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OS - Kuch toh hua hai - EDITED Pg 2 (Page 2)

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@rashi sarastella it was a raji os guys. It was really nice. I finished reading it liked it but then don know where it disappeared.

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Originally posted by vibz88

@rashi sarastella it was a raji os guys. It was really nice. I finished reading it liked it but then don know where it disappeared.

why is it always happening to me...?CryCryCryCry
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 Hi Guys,

The fates are at it again. Had some free time, so wanted to post this one right away. But the formatting got screwed up, and I began correcting it. But I had work that had to be completed right then, so couldn't post this.

Now, I have reformatted this again. Hope you enjoy it. And Sorry about the confusion regarding the formatting. it's just that if it not formatted properly, I believe it takes the fun out of reading. That, and I am a consultant, you just cannot take these little quirks away from me!! Smile Enjoy!


The Start Of Something New

I slumped in my seat, my hand on my cheek, a pout on my pretty pink lips. There was a party going on before me, but I was cooped up in a corner. Sulking.


I'll tell you in a minute.

My name is Rashi Shah, and I study art in the Prime College or Arts and Sciences in Rajkot. Prime happily sits at the top of the crme-del-a-crme colleges in Rajkot. Academically. Turns out toppers year after year. From last year's batch alone, you could fill two glowing pages of the college prospectus. Still don't get it. Okay? Here we go - Aham Modi, one of the few Indians last year to get into Harvard, is a Prime alumni. More than a dozen of them got into esteemed institutes across the world. Another student, I don't remember her name, holds the record for receiving the highest pay package in campus placement in Gujarat.  And another set of them...

Oh well, you get the drift now.

Given this record, it's a huge deal for Prime to be having a new years eve bash! Honestly, we do have a party every year, but you see it's kind of drab. This year, as president of the cultural committee, I decided to take charge.

After spending days convincing the teachers and the board members, they FINALLY agreed to have a party of this magnitude. It was a big deal. We were to have music bands, international food, the complete works.

Even the study-a-holics were excited about this party, and nothing spelt success more than the brain of the college coming up to me and asking if she could help in some way with the party. Seriously. She averaged 99% in all her tests, in all her years in the college. Go figure.

And then there was Anjan Doshi. He is Prime's magic boy this year. The teachers' favorite. Good marks, good sportsman, awards in whichever competition he represented. Model student.

And model good looks!

Yea, I have been crushing on him for a long time. No, we weren't friends. Just the casual hellos when we crossed paths in hallways. And frankly, I was getting sick of it. Standing in the sidelines.  So I had hoped tonight would be the start of something new for us. Some harmless flirting, a couple of dances, to just set the ball rolling.

You see why this was supposed to be the best night of my life?

Well, it isn't. It's the worst!!!

Can you blame me for sulking?

I couldn't believe things had turned so hopeless - the music band I'd booked had called in and canceled in the last minute, so I had no choice to play a collection of Bollywood songs picked out by the college drama club.

I had spent days carefully charting out the choicest dishes from Italian, Indian and Chinese and the caterer had just goofed up every damn dish - the pasta was way too spicy, the dhokla uncooked, the rice watery, the chats too bland - EVERYTHING WAS A MESS!

I felt like crying, kicking someone, stomping up to the podium grabbing the mike and yelling at everyone - "the shows over, guys - go home!"

And it did not stop there -  I had begged, literally begged my mother for an evening gown to wear today. It had cost a fortune - 4 months worth of part-time job (which meant no life in the past 4 months), all my earlier savings, and some pooling in from mummy. I had found the perfect one. Rich blue. Wide neck, sleeveless, floor length. The only problem was that it was not my size. A little big. The friendly guy at the shop said he would alter it to suit me, no problem. Just extra cash.  I got a fowl scorn and a stern warning from mummy that I am not - absolutely not - buying anything else in the next six months or so. But I handed over the amount - the entire lot.

But by now you would have figured that my luck absolutely shines!!! The friendly shop guy, apparently, had the attention span of a bumblebee. Instead of altering my gown to my size, the idiot had completely ruined it. The skirt of the dress had been shortened to knee length. I was now wearing a sleeveless, knee length royal blue frock - the skirt of the dress had a little flair, and the neck was very wide it almost looked like spaghetti sleeves.

From the college diva to the college disaster! 

I sulked more - I could not believe it! I just couldn't - If I had to run out of luck - why today?

