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Kuch megic SS updated NOTE page47 (Page 24)

lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IndianBollywood

this sounds really stupid but what does ss and ff and os mean because I'm kinda new to india forums and i started seeing things like ff and i started reading it and started loving them but I've got no idea what it means
ps i absolutely love this and i think its amazing and i think you should carry on writing this type of thing and you have explained it so well that i have got one of the best images in my head and  when you update please can you pm me thanks :D

hey buddy thanks for the comment!!! even i didn't knew earlier what was ff, os and ss when i was newbie!! 
OS is one shot, SS is short story and FF is fan fiction... I hope all your doubts are clear now...
n will surely pm you next time!!! stay tuned!!!

-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
loved it. thnx for the pm
lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kriyansh24

loved it. thnx for the pm

thanks Smile
kritzzz_ArSha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
When will you update??
lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kritzzz

When will you update??

heyyy sorry ya!!
i 'll update by today evening!! still working on it!!
lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 3:18am | IP Logged

Here it is the next part. Enjoyyy!!!


She broke the hug and said,

"Rey, bohat der ho gayi hain hume ab chalna chahiye hum sabko kya kahenege?"

"Ha chalo & dunn worry about everyone. Wohhh main tho tumhe batana hi bhul gaya?"


"Baatcutter tum jabhi saamne aati hoon sab bhul jata hoon" he said cutely.

"yeh baat batana chahte the?"

"Arre nahi budhdhu.. I wanted to tell you that, now Sharon also knows about us"

"What?" she said shockingly.

"Isse pehle ki tum hyper ho jao yeh bhi soon lo ki usse humare relation se koi problem nahi hain"

"kya?" she was still in shock. And he was staring her dreamily.

"Kya sachchi?" she asked.

"Ha sachchi muchchi baba."

"Par use kaise pata chala?"

He told her about everything.

" Aur ab chalo nahi tho tumhare ye alag alag expressions mujhe yahi pe snowman bana denge." With his words both of them giggled and started walking.

After a while they suddenly stopped giggling for no reason. The giggle was changed now to an awkward silence. Both of them were looking at each other and smiling for no reason. They were walking along the river. They were looking at the moon and walking towards the car. Rey brought his hand near hers, and started playing with his fingers. His fingers were dancing with hers sending butterflies all the way to her body. He looked at her to see her blushing. She locked his baby finger with his looking at other side. He was smiling with his pink blushing cheeks. They were about to reach near the dhaba when she looked at him. He understood that she didn't want to expose their relation to everyone. So he took his finger away slowly.

Sharon wiped her tears.. and turned off the music.. she rested her head on the glass of the window… thinking about him.. Why his words affect me so much.. why those words made me go so weak.. use faraq na padne se mujhe itna faraq kyun pad raha hain? Ohhh gosh!!!  She was unaware about what was happening outside the car… she was lost deep in her thoughts… suddenely something tickled the car's glass window which broke her thought chain.. she looked at the window.. The glass had become all moist because of the snow.. and a piece of snow tickled the glass again.. She opened the door, the sudden snow fall brought a smile on her face…somehow she forget about every confusion and came out of the car to see Swayam standing near the Dhaba's fence.. She looked at him. His back was facing her. Her smile disappeared in seconds as she saw his bleeding hand. She went near him quickly and took his bleeding hand in hers..

"Swayam, yeh sab?"

He was unaware of his bleeding hand as he was also lost in his thoughts. That pain indeed was nothing in front of the pain which Sharon gave him. He looked at her concern but he didn't lose his control and took his hand away.

"I'll manage! You don't worry."Swayam said with a neutral expression on his face.

"Swayam kitni chot lagi hain tumhe!! Au.. Aur tum…"

"Maine kaha na I'll manage"

"Jyada hero banana ki koshish mat karo samjhe!! Ek tho itni chhot lagi hain tumhe aur upar se yaha itni thand hain!! Aur yaha pe first aid bhi available nahi hoga? Tum chalo car me!!"

"Mujhe kahi jane ki jaroorat nahi hain. Chhoti si chhot hain thik ho jayegi !! Aur tum itni concern kyun ho??"he said looking into her eyes.

"Swayam, yeh sab batein karne ke liye humare paas bohat time hain.. okay." She dragged him inside the car and started wiping the blood with tissue paper. He again took his hand away.. Now she couldn't stop herself and screamed at him.

