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Article posted by my frnd @Utkarsh Sir's fb page..

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TV fraternity reacts to the possibility of new TRP rating system
Navya Malini, TNN | Jul 17, 2013, 12.00 AM IST

TV fraternity reacts to the possibility of new TRP rating system
Small screen stars

As talk of monthly TRP rating system and advertisers' dilemma does the rounds in showbiz, here's what the TV fraternity says:

Aamir Ali
I am never perturbed about TRPs. I know the importance of TRPs from different perspectivesand people working on TV because advertisers get a view on which show is better TRP wise. On a personal front, I don't understand much about TRPs and prefer enjoying my shoots. At the same time, channels run because of revenue from ads, so things need to be sorted out.

Shashank Vyas
I am an artist, not a businessman. I have never cared for TRPs. There are people appointed to look into the business and commerce of the show. It's a fact if show is popular you get more ads on a particular show. If the ratings become monthly, instead of weekly, surely business plans of advertisers will change too.

Jay Soni
I believe in the TRPs. TRPs are important to gauge the success of the show. A weekly rating system enables one to make changes in a show accordingly. To an extent the popularity of a show and TRPs would decide where advertisers will advertise more. It also depends on the time slot. New strategies will have to be made after analyzing every aspect of the system.

Rashami Desai
TRPs are not in the actors' hand, it depends on the overall content. If a show is popular, of course advertisers will spend on it. There are shows which are popular but don't get great TRPs. To gauge a show's popularity on TRPs sometimes may be difficult. But advertisers like to be associated with successful shows. That's a business call.

Nikhil Sinha
A monthly rating system would allow the storyline to be worked with more conviction as it need not be changed on a weekly basis. Every idea needs time to shape up properly. The perspective and dynamics of business module will surely change as the market is changing. Probably advertisers will take more parameters into consideration to gauge the popularity of a TV soap and be able to ideate better with more conviction.

Yash Patnaik
While weekly ratings help us gauge weekly performance of our shows, monthly ratings may help understand a trend better as one gets more data to evaluate. Pressure is always good when it's constructive. If weekly TRP data available is accurate then there's no problem. Digitization is the way forward. I am sure all affected parties will find a solution which will be acceptable to all.

Hemal Tharak
Weekly system does bring in its share of pressure specially in this neck to neck competition for GRPs. Equation changes in many ways right from the monthly stories as highpoints become biggest responsibilities of production house. A production house should be in tune with the audience's pulses. Ratings and revenue sure go hand in hand.

Ila Bedi Dutta
Advertising revenue is directly proportional to the GRPs and GRPs are directly linked to TRPs. So, advertising is directly proportional to TRPs. Channels need advertisers to survive and producers to give them good TRPs week on week. So, the pressure the channel feels, gets transmitted to the makers given the advertisers' power to exit the show if the ratings aren't justifying the spend.

Rajan Shahi
There are many intricacies that one is not aware of. On a broader note, very few shows have sustained in the last couple of years. Times are tough since there is pressure to hold on to audience. I am sure the industry will come up with a mutually beneficial way which will sort out the major bottlenecks.

Aashka Goradia
Channels are spending an insane amount of money and it's a given that GECs do need their advertisers. Ratings in fact haven't changed much from the earlier days to us going to setup boxes and digitization. I may see ratings just as an actor, but getting deeper into this topic, pan India ratings that include rural viewership would give a clearer picture. One has to see that TAM is not giving us pan India ratings as they aren't (present) in so many rural areas where only DD is available. Shows can be made without ratings, but without advertisers our shows will run into jeopardy. 

Shivshakti Sachdev
The TRP system has been in existence from a long time. Suggestion of making the rating process monthly, sounds like a good move. TV soaps can focus on tracks with a longer perspective. TRPs are always considered by advertisers in choosing a particular slot for promoting their products. At the same time prime time advertising is decided based on TRPsand monthly TRPs would delay the analysis. It's going to be a catch 22 situation.

Asit Modi
The industry is advertiser dependent. Advertisers are strong and so are the broadcasters. There are more than 100 broadcasters and not one advertiser can afford to lose broadcasters and vice versa. They need to come to an amicable solution. There are other concerns also owning to the proposed TRAI guidelines, which will ultimately increase the competition. To retain the audience will be a much difficult task given the changing dynamics. 

Shama Sikander
I don't like the TRP system. People are more interested in making content that will get them TRPs. Most shows keep showing the same old masala with the objective of getting TRPs. There is hardly any good content on TV. Most shows have a similar pattern of drama. May be with the monthly TRP rating system would be enable showmakers to focus more on the content and creativity rather than worrying about TRPs every now and then.

