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madhutanu Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 3:35am | IP Logged
Hi shreya good one.loved it. keep writing.missing our shanak...

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purvi08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
its awesome shreya Hug Hug
keep writing

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angelic_leena_3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 5:08am | IP Logged
uff..shanak ki hotness..its awesome and great OS shreyaClapClapClap.it does n't look like your 1st OS..you should write more OS ON SHANAK..hoping more from you..Day Dreaming

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Shreya.Shanak Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged

Hi alll!!! First of all thanx for the likes nd comments...nd thanx for appreciating nd encouraging me for my previous OS 'A NIGHT TO CELEBRATE' it was completely unexpected nd surprising for me...you guys hav inspired me so much that now i m eager to write one more hot os ...if u like the os then you can take it as a treat from my side as it's my birthday todayEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...SO HERE I GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!

~"BURNING DESIRE"~Embarrassed

Present situation:: Shaan is in Singapore for a concert...it's been one week now since he has gone...nd he's going mad without khanak...there is just one thing in his mind...to return to mumbai as soon as possible nd be with khanak...he wanted khanak to also go with him but since madhvi nd sunil had already left before shaan to pune as madhvi had planned a two week trip with sunil to be with her mother nd Khushboo was also leaving to london as we know that she had launched a whole new brand of cosmetics there...so she used to go there from time to time...nd there was no one to take care of Akshay...so khanak felt that she should stay at home...shaan was really upset at her decision...but then he understands...

Sunday 10:00pm (phone conversation)

Khanak:(laying on her bed) hello!! shantanu kaise h aap???
Shaan: tumhare bina itne din...(very sadly asks) main kaisa houngaa???? (while khanak smiles)

khanak: koi baat nahe shantanu kal to aap aa rahe h na...

Shaan: khanak!!!! tum itna calm down kaise ho...kya tumhe meri yaad nahe aa rahe???

Khanak: aati h shantanu par kaam zyada zroori h...aap us par dhyan dejiye...

(Shantanu knew khanak missed him equally...may be more than shaan but she never showed it to him other wise he would be more desprate to b back home...but shaan could feel the sadness in her tone)

Shaan: han han theek h...waise bhe main kal aa raha hu na...apna badla to main kal pura karunga...

khanak: kaisa badla shantanu???(khanak pretended to know nothing nd controlled her smile)

Shaan: ohh my innocent khanak(sarcastic tone)...last minute me apna plan change karke mere saath nahe aane ka badla...(in his most husky voice says)aur tumhe to pata he h main apna badla kaise leta hu...

while khanak blushed deeply...

Shaan:khanak mujhe pata tumhara colour abhe puri tarah se red ho gaya hoga...hamari shaadi ko itna time ho gaya h firbhe tum naye naveli dulhan ke tarah aise sharmati ho jaise hamare beech pehle kabhe kutch hua he na ho(nd grinned)...

khanak: dhattt...ab ye faltu kayal chodiye aur so jaeye...GUD NYT...

Shaan:(while laughing)achcha khanak suno to...(while khanak ended the call)...(shaan said) gud nyt...luv u... to an ended call(smiling)...

now shaan waited for tomorrow...he hadn't told khanak that he's arriving early morning...as he wanted to surprise her...

Monday 8:00am

khanak came out from the bathroom after taking a bath... in a bathrobe

Khanak: (to herself)...ye shantanu bhe patani kab aaenge!!!!...main har waqt unhe ke bare me sochte rehte hu...unke khayalon me itna kho gayee...ke bathroom me kapre le jana he bhool gayee(slightly hitting her head said BURTHAL)...vo to achcha hua waha bathrobe rakkha rehta h...(nd walked to the cupboard nd started thinking what to


Here shaan had arrived outside the Khandelwal mansion...nd when the door opened he was welcomed by harilal...nd excitedly headed towards his room to meet khanak...

Shaan: abhe to khanak nahaa kar aa gaye ho ge aur mirror ke aage khare ho kar apne baal bana rahe hoge...god i m so excited to see her reaction...

Shaan opened the door of his room very noiselessly...entered in...but he could see no one...just then he noticed the cupboard door open(behind which khanak was searching for her clothes)...he ran nd engulfed khanak's waist with his arms...nd lifted her off the floor nd twirled her around...nd shouted...

Shaan: KHANAK i m back...nd laughed

while khanak had no idea how to react...when shaan kept her down on the floor...for a few seconds she was completely blank...when she came back to her senses nd registered everything...their were butterflies in her stomach...wide smile on her face...which was full of surprise...nd sparkle in her eyes...

khanak: SHANTANU aap aa gayee!!!! nd hugged him with such force that shaan was abt to fall..but he balanced himself...nd hugged her back...

when they broke from that hug all smiling...shaan noticed wat khanak was wearing nd moved a few steps back to get a clear view of her from head to toe nd had a naughty grin on his face...while khanak was all blushing(even she had forgotten wat she was wearing)...she dropped her eyes down which were not able to meet shaan's nd trying to pull down the bathrobe which reached till just above her knees...

