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Kuch megic SS updated NOTE page47 (Page 16)

lovekriyaansh Goldie

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They reached near the car. Rey drove them to her place. The distance was not much, but He felt that she had made it beautiful with her presence. They reached her place.

"Kria, tum jaldi se ready ho jao, aur sabko leke yaha aao. I 'll wait for you."

She nodded and left.

In Kria's house.

Sharon went to freshen up in Kria's room. As she went and noticed, there were so many things which were very similar to her own room. She thought there were many sides of Kria's personality which were very identical with her. Just like her she gets hyper with every little thing. Though she doesn't show but she also has a common girl inside her just like Kria. She also had a habit of compiling her friend's pictures with her. She also had preserved every little memory with her loved ones. As she could see Kria's room was stuffed with all these kind of things. Her thought chain was broken by Smriti. She came there to call her for food.

"Yes aunty I'll just come."Sharon said.

She thought she had travelled all the way here to explore something which was very attached to her but still unknown or unspoken. Which was true in a sense that she was going to get some surprises which she never thought of but which might affect her entire life. After freshening up she went downstairs for food.

Kria entered the house. She met Vicky, Swayam and Sharon. Vicky and Swayam greeted her but Sharon gave a forced smile. Kria got ready and wore a white Punjabi suit(remember Shakti and jack performance "main yaha tu waha" in DID). She was looking pretty with as always. Smriti had already packed her bag. Suddenly something came in her mind and she grabbed Swayam and Vicky and whispered,

"Guys ek problem hain."

"Ab kya hua?" Swayam.

"Arre Neha's parents are very strict and orthodox. If they will see Sharon in short dress it would be a trouble. They might not allow Neha to come with us. "

"Kria, aisa mat bolo yaar. Mujhe deewani ko leke jana hain. Kuch tho solution hoga."

"Ek idea hain but pata nahi Sharon manegi ki nahi."

"Kya idea hain bolo?"Swayam.

"Sharon can wear my clothes. But usse convince kaun karega mere kapde pehanane ke liye."

"Swayam yar kuch kar na please."Vicky said.

"Main kya karu ab. Tuze achchi tarah pata hain ke who meri baat tho manegi nahi"

"matlab ab hum deewani ko leke nahi ja payenge?"Vicky said making said face.

"okay!!! Main kuch karta hoon."

Swayam started thinking for the plan. But he was not sure as whether to use the reverse psychology again or not. He kept on thinking and then he decided something in his mind.

  "Kria I guess humse jyaada achchese tum usse convince kar paogi. You should try once."

"But swayam tumhe pata hain na Sharon mujhe kitna hate karti hain. Tumhe lagta hain who meri baat manegi"

"Tumse jyada who mujhse hate karti hain Kria. But I guess Rey ke samjhaane ke baad ab shayad tum usse se baat karogi tho who man jaye. Rey ke baat karne ke baad who kafi relax lag rahi hain"

"Rey ne use samjhaya hain? Okay Swayam I'll try. Universji please meri help karna."

"Sharon" Kria suspiciously tapped her shoulder from behind. She was lost in her thoughts. There were so many thing that she didn't expected were happening to her leaving even more confusions. Those confusions made her forget that she hates Kria. She turned to her and asked

"What?"Her face seemed so calm as if it was silence before the storm.

Kria was shocked to see her like that. She was so scared to talk to her. But she dared and started

"Sharon woh hum Neha ke parents ko convince karne ja rahe hain na tho tho'"

"tho what?"

"woh kya aap yeh clothes pehnogi?"

"Yeh clothes kyun?"

"Actually her parents are little orthodox and they might be offended with your dressing.. so.."

Kria was so scared that she might burst at her anytime. But she was so shocked to see Sharon. She just picked the clothes from her and went to her room to change. Kria was surprised but happily. But she could sense that sharon was totally disturbed. She was so disturbed and confused that she didn't want to create more confusion by denying any one of them. She just wanted to get over with all these things which were creating more and more mess in her life. Kria and Vicky were already left. Smriti was at the door seeing her daughter off. Swayam was picking up Kria's bag. He sensed her presence and looked up. He couldn't believe his eyes. She was looking so beautiful with her red Punjabi suit. She was in trouble with her dupatta flying with the wind while he couldn't take his eyes off her. As soon as she realized his eyes on her, she looked up to see him. But he took his eyes away with a great difficulty and started walking. She remembered his words "Ab yeh book tabhi khulegi jab tum khud aakar isse khologi" His ignorance was stirring her heart upside down. She was so hurt by his behavior towards her and after thinking a lot about it she had accepted the fact it was only her fault which had made him changed. She broke her thought chain herself and followed him.

