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She gave him an annoyed look. "Acha? Waise toh pure Ullu (owl) ho, ullu ki aakhein nahi hai?" she asked.

"Oh I do, I just forgot to put them on this morning, just my luck." He retorted.

BAHAHAHAHA ROFLROFL I love sarcastic retorts! :P

Their bantering was hilarious and so adorable!! :D

I enjoyed the entire chap. And you ended it on such a suspenseful note! "Not fair." [Udayveer style :P] 

All in all, awesome chap. Update soon and do send a PM regarding it! :)


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plz do continue 

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i read all three of your parts in one go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thankyou soo soo much everyone!



Really means a lot to me! Im sorry for not updating and replying to comments, ive been really busy, but i promise ill be updating by tomorrow!  Embarrassed

Since a lot of Ppl are asking to be PMed, I'm gunna start a PM list, so if you'd like ot be PM'ed, please click the like button on this Post and Buddy meBig smile

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OMG I READ all three prts in one go practically im breathless nw ...cuz manVeer mann pm me too fr ur epic/awsum chap:*

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Thankyou so much for liking my work everyone! Again, im really for not updating sooner. I got lazy because of the holidays, Lolz :P

I've started a PM list. Please like my previous post and ADD me as your buddy to get PMs

Comments/Criticisms, Jhootes, Chappals, and Suggestions are most welcome!

Thankyou! : )

Chapter 4

"Baba?! What's wrong with my Baba?!" she asked restlessly.

-"Nothing yet, but remember the deal you made with Dadisa a month back? Something can go very wrong with him if she finds out about this escapade of yours. " He said sternly and warningly.

Manyata's face changed. How could she forget about this? Why did she runaway when she knew that behaving like a princess and obeying the rules of the rajmahal was the key to getting her Baba out of jail. She remembered that day. How much she had begged her DS to get him out of jail. She knew what he had done was wrong, but she couldn't just let a man she had loved and cherished for 16 years as a dad rot in prison. After witnessing Muniya's unruly behavior with the family members and servants, DS had put forth a deal. Manyata had to become a Princess in order to get her 'Baba' out of jail. The day she completed her transformation would be the day that he gains his freedom. This was the only reason she had even agreed to change according the royal standards. She knew that even if she was successful in running away from the palace someday, getting her father out of prison would've been an impossible task. The Royals were just too powerful. After seeing her father's state in the local police station she couldn't even imagine what would happen to him at a central jail, that too for 7 years? She shuddered at the thought. So she began to change, from Muniya, the chawl girl, into Manyata, the heiress of Devgard.

But now she had put her Baba's freedom at risk. She became selfish and ran away. If Dadisa finds out about this she will never let Baba get released from prison. Manyata's eyes brimmed with tears. She wanted to let them out but she controlled herself remembering that Uday was right beside her in the driver's seat. She couldn't let him see her breakdown like this. She held in her emotions and prayed that they would arrive at the palace soon. The car ride was silent. No music, No taunts, tension filled the air. Finally the car arrived at the palace and Manyata practically jumped out of the car before it fully stopped. She ran to her room.

"Manyata!" Uday called after her, but she was gone within seconds. Uday waited outside the palace for the guards and servants that went after them to arrive. They were right behind him during the drive back so he didn't have to wait much. The maid he had asked to gather everyone did so and he began his speech.

"Good morning everyone." He said with a clear and authoritive voice. "I know that you have all had a very adventurous night and are very tired. So, I won't take too much of your time. I realize that all of you are very loyal to Dadisa and would never think of keeping anything from her or doing anything against her. I respect that, but unfortunately, today I'll be asking you to do that exact thing. I want you to keep the happenings of last night from the royal family."

The guards and servants looked at each other with confused expressions.

"The elders of the family aren't here, and they don't know about any of this, and I don't want them to find out either. You'd obviously want to know whats in it for you, correct?" he said in a villainous way. "Well, to begin with, DS tasked you guys with keeping Manyata safe and sound and she escaped under your security, I think DS won't be too pleased with this. Considering this is the second time it's happening. You'd be risking your jobs by telling her, In fact you might be risking ever working again. Another consideration is that Manyata is the next queen of the throne and ratting her out won't earn you any brownie points with her."

He continued with his manipulative speech, gaining everyone's silence of the matter. After he was done, he ordered them to get back to work and walked to his room with a victory smile.

Uday and Unnati had been living at the palace because Dadisa and all the elders of the family had gone to the Mahasabha of Royals in Rajasthan. The sabha was to last a week and DS had entrusted Uday to keep everything in order here. They were scheduled to return later tonight and the palace was in chaos. This was not good.

Uday arrived at his room and found unnati sitting on his bed. He put on his playful face.

"Chutki, tum yaha?"

-"Dada! Aap theek toh hai na? aur Manyata? Voh milgayi? Aapko pata hai, hum kitne dar gaye thae. Aap dono puri raat ghar nahi aaye toh hum bahot ghabragaye!" she got up and went to him.

"Oh relax Chutki, hume kuch nahi hua aur hamare hote hue Manyata ko kya hoga?" (smirks)

-"Thankgod for that! Hum Manyata se milkar aate hai." She hugged him.

"Ouch!" (touching his shoulder)

-"Kya hua Dada?" she asked worriedly and pulled down his shirt to reveal a cut."Yeh Kya hua aapko?!" she exclaimed, "Yeh chot kaise lagi?"

Uday smiled and remembered the broken beer bottle the goons tried to use on him.

"Looks like they got me after all" he murmured.

-"What?" Unnati asked, getting the first aid box from the bathroom. "Nevermind" she said, "I don't think I want to know."

