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PHOTOS: How Mohit became Mahadev!

No points for guessing why Mohit Raina has a large female following.

Rajul Hegde 

The protagonist of the popular television serial, Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, reveals the secret behind his six-pack abs and his choice of career.

His popularity has reached stratospheric heights soon after his serial, Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, hit the airwaves.

Model-turned-actor Mohit Raina , who plays Lord Shiva in the TRP-busting serial, still finds it difficult to digest the fact that he has a huge female female following who swoon over his chiselled body.

Dealing with another section of his fans proves equally difficult; they see the Lord in him and fall at his feet for his blessings!

But Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev is not Raina's first brush with television. He has played lead characters in two other serials -- Chehra and Ganga Ki Dheej.

Neither, however, can compare to the massive popularity of his latest outing.

Raina tells Rajul Hegde just how he handles his fans' affection, his fame and how he achieved his superb physique:

When did you realise you wanted to become an actor?

As a kid, I was always fascinated with the glamour industry. I wanted fame, name, money and whatever else it had to offer.

I come from a small town, Jammu, so I wasn't sure whether I would make it. At 21, when I realised I could, I set out to make my dreams come true.

What was your parents' reaction to your career choice?

When I told them I intended to travel to Mumbai and become an actor, everyone from the family thought I had gone mad.

The next day, I saw all my relatives' vehicles parked outside my house. I thought there was some family function that I had forgotten about.

But everyone was there to discuss how a family member had gone 'mad' (smiles). That was really funny!

They thought I was a studious kid and wanted me to become a chartered accountant. But I booked my tickets, informed them and landed in the city of dreams.

When was the first time you faced a camera? What did you learn from your first shooting experience?

After (winning) Grasim Mr India, I faced the camera for the first time for the show Chehra. It was difficult but, over time, I grew as an actor.

Initially, you would not know how to balance or deal with the character but, slowly, you grow with the character and the story.

'Fitness was not even a priority for me'



What is it like being an actor and seeing yourself play those roles, especially Lord Shiva?

It's the most difficult phase of my life because, when you play a god, you have to respect people's belief and emotions; people look up to you.

It has been very challenging as well, but I have been successful to a certain extent (smiles).

The character is popular right now and everything connected with the character is working.

There were times when people would use rudraksh beads to express their devotion. Today, when tattoos are so popular, people get Lord Shiva tattoos done. I guess it's the character that is on everyone's mind right now.

What preparation/changes did you have to make in your lifestyle to play Lord Shiva?

When I met the makers of the show, I knew they were going to do something extraordinary, huge and magnificent.

For me, personally, it's an opportunity of a lifetime!

I had to put on little weight to look like Mahadev. I had to work on my body because the viewers always see my bare torso.

I am a foodie so I had to control myself a bit... that's it. The look really worked for the show.

I feel playing this role has brought in me immense patience.

Have you always been fitness conscious?

After I came to Mumbai; I realised how much competition there was around me.

To be very honest, fitness was not even a priority for me; going for a morning walk was my definition of fitness.

It was only during Grasim Mr India that I learnt about flat abs, strong biceps, etc.

Eat right, work out right and sleep right'



What is the secret behind your six-pack abs?

There is no secret. My fitness mantra would be. 'Eat right, work out right and sleep right.' I hardly eat sweets and I've cut down on carbs.

Please share your diet and workout schedule.

I am a morning person and prefer exercising at dawn. I gym six days a week. That involves weight training for four days and cardio for two days.

I make it a point to meditate for 10 minutes before I start work (shooting).

At times when, I am not able to exercise due to my schedule, I compensate by working out on the sets.

I am extremely particular about my diet. Long hours and crazy schedules mean that I have to be extra careful about what I eat.

I rarely have control over my time. There are times when I can't exercise; I don't get the time to sleep and my body does not get enough rest.

But my diet is the one thing that I can control, so I make sure I eat healthy, home-cooked nutritious food.

Please share exercise tips for abs like yours -- dos and don'ts.

First you need to understand your body weight. I tend to put on weight very easily so I have to restrict my diet.

I need a minimum six hours of sleep.

That is what works for me.

I feel sleep plays an important role in your fitness. If possible, one should also take a power nap of 20-25 minutes during the day, which is equally important to stay fit mentally and physically.

You need to know your body better; your eating habits have to be according to your body weight.

Consult a dietician and see what works in your favour.

You are the best person to know your body. With time, you will be able to figure out how your body adapts and what your weakness and strengths are.

You should definitely be involved in some kind of physical activity.

'Indians are very emotional and religious'



How would you describe yourself? What's the one thing you remember most about being a kid?

I let people describe me.

I am a simple person.

As a kid, I loved playing cricket with my brother. Somehow, he would never get out and I would keep bowling (smiles).