Smriti noticed her and said

"Aap bohat sunder lag rahe ho bachche."

Swayam was just a step ahead from them, so he heard what Smriti said.

Sharon smiled back at her forcefully.

"Beta aap aise hi haste raha karo aur sunder lagenge."

"Thanks. Bye aunty" Sharon said with a pretty smile. She noticed Swayam was looking back at them. Swayam thought that Smriti aunty stole his words. But as soon as he noticed her looking at him, he said, "Chale". She nodded and started walking.

Rey was waiting for them at some distance from her place. All of them reached there. He noticed Kria and Sharon were wearing traditional clothes. He easily reached at the conclusion that all this was for convincing Neha's parents. But his baatcutter didn't let him think further. As she came near him he was losing his senses bit by bit. He was stunned by Kria's appearance. She was looking so beautiful. Rey thought "waise tho baatcutter ko har colour sundar lagta hain.. ohhh correction she makes the colour look even more beautiful. But white colour. She looks her best in white. She is a cute little angle' "He was lost in her. As Kria noticed him staring her she felt little shy. Her walking speed gradually decreased with her increasing heartbeat. Rey came back to senses with Sharon's hand waving in front of him.

"Sh.. Sharon!"Rey.

"Ha Sharon. ab chale." Sharon.

"You are looking pretty, I haven't seen you in this type of outfit before. You look gorgeous in this." Rey. On the 'Pretty' word he looked at Kria dreamily. Kria blushed on his action and went away from his sight. Rey was smart to handle both the gals at the same time. After all he was Reayaansh Singhania.

"Thanks. But ab hame chale? I jst want to leave this place asap."

"Okay Sharon." He tapped her on head and went to sit on the driver's sit. This time again Vicky took the back sit of the car and Swayam followed him. Rey was expecting Kria to sit next to him. But batcutter would always be baatcutter. She sat next to Swayam on the back sit. And Swayam couldn't say anything to her. Rey made a sad baby face, he was disappointed. He looked at her through the mirror angrily. She just smiled at him. Rey drove them to Neha's place. All of them got out of the car. Vicky was so excited to meet his deewani. But Neha was unaware about all of them coming there to take her.

"jaldi karo guys' neha mera wait kar rahi hogi."Vicky.

"Arre impatient majnu' tu jarra ruk sochne de aage kya aur kaise karna hain?"Rey said.

"matlab plan ready nahi hain?"Vicky.

"Vicky main Rey hoon koi detective nahi hoon ki ladkiyo ko bhagane ke plan sochata rahoo."Rey.

Kria and Sharon laughed at Rey's sentence. Rey felt nice to see Sharon and Kria laughing together. As Sharon looked at Kria she suddenly stopped laughing, so does Kria.

"Rey, main Kria aur Sharon Neha ke ghar jake uske parents ko convince karte hain. Tu aur Vicky tab tak yahi ruko. Itne sare boys dekhke shayad kuch problem na ho."

"ya you are right . Tum log jao hum yahi pe wait karte hain. Vicky I guess ab tuze usse call karke bata dena chahiye."Rey.

"Fir surprise ka kya hoga?"Vicky.

"Vicky, surprise important hain ya Neha ko leke jana."Rey.

"Aisa mat bol yaar dono bhi important hain"Vicky.

"Guys tum jao main isse sambhalata hoon. Hume aaj raat ko kaise bhi karke nikalna hoga."

"Rey, tickets ka kya hua?"

"Ohh shit main tho bhul hi gaya tha tickets ke bare main."

"What? Tune tho kaha tha ki tu Tickets arrange karne jar aha hain? Fir tu itni der tha kaha?"

Rey looked at Kria. Kria was embarrassed she tried to hide herself.

"Arre who maine apne servant ko bol diya hain main use call karke pooch leta hoon tickets ka kya hua? Tum log jao"

Swayam. Sharon and Kria entered Neha's house. The house was too crowded with people. It was Neha's cousin sister's wedding. Kria scanned the crowd to find Neha.