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Neha Marda is a beautiful girl, talented actress and our 'Shringaar' icon. Before the cameras, Neha has impressed us with her poignant performances. We loved her as Gehna in Ballika Vadhu and now we love her even more as 'Vrinda' in Mahadev. We are not upholding Neha as a 'Shringaar' icon because of her angelic soft face with pretty features and glowing skin. Rather, it's because we love that she makes no qualms about the fact that she takes skincare very seriously and, leaves no stone unturned to keep her skin healthy and happy! "I am very strict about my skincare regime because I want to look beautiful. I don't want to cringe when I look at myself in the mirror and I am very proud to admit that I don't need to wear any makeup" admits Neha honestly. In this day and age when images of airbrushed starlets sends us running to the nearest beauty counter, it is refreshing to talk to a girl like Neha who refuses to take her good genes for granted, won't let her busy schedule get in the way and does not rely on easily available cosmetics for quick fixes! Clean and naturally glowing skin requires some work but the results sure beat slapping on layers of foundation! Tinsel Gupshup brings you Neha Marda's beauty secrets




TG: You have beautiful skin, please share your regimen with us (morning and night)

NM: I am very particular about my skin and hair so yes, I do follow a very strict skincare regime. From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, I drink almost 5 litres of water. I have a personal beautician who makes my shampoo, facial cleanser and moisturizing cream and all her products are Ayurvedic. Also, I eat a lot of green vegetables and seasonal fruits.



TG: as an actor, you have to wear make-up for long hours, endure strong lights day in and day out, how do you protect your skin when you are shooting?

NM: When I am not shooting, I don't wear any makeup at all. At a shoot, before I apply my makeup, I apply two layers of the Ayurvedic moisturizing cream to my face and neck. I wait about 30 minutes for my skin to absorb the moisturizing cream and then I'll apply my makeup. When I shoot outdoors, SPF is an absolute must and I use liberal amounts of SPF cream on my arms and hands too. I think it's very important for your neck, arms and hands to be of the same skin tone as your face…so all over sun protection is a must! Once my makeup comes off, I'll clean my face and apply a layer of the Ayurvedic cream again.



TG: at shoots, do you wear your own brand of make-up?

NM: I am partial to MAC and Dior




TG: What is the one skin care product you absolutely cannot do without?

NM: Personally, I don't need any makeup and I do have good skin. I don't even use Kajal or lip gloss. I like using lip balms to keep my lips moisturized and that is about it



TG: How do you deal with the occasional break-out?

NM: I would just leave it alone




TG: When it comes to skin care and make-up products are you an impulsive shopper or do you research before you buy and try?

NM: When I travel abroad, I love picking up makeup products from MAC and Dior. At the end of the day, I have to wear makeup because of my profession and there are so many shades that one can experiment with. So I usually buy a lip color or eye shadow, use it at least once at my shoot and then decide whether I like it or not. I don't buy any skincare products and even with makeup, I stick with the brands that suit me. I do get impulsive when it comes to picking up perfumes!



TG: How do you pamper your skin? (Spa treatments, masks)

NM: Not at all! I do go for a regular clean-up every month but that is 100% Ayurvedic. That is it! I don't go for any facials or spa treatments



TG: Your favorite face wash and moisturizing cream? Favorite brands?

NM: I use a face wash by Neutrogena once in a while. Apart from that everything I use is made by my beautician. I am from Kolkata and I moved to Mumbai 5 years back. Mumbai weather can be really harsh and my skin was fine but my hair really suffered. So for a few years I was trying different shampoos and conditioners and nothing was working. A friend recommended this beautician to me and at first I was really skeptical because I did not believe that Ayurveda could help in any way. I am so glad I was introduced to her because she is a miracle worker! Everything she makes is 100% Ayurvedic – my skin is better, my hair is much stronger so I only use her products. I use her shampoo, moisturizer, facial cleanser, kajal and soap.


TG: What products do you carry in your handbag?

NM: Hmmm…let's see…I keep one lip balm, a comb, and a MAC compact



TG: What is your magic home remedy? Something your mother or grandmother taught you?

NM: Even when I was a kid, my mom would apply a mixture of Besan and Milk to my face, arms and legs. Once it dries off, you can rub it off gently and it not only exfoliates the skin, but acts as a fantastic hair remover as well. In fact, this is a really effective and natural home remedy for girls who have facial hair.



TG: One actor (female - Films, Television or Hollywood) who you think has flawless and beautiful skin?