Which of your personality traits do you consider an asset?

My connection with people and my belief in humanity!

How do you handle the fame?

(Smiles) I think with time you learn to handle it.

You have become very popular after playing the character of Lord Shiva. Would you like to share some interesting anecdotes with your fans?

The audiences have connected me with Lord Shiva; they say whenever they close their eyes to pray, they see me. That is a wonderful compliment.

Indians are very emotional and religious, they need a face to connect with I guess.

There's no particular age group of fans seeking to meet me; everyone loves Lord Shiva. Whenever they meet me, they seem to think they have met a god. They sometimes just look at me or hold my hand or fall at my feet.

Earlier, I used to stop them from doing it but with time I have realised why should I? Why shouldn't I give them that moment they have come for? They feel that they have touched Lord Shiva. So I let them do it.

What's your favourite Shiva story?

When I was young, my father would tell me that putting bel patta and milk on the Shivling brings him closer to us.

Have you read Amish Tripathi's Shiva trilogy? What did you think about it?

Yes. It's an interesting trilogy, that's why it's so popular!

We mostly focus on what is there in the Puranas. Amish's novels are in a different genre where we follow the personal life of Shiva, his connection with his devotees, with his wife, children and his responsibilities as the head of a family.

'Shah Rukh Khan is the Badshah of Bollywood'



What was your first salary?

My first salary was around Rs 4,000, when I was working for Hyundai Motors in 2004.

If you could take up a 'normal' job, what would you it be?

I have never thought about it. Since I am a foodie, I might have opened a restaurant.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Denzel Washington and Shah Rukh Khan

Which Bollywood actresses you admire the most?

Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Madhuri Dixit and Anushka Sharma are very talented.

And who is your favourite actor?

Shah Rukh Khan for what he is. He is the Badshah of Bollywood.

When are you planning to get married? Are you dating someone?

I don't have time for add that. Right now, I am dating this (pointing at the poster of the show).

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How does one convert a casual TV viewer like me into a die-hard Mohit Raina and DKDM fan? Make everything superlative!!! Just when DKDM was degenerating into another mythological soap opera – the Jalandhar track was aired.

This is where full credit must go to the team of Mahadev and Mohit Raina for their superlative narration and portrayal of a fairly small chapter in the massive Shiva Puran. They've managed to create and weave a fantastic tale of love, deceit, power struggle of a character who can be construed as one of the complex and contradicting characters in a Mythology.

Jalandhar- who's born out of Mahadev's anger; who's an Asur; But also a great administrator and King to his subjects. It's fantastic to see how the team converted this chapter to such a well woven story line.

To say the least, my interest and fascination and love towards the series was renewed 100 fold. And to top it off the role of Jalandhar was enacted by none other than Mohit Raina himself!

The decision to cast Mohit Raina as Jalandhar was a fantastic move by the creative team. To most Mohit Raina fans this was such a treat! Talk about a kid in a candy store! He was and is such a versatile and incredibly talented actor! Acting is about insight into a character and I think this is what sets Mohit apart from his peers. He's been able to take a character and analyze it and portray it with such perfect conviction that for a moment one forgets that it's the same actor playing a dual role!

This is such a difficult task considering that the series has been going on for well over a year and is into almost 400+ episodes. I want to commend and applaud Mohit for his 100% involvement into a character and series and giving the same kind of consistent performance day in day out for well over 400+ episodes! His fans get the best of this deal as they get to enjoy his portrayal of two characters that are a complete 180 degrees apart. Its remarkable to see him swagger onto the battlefield with a smirk and sneer on his face as Jalandhar faces the Devtas and in the same scene he switches effortlessly into the character of Mahadev coming out of His Samadhi and just oozes such peace and unquantifiable love towards the whole universe that one feels as if it's the "Real Mahadev" on screen and not "Reel Mahadev" and all this mind you Wordlessly! To say that this was and is a "Dharmsankat" on who to support is an understatement. One minute the viewer is "Team Jalandhar" and the other "Team Mahadev". I've found myself swaying back and forth between the two. Arguing and defending Jalandhar's actions one minute and the next minute going back to my "Araadhya Mahadev". It has been a rollercoaster of emotions with this track and it's all thanks to the dual role that Mohit Raina plays. Would the story line garner so much popularity and attention if someone else played the part of Jalandhar? Probably not—but I'm biased towards Mohit! J

One also must and should recognize the character of Vrinda played by Neha Marda. Here I want to particularly thank writer Utkarsh Naithani for writing Vrinda and depicting her as a strong, independent, learned woman who has a career as a "Vaidya (doctor)" in a Myth series where a woman is shown to be submissive and subservient and her role particularly and specifically defined to rearing children and household chores. I'm thankful to him for beating back this stereotyping of women. It was much needed!