I turned my head to the table were the drinks were kept - no alcohol, of course - There's no alcohol available in the college canteen.

Yeah, that's right - I'd returned all the food and drinks from the caterer and called Raju Bhaiya in a hurry to do something - my only option!

Speaking of only options - I searched the crowd for my "non-date" date.

Why "Non-date" date?

I told you I was in charge of this party? Well, that meant I made the rules and I called the shots.  Since I made the rules, I knew them before the entire college did. And I fully intended to use that to my advantage. And I did. I asked Anjan Doshi to be my date tonight.

That was my rule - only girls asks the guys!

Stupid me, Stupid rules!

Anjan had very politely said he would have loved to go with me. I don't think I have to tell you how elated I felt then. I didn't even notice the would have, if I had I would have (no pun intended, I am not in the mood for that anyway!) known that would haves in answer to a question was always, always followed by but...

I would have loved to, but...

My elation lasted exactly two seconds. He then gently added as friends. But he liked Keerti, and he was sure she liked him too, he went on to say. And it would be wrong to take me.

Did he have to be so noble and nice about it?  

Keerti - it took a minute to accept that. I had to ask him to repeat that name with the surname to be sure actually. You see, Keerti is the brain of the college I just told you about.

She is nice girl and all, but she's just not someone I would picture Anjan with. Actually, that girl, was always me.


After calling my name repeatedly to shake me out of my shocked stupor, he had apologized. I had mumbled something and just rushed off from that place. I had never been so embarrassed. I also ensured we never crossed paths - till now.

I looked at the dance floor longingly - couples were dancing merrily to the tunes of - what song was it - I tried to guess the song, and then gave up. Oh forget it, who cares about the song anyway?

Anjan twirled Keerti away from him and pulled her back, a content smile spread over his face, he whispered something in her ear and she blushed deep red.

I quickly looked away - my eyes fell on all the other couples in the dance floor.

Everyone was having fun. Everyone except me, I sulked more.

All right, that's it! I stood up and walked into the dance floor determinedly. I am not going to spend this night wallowing!

I was going to go find my "non-date" date and have a jolly good time.


Where the heck was he? He'd disappeared the minute we'd stepped in to the party. Okay, so we'd agreed that this was a "non-date" but that did not mean he can just dump a lady and disappear the minute he's inside the party!!

Talk about being ill mannered. Why did he have to pick today to be ill-mannered? Jigar Chirag Modi was the epitome of good manners.

Yeah, he's my "non-date" date.  After that encounter with Anjan, I had purposefully submerged myself so much into the planning of this party, that I did not have the time to ask anyone else. And I didn't want to either. Realizing that I couldn't hide behind my work forever, I had asked Jigar in a desperate measure.

I had been very quick and careful to clearly say that I wanted to go with him as friends.

Yes, I know, I said I hated that phrase. And I hate it more when my own words come back to bite me in my ass!

So that's the story behind my "non-date" date.

Jigar Modi.

He's also my very best friend. We met at the fresher's party, and had become fast friends. Knowing him as I know him now, it isn't a big surprise that we became good friends so quickly. Jigar is like that - unassuming, warm and sweet. He would make anyone comfortable in his company.

I didn't know if there existed a single person in this college who didn't like Jigar. It was not even normal! I mean, the guy had no enemies. No huge tiffs.

Well, that was about to change now, I thought icily.

Because I was going to give him a black eye today. How dare he disappear like this.

I marched to the food table, tapping my brother on the shoulder, I asked, " Dhawal Bhai, where's Jigar?"

Dhawal Bhai turned around and smiled at me, " I don't know Rashi Ben. I thought he was with you?

I shook my head.

What a wonderful day, I thought in self mockery, stamping my foot on the ground.

"Ow" I yelped, as my foot turned. Just great! A twisted ankle. Exactly what I needed right now.

What a perfect evening! I limped off to the nearest chair and plunked down on it.  Scrunching up my face I slowly massaged my foot, I looked back at the dance floor, all my friends were in their own world, and my date, I thought with a scowl, didn't seem to even be in this world, even physically!


No one seemed to even notice that Rashi was hurt and was sentenced to a silent corner of the room.

I felt like crying. Not a single soul who would walk up and say, "What happened, Rashi? Are you all right?" Not even a single soul.

"Hey Rashi" a chirpy voice sounded.

I looked up, " Jigar Chirag Modi" I said in a lackluster tone.

