to go inside and bumped into him.. he was standing next behind her.. their bodies were inches apart from each other.. they were looking into each other's eyes finding the love and affection that they both possess for each other...

Suddenly Vicky and Neha came out of the cottage..  they looked at Rey and Kriya who were still frozen in their positions.. both of them looked at each other..

"Ahem ahem" Vicky.

Their eyes unlocked and they turned to see Neha and Vicky. Both of them moved away from each other feeling embarrassed. Kriya went away...

"woaah guya tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho?"Rey

"wahi jo tum dono kar rahe the.." Vicky

"hum...hummm kya kar rahe the.. kuch bhi tho nahi.."Rey

"Neha and Vicky not seeing.." Neha

Rey scratched his head raising eyebrows. He was looking like cute kid who has caught stilling his favourite chocolates. Neha pulled his cheeks in a teasing while Vicky was checking his own cheeks. Neha watched him doing so. She pulled his cheeks too.. and their look look started.

"Guys mere paas ek plan hain.. hum bon fire karte hain aur kuch game bhi khelte hain.. wat say?" Rey

"Neha liking this idea.. parr bon fire kaise karenge?"

"Woh main room boy se kehke manage kar leta hoon tum log Sharon aur Swayam ko bhi bulao.."

In a while he arranged for the bon fire in the front yard of the cottage. They all went and sat around it. Neha and Vicky sat together. Kriya was sitting next to Vicky then Sharon and Swayam. Rey came in the last and sat opposite to Kriya so that he can look at her all the while. She was chitchatting around wid all of them. Her face was lightening up by the fire in front of her making her face even prettier. The cool breeze around was blowing her hair. He was staring her as if he had never seen her before. She sensed his eyes on her and tried to hide her face behind the flames of the bon fire. His eyes were trying to chase her. As soon as he turned to see her she quickly moved her face to the other side. Their cute hide and seek game broke again by Vicky.

"Guys, kounsa game khelna hain?" Vicky asked.

"Antakshari!"Neha said.

"Jo babu kahe." Vicky confirmed.

"Nahi ya Neha hum dumb shears khelte hain!"

"ha ha hum dumb shears khelte hain..." Rey took side of his baatcutter.

"Nahi babu ne kaha na antakshari.. tho hum antakshari hi khelenge"

"nahi hum dumb shears khelenge"


"dumb sheras"

Neha and Kriya giggled on their fight. They were fighting like kids.

"Shut uppp guys.. tum dono ko gf kya mil gayi main exist karti ho yeh bhi bhul gaye..

Na tho hum antakshari khelenge nahi hum dumb sheras khelenge .. hum wohi game khelenge jo main kahungi okay.."

They both of them nodded. They didn't have choice then. Swayam smiled at them thinking fass gaye beachare!!! Rey and Vicky made a faces at him.

"Two teams banege.. first team will start with a song.. and the second team will catch a word from it and they need to sing a song that has the same's a simple.. but it will be fun guys .. Teams bhi man hi decide karungi.. okay.. Neha Rey and Me in one team and Kriya, Vicky and ..." she looked at him "and him will be in one team.. soo... let's start.."

"but start kaun karega..?" Kriya..

"babu woh bottle spin kardo ... jiske taraf bottle indicating woh starting..."

Vicky did spin the bottle and it stopped on Kriya.. Everybody looked at her...

"Hey Kriya chalo tumhara turn"

"kaunsa gana gau.."

"Sing a song that you will dedicate to him... "

Rey was amazed how Sharon was teasing her and she was blushing.

"no no.."Kriya. He made an expression asking her. She nodded in disagreement. He pouted.

Everybody started cheering  her

"Ab tho tumhe gaana hi padega" Swayam.

"okay ..." She said looking at him. He ignored her looking away.

"Rey.." as she called him he turned to see her and his expressions were like what is she upto? His heart started beating fast... he thought "yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain bass song hi tho ga rahi hain!!"

"Rey, this one is for you..."

