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Kuch megic SS updated NOTE page47 (Page 11)

kokoARSHA Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 12:45am | IP Logged
nice part...n thanxx for PM...

KreyaArshiLover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Nice plz PM me next part

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 2:58am | IP Logged
awesome loved it love their convo

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Part 4:

Swayam arranged flight tickets for all of them. They reached Dehradun airport. Rey had arranged a car for them. Rey was very much familiar with Dehradun as it was his granny's hometown and he had been there many times.

Swayam: Rey, what's next?

Rey: Ya guys. I called Kria. She told me that her mom would allow her to go if someone will be there wid her all the way to Goa. So, as we are here to take her, first problem is already solved. So, first we will pick her up from her place. Then we will go to Neha's place and when Kria will be there, convincing Neha's parents will be easier. Allryt guys. So, let's go.

Vicky: ha ha jaldi chalo. Ab mujhe deewani ko milne se koi nahi rok sakta.

Everybody laughed at him except Sharon. She was lost in her thoughts.

She was thinking what am I doing here? Why I came all the way here to just prove that I do care about everybody. Or is it just to prove him that Nicole is not only Sweeet in this world? And why the hell Rey is going so out of the way to get these gals out there. I mean I know he is so helping but I don't think so that the reason to come here is only to help Vicky? Something is cooking up??? I need to find out? "

Rey and Vicky moved forward. Sharon was still in thoughts. Swayam came from behind noticed her.

"Chale?" Swayam asked tapping her on shoulder.

She suddenely came into senses and nod unknowingly.

They followed Rey and Vicky. They reached the car. Rey passed the keys to Swayam and sat inside the car. Vicky also followed him. They occupied the back sits of the car. Swayam took the drivers' sit. Sharon was left with no choice and she also sat inside besides Swayam. Swayam looked at her. He was so much aware of her state of mind. He knew that Sharon was yet not accepted the fact that she had came here for her lovingly Miss Kripa. He smiled at himself. She noticed him but didn't understand why he was smiling.

As the car started Rey and Vicky were already in their dreamlands. Vicky was floating in his Deewani dreamland. "Pata nahi jab bhi mein tumhe dekhta hoon aise lagta hain mein pool mein doobne vala hoon. Aur jab tum apni badi badi aankhon se mujhe dekhti hon tumhari badi aakhen aur bhi badi ho jati hian. Tum kitni sweet ho deewani. Mujhe kabhi aise nahi laga tha ki main kisi ladki ke liye itna deewana ho jaunga ki uske aaspaas na hone se mujhe itna faraq padega. Ye sab maine pehle kabhi feel nahi kiya par jabse tum mili hoon sab kuch badal gaya hain. Love you Neha, aur don't worry hum new year ki shuruaat eksaath jarur karenge. I am coming to you deewani'"

Here, Rey was also lost in his baatcutter's dreamland.

"baatcutter.. Kitna beautiful hain tumhara Dehradun.. no' humara Dehradun... beautiful' just like you. Yeh Dehradun bhi tumhari tarah hain baatcutter.. iski beauty iski simplicity mein hain aur tumhari tho simplicity bhi beautiful hain. Yeh humara first new year hoga saath mein aur tum bhi chahati ho ki hum saath ho new year par' Tumne kaha hain tho asie hi hona chahiye na!!! .. main aa raha hoon baatcutter'. Hum new year ek saath jarur celebate karenge'"

Dehradun's nature was at its best as it was winter. It was beautiful evening with four of them travelling on different planes but still together. As their motives were same, to get their partners close to them. Sharon was also doing the same as boys unknowingly.

