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Manveer FF: |Choomantar| PMlist & Ch.4 (Pg9) Jan 4 (Page 6)

thejazzgal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 3:09am | IP Logged
choomantarr!! cute one..

do cont soon
me waiting
add me to ur Pm list

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-Tannu- Goldie

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nice ff

cont soon

add me to ur pm list

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sparikh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
srsly UV is having too much fun @ M's expense...LOL

Great story...can't wait for M to bash him up for pulling that prank...


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-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Filmyprincess- thankyou so much, lolz, i wish i had an iphone! haha :P
Hubze- thanks so much, thats like the best compliment ever :D
KriyaReyansh, Brklyn_gal, Lamz - Thankyou so much guys! :)
Tiger_lily - thankyou, thankyou! i could imagine Uday pulling this off, Lol.
Shrarrti- Thoda patience yaar! lol, ill be updating soon :)
Adventure girl - Thankyou so much! :D
-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Kesarmania and pri - thankyou guys! i know i really wanna see action Uday in the show ^_^
Nidhi and Angel - thankyou thankyou so much! means alot to me :)
Tvlover92 - thankyou so much, that comment really made my dayy! means a lot! thankyou for reading and liking! :D
Nidz and Angelina - thankyou so much guyss! :)
Nizzalicios- Thankyou so much ya! i dont do PMs though, sorry about that ^_^

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-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Mais -Lolz, thanks so much! Monia is always a drama queen! Lol!
Devilish- Awwies, thankyou so much, means a lot to me, i cant believe someone called me funny! lol, im like the least funny person ever! Lol :P
Jazzgal and Tannu -Thankyou so much guys!! :P
Sparikh - I know right, he always does! thankyou! ^_^
-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 3:12pm | IP Logged

Thankyou so much for the amazing response and comments everyone! It really means a lot to me. Im so happy that you guys actually like what im writing! Thankyou so so much!Hug

I m really sorry for not updating sooner, I was going to update on Christmas day but I got really busy. I hope this makes up for it. I tried to make it as long as I could. ^_^

Im a little late but Merry Christmas Everyone! Hug

Comments/ Criticisms are always welcome ^_^


Chapter 3

There was no space between his and her body. His hand on her mouth was the only thing keeping their mouths from touching. Both of her hands were in his other hand behind her back. Manyata was sandwiched between the tree and him. Her chest was heaving from scare of the trip. Their eyes were lost in each other as if trying to recognize the person in front of them in the darkness.

"TUM?!" she said in a muffled voice from under his hand.

-"Hello again, Princess" he gave his 'winning' smile, and Manyata rolled her eyes. She was still moving her body and attempting to yell at him to try to get out of his grip, but in vain.

"If you promise to be quite, I'll let go of you. Deal?" He said.

She gave him her how-the-heck-am-i-supposed-to-accept-that-with-your-hand-over-my-mouth-you-idiot look with her eyes.

"If that's a yes, then blink twice, if not then I can stay here like this all night" he said with a wink.

-"Ugh!" she blinked twice and he let go. "Tum ne mujhe aakh maari? You little…"

"Arre, aapki waajah se humne un gundo se maar khayi aur hum aapko aakh bhi nahi maar sakte? Not fair."

-"Toh kya maine kaha tha mujhe bachane keliye? Tumhare paas mera piccha karne ke alaava aur koi kaam nahi hai kya? Halkat!" she was rubbing her wrists from where he had pinned her to the tree.

"Shhh, humne kaha na, dheerese baat kariye warna koi janwar aajayega." He repeated.

She remembered the Lion's roar and her eyes widened, she looked at him.

-"Tum ne kisi sher ki aawaz suni thi kya?"

"Sher? Umm.." he looked around pretending to find something, "It was just here a second ago, kaha gaya? (grinning)

-"KYA?!" She moved closer to him and grabbed his arm right above the elbow. He looked their arms touching and then at her. She was looking around to find the lion, he saw the 'becheni' on her face and bursted out laughing.

What the hell? She thought. "What's so funny?" she asked.

