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Kuch megic SS updated NOTE page47

lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged

Hey guys this is my first OS for Kriyaansh. Forgive me for the language mistakes. As for the first time i am writing this sort of thing. It is too long to be one shot but as i am writing for the first time i felt first i should write an OS then if you guys like it i can move to write FF. I would love to share my imaginations about Kriyaansh wid you guys. Hope you will enjoy the OS.


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(Kriya is not feeling well. She is alone at home.  Her mom leaves for office as she had some urgent work to be done. )

Rey goes to Kriya's bed. He looked at her & thought how someone can look this cute. Her eyes were closed but still he can feel they are talking to him. No one can believe for that time that she is the baatcutter, Rey's baatcutter.

"Arrh" he breaks his thought chain and comes back to senses. She moves bit in sleep. (look look hawa hawa is not there, but hawa is always there)

As wind blows her hair & some strips came on her face. Her sleep was getting disturbed by them. Rey took them and pinned them behind her ear without touching her. He was careful enough not to disturb her. As he move those strip behind he felt an urge to touch her face. But he kept his hand away from her as he didn't want to disturb her. While he was all lost in her beauty sleep, she unconsciously kept her hand on his hand and embraced it. Her touch made him realize that she was having high fever. He checked her forehead with other hand. He realized that he should do something. Then he thought of putting cold strips on her forehead. He quickly ran to the kitchen. He arranged cold compresses to be putted on her forehead. He came closer to the bed. He thought if he will put the strip on her forehead she will wake u. He kept on thinking that whether he should wait for her to wake up or he should put that strip on her forehead. The strip was still in his hand. Few some water drops quickly escaped from the strip and rested on her hand. Those cold drops made her shivered and she woke up. She was shocked to see Rey sitting on her bed. Her expression was changing so speedily as she didn't know how to react. But her baatcutter spirit didn't allow her to be calm for long.

"Rey aap yaha kyakara rahe ho? Mom ne aap ko andar kaise aane diya?Rey aagar aap ko mom ne dekh liya tho bahut badi problem ho jayegi? "

He putted his finger on her lips. "Kriya,  kriya chupp bilul chupp' Tumhari mom office gayi hain unhe nahi pata ki main yaha  hoon. Unhone Swayam ko yah rukne ko kaha tha but he had some work so he went, tho main yah aa gaya, usne mujhe yaha rukne ke liye kaha hain jab tak tumhari mom nahi aati. Ab agar aapke sawal khatam ho gaye ho to chalo jaldi se so jao."Pata bhi hain kitna fever  hain tumhe? Chalo jaldi se so jao. I 'll put this strip on your forhead. You'll feel better"

Rey, aap yeh kya kar rahe ho, mom aa gayi tu lene ke dene pad jayenge

what lene dene? tum bas so jao... main jaise kehta hoon bas waisa karo. chalo," he holds her by her shoulder and make her sleep. Kriya was just looking at him how caring he was! She could feel his concern when he made her sleep. His firm grip over her shoulder made her feel so secure. She were feeling better. She was wondering that his presence was so delight that she started feeling better. His eyes met with her and locked them into his eyes. He started puuting the strip on her forhead but still the eyes were locked into each other. Both of them were lost in their dream world.They were indulged in their aankho aankho ka pyaar. After so long they came back into their senses. Rey made himself aware taht kriya is not feeling well and he need to take care of her. he again checked her fever. She was still having a fever but the cold strips by Rey had made the temperature fall down by some amount. Rey was taking care of her while she was bisy indulging herself into his caring and pampering. The only thing she could do was looking at him with all her love.

"Kriya" whispered Rey.

She was all lost in his thoughts.

"Kriya" He incresed his voice.

Kriya came back to her senses.


"Kriya kya soch rahi ho"

"woh woh main soch rahi thi ki mom ko pata chal gaya tho woh mujhe maar dalengi. aap please jao main thik ho jaungi. you dont worry"

"shhh." He went closer to her. Their faces were so close that they could feel each others breadth.