She was busy in enjoying the beautiful scenery around. Suddenly, she realized why all of them were so silent. She turned behind to see Rey and Vicky lost in their worlds. She then turned to see Swayam who was concentrating on his drive. She was staring him as if to admiring him for his smooth driving. She was all lost staring him. Swayam noticed her, and stared her back. She realized and suddenly moved her hand to turn on the music. As she turned on the music Rey and Vicky came back to their senses. But the song Sharon played again grabbed them back there. The song was' Nahin Saamne tu


They reached near Kria's place. Rey hurriedly went outside. Vicky also followed him. Sharon was still sitting there. As Swayam thought, she was still fighting with the thought that she was there to take those people who she hated. Swayam got down and opened the door of her side. She looked at him.

"Ab tum jo nahi ho who dikhane ki koshish kar rahi hoon just like me. Ryt Sharon?"

"ammm' Ais'.aisa bilkul nahi hain. Tum samjhte kya ho aapne aapko, tum mujhe mujhse jyada jaante ho aisa lagte hain tumhe.. agar tumhe aisa lagta hain hain tho tum bilkul wrong ho. Samjhe tum. Main yaha sirf Rey aur Vicky ke liye aayi hoon na ki uss Kripa aur Neha ke liye'. For your kind information mujhe kisikio yeh prove karne ki jarurat nahi hain ki me bohat sweet hoon." She said angrily.

Rey heard Sharon's voice and came back to the car.

"Guys, kya kar rahe ho tum? Hum yaha ladne aaye hain.. plzzz guys' Chal Swyam Tu chal main Sharon ko leke aata hoon."

Sharon was looking down. She was so messed up with her thoughts that even she didn't knew what was she doing? Tears rolled down her cheeks. Swayam was still standing there. Her tears made him unable to stand there he thought he might melt then and there. He didn't want that to happen. So he just left and joined Vicky. Rey held her by her shoulders and lift her face up.

"Sharon, Sharon, please stop crying."

"Dekho Sharon mujhe nahi pata tumhare dimaag mein kya chal rha hain, tum kya soch rahi ho. Bass mujhe itna pata hain ki tum apne aapse fight kar rahi ho' which is not right Sharon' aur jitni jaldi tum khudse fight karna stop karogi utna hi tumhare liye achcha hain' Apne aap se fight karke tum khud ke saath sabko hurt kar rahi hoon Sharon' So please stop fighting with yourself. Everything will be all right' Trust me'"

She couldn't say anything. She thought what is he saying? Is it really like that?  Am I fighting with myself really? Rey tapped her on her hair and wiped her tears.

"Ab jaldi chalo Kria, ko pickup karna hain"

She nodded with forced smile and they both moved from there. Suddenly, Rey recollected that Kria's mom might recognize her, which could be a trouble. HE made up some plan in mind.

And said, "Swayam, tum log Kria ke ghar jao tab tak main humare return janeke arrangements  karta hoon. Otherwise it would be a trouble for us."

Swayam didn't understand why he was running away.

"Ha yaar. Ek tho its Christmas vacations tho tickets milna mushkil hain. Tu ja Rey sab arrangements karke rakhna. Hum kria ko leke aate hain, fir hum meri deewani ko lene jayenge."

Rey hurriedly left from there. He sat inside the car and called his servant to arrange the tickets.

Vicky and Swaron reached Kria's place. Kria was totally unaware that these people were coming to take her. Her mom told them that she had gone to meet her friends and had left the phone at home. Her mom made them comfortable.

"She will be back after some time after an hour or so. Be comfortable. Tum log freshen up ho jao. Travel karke aaye ho thak gaye honge. Main tumhare liye kuch bana deti hoon."Smriti.

"Khana? Ha aunty bohat bhook lagi hain? Maine subah se kuch nahi khaya?"

Swayam pinched him.

And whispered in his ear"Yaha hum picnic ke liye aaye hian? Neha ko lana hain na?"