"Oh nothing babe. Bahot, how do you say…ah..'shaani' hai na aap, toh asli aur nakli sher ki aawaz me fark bhi nahi karsakti?" he continued to laugh.

-"What?" (she was getting annoyed)

" Rajkumari, try to find my phone and you'll find the lion too."

-"That was you?!" (shocked) " You junglee, janwar, halkat, yede! Tujhe toh me dekh lungi! Sharam nahi aati?!"

"Did you feel 'sharam' when you left me in the midst of those gundas?" he asked.

-"Oh please, are you really gunna try to make me feel guilty? I didn't tell you to jump in."

"I cant help it Princess, koi ek lady se aise behave kare yeh humse bardasht nahi hota" (replied in his all princely charisma)

-"like you know how to treat a lady, jab bhi mila hai manhandle hi kiya hai" she murmured.

"Oh come on now princess, that's my right, after all you're my hone waali maharani. In any case you should be thanking me, not arguing with me." (Suavely)

-"Thank you? Please, if I can handle a 'shareef' gunda like you, then I could've handled them too."

"Is that so? Well in that case I should've just waited and watched the show..." he grinned.

She gave him a fake smile.

Someday I'm gunna wipe that stupid grin off his face and sher ka badla toh me zaroor lungi! Haan Nahi toh!  She thought.

"Ab chale?" He asked.

-"Mujhe nahi jaane tumhare saath!"

"Lekin hum toh aapko kelar hi jaayenge Rajkumari, afterall dilwaale hai."

-"Dil waale hai..duffer!" she mocked him. He chuckled.  

Kya karu? I can't run away from him here, I can't even see properly. What if I ditch him and a real lion…just because that roar was fake doesn't mean that there aren't real lions here. If I stay alive I can run away again. She thought with a defeated look.

-"Chalo" she said. He just stood there, looking around with a puzzled expression.

Kya aadmi hai yeh, jab nahi jaana hota toh haath pakad ke kheech ke lejaata hai and ab jaane ke liye keh rahi hoon toh koi reaction him nahi? Ufff!

-"Maine kaha chalo" she repeated.

"One minute! Will you let me figure the way out?"

-"You don't remember? How did you get here?"

"With my phone's flashlight. Now thanks to you, I dropped my phone and I don't exactly have night vision goggles with me."

She gave him an annoyed look. "Acha? Waise toh pure Ullu (owl) ho, ullu ki aakhein nahi hai?" she asked.

"Oh I do, I just forgot to put them on this morning, just my luck." He retorted.

She gave him an I-really-want-to-give-a-smart-comeback-but-cant-think-of-anything look.

-"So now what?" she asked.

"Now Princess, we camp out!" he said delightedly. Manyata looked horrified!

-"WHAT?! Are you crazy? No way! And definitely not with you!"

"Well, if you know the way out, then please, lead away, if not then looks like we're stuck together for the night" he winked at her.

-"STOP winking at me! Batameez! And tumhe kya lagta hai? That I can't find my way out? I'll show you!" she started walking.

A wolf howled at a distance. She stopped and turned to look at him.

-"You really think that'll work again?!" (angrily)

"Hey now" he said putting his hands in the air, like he was getting arrested, "lost my phone remember? That wasn't me."

The wolf howled again. Fear replaced the anger on her face, and she stomped frustrated to the tree she was at and sat down. Uday chuckled. He came and sat besides her leaving about a foot of distance. She looked away and Uday grabbed her hand.

-"What are you doing?!" she said twisting her arm.

"Relax princess" he said smiling, "this is just to make sure you don't run off on me again."

-"mera haath chhodo!"

"No" He said matter of factly. "Besides you should be happy, do you know how many girls would die to spend a night with me in a jungle with me holding their hand?" (grinning)

-"Oh, here we go again, I'm uday,I'm so cool, I'm so handsome, every girl loves me, I'm the hottest guy around, no girl could ever resist me…" (mockingly)

"Bas bas bas Princess. I'm not used hearing such sweet comments about myself from you. You'll spoil my habits" cutting her off. "but thankyou, I always knew you had a thing for me."