Coming back to Vrinda- played by Neha Marda. One must applaud her for seamlessly integrating herself into DKDM. It felt as if she was part of DKDM from almost day1. Such is the chemistry between the two actors cast as Jalandhar and Vrinda. Neha effortlessly plays the role of Vrinda so differently that her acting skills and her craft need to be praised. In her recent and final scenes as Vrinda where she confronts Narayan at his betrayal Neha does such an outstanding job. Such a scene in my experience of TV viewing has always been acted with lot of histrionics, but she delivers her grief in silence and with dignity. And manages to get even the most jaded and unemotional TV viewer to shed tears on Vrinda's behalf.

As the track draws to its conclusion I'm filled with heartbreak at Jalandhar's upcoming eventual end. Jalandhar- a character not completely white or black.. He had shades of grey pretty much like most of us do. LifeOk's DKDM continues to build around parables with the Jalandhar track focusing on how arrogance becomes the downfall of even the mightiest warrior to be ever born. And I'm hoping that the next parable Mahadev gives us will be as interesting and captivating as the Jalandhar storyline.


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Mohit refuses to be the face of political party

Amrita Mulchandani, TNN | Jun 4, 2013, 12.00 AM IST

Mohit Raina, who's ruling hearts as small screen's hottest god Lord Shiva in 'Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev' was reportedly approached to be the brand ambassador of a national political party (given his huge fan following of course).

The dashing star was even toying with the idea of taking up the new role seriously, but now things seem to have fallen through by the looks of it.

When TOI got in touch with Mohit, he however refuted the rumours, "I have no plans to join politics or be the face of any political party. There is no truth to this news."

Maybe Mohit who's tasted stardom on telly is playing it safe for the time being and is content with his divine hue.

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Telly News India Special: "Beauty With Brains Sonarika Bhadoria".

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While the whole world has been all praises for Mohit Raina (Mahadev), with the recently concluded Jalandhar- Mahadev fight track, Sonarika Bhadoria (Parvati) has proved once again that she is a fine actor.   

Previously on Life OK's Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, we saw Parvati (Sonarika Bhadoria) having lost her memory and her husband Lord Shiv (Mohit Raina)  trying to help her get the memory back by practicing yoga. When Jalandhar kidnapped Parvati thinking that his act will leave Mahadev bereft of his powers, little did he know that Parvati was going to be the end of him.

Sonarika, who has been very well received by the audiences as Parvati shined through this track. She says "I give it my all because I'd be stupid not to. It is such a big opportunity for me with such a great channel and each day on the sets is a learning experience!" Parvati has regained her memory now and it happened as out of anger she took upon the avatar of Aadi Shakti and that was the end of Jalandhar. "It's a very strong character and I feel blessed to play it. I am recognized as Parvati now," says the beautiful actress

Currently, Mahadev and Parvati are back in Kailash Parbat. There's a huge celebration because of Parvati. We wish much success to this beauty with brains Sonarika and hope that the celebrations continue, notwithstanding the potential obstacles in the future.

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Mahadev To Bless Dashanan With 'Chandrahaas' weapon And To Name Him As "Raavan" In Devon ke Dev Mahadev.

In Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Yesterday It Was Shown How Jalandhar survives Mahadev's attack. He becomes shocked on seeing Parvati on the battle field. Parvati recalls her memory. On seeing the same, Jalandhar realises that Mahadev can kill him.He tells Mahadev that he is proud of his decision of attacking him. Mahadev enlightens Jalandhar about Karma. He tells him that he has disgraced Shukracharya and will be responsible for his own death. Jalandhar blames him for not guiding him the right path.   

 Now In Coming Episode,  Paravati remembers how Mahadev held on to her aid throughout when she had lost her memory. When Mahadev offers her a garland, she feels humble and grateful.  Shoorpankha is tensed for Dashanan after seeing him prepare for something big. Everyone prepares for a celebration on Kailash and everyone rejoices upon the arrival of Mahadev and Parvati.While everybody seeks Madadev's blessings, Dashanan prepares to transport Kailash to Lanka. On Nandi's insistence, Dashanan tries to lift the Kailash Mountain but Mahadev stops him from doing so. In due course, Dashanan gets hurt and mourns out of pain. Nandi asks him to apologize to Mahadev for his act.Mahadev is impressed by Dashanan and lifts the toe from the ground. Mahadev blesses him with 'chandrahaas' weapon and names him as Raavan.

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He is going places. Wonderful interview. Mohit has become the biggest star on tv with this show. He must be really pleased. 

Mumbai: So far, it has been observed that TV actors despite being highly popular on soap operas hardly make it big even as Shahrukh Khan remains an exception. However, given the escalating craze of small screen God Lord Shiva played by Mohit Raina, expectations ride high on the actor.