Neha's cousins were enjoying the wedding with all the ceremonies. But she was not at all in mood to do all those stuff as she was missing him very badly. She left from there and went in the backyard of the house. There were so many piles of rugs in the backyard. She stood against one of them. She wanted to celebrate this year with Vicky as it was their first new year together. Instead her parents took her to this wedding. She used to love attending weddings and all the ceremonies. But now strangely she hated it just because she wasn't able to meet Vicky. She desperately wanted to meet him. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Here Vicky and Rey were planning to surprise Neha. (Sab kaam Rey ko hi karna padata hain.. because he is the hero') Rey and vicky were standing on the road near the car. Neha's house was facing against the road. Thus the backyard of the house was visible from the road. Vicky was looking at the backyard to find Neha but he couldn't see anything except piles of rugs. Suddenly a girl came there running. Vicky easily recognized her as she was none other than Neha. Rey kept on thinking but suddenly he realized that Vicky was'nt there. He started searching for him.

Suddenly a masculine hand grabbed Neha by her waist and dragged her to other side of the pile. Now they were surrounded with piles of rugs and no one could have seen them. She was shocked and about to shout. But another masculine hand was placed on her mouth trapping her voice. Her eyes were closed with fear of the sudden attack. His eyes were scanning her innocent and scared face. He thought she always makes me crazy with her big eyes staring at me but her closed eyes makes me even crazier as I could see her innocence.

Neha was scared but she realized that the touch was familiar.

"Neha.. it's me.. you can open your eyes'"He whispered leaning down to her ear. As she heard those words she slowly opened her eyes and was surprised to see him in front of her. She couldn't stop herself and she hugged him so tightly with her excitement. Vicky was surprised by her reaction but totally enjoying himself as they were hugging each other for the first time. After a while she broke the hug and felt awkward. She was blushing hard. She asked controlling her excitement

"Vicky how come you are here?"

"Neha tum chahati thi na ki hum New year ek saath celebrate kare tho main aagaya tumhe lene ke liye."

"Is it true.. or Neha watching Sapna?"

"Sapna who Sapna.. I tho only know my Neha aur uske naina."(bg tune started playing jab se tere naina) Both were bisy with their naina talking to each other. Suddenely Vicky's cell flashes Rey's call.

"Dude where are you? Kaha chala gaya tu?"

"Main who yaha '"

"Kya kidhar chala gaya tu?"

"Arre Neha mere saath hain"

"ohhh achcha tu tune usko surprise kar liya"

"ha surprise kar liye maine bhi use aur usne mujhe." Saying this he winked at her. Neha looked down shyly.

"wat usne tuze kaise surprise kiya"rey.

"Who tu who sab ignore kar. Yeh bata KRia aur baki sab kaha hain"Vicky.

"Kria bhi aayi hain ?"Neha asked out of curiosity.

"Chal main aata hoon 2 minute me you wait there."Vicky.

Vicky told Neha about their plan and told her to convince her parents.

"Main tumhare liye wait kar raha hoon bahar ok come fast."

She nodded and turned to other side but she stopped again as Vicky grabbed her hand from behind not letting her go. "Kya hua?"


"thanks kyun?"

"You know very well. What am I talking about?"

"Neha not knowing" Neha said innocently.

"Achcha tum nahi janati ki main thanks kyun bol raha hoon. Thik hain come here I'll tell you."

Saying this he dragged her close but she managed to release herself from his grip and went inside.

He had made her day so does she had made it for him. It was the most beautiful moments of them together. Vicky smiled blushing and went to the roadside.

Kria couldn't find Neha, but a lady came to her and said

"Arre kria beta aap yaha kya kar rahe ho?" It was NEha's mom.

"Aunty aap. Namaste Aunty. Hum Neha se milne aaye the."

"Neha se milne yaha. Aur yeh kaun hain"

"yeh Sharon hain humari friend hain"

"Namaste aaunty. Aunty neha kaha hain?" Sharon.

"Who andar hogi" Neah's mom.

Swayam whispered in Kria's ears

"Kya bolna hain aunty ko kuch socha?"

"nahin kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hain kya kahu ?"

Sharon heard that she started thinking.