-"Uhhh, you are so impossible! Tumse baat karna hi bekar hai!"

"Hmm, toh baat nahi karte hai, let's do something else…" he said leaning in with a naughty smile, and Manyata jerked her head back.

-"Cheap, besharam aadmi!" she pushed his chest back with her free hand, not that it made much of a difference but Uday backed off.

She sighed and said, "look, mera haath chhodo, I won't go anywhere I promise."

Uday pretended to think for a second, "I don't believe you, haath toh hum nahi chhodenge."

-"You, you ..ugh!"

 she just gave up and they sat there hand in hand for sometime. Uday had his head leaned back on the tree with his closed his eyes. Manyata looked at him. He doesn't look so devilish while sleeping. But when he's awake he's like a rakshash times ten! Wait a minute is he actually asleep? She snapped her fingers in front of his. No reaction. OMG, this is great. I just have to get him to let go of my arm and I get away. Itll be morning in a couple of hours anyway, so I just have to hide out until then. She tried to open his grip on her arm. Really? Ugh. He's holding my arm like a kid with his favorite toy, he wont budge!  She thought for a sec. Maybe I should hit his hand with a rock. She spread her free hand on the ground to find one that was big enough to cause harm. She finally found one, but dropped it when a howl of a wolf startled her. She jumped back to her spot but this time leaving no space between him and her. Stupid wolf! She thought.

Meanwhile Uday grinned in the darkness. You cant escape me Rajkumari. Manyata put her head back on the tree as well, and closed her eyes. Uday thought about how great it felt to be so close to her, to hold her hand without any disturbance from the world. To lie there without a care in the world, just like when they were kids. What are you thinking Uday? He shook off the feeling.

*Scene Shift*

It was morning and Uday and Manyata were still under the tree holding each others hand. They hadn't realized when they had dozed off. Manyata's head had slipped onto Udays shoulder and Uday's onto her head. Uday was the first one to wake up. He rubbed his eyes and looked towards his princess. He gave a small but genuine smile and pulled back a few strands of hair covering her face behind her ears. She looks so peaceful when sleeping. It would be a shame to wake her up, but must get the princess back to the palace He thought. He shook her shoulder delicately.


-"Hmm" she said sleepily.

"Manyata" he said a little bit louder this time.

-"What?" she said with her eyes still closed. "am I the only one you can find to bother every morning?" she asked.

'Me bother you?" he asked, "actually it's the other way around your highness. Mind getting up now, my shoulder is a bit tired now."

-"What?" she opened her eyes and realized where her head was. She shot up and muttered "sorry.."

"Anytime princess" (grinning)

Uff! She thought rubbing her eyes. Uday also got up.

"Lets get you home princess" he said grabbing her hand again. She gave him an angry look. "Sorry, hun, abh toh Suraj bhi chaddh aaya hai, now I cant take a risk."

Manyata didn't even bother arguing this time. They started walking, now that it was daylight, Uday had no problem retracing his footsteps out of the jungle. He even found his phone. Manyata was right about one thing though. There definitely was a sena waiting for her on the outskirts of the jungle. There were guards, servants, her maids, and a few cars along the road. One of her maids saw her and ran to them.

"Rajkumariji, aap theek toh hai na" she asked. Manyata nodded.

"How did you know we'd be here?" asked Uday.

"We were looking for you at night Rajkumar Uday, when one of the guards saw your car parked down the road. We were looking around when we saw Rajkumaris broken bangles and some footprints near the jungle. We sent some guards in a few hours ago but they couldn't find you." She said.

"I see," he said. "Well, gather everyone and send them back to the palace…I'd like to talk to all of you about something. Me and Manyata will go in my car."

"Jee Rajkumarji" replied the maid and left.

Uday opened the car door for manyata and made her sit. He got in the driver's seat and started to drive.

-"Me dusri gaadi me jaa sakti thi" she said, a little annoyed. "Its not like I can run away with so many guard dogs around now."

"I know" he said. 'I want to talk to you about something though.



"Your baba." He said.


I hope you guys liked it!

Don't forget to hit the like button  :P

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awesome  update! loved it!

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