NM: Actually, it is really difficult to answer this question because whenever I meet colleagues from work, they are wearing makeup. Hmmm…let me think. In television, I think Mouni Roy has really good skin. Amongst men, I think Mohit Raina has great skin! I hope he does not read this…I'm sure he will kill me but I think he is beautiful! I remember when I was at the Mahadev shoot, Mohit had changed into his 'Jallandhar' avatar and instead of wearing the Blue costume; he was wearing the Black one. I saw him at the set – long flowing hair, kohl eyes, Black costume and the first thing I said to him was that he was looking very beautiful!! He was so amused and he replied – 'What? Am I supposed to look beautiful or handsome??' I have to admit, he has really good skin! I have also seen Madhuri ji without makeup and she is stunning! Last year, I was shooting an episode of Jhalak to support Chang and I saw Madhuri ji…she just glows! She has absolutely flawless skin and she really looks gorgeous without makeup!



TG: What is Neha's trademark make-up style?

NM: I believe that makeup should enhance your face and your features. So for me, it is about enhancing my eyes and looking clean, fresh and pretty. I always make sure that my hair is neat and tidy, my complexion should be dewy and my skin should be glowing, I'll accentuate my eyes with a beautiful kajal or liner and of course…I have to use the perfect perfume!



TG: The best beauty advice / tip that you have received

NM: I think everyone knows about the benefits of water but for some reason people just don't drink enough water. So my advice will be to drink lots of water because it flushes out toxins, keeps you hydrated and believe me…it is the best thing you can do for your general well being! Coconut water is great but don't drink fruit juices because they contain Glucose and sugar. Also eat a lot of seasonal fruits!


Photo credit: Neha Marda

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Mihir Mishra's first time in a mythological avatar
Mihir MishraMore Pics

Nikhil Sinha's Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is today's one of the popular shows every actor wants to be a part of.

Recently actor Mihir Mishra has been roped in to play King Dasharath. Mihir who is known for his memorable portrayal of a doctor in Sanjeevani is very excited to be part of successful show Mahadev.

"When the offer came I was very excited because in my long career I have never done any mythological character. So I took the challenge and I hope people will like it."

Right now Mihir is preparing for the great king's role and he feels looking right is going to be very important. "Last year I met with an accident. Post that I had to cut my exercise to almost nil. Since I was at home I used to eat a lot so the end result was that I put on a lot of weight. So my prime focus was to shed few calories (I was 75 kilos and target was 70 in a month)."

Mihir's wife Maninee was also part of Mahadev short while ago and he feels that is one comfort zone why he opted for this. "When Maninee was a part of Mahadev I used to watch the show and now also on and off I watch it. Dasharath was a great king who is also the father of one of the greatest king Ram." Does he find Dasarath to be soft-hearted? "Every human is weak hearted towards their kids and that shows in our life too."

On being asked if he read books on the subject he says, "I have read Trilogy on Shiv (by the famous author Amish Tripathi) and I did extensive research on Dasarth via Internet and books so I do justice to the character). My look is so different. People have mostly seen me as a doctor so this time they will surely be surprised to see me".

On being asked about the feedback he says, "People are liking my role. I am happy to be a part of a hit show like Mahadev."
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Raj Khanna enters Mahadev as Vishwamitra!

Raj Khanna, last seen in Balika Vadhu has been roped in to play the character of Vishwamitra in Life Ok's Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 6:40:13 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   |  Copyright: / TellyBuzz  |  Comments 5 Comments  |  3542 Views

Raj Khanna, who was last seen in Sphere Origin'sBalika Vadhu on Colors and also seen in Sony TV'sChhajje Chhajje Ka Pyar is all set to be seen in Nikhil Sinha's popular mytho series Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev.

Our source says, "Raj will be seen playing the character of Vishwamitra in the show and he has already begun shooting for the character today onwards."

When contacted Raj, he confirmed the new saying, "Its feeling really good to be a part of this show. It's a very important role which I have got to play in the show and I am definitely going to enjoy myself by playing this character."

Anwesha Kama

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Silkina Kaur & Rohit Sagar to enter Mahadev

Vijaya Tiwari, TNN | Jul 18, 2013, 12.35 PM IST
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Silkina Kaur & Rohit Sagar to enter Mahadev
Silkina Kaur and Rohit SagarMore Pics
The new Ramayan track in Triangle Film Company's mythological saga Devon Ke Dev Mahadev on Life OK is witnessing new entries one after another.

After the entry of some promising names like Mihir Mishra, Jyoti Mukherjee, Mitika Sharma,Anushka Singh, the show will now see actorsSilkina Kaur and Rohit Sagar entering the show.

Sources inform that the upcoming episodes will highlight the story of Hanuman and actress Silkina Kaur seen in shows like Dharampatni,Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli, Aamna Saamna has been cast to play the role of Anjani, Hanuman mother whereas Rohit Sagar currently seen in Meri Bhabhi will essay the character of Lord Hanuman's father. Silkina has already started shooting for it from Yesterday (17 July 2013).