"Baatcuter, kya tum sacchi mein chahti ho main yaha se chala jau?" Then look look hawa hawa started.

Kriya's landline phone satrted rining. their eyelock was broken by the phone ring. She was trying to get up. but Rey made her rest back and brought the phone to her. She picked up. Smriti told her that she will be late she has stucked in the work. Kriya told her that she is feeling better now and she dont need to worry.

She looked at him with a smile. Rey heard that smriti will be late.

"ab tho tumhe koi problem nahi hain na!"

"Rey, aisi baat nahi hain mujhe bas isi baat ka darr tha ki mom aapko dekh lengi tho woh aapko kuch bhala bura keh dengi. A meri tarah she also misunderstood you that time na!!"

"tho kya tum ab mujhe jaan gayi ho" Look look hawa hawa seession started. After a while rey came back to his senses.

"Kriya, yeh batao tumne kuch khaya hain ya nahi?"

"nahin!! mera mann nahin hain.."

"mann kaise nahin hain? khaogi nahi tho thik kaisi hogi?"

"Leking ghar pe tho kuch bhi nahin hain"

"oo ka hain na romiara ji hamare gaon mein hum hi tho khana banaya karte the. aap hamre haath ka khana khakar tho dekhiye ooo kya kehti hain aap bahutahi yummy khana banate he hum"

Kriya started laughing.

"Achcha tho aaj tho hume aapke haat ka khana  khana padega"

"what do you mean by khana padega ha! bahut achcha soup bana leta hoon main samjhi baatcutter. Aur Reyansh singhania ke haat ka soup pine mil raha hain woh apna good luck samjho"

"Awww how lucky i am that i am getting a soup made by Reyansh Singhania.. but Kriya ko tho Chhabilal ke haath ka bana hua soup pina hain"

Rey was shocked to hear that Kriya showing interest in Chhabilal. He smiled cutely and went to kitchen. Kriya again lost herself in his thoughts. Why you feel so glad when he is around... Universji yeh sab kya ho raha hain? why i feel so secure when he holds me... Am I in love with him?  Arre jhalli chupp.. pata hain na usse tho tu universji se bhi jo baat karti woh bhi pata chal jati hain kahin usne ye san sun liya tho... tho beda grarghhh. Her thought chain breaks with some noise in the kitchen. She gets up from the bed and went to kitchen. She started laughing very badly after watching him in the flour shower.(kya baat hain log pyaar mein flower shower kar te hain aur yeh log flour shower kar rahe hain) Rey first looked at her very angrily but watching her laughing this badly melted him quickly. She went close to him. She held his nose in her fingers and shaked it slightly "Shoo Shweet." and she started cleaning him up with her palms. He was just staring at her. (imagine the detention scene).

"Rey aap yeh sab chhodo.. warna mom kitchen ki halat dekhkar faint ho jayengi.. hum bahar se kuchh order kar lete hain" Kriya said cleaning the flour from his face.

She was so near him that he thought that his heart will popped out any time.he came back so senses with her voice.

"Bilkul nahi jab bimar hote hain tho ghar ka khana hi khana chahiye."

par ab tho mera fever bhi chala gaya hain see"

She took his hand in her and placed it on her forhead.

"fever chala gaya hain fir bhi tumhe care karna chahiye. Chalo ab tum jao bed pe jake so jao. give me 20 mins i'll be back with the soup."

"nahin main anhi jaungi mujhe bore ho raha hain subah se so hi tho rahi hoon"

"Achcha tumhe yahan baithana padega and tum bilkul uthogi nahi first promise me?" he said and made her sit on the chair(dining table)

"but ek baat batao tum yaha baith ke karogi kya idhar bhi tho bore ho jaogi na?"