And She sang "tu hai tho tedhi medhi..." from dostaana.  (the same song which she sang in Shivam's party... sorry but couldn't get anything better than this.. it suits the situation perfectly.. Because, though they are more than a friend but they haven't confronted their love to each other.. so the real feeling towards each other hasn't yet come out..)

As she started singing the song a cute smile spread across his lips. Though it was just a song he felt that she meant each and every word of it... everybody was teasing them but they were lost in their world Neha picked up a word and started singing

The game continued... Sharon's team was singing a song – Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehte ho...

She looked into Swayam's eyes... as if to find something which was lost... he looked her back and started singing..

Jindagi Do Pal Ki -
Intejaar Kab Tak Hum Karenge Bhala
Tumhe Pyaar Kab Tak Na Karenge Bhala
Jindagi Do Pal Ki

Dil Mein Tumhaari Chhupa Di Hai Maine Toh Apani Yeh Jaan
Abb Tumhi Isako Sambhaalo Hamein Apana Hosh Kahaan
Bekhudi Do Pal Ki, Jindagi Do Pal Ki
Intejaar Kab Tak Hum Karenge Bhala
Tumhe Pyaar Kab Tak Na Karenge Bhala...

She could only see pain in his eyes and the thing fact which was giving her more pain was that she was responsible for that.. She tried not to think about these things.. she was saying herself that stop thinking about it Sharon... she came back to senses when Kriya tickled her..

They were out of songs... and it was their turn to catch up word Sharon looked at Swayam and started singing

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal, Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha
Jaane Kaisi Kashish Hai, Jaane Kaisi Khalish Hai
Kyun Yeh Saans Thami Hai, Aankhon Mein Kyun Nami Hai
Hai Dosthi Humko Yakeen Tha, Hai Yeh Dosti Aur Kuch Bhi Nahin Tha
Hai Kaisa Dard Naya Sa Kyun Dil Lagtha Toota Toota Sa
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise To Meine Na Jaana
Yeh Pyar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise To Meine Na Jaana
Yeh Pyar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Ooo Hothi Thi Tujh Se Saka Har Din Ki
Teri Dopehar Se Shyam Ki Dhun Thi
Hothi Thi Raathein Teri Baathon Mein Khoye
Tere Khayalon Mein Jaage Aur Soye
Tu Jo Nahin To Kya Raha

Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Jaane Tu Mera Kya Tha
Tu Hi Mera Har Pal, Tu Hi Har Lamha Tha
Jaane Kaisi Kashish Hai, Jaane Kaisi Khalish Hai
Kyun Yeh Saans Thami Hai, Aankhon Mein Kyun Nami Hai
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise To Meine Na Jaana
Yeh Pyar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Jaana Dil Jaana Kaise To Meine Na Jaana
Yeh Pyar Yahin Hai, Yeh Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

She was singing the song looking into his eyes.. she didn't blinked her eyes at all... everybody was looking at her... everything around seem to be stopped... tears were rolling down her cheeks.. He didn't even looked at her... He tried his best to be strong but he couldn't... his eyes were getting moist..As the song ended they came back to their senses... Sharon couldn't stop herself and she ran inside the cottage... Swayam was looking away trying to hide his tears... he excused himself and he too went inside... suddenly the fun filled environment changed to a bitter one.. all four of them looked at each other..

"Rey hume andar jana chahiye.." Kriya..

"Kriya, mujhe lagta hain hume unhe thodi der ke liye akele chhod dena chahiye.."Rey.

"right you are Rey.."Neha

"ya.. i am sure jald hi unke beech ki problems khatm ho jayengi.." Viky

"ha mujhe bhi yahi lagta hain.. aaj pehli baar maine Sharon ko aise dekha hain.."Rey.

"Tho hum yaha kya karenge?" Kriya.

"babu but m sleepy"Neha.

"but hume thodi der yahi rukna padge bahar thodi der ke baad hum andar chale jayenge..."Rey said looking at Neha.

"Rey u don't worry, I 'll manage" Vicky.

And he held Neha's hand and took her to the swing near the cottage. He made her sleep on the swing and stood there close to her. Neha was watching a new layer of his personality which she hadn't seen before. How caring he was towards her...

