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SS - 12 Days Of Christmas (COMPLETED. Chap 12 up!) (Page 14)

sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged

Originally posted by mademoiselle927


So read it finally! :D

It was amazing, need I say! 

Arnav proposed, and they kissed. *sigh*

Loved hw Khushi went all 'Aakraman' on him! ROFL

Don't be lazy about updating today! Wink

yea.. i personally loved the aakraman bit too! LOL

Originally posted by sparklystarstud

ATLAST man...Monkey Icon Yoyo
u updated...
its MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!  Monkey Winks Yoyo

wow!!!!! i love this ARNAV of urs sooo much hun... Monkey Icons Cici
MAMIJI surprised me... Monkey Icons Yoyo
n kushi n her "AAKRAMAN!!!!" made me like ROFL... Monkey Emoticon
poor the blow of a bag from the woman he's abt to propose... Monkey Winks

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, the one name... and opening a tiny velvet box"

the most beautiful proposal...whoa... Monkey Emoticon Cici
ON CLOUD NINE...hope sumthing like this happens on show Monkey Icons

she surprised HIM n me too...  Monkey Emoticons Cici
i love ur KUSHI KUMARI GUPTA alot...nt as much as arnav though Monkey Winks Yoyo

"I will marry you, you dumb Laad Governor," she said as she ruffled his hair affectionately.

that line was kinda cute... Monkey Winks
AMAZING update...LOVED it alot shaaliii... 
BEAUTIFUL...looking fwd to read more on cute little arnav soon... Monkey Emoticons

nxt update btr be upto ur PAKKA WAALA PROMISE missy... Monkey Winks
cant wait!!!!!! especially ur FF...
cant help bt wonder wats gonna be the nxt twist... Monkey Icon
u always make me want more n more to read wen i actually have to wait awhile for ur updates...nt fair dearie... Monkey Icons Yoyo