"Who kya hain na aunty humare ek friend ki shaadi ho rahi hain. Aur Shaadi ke baad woh London ja rahi hain. Fir who humse kabhi nahi mil payegi. Hum sab uski shaadi mein ja rahe hain. Aur hum neha ko bhi le jana chahte hain." Kriya and Swayam was shocked to see her saying that. Kriya said nodding

"ha aunty hum Neha lo le jane aaye hain"

"Neha kaise aa sakti yeh bhi tho uske cousin ki shaadi hain. Beta, who nahi aa payegi."NEha's mom.

"But aaunty Who Nicole hum se fir kabhi nahi mil payegi. Aur who Neha se milna chahati hain. Aur waise bhi Shaadi tho ab ho gayi hain na "Sharon said.

"par beta ab tho bohat sari rasamein baaki hain"

"Aunty plzzz aap Neha ko humare saath aane do. Plzz aunty" Kria said pleading.

"baat tho thik hain tumhari par uske papa use nahi jane denge"

"Aunty please aap unse baat kijiye na who aapki baat jarun manenge"

"Pata nahi manenge ya nahi par ab tum log keh rahe ho tho main puchchke dekhti ho"

She was about move but before moving she looked at their innocent pleading faces and pinched their cheeks sweetly and said "badi pyaari ho tum dodo". Both of them smiled at her cutely. Swayam was just looking at them. As Sharon turned at looked at him he started looking on other side. Kria felt the bond of pain between them. She felt as if they both were tied with the same string and as they were trying to move away they were getting hurt.

Here, Rey called his Servant and asked him about their tickets. But he told him that he couldn't arrange as all flights were booked as it was Christmas vacations. He got angry with the servant and started scolding him.

Neha's mom convinced Neha's father. She told neha to pack her bags. Neha was so happy. She saw Kria was there waiting for her outside. She went and hugged her. Swayam also greeted her. Sharon also greeted her with a smile. She was surprised with Sharon's smile. Kria noticed and grabbed Neha and whispered in her ears. "Don't react. Main baad mein sab batati hoon tuze. Ja jhalli jaldi ja aur tayar ho ja." She moved inside happily. After a while she came back with her baggage and joined them. Her parents came to drop her till the door. While walking they were inquiring about how they are travelling to Goa? Where they gonna stay in Goa and everything? Swayam was answering them. Finally her parents left them alone. All four of them started running happily as they were successful in their mission and went to the road where Rey and Vicky were waiting for them. Vicky and rey were lost in their respective gals as they saw them running with their cute laughter.  Swayam was also happy for Sharon's changed behavior. They reached near the car.

Rey told them about the tickets. All of them were tensed that how will the reach Goa.

Swayama: Rey I guess hum by road chalet hain. Car tho hain humare paas. Hum log alternately drive kar lenge tho we can manage. Waise bhi aaj 27th hain tho hum 29th morning tak tho pohach hi jayenge. So what say?

Rey: Seems cool to me. And I can arrange a bigger car as this would be little congested for us.

Vicky: ha mujhe aur mere deewani ko koi problem nahi hain, hum tho kahi pe bhi fit ho jate hain. Hain na deewani. They both went to their laila majnu mode.

Sharon: But Rey it's not small distance to drive.

Rey: Don't worry Sharon we will manage. And I guess it will be a fun ride for us all the way to goa aur adventurous bhi. Hai na kria?

She nodded in agreement with little embarrassment. Sharon caught both of them looking each other. She felt there is something cooking up between them. Rey? Rey and Kria?  She pulled Rey's collar and told him that she needs to talk to him. Swayam noticed everything and signed Rey to come aside.

"Rey prepare yourself. I guess Sharon had come to know about you and Kria. I noticed her she was looking at you and kria. And you guys were lost in each other."

"Oh my god. And she told me that she needs to talk. She is going to kill me"

"Ab tho sab unke haath main hain!" He said pointing upwards. 

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superb update...too good...




luk m d 1st one to commentSmile

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Thanks ya... you are so fast ha!! 
agirlhasnoname. IF-Stunnerz

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Hy awsam yr plz pm me wen u updte nxt part luvd ur story line u r amazing gal

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Ab toh sab unke haath mei hai!!! LOL!! awsm update dear!!! lovely!! sharon and kria in indian!! *faints* wow!!! just wow!!

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speechless yaar...very nice and cute and sweet and adorable...update soon and dnt forget to PM me...??
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the update is just tooo cute!! thanks so much for the PM...hope too see part 6 soon...keep up the amazing work!!

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Awesome update!!Approve

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