In the last episodes of the Life OK serial, Mohit Raina has played double role as Jalandhar and Shiva himself, other than the Shiva's part, his role as Jalandhar has been highly appreciated and buzz is that Mohit Raina has been flooded with offers from movie producers.

The acts of Mohit Raina is being compared as the performance by Shahrukh in his Television days after which he elevated to Bollywood and later became a Super star.

Everyone knows that Shahrukh is one among the very few artists in Bollywood who took the chance of playing negative roles and rendered his best shots and movies whether it was Baazigar or Darr.

(Mohit Raina is tagged as "hottest god on the small screen", thanks to his role of Lord Shiva in the mythological TV show " Devon Ka Dev - Mahadev". Happy doing the role, he has no fears of being "typecast".

"I don't feel an image can really bind an actor. In earlier times, it used to happen as there were not many channels and not so many shows. With time, people would want to see me more. I will entertain them," Mohit told IANS.

As Mahadev in the Life OK's show, his popularity has soared, but Mohit's focus is on acting, not ratings.

"I don't get into the leagues and numbers. This is my job and I will keep entertaining people. I am happy in my own space," he said.
He has been termed as the "hottest god on the small screen" by many. Commenting upon that Mohit, said: "I am playing the hottest god ever, so I didn't have to do much... I take the compliment and do my job."

His fit body certainly plays an important role in making him so popular among viewers and Mohit says that he works out "45-50 minutes everyday...I try to do some kind of physical activity everyday".

He has been part of shows like " Chehra" and " Ganga Kii Dheej", but hit the pot of gold with "Mahadev".

Describing the role as a "life time opportunity", Mohit says he does not want any break to unwind himself, and adds that "I just work to destress...I want to concentrate on the show".

"I used to plan a lot. I have stopped planning after 'Mahadev'. I want to give my best to Lord Shiva," said Mohit who wants to be part of shows with a strong storyline.

"The USP of the show is the story. So, the story has to be really strong as it gets the audience hooked. If there is a good story, I will take it up," he reasoned. 
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'Mahabharata' cast finalised

While the promos of "Mahabharata" are already on air, the names of the actors for the upcoming show have only just been finalised.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013 | 3:27:58 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   |  Copyright: IANS  |  Comments 48 Comments  |  2323 Views

While the promos of "Mahabharata" are already on air, the names of the actors for the upcoming show have only just been finalised.

Shaheer Sheikh, seen on the show "Navya...Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal", will play Arjun and Saurabh Jain, who is seen as Lord Vishnu on "Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev", has been roped in to essay Lord Krishna, said a statement from Star Plus.

Sayantani Ghosh, best known for her lead role in "Naaginn", will play Satyavati, while Ratan Rajput will be seen as princess Amba.

Rest of the cast includes Prannet Bhatt as Shakuni and Puneet Issar, who was seen as Duryodhan in "Mahabharata" that used to come on DD National in 1988, will now be seen as Parshuram.

The makers haven't decided the launch date of the show

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Tarun Khanna still apprehensive about playing Ravan

Television actor Tarun Khanna, who has joined popular mythological series "Devon Ka Dev ...Mahadev" as Ravan, says he is still apprehensive about playing the epitome of evil from the epic "Ramayan".

Wednesday, June 05, 2013 | 4:15:57 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   |  Copyright: IANS  |  Comments 2 Comments  |  211 Views

Television actor Tarun Khanna, who has joined popular mythological series "Devon Ka Dev ...Mahadev" as Ravan, says he is still apprehensive about playing the epitome of evil from the epic "Ramayan".

"I still have apprehensions. It is like how you play cricket - you can get out on every ball. In the same way as an actor, you have to be on your toes every time. You have to put in your 100 percent every day. Even if I am scared, I have to be able to perform my next shot to the best of my ability," he told IANS.

As far as understanding the character is concerned, Tarun read everything he could on Ravan.

He has been part of the TV industry for a decade now and has shows like "Bhabhi", "Chandragupta Maurya", and "Dhak Dhakk In Dubai" to his credit, therefore he doesn't get pressurised by the popularity of a show when he steps in them.

"I have been part of the Television industry for 10 years now. I have worked in many popular serials. It does not put too much pressure on me. I am used to these things. It doesn't matter how popular the serial is, I must feel that I can contribute to it," said the actor.

Does it get monotonous to be on TV for 10 years?

"Luckily or unluckily, I have never been part of a show for too long for it to get monotonous... hats off to those people who do it (the same thing) day in and day out," he said.

Talking about future plans, the actor said that "Mahadev" is taking up all his time.

" 'Mahadev' is seven days a week and Ravan is a pivotal character for a while now. I have told my wife that I am saying goodbye to you for a while. That is the kind of commitment a TV actor has to give to a producer. If I was doing a smaller role, then I would have thought of taking on another show," he said

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