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ArHiFF:Winter Storms & Cherry Blossoms [Note-Pg57] (Page 34)

Aubade. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2012 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
Okies. I can't stand staying away from this FF. Its kind of building up in me. So yeah, will try to fit in an update tonight <3 Love ya all for the sweetest comments. I will reply to them as soon as I can find time <3

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by SmokingDreams

Okies. I can't stand staying away from this FF. Its kind of building up in me. So yeah, will try to fit in an update tonight <3 Love ya all for the sweetest comments. I will reply to them as soon as I can find time <3
Amalll.Hug...Will be waiting...Embarrassed

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged
Missing you Amal...Cry...

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Aubade. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Okies. Updating in 15 minutes.  Shoot me for the delay after I update please Embarrassed

Geet dii. I miss ya too jaani. I miss IFing so much.Cry

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Aubade. IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 3: Nothing's Right

Raw, his naked torso, stood before her. She gulped hard. Horror shook her for she had never laid her eyes upon anything as bare as this except maybe for Hrithik occasionally on television. But that was different. Everyone uses terms such 'radiating', 'exhilarating' but she knew the man before her insulted those. His chest so well sculpted, hard and strong yet alluring a soft occupier that would be there to accompany the tiny beatings of his heart.She inhaled and exhaled mentally counting from 1 hopelessly attempting to blank her head and dreadfully wishing that one of them disappeared into thin air. Yet he seemed rooted to where he stood and with the smirk plastered on his lips for the past few minutes enjoying every moment of her expressions with a patience that was so unusual of him. And it was exactly this patience that caged and confused her because it wasn't what Arnav was supposed or at the most expected to do. They were standing a few metres apart yet they were like magnets with unlike poles attracting each other with a magnitude so high that resisting the temptation of cuddling together in a lonely place far away seemed close to impossible. But the obvious reaction to this was only from Arnav who in his mind was replaying every dirty picture he knew and was awaiting Khushi to awaken from her almost barren and horrified face. Both waited for the other to do something before they literally turn into statues below the giant dome. The dome stood mightily emerging into the earth's skies as the only structure in vast expanse of land. With lush green with dew and mist and smelling of fresh flowers, the outside scenario proved to be quite dangerous to Khushi for she had the faintest idea that something huge will happen, let alone standing like this with Arnav on the one end and that too half naked. She suddenly realized where she was heading and shut her eyes instantly. "Devi Maiyya, mera khyal rakhna please," she prayed moving her lips vigorously much to Arnav's amusement. He had got the signal to 'go ahead.' She had finally reacted to his presence and it was feeding his pride. He now walked towards her, his eyes unwavering on her appalled bulging pair. He took delight in enjoying the live drama going on and he continued his traits. When finally Khushi found her voice, she lunged in the maximum oxygen she could and shook hell loose.


 "Khushi! Wake up! Wake uo!," Ridhima yelled to the Khushi who held her palm tight to her ears.

"AAA", Khushi's screams filled the room and Ridhima herself felt the urge to protect her ear buds.

"Good Lord. The two behnas have begun even before the sun's properly up. SHUT IT. THE TWO OF YOU," came Armaan's irritated sleepy voice from behind the half-open door. His body demanded sleep after his 8 hour surgery that had ended only an hour back.

"Tell that to you sister alone," she grunted back and knowing well that Khushi was in her I-would-rather-die-than-open-my-eyes sense, she aimed at her ass and kicked it hard just as poor Khushi fell tumbling on the floor.

"Aaah! Devi Maiyya," She sat up straight and rubbed her butt, pouting at her sister.

"What on earth was that about?" asked Khushi accusingly. 

"You were screaming bloody murder, Kissy. What else did you expect me to do?" 

When Khushi merely glared back, blinking her eyelids, Ridhima shook her head.

"You know it's already 7, don't you? Get ready soon. I will get the breakfast ready," Ridhima said, and went out of Khushi's room to her husband. 

Bothering less, Khushi found herself visiting back her 'haunting' dream. It was haunting because everything about the dream was so wrong. The details were out of place. Neither would she ever find herself in the two extremities of attraction and fear if he is naked before her now would she be the kind who would be vulnerable enough to send out signals that she was clearly affected by it. However, she could not stop wondering if this was coincidence. She did not fear him but she knew that she was the first to challenge to stay cool to his perfect existence and this fact did not help for Arnav could be obstinate if he needed be. And as much as she heavily doubted anything going sideways, she could not get over the fact that something was going to be happen between the two. Especially because they were going to work together today on wards, the untimely arrival of such a dream was suddenly so timed.

And that's how, totally pissed, Khushi went to get her morning chores done and then awaiting a suck-ish day at office, left her home.              


I am rubbing it in too much, right? She thought. 

