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Kuch megic SS updated NOTE page47 (Page 20)

Hot.Pink.Heels IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
tht was great...plz pm me next time u update :)

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TheBlueAngel Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 1:09am | IP Logged
sweet update..i love hw dey all care 4 each ozer...
dunno y bt am glad dat Sharon cme 2 knw abt Kriyaansh..
i jst hpe dat soon Kria n Sharon bcmes frnds

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Amti4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Pls do pm me... its awesome

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sukanyaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
when r u coming back wih ur awesome update again????
plzzz come up with it sooonnn...
lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
@ sukanyaa:
hey m so sorry yar.. i was so bisy on weekend so I couldnt write... 
But i have started now... so it will reach you soon... dunn worry..  Wink

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sukanyaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovekriyaansh

@ sukanyaa:
hey m so sorry yar.. i was so bisy on weekend so I couldnt write... 
But i have started now... so it will reach you soon... dunn worry..  Wink

will wait fr it...

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Hey guys here it is the next part.. i know i am almost 24 hrs late.. sorry for that... but enjoy this one... 
A snowy kriyanshilicious treat for you guys!!! Enjoyyy and leave long comments as they meant a lot to me...

lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 6:15am | IP Logged


It was beginning of their beautiful journey indeed a memorable one. All of them were wondering how they end up till there. No one could have imagined some days before that all 6 of them would end up being together for such a strange reason.

Rey arranged for the bigger car. His driver was going to drop the car in an hour so; they decided to have some food as all of them were hungry. Kria and Neha took them to a dhaba nearby. Sharon didn't had anything there as it was a local dhaba over there instead she pulled Rey aside. Rey was completely scared as he knew why she had pulled him aside. Swayam made an expression "mar gaye".

Kriya was confused to see Sharon, rey and now Swayam's expression. She didn't understand anything.

"Rey, yeh sab kya chal raha hain?"Sharon asked.

"Kya chal raha hain matlab? What Sharon maine subah se kuch nahi khaya tho ab kha raha tha"

"Rey, don't even try to change the topic. Tell me, whats between you and her?"Sharon asked angrily.

"Me and whom?" He didn't know what to reply he just questioned her back instead.

They were standing at some distance from the rest of the gang.

"Rey tum achchi tarah se jante hoon main kiske bare me baat kar rahi hoon" saying this she stared at kriya. Kriya didn't understand what these guys are talking. She was feeling so uncomfortable. Rey noticed her having glance at Kriya, he was so scared to tell her about Kriya. But then he thought let's just get over with it. He looked at kriya as if he was collecting courage to face Sharon from her. Kriya gave a weak smile as she was confused what was going on between them.

"Sharon, I never told you this. I am so sorry. I couldn't tell you because you hate her." Saying this he turned to the other side. "Believe me Sharon I always wanted to share this with you. But I couldn't. I feel for her Sharon, and she also feels for me. We have something more than friendship between us."

She didn't say anything. Rey felt this silence might kill him dead. He turned to see her in tears.

"Hey Sharon, I don't wanted to hurt you."

"I didn't expect this from you Rey." She wiped her tears and put her hand on his shoulder.

"But I am really happy for you and her. I mean Rey, you have found your gal and she is perfect for you."

Rey was stunned by her reaction. He thought did she really say what I heard.

"Sharon tum sachchi mein!"

"What do you think Rey, that now I don't hate her. I hate her even more she took my best friend away from me. I hate her lot but that doesn't mean you cannot love her."

Rey couldn't believe that Sharon was saying all that.

"I am really happy for you guys. At least..". She swallowed her words.

"Thank you so much Sharon. I knew that you won't be angry with me for long. You are the bestest frind in the world. I won't hurt you ever in the life. Ab chale mujhe bohat bhukh lagi hain. "

"Hummm. You go. I am waiting in the car."

"Sharon waha akele kaha baithogi?" said Rey. He noticed Swayam was going to car.

"Are you sure you tumhe kuch nahi khana?"Rey asked her. She nodded.

"Ok Sharon tum jao car main jake baitho hum logo khana khake aate hain."Rey.

She went to the car. Swayam was sitting inside the car as he wasn't feeling like having food. She saw him and their staring session started. Few minutes passed like that. Suddenly, a car horn brought them to their senses. Both of them felt uncomfortable. She turned around and was about to close the door. He came out of the car and signed her to go inside the car. She denied and stood outside the car. He moved away to the other side of the car ignoring her. The bunch of local guys were staring Sharon up and down. They started teasing her. She was lost in her thoughts. Rey was my best friend since childhood but he also doesn't know me. He thought I would be angry on him just because I don't like that girl. I was not his guardian to tell him which gal to choose. I thought we were best friends. Why everybody around me misunderstand me. I mean I know I was at my worst with her regarding dance competition and elections. But that was not in personal. Personally I didn't have any problem with her. In fact she was the only gal who I took as a strongest competitor. She is brilliant dancer. For the first time in my life I felt insecure watching her dancing so perfectly. She is just perfect gal for Rey. I am so happy for them. Her thought chain was broken by his hand holding her by her arm. He dragged her inside the car. He made her sit and went outside the car dashing the door hard. She was too scared by his behavior. She was breathing hard. She didn't understand anything. She pulled the glass down and looked outside. He was standing outside the car leaning on the window besides her. She was about ask him why did he behave that way but soon she noticed those local guys teasing her.