"Swayam, jyadaa oversmart banane ki koshish mat karo tum. Just because humara chapter close ho chukka iska yeh matlab nahi hota ki main tumhari care bhi nahi kar sakti.. itni inhuman samjhate ho tum mujhe…" He couldn't say anything.. She took his hand in hers and again started wiping the blood.. then she bind her handkerchief on his wound… he was looking at her..her eyes.. her concern for him was melting him.. As she finished doing the first aid she looked back at him..

"Thanks." He said in a low, "and I am sorry. Mujhe tumse aise baat nahi karni chahiye thi" and he started moving outside the car. He left the car. She followed him. He remembered about his plan of date with her, the moonlit sky, the snow fall everything was so perfect except the things between them. He looked at her. She was shivering with cold. He removed his jacket and offered her. She looked into his eyes. He was expecting her denial but instead she took it from him. While taking the jacket her hand slightly touched with his. They both looked at each other remembering their memories earlier (RDX party romance). She took the jacket and covered herself. He stood there taking the support of the fence while she rested her back on the car. He sensed her eyes on him, he looked back. Their eyes were locked into each other. There were so many people enjoying the snowfall. Their eyelock was broken by a couple passing between them. The guy's hand was around the gals shoulders protecting her from the cold. They both looked at him and then at each other. Sharon took away her eyes as she felt so uncomfortable. He went near the car.

"Sharon tum andar jao pata nahi inn logo ko kitna time lagega(they were unaware about Kriyaansh)?"

"TUm bhi andar chalo yaha khade reh ke kya karoge?"

"nahi tum jao main yaha wait karta hoon"

"nahin mujhe yahi khade rehna hain" She said.

"Ok fine khadi rahi yahi thand mein"Saying that he went inside the car.

She stood there for while but the cold was unbearable. She also moved inside. He was sitting on the back sit. She also sat beside him.  He was listening to his ipod. He did realize that she entered but didn't bother and kept his eyes closed. She looked at him and assumed that he was sleeping. She also rested her back against the car seat and closed her eyes. After food Viha were coming out of the dhaba when the snowfall started. They too enjoyed the snowfall in their filmy style…DDLJ style… Neha wanted to dance in the snow… and Vicky was worried that she might fall ill. So he was not letting her go in the snow… So Neha started singing the song Jaraasa jhoom loo mein from DDLJ. Vicky lifted her up above the ground when the song ended. Neha was sharmaofying while Vicky was admiring her sharmaofy mode. Both were lost in each other's filminess. Vicky took her to the car lifting her in his arms.

"Deewani ab main yeh car ka door kaise kholunga mere haath tho bisy hain" Vicky asked her.

"Not worrying babu. Neha opens the door for you"

She opened the door to see Sharon sleeping on Swayam's shoulder and Swayam's head on her. Neha closed the door slowly.

"Deewani kya hua?"

"Kuch nahi deewane, do dil mil rahe hain?" She whispered.


"Arre Sharon sleeping on Swayam's shoulder"

"woaah yeh kaise hua?"

"Neha not knowing but jo bhi ho raha achhcha hain so why worry?"

"Ha deewani hume unhe disturb nahi karna chahiye hum bahar hi snowfall enjoy karte hain"

"So sweet babu…" Vicky putted her down and they started enjoying the snowfall.

It was almost two hours but rey's driver didn't yet show up. And nobody there was bothered as they all were into their own worlds. Suddenly Sharon woke up. She was feeling warm in his arms.  She realized that was Swayam. She slowly moved away not disturbing him. But he woke as soon as she moved. She looked back, their eyes met. Sharon quickly made her way out feeling uncomfortable. He was still looking at her. Viha were at the other side of the car so Sharon felt that nobody had seen them.

She saw Kriya and Rey coming to the car. She smiled at them seeing both of them together. They both looked at her and then at each other.

"Kriya, tumhe humara mission yaad hain na jo Karan sir ne hume diya tha.."

"ha Rey, usko kaise bhul sakti hoon.. hum unn dodno ko jarur milayenge.."

They both smiled at each other and went to Sharon.

"Tum log kaha the ha?" Sharon said teasing them. Both were blushing so hard.