luv u loads...
~~~~~sam  Monkey Icon

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Embarrassed personally, day 2 is my fav so far! like really! Day 3 is just a build up, so yea! but day 5 is gonna be EPIC! Embarrassed

and i will be as responsible as possible! Embarrassed and do my updates quickly OKAY?! my cutie pie! AND THANKS A TON FOR PROOF READING IT! :* love ya!

Originally posted by devishree

Starshalz that was great and i dont have any words to describe ur writing iam shell shockedShocked because of ur awesome writingEmbarrassed .u have chose the perfect words and they are best to put into use Clap
amazing lines of love and i loved mamiji's moment and today really love her she is too good Wink
ur phrases matching with the 2 turtle doves are fabulous Big need of proof reading it is all well said and written Thumbs Up
sapphire stone and tiny diamond showing the purity of love and auspicious start of their love life Star
thanks for the pm dear and waiting for the chapter 3 can't wait totally maddened by ur writingTongue
here is the picture for u !!!!!!!!!

thats it from  me bye

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Embarrassed yea, i wanted mamiji to be nice, cos in this SS, everyone's nice.. even shyam! LOL so yea.. a happy time for everyone!  plus, xmas is supposed to be joyful eh?! Wink AND THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES! i did see them while googling, but i opted for the other one! IT WAS CUTER! Tongue hehehe..

Originally posted by reyabear

Shalu! That was so good! You write so so so beautifully! And Arnav's proposal...hayeee *faints*
Loved it! :D
So excited for the next part!

shreya! Hug
THANK YOU! you awesome sexy writer! LOL i loved ur midnight. i was sooo disappointed when you ended it. NAUGHTY GIRL! LOL next part is just a build up. and so is day 4 actually. BUT DAY 5 IS THE BOMB! Big smile

@bookadict303, hirushinz, magi11, preethi12345, moon_mine, LyssaPie, : thank you for ur reviews! yes, i shall update very soon! Embarrassed

Originally posted by dumas

awesome update finally the laad governor  proposed so sweet thanks for the pm can't wait for more love it 

THANK YOU!!! Embarrassed i know! my arnie is superrr sweet! Wink

Originally posted by harsh42

res... :)


THEIR nephew
You had me here!!!

Wonder what Mamiji had written in that chit, that made Arnav take such a giant leap!! Did she threaten that she'll fix up Nanhe and Khushi's wedding??!! LOL Whatever, though!! I'm happy it brought out such a strong reaction from our Arnie!!! 

And AAKRAMAN??!!! What the!!! ROFL

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, the one name ... in marriage, and become my wife." 

That was so friggin' awesome, it made me go all 'AWWW. . . . .'
'Sanchari' jewelers, eh??!!! LOL LOL

And that kiss was. . . . . . PERFECT!! That's the only word that I can come up with, right now!!! Clap Clap Day Dreaming

Update soon, Shalu. . . . Star
Thanks for the PM. . . . Smile

the chit. THE MYSTERIOUS CHIT. i think i have the knack for adding the element of mystery EVERYWHERE! LOL sorry, can;t help it! the aakraman was my fav part! i was LMAO when i was typing it out!  yea, i dedicated it to sanchu for proof-reading my previous update.. so sweet nah! yea, the dreamy kiss... i'd kiss my guy the same way! LOL

Originally posted by Fammakhan1

Awww d kiss... :) 
And Arnav damnn loved it, da way he confess her his feelin's ..
Simply a Great updatee..
Cant wait for 3rd part...

P.s Thnx for d PM hun...

Big smile tTHANK YOU! Embarrassed

Originally posted by shybabe

awesome sweety...just love it...feels as if christmas is still going onWink

THANKS SHY! Embarrassed

Originally posted by minimuffin86

Shalu my Pallo!!!

aww u dedicated this to me and Eesa and my hubby?!?!?! awww! awww! awww! i just cant stop awwwing!!!

it was fantasticlly done! amazing! love it to bits tiitsy pieces!!


BACK ATCHA oh, woman-of-the-world!

munching on cotton books iBBarney! LOL

Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

Ahhh, Beautiful <3 Day Dreaming This Part Has Everything . The Proposal Was One Of The BEST I Have Read Embarrassed If This Happens Then I Would Die Of Excitement :) LOL Awww, Mami Jee Apologized, Very Sweet . Update Soonishh Hug 

thak you sanzz! Embarrassed i wanted the proposal to be good! thank god you think it's one of the best according to you! i'm very happy now! LOL and i wish this would happen in reality as well! LOL

@Bloem123,: THANK YOU!

Originally posted by littlemoi

arnav's proposal almost had me fainting!! lol... LOVED THE UPDATE!! thank you so much for the pm!


Originally posted by tina_1234

awesomely amazin ss..loved me plz when ya updt...wat did mami wrote in d letter..i sooo wanna knw

THANK YOU! yes, i shall. THE CHIT? hahaha! the mysterious chit. you'll know soon enough! 

Originally posted by Krishnaluv94

Loved the proposal! What was in that chit that Mamiji gave Arnav? Can't wait to read about Three French Hens...

THANK YOU! and about the mysterious chit, hahaha!!! LOL

Originally posted by pinkpearlz

Wonderful job. I really like how you writing the story out. What did mami write on that paper that lead to the amazing surprising proposal? Forget arnav, i also didnt expect khushi reaction to be that. Lol hope arnav gets out of his khushi haze soon.

the paper? HAHAHAHA!!! LOL
yea, khushi's epic! LOL I LOVE HER TO BITS! arnav will NEVER get out of the KKG haze! Wink
it's too strong! LOL

Originally posted by dbr_kmichi

it was so so so nice..Smile
totally loved the chap..Smile
still wonder wat mami wrote n gave..
wonderful how he proposed her n al.,Smile


THANK YOU!!! the chit, you'll know soon enough! LOL

Originally posted by Arhi-Sarun

just read both parts and they were so beautiful...loved it to the core...

loved loved loved the proposal...and the kiss was so beautiful...I'm in love with this SS...

waiting for the next part...

thanks for the pms 

THANK YOUUU!!! aww, you're so nice! Embarrassed

Originally posted by roshnidiya

CHAPTER 2 - On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent me two turtle doves.-----wow dis part touched my heart

i'm glad! Embarrassed

"I'm so sorry bitiya, for being rude to you and your family all these years. I have no idea why I did what I did, but I'm sorry for it, I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me," whispered Mamiji, as she wiped away a lone tear from the corner of her eyes.

mamiji surprised khushi by dis dialogue n her actions n me too...i was like wat it really her...too gud

yea, i wanted her to be good in this SS, thus the change!Embarrassed

i didnt get like wat she wrote a msg gave her to give anav...i guessed she asked arnav to propose her...dat was so sweet bt u didnt disclose wat was in dat note...anyways i m surprised by dis mamiji

