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Manveer FF: |Choomantar| PMlist & Ch.4 (Pg9) Jan 4 (Page 3)

neahakhan Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Loving this whole new FF
So is this title of FF
Pls add me to your pm list and continue soon :)

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Scratch that wire idea, maybe I'll just camp out her room at nights from now on, or inside'he smirked at that thought. OMG what a thought...

Lovely ff...

do continue soon and do ad me to ur pm list..

take care

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-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Reeha - Lolz, Im glad you liked it! Dhishum dhishum! heck yeah, that will be happennig :P
Shrarti- Thanks so much, I dont think ill be doing PMs though Embarrassed
AngelKiss- i hope so too, lolz, still thinking :P
Brklyn_gal, Hubze, - thankyou so much guys :)
Lamz325- Thankyou so much! Uday beating up gundas for M, would be amazing :)

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shrarrti Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -iPayal-

Reeha - Lolz, Im glad you liked it! Dhishum dhishum! heck yeah, that will be happennig :P
Shrarti- Thanks so much, I dont think ill be doing PMs though Embarrassed
AngelKiss- i hope so too, lolz, still thinking :P
Brklyn_gal, Hubze, - thankyou so much guys :)
Lamz325- Thankyou so much! Uday beating up gundas for M, would be amazing :)

That's okay.  I'm getting the e-mail notifications, so it'll do! :)  When can we expect more? Day Dreaming

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-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Queenyuks -thankyou so much i love your Virman avi!! lolz , so cute!! :P
Sana, Adventure girl, nidhi, angel, srisha, pri, manahil -Thankyou so much!!! really means  alot :D

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-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Neahakhan - Thankyou! :) yeah, idk why though,chomatar doesnt really tell, whatts going to happen, lol :P
Sadi - Lolz, i though UV might think of stuff like this. haha.
Shrarti- thats great! maybe today...i think, if i cant think of what to do next ..haha!
xxdevilishxx Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
:O Update! Update! Update! :)

Oh and can you PM me when you do? Thanks! :)

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-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

 Thankyou so much for the appreciation everyone! really means a lot to meEmbarrassed



Chapter 2

Iss musibat se bahar kaise niklegi monia She thought to herself. Koi baat nahi, ignore kar. She started moving past them, but one of the guys blocked her way.

"Itni jaldi kya hai sweetheart?"

-"Mera rasta chhodo" She tried to moving away from them, but one of them grabbed her hand, and said:

"Raasta chhod ne keliye thoda roka tha tumhe, babe?"

-"babe? Halkat Melya!babe hogi teri maa, teri behen! Haath chhod mera kutte kameeney!" trying to twist her arm off of him.

"Wow, you've got quite a mouth there, hun. Ek dum teekhi mirchi!" said another.

"Bahot mazaa ayega!" said another.

-"Haan, maza toh aayega, ek zor ka thappad padega na tere kaan ke niche, toh mujhe bhi badaa maza aayega! Akhri baar bol rahi hoon, haath chhod mera, warna..!"

"Warna…warna kya?"

"Warna kaat legi aapko" said a deep voice from behind them.

Manyata turned around to see HIM. Oh no! not him again. Uday walked towards them with the jeep's headlights shining on him like a spotlight. His hands in his pocket, a smooth walk and a calm smile on his face.(A solid hero waali entry)

"Yaa phir aapke haath per nochlegi, sach, experience se bol raha hoon" he continued as walking up to Manyata and gave her his million dollar smirk, while she was still trying to free her arm.

"Ae, kaun ho tum, chal jaa yahan se, mind your own business" said the guy who had grabbed M's hand while pulling her to the jeep.

Uday grabbed Manyata's other hand, stopping the guy in his tracks. "She IS my business" He replied staring the guy down. Manyata was now the like the rope in a tug of war. Uday pulled her towards him with his full force; Manyata's arm fell free of the other guys grip and her body hit Uday's, her face fell on his chest, and her other arm was on his shoulder. She looked up at him, a brief eye lock, but his smirk broke it off.

"Ouch! Meri help karne aaye ho unki?" she said rubbing her forehead.  

-"Well, hello to you too princess." She just made a face and looked away.

All four guys gathered in front of them and Uday pulled Manyata behind him, but still held on to one of her arms. Manyata didn't resist.

"Look dude, phir keh raha hoon, isse hamare liye chhod de, aur chalaa jaa warna bahot pitegaa."

-"Arre, Yahi toh hum bhi kehna chahte thae, chale jaao warna bahot pitoge." He said in his cool calm style.

"Tum aise nahi maanoge, theek hai. Waise, if you want, you can join us too. I mean let's face it, you probably want the same thing from her that we do too. Mil baat ke maaza lenge! What say?"

Uday's expression changed and Manyata jerked her hand from him. She walked up to the guy who said that and place a tight jhappad across his cheek. She was furious.