Shaan: ooo khanak you look so hot nd sexy!!!WinkWink

khanak moved a step towards shaan to cover his eyes with her hand...

Khanak: aap aise mat dekhiye naEmbarrassed!!!! vo...errr...main...main bathroom main kapre le jana bhul gaye the...

Shaan: (removing her hands from his eyes said)...kyu khanak???...kaise bhul gayee... tum to roz le kar jaate ho na...mere khayalon me itna kho gayee ke baki sab kutch bhool gayee...

khanak looked at shaan with a howcome-he-knows expression on her face then she again dropped her eyelids nd blushed nd smiled...she slightly pushed shaan back nd was heading towards the bathroom but shaan was too quick for her..he grabbed her waist nd pinned her on the wall beside the cupboard... then he removed her wet hair from her face...nd caressed her cheeks..the waterdrops flowing from her face to her neck were him crazy then... shaan softly holds khanak's cheeks with both his hands... brought his forehead forward which touched hers nd whispered with intense passion in his voice..."GOD Khanak...i missed you sooo much" by now khanak's heartbeat had raised upto an unexpected level nd she breathed heavily...while shaan kissed her on her forehead... then he brought his head down slightly removed her robe from the collar bone nd kissed her...while khanak turned her head to the other side nd closed her eyes...shaan came up nd was about to kiss her on her lips...when he heard a voice...

Akshay: Shaan!! shaan!!!

Khanak: (paniced nd slighty pushing shaan back said) Shanatanu akshay bhaa aa rahe h aap bahar jaeeye nahe to wo andar aa jaenge!!!!...

Shaan: (bechara style)yaar!!!! is ghar me sabke timing itne correct kaise h?????

Khanak: shantanu jaeeyee!!!!!!

Shaan: jarahu relax!! tum bhe mujhe hamesha bhagane me lage rehte ho!!

nd he came out...

Shaan: jee bhaiya!!

Akshay: aree chote tu aa gaya tune bataya bhe nahe...

Shaan:(under his breath)phir bhe aap ko to pata he chal gaya na...

Akshay: kya kutch kaha tune!!

Shaan: han?? yehe bhaiyaa ke aap kaise h???

Akshay: main bilkul fit hu jab khanak yaha the to kaise chinta...

while khanak came out smiling nd wearing a pink saree...

Akshay: shaan khanak main ye soch raha hu ke abhe office me kutch zyada kam nahe h to main london chala jaau khushboo se milne!!

(bas akshay had to say this much nd shaan put in his every possible effort to send akshay out of the house...within 1 hour shaan had booked his tickets helped him pack his stuff)

after half an hour later we could see khanak and shaan waving hand to a leaving akshay...

(inside the house in the living room)

Shaan:chalo jo ek akele bhaiya bache the ghar me vo bhe gaye!!!

Khanak: shantanu aap ko sharam bhe nahe aati na???...

Shaan:khanak everything is fair in love nd war... aur waise bhe maine itna nek kaam kiya h bhaiya ko bhabi ke pas bhej kar atleast ab bhabi complain to nahe karenge ke bhaiya unke saath time nahe spend karte

Khanak: (agreeingly nods her head)han shantanu waise ye baat to h...

Shaan grabbed khanak's waist nd said chaloo khanak ab jo kaam morning me adhoora rah gaya tha vo pura kar le???

Khanak: (released herslf from his grip) han han shantanu mujhe kitchen me bhaut kaam h...aapka mann h to aap bhe mere help kar sakte h...(nd went to the kitchen with a wide grin on her face)...

Shaan: achchaa nakhre!!!tumhe to main abhe batata hu!!!!!

Shaan called the working staff of the house nd announced that they had 2 days off...

Shaan: ab khanak ko jab koi nahe milega ghar me to usse mere pass he aana parregaa...(raises the collar of his shirt nd says)...wah!! shaan kya plan h...

nd Shaan went upstairs to his room to take a bath...

Khanak: (in the kitchen)...kya karu shantanu ko bol to diya bahut kaam h...par yaha to sab kutch haribhaa ne kar he diya h...han!! ek kaam karti hu haribhaa se store ke safayee karwa deti hu...

Khanak:(came out of the kitchen)...haribhaa! haribhaa!...aree ye sab log kaha chale gayee??? koi dikh he nahe raha h...Shantanu se puchte hu(she goes upstairs to her room)

Khanak:(to shaan who's taking a shower in the bathroom)...Shantanu!

Shaan:(to himself)...aagye!!(with a wide grin on his face)...(to khanak)..han khanak kya hua aana para na aakhir mere he pass...

