Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-22nd Dec 2011- Rashi Saves Gopi nd Wins Hetal

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged

Hai guys ..sorry for the stupid lappy is giving pbms to me..


The epi starts with kinjal arranging her wardrobe and urmi comes and asks what is she doing(cant u see..blind or what..idiot)

Kinjal tells urmi that she is cleaning some old dresses out so that she can place new ones(yeah do that..u are killing people with ur ur hubby)

Urmi is shocked and asks the reeason and kinjal tells her that what good wil it be if she wears such old dress being the rajkot top model(this girl is def flying in the sky..time to bring down)

Urmi gives her famous shocked expression and leaves it and tells kinjal that she made a herbal face pack for herself but after some thought thinks that she should wear it (omg...dont tell wish is getting completed so soon)

Kinjal doubts on urmi and  asks  what did she put in it, and urmi tells the ingrediats and tells that she used to be a beaty queen previously with such packs(yes..queen of the vampires..)

and her face will shine brightly too after sometime but if she is not intrested then she wil put it on(i say..both of u wear it..good riddance for us)

Kinjal stops urmi and tells to give it(greedy kahiki)

and urmi tells her that she made it in small quantity(thats enough for

and if left anything give to her also(yeah..pls do it kinjii..golden opportunity..)

Kinajal nods her head and urmi leaves, and kinjal goes and applies the pack and waits(...1 wicket down..time for the 2nd)

Here rashi is dusting(dont she have any other work else..oh yeah sorry can i forget)

and sees hetal brings baa to the mandir and all sit and starts the prayer.

Rashi immediately calls urmi and gives the update and urmi tells her to go and recite the prayer and make them busy and not let them notice the time.

Urmi continues that as its time for gopi medicine, she wil definetly press the bell, but seeing it wont ring, she wil go get the medicine herself as she dont want to disturb others.

Rashi is shocked and asks urmi wil gopi get hurt as her condition is weak.(whats the difference darling...even she used to be strong..u hurted her a lot..whats changed now)

Urmi tells her nothing wil happen and to go at the correct time and help her and show everyone how she cares for gopi(dumb mother, dumb daugther and a dumbo plan...dumbies)

Rashi says k and suddenly remmebers that she dont know how to pray...(then read from a book...idiot)

and urmi tells her to put the bluetooth and she wil reciete and she can repeat it after her(urmi..if u had put ur brains during her childhood, then she would have been happy by now...idiot)

Rashi says k and goes and fetches the bluetooth and keeps it and covers it with her hair(notice people..long hair saves not only beaty but bluetooth also)

and goes to baa and tells her that she too wil do the puja. No need to say koki and hetal are super shocked.(first rashi..both are making people mad)


Rashi continues that she learnt some from mummy(what ...kalakari...?)

and baa assures her to continue and rashi starts(will she sing again...Runnn)

Here urmi starts the verses and rashi is repeating them and koki is suspicous. Out of habit..rashi throws her hair back and remembers the bluetooth and brings her hair back(lol..stupid girl..this is the reason she gets caught always)

Koki gets doubt and urmi is repeating and suddenly says its 12(meaning time for gopi medicine)

and rashi  too says its 12 and all look confused at her(dumbo donkey...)

Here gopi sees that its time for medicine and sees that rashi dint arrive yet(busy in kalakari dear)

and presses the bell but it wont ring(we know why...u dont know why)

and thinks why is it not ringing.

Here urmi scolds rashi as donkey(well suited...find urself one also)

and tells her to shut up now and complete the prayer and go and give medicine to gopi.

Rashi completes and tells she wil go give medicine to gopi but as usual koki says she wil go..

but baa interferes and tells rashi to go and asks koki to make tea for her.(at first its hetal now baa who encourages kalakari)

Rashi leaves happily and Koki is suspicous(then go and act yaar, giving tough looks is not enough)
Here gopi is thinking why the buzzer is not working and thinks to call someone but thinks that everyone might be busy in their works(both these sister will never rectify..hopeless cases)
and sees the medicine bag at the wheel chair and thinks to take it herself and starts to get up and here rashi is coming upstairs(will something major wil happen...showing so much tense music)
and donkey comes..eeer i mean rashi comes and sees gopi trying to get up and keeps on looking(whats their to look she doing ramp walk in the room, go and catch before she wil fall )
Gopi finally gets up and takes a step and slips and is about to fall and rashi is shocked and gopi hand pushes the glass and the glass fells and koki and hetal and baa are shocked and gopi is about to fall and rashi runs and catches her.(u should have done it in the first place..donkey)