"Arre ha NEha ko to lana hian! But jab tak Kria nahi aayegi tab tak hum kaise la payenge NEha ko. Chal na Aunty itne pyaar se bana rahi hain Kha lete hian"

Rey was waiting for them. He thought to himself why they are taking so much time. Battcutter kitna intezaar karwaogi ab!! He thought he'll just take a drive around the hill. He started the car. After some distance he reached near a river. There was wooden bridge to cross the river. Rey felt so fascinated to cross the bridge. He got down the car and started walking. The other side of bridge was covered with bushes and trees so; he couldn't see what was there on the other side. He was walking on the bridge and he remembered the walk of them to her house. He looked at the weak wooden bridge on which he was walking and thought "Shayad issi liye baatcutter tum itni adventurous ho" he smiled at himself and continued his walk. As he was walking he felt something was pulling him to the other side of the bridge. What was there so fascinating? He fastened his walk and reached to the other side.

Kria was feeling so restless so she left the home saying she is going to meet her friends. She went to her favorite place in Deharadun. It was an abandoned piece of land there. Her mom was against dancing so she used to go there and dance.  The calmness of the place used to wipe her all confusions. She used to relieve all her tensions with her dancing there. She was missing him so much. She was feeling so bad that she won't be able to meet him on New Year eve. She was remembering their first meet on the last new year eve. She thought " Yeh Rey call kyun attend nahi kar rahe hain? (PS: Rey wanted to surprise her so he didn't tell her that he is coming to Dehradun. So, he was not attending her calls.) Main yaha Rey ko miss kar rahi hoon. Aur who waha Nicole mam ke sath enjoy kar rahe honge!! Nicole mam? Oh universji yeh aap ka kar rahe ho' Who Nicole mam ko please aap Rey se dur rakhna!! Plz plz plz' Rey aap mujhe jarra bhji bhi miss nahi kar rahe ho?" She thought she should try calling him again. But she couldn't find her phone as she left it at home. She felt so frustrated at herself. She closed her eyes to calm herself. After few seconds she opened her eyes and turned on her IPOD to play a song. She started dancing. {Song: Taal se taal mila}


Dil ye bechein ve

Raste pe nain ve

Dil ye bechein ve

Raste pe nain ve

Jindari behaal hai

Sur hai na taal hai

Aaja savariya

Aa aa aa aa

Taal se taal milaao


On these lines she left her right arm open while her face was facing towards left.

And she was poised there in that action.


Taal se taal mila


With these lines a masculine hand came and met with her right hand. He grabbed her waist from behind with his other hand. She was surprises for a moment but his familiar touch made her happy. She turned to face him. He was staring him as if he was watching her dancing for the first time. Till then her eyes were locked by his stare. Their eyes were expressing their eager to meet each other. The song was still playing. He broke the stare and twirled her around. They both started dancing on the song further. Kria was blushing hard. She was so happy to see him.  


Maana anjaan hai tu mere vaaste
Maana anjaan hoon main tere vaaste
Maana anjaan hai tu mere vaaste
Maana anjaan hoon main tere vaaste
Main tujhko jaan loonTu mujhko jaan le
Aa dil ke paas aa is dil ke raaste
Jo tera haal hai vo mera haal ha
is haal se haal milaao
Taal se taal milaaoTaal se taal mila

The song ended with Rey holding her by her waist from behind and Kriya's head resting on his right shoulder. Rey turned her to face him. He was looking deep into her eyes to find her love towards him everywhere. He lifted her face with his hands. She felt all her blood was rushing to her cheeks. She thought it was her dream and she felt sad. She went away and turned to other side. He came from behind.

"Kriya.. Wat happened?"

"Mujhe pata hain yeh sirf mere khayal hain.. Aap yaha nahi ho fir bhi mujhe laga raha hain ke aap yahi ho"

"Kriya main sacchi mein yaha hoon tumhare paas aur tumhe lene aaya hoon."

"Aap kitna jhoot bolte ho Rey' Mujhe sachhi pata hain ke aap nahi ho'"

"Arree baatcutter ab tumhe kaise samjhaoo ki main yahi hoon"

"Achcha thik hain pinch me" saying that she closed her eyes. He kept on looking at her. He grabbed her hand and brought it near his face.