"Arre hum wo yahi pe the!! Walk pe gaye the…Where is Swayam?"

She pointed inside the car.

"But Rey tumhara driver aaj aayega bhi ki nahi!"

"wooahhh main tho bhul hi gaya tha!! Sab tumhari galti hain baatcutter." She excused herself from there and went to Neha. Sharon stared at her till she disappeared from the sight.

"Rey what happened? Why you guys are blushing so hard? You told her about your feelings o wat?"

"not exactly but kuch aisa hi samajh lo.."

"Awww m so happy for you guys!!" saying that she gave him a side hug.

Rey called his driver who said that he will take couple of hours because of the snow fall the roads have become sleepery and all the vehicles are moving slow. Rey felt happy that they will get to spend some more time in snow and especially with his baatcutter. He opened the car door and told Swayam to come out.

Vicky and Neha were enjoying the snowfall. When NEha saw Kriya coming to her she quickly ran to her.

"Kriya, neha wanting to tell very important baat tumko."

"Kya hua?"

"Arre Neha watched Swayam and Sharon sleeping touching their heads."


"Neha thinking shayad un donno ke dil mil rahe hain?"

"Kya sachchi?" Kriya asked excitingly.

"Arre ha Kriya kitne pyaar se ek dusre ke shoulder pe so rahe the dono."

"Yeh tho bohat achchi baat hain Neha... sabke dil mill gayye"

"Sabke means?"

"kuch nahi" She bite her tongue realizing what she did say.

"Kriya, Neha sab knowing"

"kya?" She tried to hide her face.

"Kriya, kaha thi tum? Rey ke saath thi na bolo?"

"wo .. wo … main.."

"Dekho not lying to Neha. Neha sab jaanti hain.. Vicky told Neha Rey aur tum.."

"Kya Vicky ko bhi pata hain?"

"Means sachchi mein!"

"Neha wo main!!"

"Neha is very angry on you. You didn't tell neha. Vicky ne tho mujhe sirf itna kaha tha ki Rey tujhe like karta tha… par yeh pyaar ki batein Neha se chhupati nahi hain.."

"Neha, I am so sorry.. pata nahi chala NEha ki yeh sab kaise ho gaya… Matlab kuchh hi din pehle tho hum dost banne the… aur pata nahi chala ki kab itne paas aa gaye.. mujhe bhi tho abhi pata chala ki hum dost se kuch jyada ho gaye hain.. but Neha"

"Kriya, Neha is very happy for you and rey!! Kya Jodi hain tum logo ki! Neha bohat khush hain.. and don't worry Neha will not telling everyone… this is Neha's secret.. " Both giggled and hugged.

"but kriya babu ko tho batana padega!! Neha don't lie to Vicky!!"

"Its ok Neha!! Waise Vicky tho rey ka frinde hi hain… mujhe koi problem nahi hain agar use pata chale tho. Waise bhi ab Sharon ko bhi pata chal gaya hain.. …" they again hugged.  Sharon was watching them from a distance. Kriya's glowing face, her excitement, her blushing cheeks made her think

"What has made her eyes shine this bright!! What has made her face glow this much! What has made her cheeks so red!! Why her joys are flowing and glowing in every possible way.. through her eyes.. her face.. her laughter.. Is it being loved by someone makes you this beautiful!! Is it makes you feel so special!! Special??? Didn't he make you feel special Sharon! All those gifts which you have still preserved!! He always made you feel special Sharon.. but just because you didn't want him you called him a desperate stalker!! HE always loved you Sharon but you always gave him rejection… He always kept your words.. he always kept your words as his command but What you gave him Sharon? Only pain? And Now, that he had changed himself, you want him to do what he used to do!! He was right Sharon he was not your puppet but still he did every possible thing to make you feel special! You don't want him right? Then you do you care when he is not around? Why you always want him to see you?? Why his ignorance hurt you so much?? Why his presence matters you Sharon? Do I really feel for him!"

Suddenly she felt someone was pulling her. It was Kriya, she was pulling her to enjoy the snowfall with them. She didn't want to go but Kriya didn't bother she pulled her along.

"Rey, tera driver hain kaha? We need to move asap ya!!"

"Arre ha!! Usko aur late honewala hain! Snowfall ke wajah se roads sleeper ho gaye hain!!"