Here kinjal is washing her face and cleans with towel and is shocked (chaa..they dint show the face yaar...waiting desperately)
Rashi makes gopi lie down and scolds what is she trying to do(is that real anger or fake anger...spilt personality kahikki)
Gopi explains her dare act and rashi tells that she should have called anyone or pressed the buzzer. Gopi tells the buzzer is not working and rashi asks innocently why it wont work and takes it and switches the battery to positive(either rashi is super smart..or gopi is really dumb..cant she see she is switching battery)
Koki and hetal tells baa they wil check out and comes to the room and koki sees the broken glass and fires on rashi saying this must be her fault(for the first time koki..u are right..but what to do..tooo late)
Gopi defends immediately and tells that she broke the glass and explains everything(why cant she defend her during the sev puri time...the whole family have timing pbms)
Koki asks rashi what is she doing until then, as she left early to gopi room(why do u ask..doing kalakari of course..cant u guess koki)
Koki asks about the buzzer and gopi replies it as not working and rashi tells why is it not working and presses the buzzer and yeah we works and gopi is confused
Rashi tells gopi to press it harder and it wil work and koki starts scolding gopi that she should have called them if she want to have medicine (u should have dint left her alone at the first place...learn something from ur son madam)
Gopi is sitting dumb and Hetal tells rashi to bring water(Haila...Hetal is speaking now)
Rashi eyes sparkle and goes and bring water and they give medicine to gopi.
Rashi is picking up the glass and the glass cuts her finger(well deserved..well deserved..he he)
Hetal motherhood sprangs up and asks rashi is she k and scolds that meethi wil do it and tells her she wil apply medicine and rashi tells she wil do it in a gloom tone and goes away(drama queen)
Koki tells that meethi wil clean it and tells gopi to take rest and not to get up at any cost and if needed anything call or press the buzzer hard this time(no need to say..all are dumbos)
Gopi nods and they leave.
Here urmi is about to put face pack on her face when we hear a thunder roar from kinjal shouting "PHAI"(ohhh shit man...missed the lucky chance..shit shit shit.)
Urmi turns and sees kinajals jokeer face and gets the millon shock(nah..not million..its 1 lakh advance 1 lakh shock)
Kinjal blasts urmi saying what kind of face pack she gave to her, and how can she do it to her.
Urmi stammers and unable to answer and kinjal is in top form and shouts because of urmi , her face became joker face..i mean to say...ugly face and how wil she do the shooting now.
No one wil cast her now with that face of hers(good riddance..all are saved..thanks urmi)
Urmi fights back and tells why is she shoouting at her,and is worried about the shooting aand kinjal tells her that leave the shooting aside and think how to return the money now as they spent half of the advance.
Urmi is shocked and kinjal tells her that its not her worry now and to pay the money by doing anything and leaves(he he..this is more fun than the face pack..daughter got hurt nd mother got bankrupted  learn the moral..not to pick broken glass and keep a modelling Dil...what..what did u thought)
Urmi catches her head and prays to do something.
Gopi is waiting here desperately and sees the time as 8 o clock(either he arrives late..or arrives very early..cant he be normal like others..)
Meethi comes  with iron clothers and gopi helps her in seperating the clothes.and asks indirectly for ahem saying did all came from office and meethi tells all except ahem bhai..
Meethi praises ahem shirt and praises gopi saying she got a good choice in clothes as asks is she is the person who shops for ahem.(even we too dont know no comments)
Gopi dont say anythign and meethi goes to keep the clothes in cupboard and gopi sees ahems yellow shirt and tells meethi to iron it.
At that moment...the much waited Ahemji comes their and gopi breaks into a smile seeing him. Ahem is pleased too and gopi is smiling.(dont ask me how the shirt is related to the did ..thats it)
Here koki thanks kanaji that gopi is safe nad hetal tells that its good rashi came at the correct time to catch her and its nice to see rashi is trying to change and is trying to become good(Hetalji..what would u lose..if u have uttered these day before..)
Koki gives a this wicket is down look and Rashi hears all this and the epi ends on rashi happy face.
Gopi is asking koki that can she work on the bed.. like to arranging the daal, such small tasks and koki says k but ahem asks whats the need for her to work. Gopi dumb and koki gives a look to ahem.(for the first time modi..i agree with u..)

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Thanks shaina but episode was very boring and a filler.

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Thanks for the update didnt want to see the epi

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thanks for the update shaina...
kinda boring episode

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Thanks for the update

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thanx Shaina for the update jus feel like slapping rashi she deserves it big time bt thanx...


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Thanks for the update shaina

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Thanks for the update shainaSmile

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