"Baatcutter, pinch karunga tho tumhe hurt hoga.. and I don't want to hurt you ever."

And he planted a kiss on her hand. Soft touch of his lips made her shiver. She opened her eyes to see him. Her hand was still rested in his stand. She was shocked to see him.

"Rey aap sachhi mein yaha ho?"

"ha baatcutter, tum mujhe bohat miss kar rahi thi'?"

"ahh .. wo w o.. main'Wo main aap sabko miss kar rahi thi'"

"Achcha tho tum mujhe miss nahi kar rahi thi" Rey asked teasing her.

"Who.. maine aise kab kaha!" She turned to other side to hide her blushing face from him. He held her by her waist and twirled her to face him. He lifted her chin up. She didn't lift her eyelashes up. She thought she couldn't look into his eyes.

"baatcutter jhoot bolna tho koi tumse sikhe.. Itne pyaar se jhoot bologi tho tumhari baat koi kaise nahi manega!!!" Rey. She moved away shyly.

"Rey but aap yaha kaise?"

"Main tumhe lene aaya hoon. Swayam, Sharon aur Vicky tumhare ghar gaye hain tumhe lene aur tum yaha ho!"

"Swayam aur Sharon mere ghar?"Kriya was shocked.

"arre ha baba!! They are at your home. They might be waiting for you. Chalo Chalte hian hame Neha ko lene bhi jaana hain"

"Aapne mujhe ye sab pehle kyun nahi bataya"

"Agar bata deta tho ye kaise pata chalta ki tum mujhe kitna miss kar rahi ho?"

She ran from there towards the bridge.

"Arre ruko baatcutter. Ek tho itna wait karwaya aur ab mujhe bhaga rahi ho"

"Ab chale who log humara intezar kar rahe honge"

She was waiting for him near the steps of the bridge. He reached there.

"Yeh batao tum aise sumsaan jagahape kya kar rahi thi?"

"Sumsaan jagah?... yeh Dehradun main meri sabse favourite jagah hain. I love this place. Jab main chhoti thi aur mom mujhe dance karne se mana karti thi tho main yaha aake dance karti thi. Kyun ki yahape koi nahi aata. Main hamesha yaha aati thi jab bhi main tense hoti thi.. yaha ka silence meri sab confusions, tensions ko dur kar deta tha' "

"Iska matlab abhi tum tense thi?"

"Tense??? Ha shayad main tense thi. Pata nahi.. but ab koi tension nahi hain"

"Kyun? Aise kaise achanak tension dur ho gayi?"

"pata nahi but jab bhi main aapko dekhti hoon aisa lagata everything is allryt."

 Her words surprised him. They both smiled at each other.

"Are you sure hame yeh bridge se hi jana chahiye?"

"Kyun nahi?"

"Arre yeh kitna old hain. aisa lag raha hain abhi toot jayega"

"Arre fir aate waqt aap kaha se aaye the?"

"Issi bridge se aaya tha.. but pata nahi tab ek ajeeb sa pull mujhe bridge ke uss side kheech raha tha.. but abhi I am not sure ki hame yaha se jana chahiye ke nahi?"

"But I am very sure ki hame yahi se jana hain" saying that she grabbed his hand and started walking on the bridge. He was so surprised. He thought I came here to surprise her and here she is giving me so many surprises. Unpredictable she is!!!!

They were walking slowly on the bridge. Rey thought the bridge should be so long that their walk shouldn't end only. She was looking ahead while he was lost in her..

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achuAR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
oh my god!!! how do u write so well???that was really really awesome ...plz add me to ur pm list...and plzzz update soon...Smile

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ramya26 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 6:02am | IP Logged
awesome writing:))

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sukanyaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
awesome update...just too good...luvd it...n thanx fr the pm...

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killerbinny Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 6:29am | IP Logged
just luv d way u write girl...keep it up...:):)...hayee!!!! kriyaansh...nd taal se taal song made my day...thank you...:)

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