"Matlab ab aur late honewala hain? " he asked irritatingly.

"Arre ha don't worry tab tak hum snowfall enjoy karte hain na!!" and he pulled him along.

Gals were having fun in the snow. (Remember guys waterfight after kabbaddi.. same sequence with snow) Boys joined them too. Rey went behind Kriya and stood there watching her kiddish dance with snow. She wasn't aware that Rey was behind her, she was all lost into her snow dancing. She spread her hand to catch the snow and was turning around herself when she collided with him. Their eyes meet and world around them stopped fro them. His hand went to her waist to pull her closer with her hands still spread. He looked at her face and then at her hand. The snow was touching her hand and passing away. He turned her to face the other side. He cupped her hand bringing it closer to her body. She looked at his hand which was holding hers from beneath. He slowly started pouring the snow into her hand. The snow particles which were getting filled in her hands sent so many butterflies throughout her body. He was pouring those snow particles into her hand as if to say that he will always fill her world with his love and all the joys in the world. She was so touched with his action. She turned her right to see him. His face was next to hers over her shoulder. They looked deep into each others eyes. His eyes were promising her the rest of her life full of joys. Their eyes were locked into each other speaking volumes. Suddenly Vicky came and waved hand in front of their eyes. Their eye lock broke. They came back into their senses. They sensed every eye was on them. Vicky raised his eyebrow questioning them. Both of them looked at each other. Rey was about to say something when Neha tapped Vicky from behind. She signed him that she'll explain.. And the song started in background with Neha's lip sync. (This is little difficult but I'll try to explain you how Neha told Vicky about Kriyaansh)

hulcul Huyi

(Neha waved in front of rey's eyes.)

Zara Shor Huwa,

(She went behind and pushed Kriya lightly)

Dil Chor Huwa

(She pointed towards Kriya)

Teri Or Huwa

(And then at Rey)
Aisi Chale Jab Hawa,

(She started walking around Kriyaansh pointing towards hawa)

Ishq Huwa Hi Huwa

(Kriya and rey were standing next to each other, Neha came from behind and stood between them)
Ishq Huwa Haaye

(she approached her hand towards Vicky.. Vicky took her hand in his and they started dancing to the tune)

Swayam and Sharon were standing in front of each other. They were watching all this. They looked at each other. Swayam's eyes were asking her why can't this happen between us. Her eyes were saying even I want to do the same but..

Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Raah Nikalati Hai
Gujare Na Wahaan Se Yeh Teri Galati Hai
Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Raah Nikalati Hai

(imagine these lines on Swaron enacting them with their eyes.)
Rehte Hain Abb Hum Wahaan, Ishq Huwa Hi Huwa

(Rey held Kriya by her waist and they started moving to the tune)

Ishq Huwa

(Kriya started moving away from Rey out of shy and collide with Sharon whose back was facing her both were about to fall)
Kadmo Ko Sambhaalein, Nazaron Ka Kya Karein

(rey catches Kriya holding her by waist and Swayam catches Sharon by her shoulders)
Nazron Ko Sambhaalein, To Dil Ka Kya Karein

Kadmo Ko Sambhaalein, Nazaron Ka Kya Karein

(Rey raised his eyebrow and pointed toward his dil saying how could he take his eyes off her. Swayam made her stand and Sharon looked into her eyes as if to say how long I would hide this from you)

Dil Ko Sambhalein Zubaan, Ishq Huwa Hi Huwa

(Kriya went close to him and caressed his face with her fingers)
Aisi Chale Jab Hawa, Ishq Huwa Hi Huwa

(Rey pulled her more closer and took her into his arms)

The entire world was stopped for them. All of them were indulged in their own worlds. For VIha it was the next step of their love life as they were getting some quality time to spend. For kRiyaansh it was the beginning of their beautiful love life. And for Swaron it was beginning of the realization. All of them were at different points but still were tied together  with one common thing and that was LOVE.

Hey guys this is all for today!! letme know if you liked it or not!! If you liked it then dont forget to hit the lyk button and comment!! N long comments are always welcomed. Thankew for reading! Stay tuned for the next update!!

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-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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speechless. loved it.

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Originally posted by kriyansh24

speechless. loved it.

awww thankewww!!! Embarrassed

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