"nahin bore kyun hongi aap jo yaha ho"(in her mind)"jhalli mind me ye sab  batein karna chhod ab tera mind bhi tera nahin raha hain jhalli"

"main .. main aapko help karti hoon na"

"you forgot the promise, you sit there.. main tumhe bore nahin hone dunga..." and he took the phone and played one song from his mobile. Song was "Kya kare kya na kare yeh kaisi mushkil haye"

he started dancing. He was making soup for her while dancing on the song. Kriya was laughing with all his funny moves around the kitchen... And when song ended he was next to him with the soup in his hand. He gave her hand to get up she putted her hand around his and they went to bedroom. He made her sit and was about to feed her. But he made the soup little lukewarm blowing some air and then brought the spoonh to her. She hesitated."main kha lungi"

"kyun mere haatho se khana pasand nahin hain tumhe"

"aisi baat nahin hain, Rey"

"phit challo, baatcutter phataphat taste karo aur batao."

She had the soup. It was little sour. but she dont wanted hurt him by saying it.

"Mujhe nahin pata tha ki aap itni achhi cooking bhi kar lete ho phit uss din jab maine poochha tha jhoot kyun bola tha"

"maine kab jhhot kaha tha, maine pehle kabhi nahi banaya soup, but pata hain baatcuter jabhi main tumhare liye kuch karna chahata hoon tho sab bahut easy ho jata hain"

then again look look hawa hawa started.

"Arre purra soup kya tum hi piyogi kya kuch mere liye bhi tho rakho"

"Nahin ye mujhe bahut pasand hain main isse nahin dungi"

And kriya took the bowl and finished the soup so fast.

He took the bowl and went to kitchen to keep it in sink. he felt that he should taste it. he find the bowl in which he had made it. And and tasted the last drop. It was sour. He felt so bad. He came back to Kriya.

"yeh tumne kya kiya kriya"

"Maine kya kiya, ab tho purr soup bhi pi liya hain"

"Leking woh kitna sour tha kyun kiya aisse?"

"Aapane itne pyaar se banaya tha aur itna bhi sour nahin tha ha"

"i am so sorry Kriya"

"Rey ab bas ho gaya ha, waise bhi Reyaansh Singhania ke haath ka bana sour soup bhi Kriya ko meetha lagta hain"

Arrr yeh kya bol diya, jhalli hain tu bilkul abmind mein bolna band kar, kriya said in her mind.

He was just stunned by her reactions today. But he kept on focussing on caring for her. As he dont wanted her to be ill for long.

"Chalo ab tum yeh medicines khalo aur chupchaap so jao samjhi"

"par mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hain"

"nahin aa rahin hain tho aa jayegi waise bhi ab raat bhi ho chuki hain kriya tum so jao"

He gave her medicines.  he made her sleep and covered her with blanket.

And he was just moving and the lights went off. She quickly got up and hugged him from his back tightly.

it reminded him that she gets scared with darkness.

he moved and hold her in his arms.

"Kriya, Kriya kuch nahi hoga, i am there wid you. Ghar mein candle hogi na mujhe batao kaha hain?"

" yeh drower mein hogi but aap please mujhe chhod ke mat jao mujhe bahut dar lagta hain."

Main tumhe chhod ke kahin nahi ja raha hoon Kriya chalo dikhao mujhe drawer"

and he picks her up and made her rest in his hands

like a baby. One of her hand was on his neck and another on his other shoulder. She guided him way to the candle and then to the matchbox. they couldnt see each other but still their look look was in action. the darkness also couldnt stop them. Then he delicately put her on the ground. he made sure that he will be close to her

(as she was scared). He was standing behind her. he putted his hands from behind brought them in front of her. She was holding the candle. She felt a magical sensation throughout her. She was breathing so fast. her heartbeats could be heard by him easily. He lit the candle. His face was near her shoulder. Rays of candle light lighten her face up. He took the candle from her hand. he tilted his face to see her. And he was indulged in her beauty. Her lighten up eyes, her sparkling lips which were getting departed as she was feeling some different sensations in her body. She tilted her face to him. Their faces were coming closer second by second. Both were moving forward to made theirs lips meet.Their lips were  just an inch away. But Rey came to his senses he opened his eyes to see Kriya ready for the kiss. he was happy but he dont wanted to happen this in this way. He was jsut staring at her. Then her phone rang. She opened her eyes. he took her holding her hand to the phone. she picked the Phone up. Smriti said that she is coming in half an hour.

