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"I Have Been Very Very Fortunate As A Writer" -Utkarsh Naithani In A Conservation With The Immensely Talented  Writer  Utkarsh Naithani (Writer -Devon Ke Dev Mahadev & Khauff Begins...Ringa Ringa Roses) ...


Q). How and when did you get started as a writer?

>By now it's a well known story but i'll say it again,I was National Head of Programming - Reliance Radio (BIG FM) when i felt that i wanted to move out of the corporate world and simply write.I resigned and eventually joined Sanjay Leela Bhansali.So technically i became a commercial writer only in 2011.
Q). How do you usually find your ideas?

>Observations. unlike the boy from '6th Sense'... i See ALIVE People ,I observe. Listen to them. Do my best to understand them. They tell me all i need to create characters. Ideas come from there.

Q). Did you ever get any rejections? (If yes, how did you react to them?

>If you mean from a girl, then the answer is No (Thankfully)

lol... i know what you are asking.

And the answer is still No. I have been very VERY fortunate as a writer.

One thing has always lead to another.

I either have success stories to share or i have lessons learnt 

Q) What are the major challenges that you have faced in your career?

I went through a financially challenging phase in 2012.

I had quit my well paying job for a career in writing at the age of 30.

I twas a risk... and only i know what i went through 

But that phase passed and by Mahadev's grace (Literally) I was back in action in every way possible 

Q) You write a story for mythological drama now also writing for a horror show ,how did you make a balance between this two opposite shows?

>When i write, i can only write what i love.

I LOVE Horror genre.

And Mythology is like my Life.

i'm not that bad in Romance (Watch the initial phase of Saraswatichandra) coz i love that too.
i am not that good with Kitchen politics and that's why i didn't last long with Diya Aur Baati Hum'

So basically balance in writing is like balance while walking.

You don't think about it once you've learnt... It happens effortlessly 

Q) People knows Utkarsh as a writer but recently they had seen a new talent of Utkarsh i.e Actor inside you,so how was your experience ?

Hahaha... It was Wonderful.

I had an Amazing time shooting. Whatever little nervous energy i felt, i could channelize it in Karsan. The result is that it looked genuine.
Plus Deepika was amazing to work with. (Don't believe what media tells you, she's a wonderful human being.)
On our 1st scene together, she came to me and shook hands saying, "Hi, I'm Deepika."
I was like... oh, mujhe toy para hi nahi thha. We would be laughing through the shoot.

I'll share a little Trivia... while shooting the Karsan meets Leela' scene, have you noticed that she doesn't look at me? That's because Every time she would look at me staring at her The Karsan way'... She would burst out laughing and we'd have to cut. Finally SLB said, "Tu usko dekh hi mat!" 

 Q) In Ram Leela people sees you as a "Karsan" ,what was your first reaction when this role was offered to you?

>I seriously thought it was a prank. Till the shoot began i used to wonder if someone will start laughing saying we got you.
But when Sanjay ji started briefing me on the role (and he doesn't joke abt work), i realised that it was actually happening.

 Q) What can "Mahadev" fans expect in it's upcoming episodes?


They really need to stay tuned now. We have major plans next week as Devon ke Dev Mahadev turns 2!

 Q) Message for your Fans?

>Look at the mirror... Be the fan of the one you see smiling back at you.

You are wonderful. You are amazing. Always remember that 


- Utkarsh.

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Surya To Realize Arunasur's Evil Plan In Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

In Life OK's Devon Ke Dev Mahadev We Had Seen That Narad worries about Kamdhenu's whereabouts and enquires with the rishis about the same. The rishis berate Indradev for not taking care of Kamdhenu.  The five deities of Swarg Lok become impressed with Arunasur for arranging for a grand feast for them.  He intends to assassinate a cow by accusing her of consuming a necklace of a farmer. Loknath and his wife try to investigate about the same

Now In It's Upcoming Episodes, Manik will offer to donate the money to Loknath but Loknath will ask him to reconsider his decision.King Arimardan will be in adamant and will tell his chief that Manik has to bring money and horses or else they will have to face the consequences.

Furthermost, Loknath  will arrange ten thousand horses and will allow Arimardan to keep the horses but will ask him to take care of them.Here In Arunasur's Place Arunasur will make the palaces for all three elemental god and , Arunasur will ask them to enter but Surya will realize Arunasur's evil plan and refuse to enter.But All five elemental Gods will get trapped in Arunasur's trap. On the other side Parvati will decide to sit in meditation and will control their energies.

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Television stars who are rocking on 'Top 50 Sexiest Asian Male'

UK popular Newspaper 'Eastern Eye ' conducted Poll of  Top 50 Sexiest Asian Male recently.
Small screen stars were able to reach on  Top 50 Sexiest Asian Male list giving a good competition to B'Town stars. 
The basha of Indian television Barun Sobti reached top 3 of the sexiestAsian Male 2013.While Barun Sobti ranked NO 3, Kushal Tandon reached NO 9 ,Gurmeet Choudhary NO 11, Karan Singh Grover NO13, Rithvik Dhanjani NO 15, Salman Yussuf Khan NO 20, Gautam Rode NO 23, Vivian D Sena NO 24, Wile Eijaz Khan reached NO 42 and actoer Karan Wahi got NO 46 on Top 50 Sexiest Asian Male poll,while Popular show Mahadev's lead face Mohit Raina at 50 in list.