you'll know soon enough! Wink

 Ah! When this Laad Governor is there, then which other monster would be scarier, thought Khushi as she rolled her eyes and stomped off to the pool, ready to face the demon.

so cutee...khushi n her thoughts amaze me a lot...gud dat u could give dat flavour to her character.

aww! i'm so glad you think so! i wanted her to be her bubbly, over-dramatic, too-cute-to-be-true self! and i do tend to be as whacky as her sometimes... but not so constantly! LOL

dis 1 my god! touched my heart...hope he proposes me like dis...i mean so cuteee. dont worry khushi i wont take away ur laed governor...he is all awstuck by his proposal

sooo cuteee

HAHAHHA! i see, you're in the queue to grab arnav eh? no worries, the whole lot of us are! LOL

i mean u r amazing every ff, ss or os writers dont make it dis way...u did it...i was literally bored after reading all  works which were all same bt u surprised me n also arnav by dis act of khushi...fab job...too gud for words...

thank you soo much! Embarrassed i am so happy you think that i bring in the element of surprise! really! and i'm happy you think so well of me! THANK YOUUU!!!

"Oh! That! I see," said Arnav, still not really understanding what she was saying, and pulled her into another kiss as he lifted a squealing Khushi Kumari Gupta off the floor and led her into his room so that he could properly satiate his thirst for a good kiss from this adorable woman he just proposed too.

sooo cute... n romantic...u no i was blushing badly after reading it.

hahaha!!! no worries, they DID NOT do what you are thinking! NAUGHTY GIRL!LOL

usually i dont give such detal comments bt after reading dis part i couuldnt help bt comment...i only do after reading amazing updates.

aisa thankx for dis wonderful update toh banta ha bosss.

pl keep it up n do update part3 sooon.

i loved it as much as i could n enjoyed it too.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! may i know ur name please? i'm shalu btw! Hug that was one of the loveliest comments i have come across so far! Embarrassed

Originally posted by -sia-

Shalu that was such a beautiful update..
Loved the way Arnav proposed to Khushi...
Both her nephew and her LG have the same name I like that 
Waiting to know what happens next
Update soon  and thanks a lot a for the pm hun Smile

P.S i'm sorry yaar I dont comment always!! Unhappy With Uni exams bombarding me every single week I hardly get time give a proper neat response *sigh*  but I do make sure I press the like button the least I can do...Embarrassed
I loved all the previous updates and I must say you are such an amazing writer Star   And love u loads for writing such beautiful stories!!

thank you!!! thank you so much! 
no babe, i totally understand! i have so much free time now, that i have holidays, that's why i am on a writing spree these days! LOL but your presence itself, gives me the reassurance that your support is there with me, and that's all i ask for! Embarrassed and you are the most amazinf reviewer a writer can get! you've been so kind to me, now, and even before! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GAL! Hug

Originally posted by monkeydog18

Shalu what can I say?!! Love the proposal!! I wish I was Khushi!! And khushis response?! Wow!! Loved the kiss and Arnav took her in for more!! Lol. I also really like your explainations of the song!! Great. Thanks for pm

THANK YOU!!! Embarrassed

Originally posted by Pearl_mystic

Chooo chweet.. ... Loved that everything at Shantivan is going brilliantly!

thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by thecraze92

aww that was so cute, loved how accurately you described khushi's reaction and actions. I could just totally imagine this scene! Thumbs Up

hehehe... THANK YOU! Big smile

@aashizin: THANK YOU GIRL! LOVE YA TOOO MUCH!Big smile

Originally posted by MsCeylon

I just could give a big Hug to mamiji
what ever did she write in that paper ?

hehehe.. that you'll know soon enough babe! LOL

@srahs; THANKS FOR THE COMMENT! Embarrassed

Originally posted by priya_luna

Absolutely love it ,Shalu . The way Arnav proposed to Khushi ,how romantic. It was just so beautifully described and written . Day Dreaming. Amazing!Just love the ending of this chapter :)

PRIYA! Big smile thank you love! Embarrassed i;m glad you like it! Embarrassed

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sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Three Indian hens.. Haha. That was awesome! Arnav can be so slow sometimes. Duh, swimmers are
known for their ability to not require oxygen for extended periods of time. ( Wow, that
sounded smart) LOL Hmm.. I still wanna know what's in that chit! I demand to know! Pretty please with Arnav in top ;)

Can't wait for four calling birds! Ooh, we're getting close to the FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!! Haha, I'm excited

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sparklystarstud IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!  Icon Monkey Yoyo
shaaaliii...awesome n humorous update... Monkey Emoticon
HAWTIE HAWT starting... Monkey Winks
CUTIE CUTE ending... Monkey Icons Cici

 She was now going to be related to three very important females in her life, and all thanks to him. Her Laad Governor. And she smiled her Khushi Kumari Gupta Smile at him.

nani mami n anji di just for her from nw on...soooper cool... Monkey Icons
n shaaaliii...
pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls... Monkey Winks
tell us wat was written by MAMIJI nah!!!!!!! Monkey Icon
pls little one... 

"That's for me to know, and you to NEVER find out," said a smirking Arnav as he forcefully ushered her out of his room before she could question him any further.

this was just for kushi nah...nt for us...
so pretty pls tell  us  shaaaliii...
n love u for ur update on almost promised time... Monkey Icon
nw waiting for the nxt update ...

loads of luv
~~~~~~~~sam Monkey Winks

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tina_1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
verrryyy nyc part...loved it sooo much!!

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preethi12345 Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
soo nce.. wow ! tx 4 pm

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MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Amazing Update 
They finally getting married
Cant wait too read the next part!

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-_-harsh42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged


SWIMMER??!!! Really Shalu??!!! ROFL
That was a total :

And their snogging session??? I was all. . .

Thanks for the PM, Shalu!! Luv u!! Heart

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