His brows rose, "using full names?" he drawled, dropping into the seat hastily next to me, "Someone's angry" he said, nudging my shoulders with his own playfully.

I glared at him, "Who me? I'm swell" I snapped.

He looked at me as if he was judging me, then shrugged, "Well if you say so" he said finally, to my utter disappointment. 

"I'm going to go - " he was saying, getting up from the chair.

That was it - That was the last straw. "Don't you dare move" I growled, grabbing his arm and pulling him down harshly.

"OW" he yelped as my pull made him land on the chair, rather harshly, but I didn't care.

He freed his hand away from mine and glared at me, "Are you nuts?" he
snapped, gingerly brushing his wrist with his fingers.

"This was supposed to be the best party this college has ever seen. Now it's all screwed up. It's one big disaster" I exclaimed, "The caterer goofed up, the music band cancelled, Princi's not letting us party post 11 PM, the guy I liked likes someone else, my dress is a disaster" I ranted, "and you" I snarled, turning to glare at him, he was looking at me as if he'd never seen me before, "Disappear the minute we enter this room. What a sane day!" I finished, my head dropping in disappointment.

Jigar did not have anything to say – he was quiet. That wasn't helping my already foul mood much.

"Say something" I growled. "Err" he trailed off, looking away, "Well…."

"I'm still listening, well what…?"

"Everyone seems to be having fun" he commented

I hit his shoulder in frustration, "can you say something proper?"

"What? Everyone really is having fun" he exclaimed, "Rashi, just look - everyone is so happy - the college hall, the food, what disaster are you talking about?"

"Everyone's having Raju Bhaiya's juices instead of fruit punches from the –" 

"So? Our college has a GREAT canteen, by the way! And everyone here loves Raju's food."

"The music band –"

" The drama club has picked out the best songs – they're even better than whatever your band could have played. Next?"

I was losing this argument – I could see that – but I didn't mind – in fact, I was smiling – for the first time since the sun rose on this, now not-so-horrid day.

"My dress –"

"You look splendid" 

I looked at him, "Really?"

He put on a thinking face "Well…." He drawled, 


He chuckled, "Really" he confirmed, giving me a soft nudge.

I laughed - "Thanks" I muttered.

"Anytime, now will you stop wallowing in self pity?"

"I was not wallowing in self pity" I exclaimed, in semi-indignation, semi-laughter.

"You were" he responded, laughing along with me.

"I wasn't"

"Yes, you were"

"No, Jigar Chirag Modi"

"Yes, Rashi and stop calling me Jigar Chirag Modi"

"That's your name" I stated the obvious.

He gave me a look,

"let's just stick to Jigar. It sounds more – " he trailed off looking away.

I looked closely at him, was that a blush? I smiled, "More?" I nudged.

He looked at me, his eyes soft, "more apna, you know…." He trailed off.

I nodded – Yes, I knew.

We sat there for sometime, silently – watching the couples on the dance floor – moving slowly to the beats playing.

Everyone seemed to be happy – at least their glowing faces showed that they were.

I let my eyes wander over to the food table, people there seemed to be enjoying what they tasted. I watched their expressions carefully. Nothing to say that they did not like it. Infact, they were enjoying the food.

I quickly scanned the crowd, everyone who had a glass in their hand also had smiles in their faces.

Jigar was right. Everything was fine. Everyone was happy, the fancy arrangements did not matter, what mattered was that we were with the people we loved and cared about, the food was from Raju Bhaiya's canteen, and this was not as disastrous as I thought.

As if someone had let out a switch, the bitterness went away from me and joy came through.

"So, you want to dance?" Jigar asked out of the blue.

That almost knocked me right off my chair, "sure!" I said, my brows rose in pleasant surprise.

"great, let's go" he piped up, springing up.

"Okay" I said, smiling up at him.

He gave me his hand, "I thought this was the worst night of my life. Everything went wrong" I admitted, placing my hand in his.

He looked taken aback, " you were just looking in the wrong direction, Rashi" he said with a smile, leading me to the dance floor.


He shrugged, " just a little shift of perspective"

I shook my head. I couldn't believe this guy. Or how wonderful he was.

" Thanks"  I said, placing my hand on his shoulder.

" just do me a favor" he said, a tinge of seriousness seeping into his voice.