Khanak: shantanu mujhe pata tha ke aap he ne kutch kiya h...bataeeye na kaha h sab????!!

Shaan: (laughs a devil laugh nd says)...Khanak wo maine...

just then the phone rings...khanaks picks it up...

Khanak: hello!!! KHUSHBOO BHABI!!!!!!!!!!!!!(smiles widely)...kaise h aap???

Shaan:(in the bathroom)...(makes a crying face nd says to himself)...khushboo bhabi ka phone???abee yaar!!! kitne mushkil se to khanak mere pass aayee the...jab ye log ghar me hote h tab to khanak aur mera milna impossible h... par ghar ke bahar hote hueee bhee ye mujhe chain se nahee rehne denge...BAS bahut ho gaya ab main khanak ko room se bahar he nahe jane dunga...(he comes out in vest nd lower)

Shaan looks at khanak with a very serious nd intense expression...nd khanak looks at shaan with one hand holding the phone to her ear ...going towards the door nd locking it...khanaks gulps down...while shaan comes nd sits behind khanak on the bed...khanak is just wondering wat shaan is up to???...while her half mind in khushboo's conversation who was babbling from the other side...there were butterflies fluttering in her stomach when shaan touched her waist nd completely engulfed her in his arms...

Khushboo:hello hello??? khanak are you there??

Khanak:(came back reality hearing her voice)..ha..han..han..bhabi main sun rahe hu aap boliye...

Khushboo: khanak kya tum busy ho???

(Shaan removed khanak's hair aside with his hand nd caressed her collar bone with his lips)...

(Khanak closed her eyes nd moaned)...

Khushboo:khanak shayad network me kutch problem h...mujhe tumhari aawaaz theek se nahe sunai de rahe..

Khanak:(opened her eyes nd said)...han?? ha...errr...han bhabi shayad network me kutch problem h(while shaan controlled his laughter)(khanak was blushing deeply nd just wanted to carry on with the conversation as she didn't wanted khushboo to know wat was going on between her nd shantanu... it would b really embaressing for her)...vo bhabi...errr...apko ata h shantanu bhe aaj he subah aayee h singapore se...

Khushboo:that's great!! (but then she understood that if shaan was at home wat was making khanak not concentrate on their conversation...nd also that their was no network problem...

here shaan was getting intense nd his activities were the reason for khanak's raising heartbeat...he kissed her earlobe...khanak was controlling herself but she was not able to...just then shaan removed off khanak pallu from her shoulders...which made khanak cry out "shantanu"...by now shaan had turned a deaf ear towards khanak as he was taking revenge from khanak for her acts earlier..

Here khushboo also blushed nd realised she should not act as "Kabaab Me Haddi"...nd leave the RBL's alone...

Khushboo:trying to act normal said..."I think khanak u r busy right now we'll talk later"...bayeee!!!!!!!

By now khanak had completely lost her control over herself...wat she heard was a bayeee from the other side nd the phone slipped from her hand nd fell on the floor...

Shaan made khanak lay on the bed...he kissed her forehead cheeks her nose her chin nd finally her lips nd khanak also responded very efficiently...nd she had her hand on shantanu's neck nd then her hand brushing his hair...

shaan came down kissed her neck while khanak moaned nd turned her head to one side to give him more space...shaan brought his hand under khanak's back nd did wat his hands were best at to unhook her blouse...which made khanak gasp...nd after that shanak were in a world of there own...nd their door remained locked till next morningEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

"Phewww"!!!!!! "Yaaar i think i m turing out as a big beshrem"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...


THANK YOU!!!Tongue

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-Simple- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Phewww ! That was just TOO hot ! Wow ! You are on a roll ! Dancing LOL at everyone getting in the way of them. You know I just love your dialogues. I can imagine Shaan saying the exact things that you write if he was actually in such a situation ! Hats off ! Clap Oh and Happy Birthday ! Party Hope you have an awesome day and all your wishes come true  !

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
hei shreya,
gr8 update..
waise MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY n thanks for the hotty hot treat..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
besharam tho hum sab bhi hain..so fikar not..join the besharmi group..
keep writing more shreya..

shaan's dialogues were perfect when he said abt everyone disturbing them even when they r not in home..that was class..awesome..

Edited by RB81 - 26 December 2011 at 9:05am

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sharon18 Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Hey Happy BirthdayPartyHug
PHEW!!!!!!!!!! what an update on a birthdayWinkthat was really intense,Shaan is really shameless but that is wat makes him equally hot and sexyWinkLOL
great job...i loved it a lotHug
waiting for ur next one...

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angelic_leena_3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 11:03am | IP Logged
phewww!!!again awesome update shreyaClapClapi just love those hot dialouges from shaanBlushingwaiting for your next updateDay DreamingHAPPY BIRTHDAYHug

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