"Sharon, are you out of your mind? I was calling you for almost 5 minutes." He screamed at her.

"Sw.. Swayam… am sorry main woh" Sharon was scared with that sudden incident. But she controlled herself.

"Tum mujhse asie baat kyun kar rahe ho ha?… aur tumhe kya farak padta hain koi mujhe tease kare.. kya farak padta hain tumhe?" She screamed at him.

"Tum kabhi nahi samjhogi Sharon! Woohh m sorry tum kyun samjhogi mujhe!! Samajh tho main nahi paya tumhe.. m so sorry ki mujhe laga tum meri baat easily maan jaogi…"

"Swayam tum… tum… you have changed Swyam. You have changed" Sharon said.

"Ha I've changed aur pata hain kis liye?" he stared at her as if he searching for the love she had towards him. But he could only see her tears…

"Chhodo!! tum kya samjhogi?? !!" His words broke her down into pieces. He punched in the air and turn around. She burst into tears. She couldn't control herself, her feelings inside burst into a loud cry. She was seating on the front sit. She turned the music player and increased the volume to the highest. She didn't want anybody to see or hear her like this; in particular she didn't want him to hear her cry. She did let her feelings flow in tears. (The song playing was doorie sahi jaye na by Aatif Aslam)

He tried a lot to ignore her. He too was crying but without tears. Everything was so difficult for him, to ignore her, to let her cry, to hide his feelings and most importantly to hide his tears. He felt like running away from all this. But he was helpless.

Here, ViHa were having food. Neha ordered all her favourite dishes for her deewana. He was just staring at her. Watching her Deewani's excitement was now his favorite activity. Kriya looked at them and felt happy. Rey was sitting next to her.

"Vicky aur Neha kitne acchche  lagte hain na saath mein."

"Hummm" smiled at her. "baatcutter hum bhi saath mein achche hi lagenge" he said to himself.

"Aap ne kuch kaha"

"nahi kuch nahi main keh raha tha ki kyun na hum walk pe chale. Inhe thodi privacy dete hain."

"But Swayam aur Sharon kaha hain? " Kriya asked.

"maine unki privacy…"


"I mean who dono car ke paas honge. Maine swayam ko waha jate hua dekha tho maine Sharon ko bhi car mein bhej diya"  Rey said smiling.

"bade smart ho aap."

"Ab aapki interrogation khatam ho gayi ho tho Challe Miss Dehradun."

"But hum jeyenge kaha?" Kriya asked.

"jaha bhi tum le chalo…" Rey said looking at here dreamily.

"I mean baatcutter.. Shehar tumhara hain aur tumhe mujhe pooch rahi ho.. I know itni raat ko tumhe mujhe Dehardoon nahi ghuma sakti.. but yahi paas main agar koi acchi place ho tho waha kle chalo…"

"paas mein achhci jagah…ha hain na!" She said excitingly!


"jheel ke paas"

"jheel? "

"Aap bass chaliye she dragged him holding his arm."

He looked at her hands which were holding his arm tightly. He was on cloud 9.

Kriya took him behind the Dhaba and after walking some distance there was a small river. A broken bridge was passing over the river. The moonlit sky was making the scenario even more beautiful.  She took him to the bridge and made him sit. Rey was still lost in her. He was unaware that they were sitting on the broken bridge. She removed her sandals and kept aside. He did the same but he was still lost in her. The bridge wasn't at much height so their feet could sense the chilling water down. As soon as Rey sensed the cold water down he came back to senses. He looked down to see the river and was shocked that they were sitting on the broken bridge.

"Kriyaa… yeh tum mujhe kaha leke aayi ho..? "He was scared.

"jheel ke paas" she said innocently.

"Arre par hum ye toote huye bridge pe kyun baithe hain?"

"Rey, aap kitna darte ho.. Dariye mat.. aap bass iss beautiful night ko enjoy kijiye…"

"Tum sachchi main bohat adventurous ho!! Aise kitne toote huye bridge hain tumhare Dehradun mein? "

"Rey, main mere friends ke saath hamesha yaha aati thi… but main iss jhil ko itni raat main kabhi nahi dekh payi.."

"Tho ab tumhari wish poori ho gayi na?"

She nodded.

"Kriya but hum waha se bhi tho jheel ko dekh sakte hain na?" He said pointing towards the other side of the river which was at ground level with stones. "ye toota hua bridge hi kyun?"

"Agar hum iss bridge pe nahi baithe hote tho yeh thand jo humare pairo ko gudgudi kar rahi hain woh kaise ho pata?" she said innocently blinking her eyes. Her gestures were making him fall again and again. He kept on staring her. They were sitting apart from each other leaving some space between them.

"aapko darr lag raha hain?" She asked looking into his eyes.