I nodded, "anything"

"NEVER agree to plan anything like this again. You've been a tyrant to be with. Always snarling. Always growling. Such a vamp" he trailed off

I took a swat at his shoulder. He ducked. An amazing smile lit up his face - and I was sure that I had a similar smile in my face too - huge, wide and broad.

We laughed together, falling into step once more. His arms on my waist, my arms on his shoulders.

I was having a great time!!

And then - 

"Ow" I yelped, as my foot turned and my heel broke, "damn" I gnarled, bending down to attend to my foot.

Jigar laughed, "We can go sit down" he offered.

I looked up at him, "don't. move" I said, with a glint in my eye.

I caught Jigar's amused look before I turned around and walked to the corner of the room.

Bending down I took off my shoes and threw it behind the pillar. Nothing was going to stop me tonight. I was going to have the best evening of my life! I walked back to Jigar with a smile, he took me in his arms once more and we started grooving to the ending notes of the current song.

Neither of us said anything. Then the starting tunes of the next song started.

Kuch toh hua hai" he murmured softly, looking into my eyes. 

At that moment, something warm spread over my stomach. That was new to me. I stopped moving for a minute. I stopped and looked at him.  He was smiling down at me lightly. A dimple perched in his cheek, and his eyes twinkled. He blinked and his lashes touched his cheek lightly.

And the warmth spread further. From my stomach to my cheeks.


My best friend. Probably the only guy to stomach my craziness. The only guy with whom I could be myself, with whom I could speak my heart, fearlessly. The only person who knew me completely. He knew I was crazy. He knew my dreams. He knew my quirks. He knew my fears, and he knew my iciness. He knew the diva attitude I put up. He also knew that I did that because I did not want to be secluded to a corner in this elite institution. He knew that deep down, at heart, I was a simple girl. 

And he still liked me.

But we're friends. And I knew too many stories where a perfectly good friendship is ruined because of stupid hormones.


I quickly stepped away. Jigar reached forward and caught hold of my arms, " is something wrong" he asked softly. The concern was evident in his voice.

Tears welled up. Damn it.. I hate crying.

" We're friends" I choked out.

" and nothing will ever change that"

so wanted to believe him, " No. That's what they say all the time. Jigar, there is nothing that spells disaster to a perfectly good friendship than a possible romance. No" I repeated firmly, shaking my head.

He titled his head to the side, " Who told you that?"

Was that important now?

" Everyone"

" you're not talking to everyone"

I gritted my teeth. I really did not have the -

" Listen to me" I looked down to see that Jigar had stepped forward. He placed both his palms on my shoulders, and was looking at me straight in the eye, " the people involved in this friendship is you and me. And only we decide the fate of our friendship. And I am telling you that we will be friends, no matter what. Okay?"

I wasn't too sure. In fact, I was terrified.

He seemed to understand that, his hands dropped to his sides and he stepped away, "now it's up to you, Rashi. The fate of our friendship."

I glared at him. That was cruel. How does one decide that in a second. Friends or something more.  Sure, I  liked Jigar. And that warmth or whatever it was that spread across me just few minutes ago - I couldn't deny it. But what the hell.

Anger was bubbling up inside me quickly, " do you like me?" I snapped at him.

He smiled - does he have to have that blasted smile on his face all the time?

" Always have"

" How long?"

" 3 years"

That was it!

"And you never told me? never even gave a hint. You just decided to drop it on me like this all of a sudden. What the hell" I snarled.

" Look, you were mooning over Anjan -" he started saying

" Mooning- I wouldn't say mooning" I argued, purposefully straying off topic. 

" That's not the point, what do you want to do about us?"  he snapped.

Oh golly, there you go.

That must have been the first time Jigar Modi actually snapped at me. And it was uncalled for.

He didn't snap at me when I demanded to copy off his notes. He did not snap at me when I got drunk on Bhang at holi last year. He didn't even snap at me when he had to fail an assignment because of me. In my drunker stupor I had poured color all over his project which was to be given in the next day.

He hadn't snapped at any of my idiosyncrasy in the last three years.

But because I was afraid to make that decision between friend or girlfriend, he had snapped at me.

How rude!!

I clenched my teeth and looked up at him, " since you have had so much more time to think about this, why don't you tell me what to do?" I growled.

We glared at each other for some time. And then he signed. Shaking his head, he gave me one of his oh-so-gentle looks, and I found my temper melting away " I'm sorry" he muttered, " I didn't mean to pressurize you. This is always your choice Rashi. Always"

I bit my lip, " That still doesn't solve anything" I mumbled, more gently this time. I took immense pride in our friendship. I was extremely proud that we could be honest with each other no matter what. Well, it was time to summon that honesty.