"babu, tumhe neend nahi aarahi hain"

"Shhh... mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hain.. aura b tum so jao.. tumhe neend aa rahi thi na."

"but ab sleep went"

"how it went?"


"Achcha chalo ab so jao warna tumhari badi badi aankhon ke neeche bade bade dark circles aa jayenge.." And he closed her eyes.. as he touched her eyes she felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach... he kept his hand on her for head staring her.. She took his hand in hers and and embraced it.. he felt the time should stop then and there preserving those beautiful moments.. Both fast asleep Neha lying on the swing and Vicky standing near her...

Sharon went inside the girls room and locked herself in a room... cursing herself for not controlling her emotions.. She burst into crying... Swayam went to the balcony in their room.  He heard her crying and couldn't stop himself from going towards her. He went inside.. she was lying on the bed..

"Sharon, are you allright?"

"Tumm? Kyun aaye ho tum yaha?"

"Sharon main bass?"

"Tumhe kya farq padata hain agar main roti ho tho? Tumm tumm chale jao yaha se"

"ok fine" he said in anger. And he turned around to go.

She quickly went behind him hugged him from behind. She uttered something but he couldn't hear her. He was so shocked by her action. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He could feel her breath against his back.. for the first time she hugged him so tightly.." her tears were flowing continuously.. Some minutes passed like that.. Neither she moved herself a bit nor she let him move a bit...

"Sharon.." he was trying to broke her hug..

"I hate you Swayam, I hate you but i don't know why i could not let you go.. i want you.. I want you around me everytime.. and you know why i hate you like hell cause you always make me feel that you know me better than me.. I don't know what i feel about you.. but i know one thing tum mujhe bohat affect karte ho Swayam" She said it all not looking into his eyes.. She felt she might lose herself looking into them.. He turned back and held her by her shoulders,

"I want you Swayam.. I want you always with me..." he couldn't say anything.. but his tears were speaking volumes... his feelings.. His love towards her.. They said it all. He hugged her tightly...

As Vicky and Neha went Rey came and sat next to kriya. Kriya looked away smiling at herself.. It was so cold there.. the bonfire was turned into ashes only...

"so... tumhe neend nahi aa rahi baatcutter"


An awkward silence... both of them didn't know what to say... they looked at each other and smiled... Finally, Rey broke the silence looking at the moon in the sky,

"waise its true.. dehradun is so beautiful..."

"shehar kiska hain?" she said excitingly.

"ha isliye tho itna khoobsurat hain" He said looking at her dreamily.

She felt her blood rushing to her cheeks making them deep red...

"umm aapko neend nahi aarahi?"

"Ab tum mujhe aisehi dekhti rahogi tho mujhe neend kaise aayegi baatcutter"

She looked away and blushed again.

He turned her face towards him, she was looking down

"maine aisa tho nahi kaha tha ki tum meri taraf mat dekho." She slowly lifted her lashes up... her face was inches apart from his... both of them looking into each other's eyes.. A cool breeze of wind passed between them making both of them shiever... Kriya had wrapped a shawl around her.. But Rey wasn't wearing any warm clothes.. She looked at him..

"aap ka jacket kaha gaya..?" She asked him in concern.

"woh tho main room mein hi bhul gaya"

"Rey aap bhi na ekdum bhulakkad ho"

"bhulakkad what that? But jo bhi hain bohat cute hain!!" he said looking at her.

She unwrapped her shawl from one side and went closer him. She wrapped the other end of the shawl around him. He was so amazed at her action. He remembered her words

"main aap pe trust kar sakti hoon Rey."

She kept her head on his shoulders.. he too kept his head on hers...  they didn't know when did they fast asleep.

The beautiful night left them all with lots of unforgettable memories. The night ended making a place for new wonderful beginning.



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wooww...superb update prerna...luvd the new development in everyone's relationship...


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yay..i read it before i got the pm..:P...but thaaanks a was truly majical...i loved the way how vicky cared for neha and kria for rey...swaron are also getting closer...update soon..can't wait for their goa trip...Day Dreaming

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That was amazing.
I m speechles.
Plz update the next part soon. I can't wait.

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