He didn't say anything. She took his hand in hers. Both smiled at each other. He thought he was the luckiest guy in the world. Holding her hand he moved to close the gap between them. She was looking at the moon and he was staring her. He felt a strong urge to touch her moonlit face. He wanted to preserve the every particle of moon light which was touching her face and making her even more beautiful. She escaped her heart beat as she turned to see him next to her. Their faces were inches apart from each other. The awkward silence between them was speaking volumes about their feelings. Suddenly, a wave of wind passed making her shiver. They both came back to their senses. He removed his jacket and covered her with it. She felt so warm even with his hands around her for some seconds. He noticed her and kept his hand on her shoulder.

"Are you ok with it?" he asked. She just nodded.

"Kriya, can I ask you something". Again she nodded. He thought this is the time when they should speak about the beautiful unspoken feelings between them. 

"Kriya, kya lagta hain tumhe… ye kya hain jo hum feel karte jab hum saath hote hain.. kyun hum kuch kahe bina ek dusre ki baatein samajh lete hain… kyun aisa hota hian ki jabbhi main tumhe haste hue dekhta hoon mujhe lagat hain life kitni haseen hain.. kyun tumhare sad expression ko change karne ke liye main who sab kar jata hoon jo maine pehle kabhi nahi kiya… kyun hum aksar kuchh bolte bolte achanak se chhup ho jate hain.. kyun tum mujhe apne itne paas aane deti ho…"

Some days back, she was also thinking about all these questions. But now, she had herself find out that the special bond they share between them was something more than a friendship. She didn't say anything.

"Kya hua baatcutter? Iss world ki sabse best baatcutter ke pass mere questions ka answer nahi hain?"

"Rey woh.. woh…"

"woh kya?" he held her by her shoulders and moved her to face him. She was still looking down. He lifted her chin up.

"Bolo baatcutter kya tumhe pata hain yeh sab kya hain?" He said moving the hair strands behind her ear.  She didn't lift her lashes up.

"Kriya… meri taraf dekho.."

She slowly lifted her lashes up.. lokking onto her eyes he got the answer for all his question.. but he wanted her to say it.. She took his hand in hers which was holding her chin…she embraced his hand saying "Rey, even I feel the same about you and I know the reason…"

"Tho kya hain reason?" He asked impatiently. She closed her eyes.

"Rey, aap mere liye bohat special ho… yeh sab jo humare beech hain woh bohat special hain.. Friendship se bhi kuch jyada.."Saying this she looked down shyly. Her words filled the megic in the air. The curve of his lips spread as much as it can. His eyes were twinkling like the stars in the sky. He pulled her closer with his arm around her… their faces were centimeters away from each other… they were moving closer with their eyes locked in each other… the distance was decreasing centimeter by centimeter while their heartbeats were running even faster… the eye lock was broken as they both closed their eyes… their lips were millimeters away and suddenly something fell on her lower lip …  he saw, it was particle of snow resting on her lip and melting away… he gently took it away(with his hands… naughty minds!!!).. His touch sent a sensation chilling down her spine…. In no time the snow started falling... both of them felt as if the nature was also celebrating their joys… they started enjoying the snowfall like two little kids… they moved to other side of the river… Kriya was enjoying the snow while Rey was indulged in his baatcutter's innocence.. she was taking turns spreading her arms to catch the snow... He pulled her closer to him by holding her waist… she was shocked but his firm grip around her was pleasing her… both were smiling at each other with their cute blushing cheeks…

"dance?" he asked. She nodded happily. It was celebration of their realization that they share something special between them. How could it be completed without a dance?

He swirled her around and they started dancing. (imagine Kriya was wearing a white anarkali salwar and Rey was in black t-shirt with black jacket…)The song was Shaam hain koi… (This is my personal favorite and this suited the situation here) some twirls.. some turns.. some lifts .. and decreasing spaces between them… those moments were megical for both of them as they were indulged in an beautiful and pleasing experience… in their last move Rey lifted her above the ground in his strong arms.. her hands were around his neck.. he putted her down, without making any gaps between them… he pulled her even closer not letting even air to pass between them. The chilled silence was putting more efforts to get them even more closer.. they were moving further with their eyes closed.. but in a split second she opened her eye as she realized what they were up to… Rey's eyes were still closed... she didn't want to ruin the moment.. she moved further and he opened his eyes.. he was about to say something but she stopped him by putting her finger on his lips. She closed his eyes by her other hand and touched her cheeks with his. Her eyelashes touched his face sending butterflies in his stomach.. He felt his baatcutter could make anything beautiful with her touch.. as she made the moment beautiful by her cuteness. He felt a mere touch of her eyelashes to my cheeks made me so happy, what if she had kissed me on my cheeks. He embraced her in his arms and kissed lightly on her hairs.. She broke the hug with teary eyes.. she was about to say something but his finger found the way of her lips interrupting her.

"I know tum kya kehna chahati ho.. I am so sorry Kriya. I couldn't stop myself. It just happened.. but whatever you did was so special for me. This is the best evening of my life… I just loved it… "

"I trust you Rey. You are way too special for me and I don't want to ruin any moment between us as they are so precious."Kriya said smiling at him. He took her in his arms and embraced her.  

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