I took a deep breath and looked up at him, " You are my best friend Jigar. I have always thought of you only as friend. But tonight, tonight something changed.  Just now, when we were dancing-" I trailed off. I didn't think I could finish what I was trying to say. But I also realized how important it was for me to say it, "I don't know what happened or what that was. But I am terrified to find out"


" Because I don't want to lose you"

There. I had said it. Laid it out in the open.

I was terrified of losing him. I woke up talking to him, and went to bed only after a good night to him. I wouldn't sleep without telling him every minute detail of my day. He was easily one of the few most important people in my life, and I just couldn't think of losing him.

" You won't"

I closed my eyes, " I'm terrified Jigar"

Was that even my voice?

I felt his hands on my shoulders, " let's start with where we left off"

My eyes flew open to meet Jigar's eyes. My brow rose in question.

He titled his head to the dance floor,   "Let's dance"

Our eyes met.

He was telling me to take this one step at a time. For now the dance. Something might or might not happen. We might or might not be romantically involved. For now we were just two people grooving to the song. He smiled and took my hand gently.

I looked down at our hands. And I knew.

I knew that no matter what, we'd be fine. I looked up at Jigar with a smile. He smiled back at me, his eyes twinkling. And in his eyes, I had my assurance that whatever happens from now, I would never lose him.

And I didn't. He had been right. I would, and I never did, lose him. He was always there. For me, with me. No matter what. Till this day.

But what happened to me and Jigar?

I told you, we took it one step at a time. We danced, and talked and had the time of our lives.

Did we take our friendship further?

Yes we did.

Did we fall in love?



I am very pleased to tell you that after years of dating, and months of asking, Jigar finally agreed to marry me.

Yes, I asked him - can you believe it? No? Well then I'll have to tell you that story some other time!

I am Rashi Jigar Modi now, and I was very lucky that day to find out that my darling husband had been right.

Sometimes, all it takes, is a little shift of perspective.


*** THE END***



A/N 1 -  Firstly, this was THE LONGEST OS/story part I have ever written. 11 pages in MS word! Whoa!!

A/N 2 - This was written for another couple of another show, but I tweaked and changed it quite a bit to suit RaJi

A/N 3 - I know everyone is irritated with Rashi at the moment, but I started writing this earlier, and I wanted to complete it and post it for you peeps.

A/N 4 - The line 'let's start with where we left off' or the idea behind that line is from the show Lois and Clark - that's my all time favorite show, and you find references/inspirations from that show in all my work!

A/N 5 -The writing style of the line "I am very pleased to tell you-." is from the adorable movie Tangled!! SmileSmile

A/N 6 - I know you guys would want to read GoHam next. Can you also tell me a situation you would like for them, with this theme? Will be happy to write it for you.

A/N 7 - Read and Review, please.

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Originally posted by vibz88

Oki waiting!!!! And yes it was worth the wait. Raji. Am obsessed with them. Actually rashi. Who cares. Am glad u wrote about them.and tat too from rashi s perspective?really happy. It left a smile on my face.

Thanks Vibha - what happened was that technology screwed me up again. I am its favorite victim, basically!! Big smile

And thanks for liking my work! This was not supposed to be so long, but once I started writing, I couldn't stop! Smile

@ All - the OS is up now!! Rashi, you did not miss it. I deleted it, sorry!

@ GoHem forever - a kalakari on you, na-ah, I wouldn't. That was actually a Kalakari on me by my beloved technology!! Big smile

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wooow!!! really good.. u should have told why rashi had to ask him to marry her though.. anyway really nice..

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nice superb...! longest os... really love it.. u should have said why rashi had to ask... or do they have children now..? or are they like onscreen raji..  i expected these details at the end.. anyways cute and thanks for writing an os bout raji..Approve

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 7:41am | IP Logged

love it.. hope u will write about raji again... and u r right 

Sometimes, all it takes, is a little shift of perspective.

then everyone can like raji too..Unhappy

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Originally posted by rashi.krishna

wooow!!! really good.. u should have told why rashi had to ask him to marry her though.. anyway really nice..

Thank you!!Smile

The story behind the proposal?? I thought I would leave that for some other time, No? 

That would be an interesting story to read - this one was just the start of their relationship

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