"Chutki, Chutki.." he said stopping her from opening the box." I don't need that right now, and it's not even that deep."(warmly)

-"But Dada'"

"Chutki, relax, Im fine. If it was deep, I would've noticed it sooner. Waise bhi rajwado ko aisi chhotimoti chotey lagti rehti hai." (proudly) " I really need to take a shower, so yeh bandage bekar hojayega. Shower ke baad me karlunga. Okay?"

-"Okay, Dada" she said giving up. "By the way Dada, humne suna ke aapne sabko Manyata ke bhaagne wali baat DS ko bhatanese manaa kiya hai." (raising her eyebrows) "Apni hone wali biwi ke liye DS ke against? Not bad!" she said playfully.

"Humari taang khich rahi ho? Lagta hai Manyata ka asar ho raha hai tum par." (he said playfully) "Ab humari honewali maharahi ke liye itna toh karna padega." He sighed. If only you knew the real reason. He thought.

Unnati laughed and left his room thinking that her brother was finally falling for someone.

Uday took a shower, bandaged his cut and got dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans with black boots.

Meanwhile Manyata also took a shower. Her thoughts were still tied up in the consequences of her actions. She got dressed in a peach anarkali dress that dropped a half a foot above her ankles and sleeves up to her elbows. She wore earrings, a few bangles, a bindi and light make up that consisted of a thin streak of eyeliner, pink lip gloss, blush and eye shadow. This was now her usual attire.

Lost in thoughts, she stood in front of her window, letting the wind dance with her hair. Why the hell did I have to go and ruin everything! Ughhh! Voh Uday theek kehta hai, Im too damn impulsive! When DS finds out, she's never going to trust me again. Let alone get Baba out of jail. What was the point of running away anyways? Its not like I had somewhere or someone to be with. If it was a month ago, I would've had Akash to go to. But now, even he was gone. Akash had asked for a transfer and left the city. He probably got sick of the Paparazzi's harassing him. When she found out about this 3 weeks ago, she was hurt. But now, it didn't even matter. As time had gone by, she couldn't even remember the feelings that she thought she had for him. If they were anywhere as strong as she had thought at the time, there was no way she would've been "fine" right now. She'd brushed off Akash as an infatuation a long time ago. So, basically she risked her Baba's freedom for nothing. Well that's just great! Way to go Muniya! Ughhh! She felt like kicking herself. Thankgod that J isn't here right now, or I wouldn't even have these moments of peace before DS came back.

The door of her room opened and Uday entered. He was about to say something but stopped when her saw her. She looked absolutely angelic. Even with those worry lines on her forehead. He stared at her for a minute and broke out of the trance.

"Knock, knock" he said.

She turned around, already knowing who it was.

-"The point of knocking is to let the other person know before entering the room, its pointless after entering. Almost as pointless as you." (angry face)

"Ouch!" he said, "and I was thinking we had a connection after everything we've been through." (mock hurt face.) he said plopping down on her bed.

-"Kuchh kaam tha? Im really not in the mood for bantering, so tell me what you want and leave. And take that bed with you, since you seem to love it so much." Jab dekho bistar pe padtaa hai. She thought.

Uday Laughed and Manyata made an annoyed face.

"Waise, hum toh yaha aapke kaam ki baat karne aaye thae." He said, "listen to it, it might cheer you up."

-"You'll cheer me up?" she said raising her eyebrows, "highly doubt it."

"You under estimate me too much Princess, aap ko cheer up karne ke liye toh hum apni jaan bhi de sakte hai" (putting his right hand over his hear.)

-"Jaan mat do, bas yaha se chale jao" pointing her finger towards the door. "Jab dekho bhoot ki tarha mere aas paas bhatakta rehta hai. Aur kuch kaam nahi hai?"

"Kaam? Kaam se yaad aya, aaj DS vapas aa rahi hai, ill have to make preperations.."

Manyata's face fell. Uday got off the bed and walked up to her and stood a few inches away from her.

"Chill Princess" running his index finger over her forehead (the way uday does ^_^) "I took care of everything."

She made a confused face in response.

"No one will tell DS about your adventure. I had a chat with the security guards and the servants, the media doesn't know about it. J and Vijay banna were out partying last night, so I doubt they know. Everythings under control, no worries." He winked at her.

-"And you did all of this for me?" (she said in disbelief)

"Koi Shaq?" (Smirks)

-"Shaq? No. Yakeen. Im dead sure you did all this for you. DS left you in charge of me and the palace. If she finds out that I ran away under your supervision, then tumhari 'perfect royal' ki image ki band baj jayegi. And then tumhare double monarchy ka sapna khatre me padjayega. No?" she said walking in circles around him.

Uday's face darkened for a second, and went back to his usual flirting self.

"Ohho" he said impressed. "Wow, aap toh rajwado ki tarha soch ne lag gayi hai."

-"No, no, no'I don't think like one, im starting to read into what they think like. Especially your kind, the self absorbed, manipulative ones."

He faced her "If I'm self absorbed, so are you, you didn't run away for me, did you?" he smirked.

"Manyata Jeeji ran away?" came a voice from the door. Uday and Manyata, bot turned to find J and Vijay banna standing there. J had an evil grin on her face.

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Loved the chapter! their usual nok-jhoks, Unnati's doting sister act, Uday's flirting with Manyata and his love for her bed! But oh no! Manyata is so in trouble! After all that Uday went through to keep her out of trouble in his oh-so-hot Rajwada style! Hayyee! He kills me everytime! Day Dreaming

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Oooh that was great!  PLEASE don't wait so long to update next time!  Smile

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