And recently it  reported that Dhrasti Dhami and Sanaya Irani made in Top 10 of Sexiest Asian Female category, which conducted by Eastern Eye Newspaper Poll at UK.
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Don't have time to study science, so took up commerce: Rushiraj Pawar

Don't have time to study science, so took up commerce: Rushiraj Pawar
Rushiraj Pawar
Young TV actor Rushiraj Pawar, who is seen in the popular mythological show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, is equally focused on studying.

The young lad, who is pursuing commerce now, says, in school he used to be much drawn towards science, especially geometry. "I liked to study geometry and science a lot. Now that I am busy shooting for Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, I don't have much time to study science. So I took up studying commerce. I don't like history as a subject because it involves so much mugging up of facts and it involves writing a lot of stuff," says Rushiraj adding, "I started loving accounts. But economics irritates me. At the same time, practicality of accounts makes me like the subject a lot."

Rushiraj, who has also done a Bollywood film this year, has his ambitions quite well pronounced. The young actor, who is already talked about as an action wizard in telly circles is keen to take up more action on screen. However, completing studies is also integral to his action plan, is what the actor maintains.
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"I was not terminated from Shapath... I quit the show" - Piyush Sahdev

Telly Town's dude Piyush Sahdev rubbishes rumors that he was terminated and talks about his association with the ongoing show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke on Zee TV...

Monday, December 16, 2013 | 7:10:53 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   |  Copyright:  |  Comments 98 Comments  |  4592 Views

Currently seen in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan KePiyush Sahdev was surprised to hear that a popular search engine had written that he was terminated from Life OK's show, Hum Ne Le Hai...Shapath. 

A source from the channel though confirmed that the actor was terminated from the show. Piyush on the other hand says, "I wanted to leave Shapath as it's been two years I was playing the same character and thought that there was no growth in the character. Also I wanted to take some time off and wanted to spend some time with my wife for a long vacation so I told channel that I'm quitting the show."

Piyush was lucky enough to have bagged the show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke as he says, "After I decided to quit Shapath... the channel approached to me to play the character of Ram in Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev and as soon as I completed my stint in the show I fortunately got this Zee show. Though the channel wanted me to come back but I declined as I knew that there is nothing more that I can give to my role of Abhigyan. All I can say is that I was not terminated from Shapath but I quit the show. Also the channel was ok with this decision."

He says that he is very happy to be a part of the show Sapne Suhane... as it is his dream role, "I've moved on and am very happy to be part of the show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke as it's my dream role. Firstly I look very stylish in the show and people had loved my character too. I think roles like that of Vivian Dsena as RK in Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon or Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan Singh Khurana in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi is something that audience like. My character too is similar to that." 

Piyush is happy with the way the audience has liked his character and says that the audience loves his character the most, "I know mostly such characters are or have been played on TV but each individual has different style. Vivian has his own style and I've my own. The best part is that audience loves it thus the TRP ratings have gone up from 2 to almost 3 after my entry."

"With this show I get to perform so many shades like romantic, angry young man and sometimes a very happy person too. As far as I know I'll be associated with this show for a longer time and why not yaar, I'm getting to learn a lot in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke," he concludes talking about his association with the show Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.

Way to go Piyush!


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"I owe my popularity to Devon ke Dev. Mahadev" - Mohit Raina

The handsome hunk Mohit Raina talks about the show's popularity and his character of Mahadev...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 | 5:43:44 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   |  Copyright: / TellyBuzz  |  Comments 2 Comments  |  133 Views

The very popular Mohit Raina who rose to fame with the television show Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev talks his heart out about the show and what makes the show so popular.

Mohit is very proud and honored to be a part of such a prestigious show Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev as his character has made an impact on the viewers and he says, "The character is so great. The accessibility of the character makes it special. We always see the image of Mahadev in the calendars at our homes but Life OK took the risk and responsibility of bringing the image of Mahadev out from the calendars to small screen."

As the show has been clinching the TRP charts and has been a popular mythological show, on the same we quizzed Mohit about the success for show's popularity and he says, "I think what makes the show so popular is that people are able to relate to him. People think that Mahadev exists and they own Mahadev (Me) very much. I think that these are all the factors that work for sure."

He says that he is extremely delighted to be a part of the show which has been going on air since two years, "I have completely enjoyed the two years of being a part of such a good content based show. When I started with this show I had no clue that it will do so well. But today I feel the entire hard work of the cast and crew of Devon ke Dev. Mahadev paid off to make the show reach where it is today. It's extremely difficult to get such a big platform in today's date and I owe my popularity to Mahadev and for whatever I am today. I never thought I would get so much love and admiration from the masses and I feel blessed about it."

TellyBuzz wishes Mohit all the very best and hopes that you keep shining on small screen as always.

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Mohit Raina clears his marriage rumours

Mohit Raina clears his marriage rumours
Mohit Raina
Everybody would agree that Life OK's Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev is Mohit Raina's ticket to fame and the actor is also aware about the fact.

Mohit who is ruling millions of hearts as Mahadev has once again grabbed the headlines. Reason? His marriage plans with Mouni Roy.

While rumors mills are churning that Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy (who played Sati in Mahadev) are set to tie the knot by February 2014, Mohit on the other side clears, "Let me clear the rumors going on about my marriage and I would say that I have no personal life to plan such a big event of my life. I work for almost 16 hours daily with no time left for myself."

READ: Are Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy set to marry?

"I don't want to comment on anything further. If ever it happens in future, everyone will come to know about it but for now I have no such plans," signs off Mohit.

Will all due respect to his statements, there is no smoke without fire Mohit.

For the uninitiated, yesterday (17th Decemeber, 2013) Life OK and Mahadev both completed two years of success.

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