"Haan, mujhe toh badaa mazaa aaya, tujhe ayaa, you son of a…" before she could finish, the gunda grabbed her and raised his hand to hit her. Uday grabbed his hand (full hero ishtyle). He matched Manyata's anger at the guy; maybe he was even madder than she was. He twisted the guys arm and threw him to the ground. The other three took a go at him, one of them even broke a beer bottle and threatened to kill him, but he swiftly handled them while making sure that no one even touched Manyata. I'm not a royal just because of my good looks and charm brothers; I'm taught to handle pieces of trash like you at birth. In a few moves he had all of them overthrown and Manyata raised her eyebrows in astonishment. Haila, what was that?! She thought. She was still behind him and he was facing away from her. Well, he's still standing and he can move his hands, so safe to say that he's not hurt, plus he isn't looking this way, so…

"Aaj ke bad agar yaha aas paas bhi dikhe na, toh hum tumhara isse bhi bhura haal karenge. Samjhe? Now get lost!" he said. The gonads got back in their car and accelerated it as fast as they could. He turned around wiping the sweat and a bit of blood around his mouth and found no one.

"Rajkumari Man…what the hell? You have got to be kidding me. Even after all this, she disappears again? I should really just tie a bell around her neck." Ab kaha gayi hogi voh? If she ran along the road she would still be within sightno matter how fast she ran. So, jungle? Nahi, voh bhi itni pagal nahi hosakti. Itne gehre jungle me, itni raat ko…lekin kya bharosa, jaa bhi sakti hai. Junglee billi ke chakkar me yeh veda zaroor marega aaj.

 Chalo aacha hua, us muye se chutkara milgaya. There was no way in hell that Im going back to the palace because of the same person again. Well, this would've been the third time. So, again again? Stupid English. Pata nahi kis khasmanu khaane ne yeh bhasha banayi hai. Hindi me kya kharabi hai joh sab English seekh ne ke peeche padgaye thae mere? Kher,ab kya…bhaag ne par focus kar moniya.She looked around all she saw was darkness and trees that were a mile high, or so it seemed anyway. She didn't realize it but she had managed to get deep into the forest. It was night so seeing a ray of light was hopeless. She could hear crickets chirping, and twigs cracking. Probably just squirrels. She tried to think about the way she came in from, but every direction looked exactly the same. Ab me kya karu? If I take the wrong direction then ill never find my way out, and if I end up going towards the road, then im sure those rahwado ki sena will be waiting for me. Ek kaam karti hoon subha hone tak yahi ruk jaati hoon. She saw this huge tree a short distance away and decided to stay there for the night. Bhagwanjee, please don't let me become some animals midnight snack, please please please!

How am I supposed to find her now he thought as he moved along the jungle. I don't even know which way she would've taken.Its so dark, this is impossible. Shut up Uday, concentrate. Nothing is impossible for a royal, think! Oh yeah. He sunk his hand into his pocket and pulled out his iPhone. When else will this flashlight app come in handy? Thankyou Apple! He turned on the flash light and analyzed the twigs and bushes around to see if he could find anything that would lead to his rajkumari. He saw broken twigs and pulled off leaves from the bushes. It might be her or some janwar. Risk toh lena padega. He followed that path. Yes he was a boy scout when he was kid, and a darn good one at that. Royalty called for hunting and for that he had to learn how to protect himself if the situation ever arose. He had loved the outdoors as a child, so learning these scouting tricks wasn't very hard for him. After Manyata had gone missing 16 years ago. He used to just come out in the jungle to be alone. To get away from all the ruckus of his hectic life. I hope she's okay.

I just don't understand this girl. Anyone else would be ecstatic to have all that she has. But not her. Why would anyone choose to be miserable over a past life that gave them nothing but years of running around and a kidnapper of a father? Why was she so ever ready to run away? For that chawl? For her friends? For that Akash?  Just the thought of him made his face squirm. After walking around for some time, he saw her. Finally!

She was sitting with her hands around her knees and her face on her arms. The fear of being alone in the woods had crept into her mind. Her head snapped up at ever noise she heard. It seemed like she was ranting a mantra or something. He could only see her side from the way she was sitting. She hadn't noticed him yet, and he planned on not letting her know yet. He turned off the flashlight and placed his steps carefully to make sure she didn't look his way. As he moved closer he heard her voice.

"Altu Jalal tu, Aayi balaa ko taal tu"

He smiled one of his evil, villainous smile and hid behing the tree. Time to have some fun. After all, you can't just ruin my sleep and not pay for it. Even if it is you Princess. What was the name of that app? Oh yeah, Mountain lion sounds.He knew that in a normal situation, this would never work, but when someone is already freaked out, they don't think of logical explanations. Just like when you're a kid and you hear something fall in your room at night, you think bhoot, not gravity.  He turned on the app and the volume on his phone. Then came a roaring sound of a mountain from it.

Manyata's head snapped up. What the hell was that?! She slowly got up, trying not to draw any attention to herself. She kept her back attached to the tree and moved around the tree to see if there was anything there. Another roaring sound. She flinched but kept moving around. Im gunna die! Im gunna die! Im guna die!

Uday was waiting for her to come to him. He was leaning on the tree. Manyata was looking behind her while moving forward and she missed a root and crashed into him making him drop the phone.

"Aaahhh!" she screamed, her eyes closed, but her hands and feet moving frantically. He couldn't take it anymore and he pinned her to the tree, put one of his hands on her mouth and grabbed her other two in his other hand behind her back.

"Shhh!" he said, "warna sach me koi aadamkhor janwar yaha aajayega!"

Her eyes snapped open." TUM?!"

He just smirked.            

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