"Rey aap ab jao bahut raat ho gayi hain aur mom bhi aa rahi hain"

"Kriya tumhe aise chhodke main kaise ja sakta hoon ab to jab tumhari mom aayegi ya light aayegi tabhi main jaoonga"

"Rey aap meri baat ko samajhte kyun nahi"

"main sab samjhata hoon kRiya, ab tum so jao"

he took her by one hand and kept the candle on the table. he made her sleep on the bed 7 put the blanket on her. he was moving away but she cougt her hand and stopped him.

"Rey, mujhe bahot darr lag raha hain"

"Kriya, main hoon yah tumhare saath,tumhare paas aur hamesha rahoonga"

he sat on the bed near her she was holding his hand and he rested his other hand on her forhead.

"chalo ab so jao"

"pata nahi kuch alg lag raha hain aaj. Aise laga hain kal hi tho hum dost nane the aur aaj? Aap kitni care karte ho mere liye. main jab bhi aapke saath hoti hoon kuch alag sa mehsoos karti hoon. pata nahin yeh sab kya hain. But thanks Rey for being with me.. You meant a lot to me"

He was amazed with her words. he felt she took his heart away and was caressing his heart with all her love towards him.

"Kriya, thanks bolke tum mujhe dur kar rahi ho apne aap se. Aur main jaanta hoon ke yeh jo hamare beech hain woh sab kya hain?"

She was blushing, she couldnt look into his eyes. He leaned forward to her making his face closer to her more and more. The door get unlocked. They came back to their senses and Kriya's expression turned quickly, she was about to turned her baatcutter mode on, his finger found her lips.

"Shhh' I am going don't worry. Take care. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." He was so sad to move but he couldn't help. She was stunne. She felt that it was only him who could cut her Baatcutter mode, yes it was only him..

He turned to the window. He  was putting all his strength because for him it was so difficult to leave from there. He made a move and got out of the window. She followed him till the window. He felt that he should tell her that it is so difficult for him to leave. He was about to say it, but for this time her finger found the way of his lips. (The bg tune started playing"Kuch na kaho") Her eyes were again locked by his eyes. They were saying their good bye to each other. She didn't move an inch from there nor could her eyes moved. It was so unreal for her. She felt like it was her beautiful dream and now someone is making her wake up. He was leaving. He was getting down step by step but their eyes were still locked. The eye lock was speaking volumes. As if they were recollecting their moments of entire day. When he reached the ground he waved at her. Her hand automatically moved to her lips, it was about to reach its destination but she realized and took it away. She just waved him back.

"Kriya" Smriti called her.

Her thought chain was broken. She was smiling.

"Kriya ho kya gaya hain tumhe? Fever kahi brain mein tho nahi chala gaya" kabse bula rahi hoon? Aur ye bina wajah has kyunrahi ho?" she checked her forhead."Fever tho nahi hain tumhe"

"pata nahi mom kya ho gay sab megic jaisa lag raha hain. Kuch megic jaisa hua aur mera fever bhi chala gaya"


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Clapwow awesome excellent Thumbs Up
plz continue and pm me 
but it's not kriya's dream right 

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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hey thanks ya...   and no its not her dream..
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plz pm me if u write another os or decide to continue this one

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its awesome
loved it very much
you are good in writing 

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lovekriyaansh Goldie

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Hey thank you so much guyss.. if i'll write further i'll definately pm you...
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Wow. Awesome part honey. U should definitely continue writing. My best wishes.

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It's awsumThumbs Up.pls continue writing

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