When contacted, Silkina confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I am doing Mahadev. It feels great to be a part of a show like Mahadev and I am looking forward to it."

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Posted: 18 July 2013 at 4:28am | IP Logged

"I am happy to be a part of Devon ke Dev... Mahadev!"

Says Rohit Sagar who will be seen in a cameo playing Lord Hanuman's father in the leading mythological show Devon ke Dev… Mahadev.

Thursday, July 18, 2013 | 3:40:18 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   |  Copyright: / TellyBuzz  |  Comments 2 Comments  |  118 Views

Rohit Sagar who will soon be seen in Ek Nanad ki Khushiyon ki Chhabi Meri Bhabhi will now also be seen in Nikhil Sinha's Devon ke Dev… Mahadev. His role is supposed to be a cameo. It will be part of the Ramayan track where he plays Lord Hanuman's father.

Rohit who has yet to start shooting for the show confirms, "Yes, I will be coming in as Lord Hanuman's father, Kesari. Today is the costume trial for the same after which I start shooting."

This is his first mythological show and Rohit agreed to do it since he feels the show is something different, "Devon ke Dev… Mahadev is a great show and I said ok to it because one – there is a growing trend of mythologicals happening and second – Nikhil Sinha's conviction of presenting the show is so different. All the credit for the show's success goes to him. The way the show is presented is something different. Even the promos that are shot actually have a meaning to it. It is a good value show and I am happy to be a part of it even if it is a cameo."

Earlier Rohit's better half, Shalini KapoorSagar who is currently seen in Qubool Hai, too is a part of Devon ke Dev… Mahadev as Rani Prasuti. Shalini has earlier too done mythologicals and played Maa Durga in the show Jai Maa Durga. So did she give any tips to him on working in mythologicals? "No, not exactly. Shalini has more work experience than me when it comes to doing TV and even mythologicals, but we don't give each other tips. We discuss the entertainment industry as well as acting in general."

Rohit's role in Meri Bhabhi too will get on track soon, "I feel the role is shaping up well as the character has started getting more importance now and I am happy about it" concludes Rohit.

Seema Khot Matto

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Are mythological shows the new game changers on television?

Priyam Saha

On July 19, 2013, 18:42

Even till a few years ago, doing anything other than the run off the mill saas-bahu saga was seen as a bold step. The nation couldn't get enough of their beloved Tulsis and Parvatis. But should we then ignore the fact that before the world of cable and digitization, the streets of the country were empty each Sunday morning in the late 80s, given Sampoorna Mahabharat on Doordarshan. We think it's safe to say that mythology in India has always been big; and now it's seemingly making a comeback on the small screen with makers willing to invest in such concepts.

Zee Tv's Ramayan has been doing fairly well on the scene. "Ramayan and Mahabharat are epics which have been part of our culture and are always going to exist. I feel it all boils down to having the right execution" says Nikhil Madhok, Vice President Marketing, Star India. Life Ok's Devon Ke Dev Mahadev has been consistently garnering high numbers and can easily be seen as a milestone in the careers of all those associated with it. But people from the industry swear by the content apparently. Ajit Thakur, GM Life Ok says "Mahadev was able to capture the viewer's attention not just because it's a mythological show but because of the right storyline, narratives and right casting."

Ajay Bhalwankar, head of content Zeel, shares Thakur's opinion "Relevant content works irrespective of whether it is a mythological show or historical." Apart from these myths being an integral part of our culture, we wonder if there's another agenda for these shows. According to Madhok, "it's a good way to keep the new generation in touch with our culture," Well, the popular opinion seems to be that, it's the content which goes beyond the genre. 

But are mythos a profitable bet? Suresh Mishra, Asst Director, Sahara One Media and Entertainment Ltd, informs us that they are. Jai Jai Bajrang Bali, their mythological show, has managed to get the channel good numbers and is running into its second successful year. He says "With Jai Jai Bajrang Bali, from its launch to now, we have only grown and picked up. It makes it clear that we have an avid audience for it."

It must be note that in spite of all the masala entertainment, people today still have a large appetite for mythology. Thakur says, "Mythology is very much a part of who we are as Indians and every story has the potential to bring the whole family together like no other story can. With Mahadev, we have taken the storytelling and treatment to the next level for any myth show in India. The look of the series is very different from anything seen before on Indian television." That's true. Mahadev's graphics have been an important factor in grabbing eyeballs. He further adds "Life OK has always been about stories that inspire the 'aam aadmi' and how we can make a difference to their lives. Every episode of Mahadev has something for us to learn from."

The makers have stressed on the fact that these shows are also a tool of making the youth of the country aware of our myths, culture and heritage. Looks like there's no going back to the saas-bahu sagas that were prodigies of the past and the mythological trend is here to stay! 


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