Maybe she was thinking of it too deep. Maybe Arnav would like to show off with Lavanya rather than force her to like it. He had it free and open before him so the need to come to her was less. Convincing herself that she was beating around the bush for no reason, Khushi went back to finalizing the design for the ramp. That's what the two were working on. There was an Annual National Fashion Week that would be held in 15 day's time in Mumbai and 'The Eva' was given the opportunity to create the best of the place given to them. Khushi, undeniably being the pride of the company was the first choice although it cost her the worst of all murderous looks she ever received.  Her colleagues were no angels though there were some she was good friends with. She knew well that she was made to work with Arnav as part of revenge for being the 'baby girl' of the CEO, Mrs. Anannya, a typical Punjabi lady full of hyper activeness and an excellent eye for talent. Her husband had gifted her the company on their 25th wedding anniversary and she took the job ever since. She had grown an adoration towards Khushi for her traditional values for she saw it dying in the younger generation. Arnav was a photographer but more like a part time one in the company and mostly he would be in shows where women tended to crowd. An event management company would require photographers only on the days of the actual events but he always hung around hitting on each lady he crossed his paths with. His attitude and disrespect to a woman's pride always made her want to go and slap his cheeks straight but meddling with things that ought not to be meddled with wasn't Khushi and so she endured it always, attempting to keep him at bay, showing that his charms wasn't the good enough to bring her down.

"Busy?" his husky voice came from somewhere above her and she swore under her breath to all those devils who might her cursed her this bad.

"Just tell me what you want? I am not here to listen to your uninteresting journeys of trapping women" she told him point blank, still ruffling her sheaf of papers and refusing to make direct contact with him as he sat down on the chair parallel to her desk.

"I am waiting for you," he answered casually, supporting his face on his place and slowly caressing his tiny beard hairs that were just emerging.

Khushi looked up, her face the perfection amalgamation of confusion, shock and frustration. He grinned.

"We are supposed to go to the set today," he stated.

Khushi suddenly remembered that Renu had mentioned about leaving at 10 for the set. But nothing about going with Arnav. What's he supposed to do there now? Pretending to have not forgotten her schedule she corrected her facial features to normal.

"Wrong. I am supposed to go to the set today," Khushi made it obvious that the 'we' part was clearly out and and stressed on the 'I' part.

"You sure? Why spent on a rickshaw?

"It's my money to spent, dammit. And I am fine taking public transport." 

"Kay!" he shrugged his shoulders and to Khushi's surprise, he left without another word.

She tidied her table top, putting away her drawings in her folder and then reported to Renu to inform about her leaving.



"Bhai saab, kya aap mujhe..?" Khushi started as she bent to talk to the first rickshaw. He cut her cut off instantly, pulling up the long lever as the engine began reverberating.

"Nahi ji..Hum nahi chode sakte," he said in a hurry and sped off past her within seconds.

Finding it odd, Khushi walked up to the second rickshaw in line. This time the driver didn't even bother to listen to her but took off from there. Then after him, all the other autos behind his own, zoomed off in different directions.

Bewildered, Khushi stood in the pathway, searching for an auto in the vicinity. Every engine in yellow and black seemed to have vanished off.

A bike came and halted before her. Behind it, the driver took off his helmet, his smile a little too obvious. Arnav. Khushi sighed. What now?

"Why Khushi? I see you haven't left," Arnav said, trying to sound formal.

"Just get off with all you have suppressed. 'I told you so and whatever whatever' if it makes you feel better," Khushi said, not willing to indulge in a fight in the middle of the street.

"I am not that cruel," said Arnav innocently. 

Khushi stared at him. 

Cruel wasn't even close an adjective

"I thought I would offer you a lift since it seems like you do not have any means to get to the set on time. Its nearing 10."

Khushi scrutinized his expressions, searching for the lines of prank on his face. For some time, she found nothing and then it struck her. She couldn't believe actually had to wait for 3 seconds to it to strike her.  

He so did not.

Arnav saw that she saw through him as her eyes darted towards him with heat and now smirking he moved a little forward from where he sat, indicating to her that it was her only option to get on time and punctuality mattered a lot to Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Screw today, she mused and climbed over the bike. 

Inappropriately or appropriately, her early morning dream replayed and she shut her eyes immediately to avoid too much distraction.  

Damn you, Arnav. Damn you. You mess my senses.


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Amal, this part was so amazing!! Clap
The ArHi part at the beginning was so well written! It was so vivid and such an fantastic description!
Then Khushi's "Devi Maiyya"- I just loved how effected she was by Arnav, in just a dream!!LOL
At the beginning Khushi's nightmare made me laugh so much. I mean for most people it would be a dream come true, hot ASR shirtless!Wink
I love the comedy in this ff! And the little bit of AR was lovely, they make a cute family.Big smile
What I really enjoyed the most was Arnav. He's so funny and laid back! 
I absolutely love it! He always knows how to ruffle her feathers. Smile
And I really wanna know what he said to the rickshaw drivers. Just the lengths to which Arnav is going, I find hilarious! And Khushi is always trying to run away... this time unsuccessfully. LOL
Anyway Amal, good luck for exams!!!!!!! 
And update when you can! 
Can't wait for more on this thread and your  "If only" thread.SmileHeart

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I fi i don't edit this, you can hit me :|
P.S. I tried to like the update, it didn't work :| Stupid IF! Will try later :P

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Awww...dear sorry for commenting late!!!Embarrassed was totally stuck in my ofc work as usual OuchLOL
I just loved was really amazing ClapClapClapClapClap Superb job sweetie Thumbs Up and thanks for the PM Hug

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