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Os Cocktail party (part 2 at page 1 added)

naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged

Khushi walk out the wash room "jiji"

Payal: ha 

Khushi: where is buaji?

Payal: buaji is sleep

Khushi: jiji change karlo loo at her self

Payal: no you are looking like a princess 

Khushi: ha ha my prince must be in the cocktail party

Payal come fast Arnav ji is waiting

Khushi: woh  i asked NK to come

Payal: but he came should i ask him to go back and send NK

Khushi: he will kill me with his what the , by the way now days his mood is bad .

Payal: you tease him so much.she walk out 

Khushi: jiji please close this she ask her to close her locket 

Arnav: who just came to call her just took a step  towards her 

Khushi: jiji 

Arnav: just hold the closed it 

Khushi: LA ji na bhi na hum ko kya dress diya tha ...she just turn around to go out bang in Arnav 

Arnav: cannot you see and walk 

Khushi: what are you doing here ?

Arnav: your jiji said you will not come out until i will call you.

Khushi: jiji bhi na 

Arnav: look at her from top to bottom.

Khushi: now you are getting late she just walk while picking up her dress 

Arnav: just took a deep breath. he just walk out " thanks for giving me permission , iss tarah ki parties end late at night"

Garma: i know you will take care of them  pat his shoulder

Khushi: horn 

Arnav: look at her " bye" he just quickly walk out

Khushi: now you are not getting late 

Arnav:tum ko prob kya ha 

Khushi: jo aap ko ha

Payal: why you both always fight ?

Khushi and Arnav just look at each other

Khushi; becasue you and Akash ji dont fight, iss fight mein jo maaza ha woh pyar se baat karan mein thori ha .waise bhi we both dont mean . 

Arnav look at her she was just looking like  a fairy . they reached hotel

Akash was waiting for Payal he just hold her hand and walked in the hall

Khushi : where is NK?

Arnav: why?

Khushi: how i go in?

Arnav : walk to her side  gave her his arm 

Khushi: i hope you will not push me

Arnav: khushi 

Khushi : just hold his arm.

Arnav " listen one thing care fully"

Khushi: kya 

Arnav: dont go close to any guy 

Khushi: why are you jealous ?

Arnav: shut up

Khushi: phir

Arnav: and dont drink 

Khushi: if i do both

Arnav: then i will see you later .

Khushi: aap tou jealous hogai

Arnav: just reached the entrance he just removed her hand of his arm" go to hell "walk away

Khushi: yeh to naraza hogai she just look at him he was talking to the guests 

NK:  oh you arrived 

Khushi: ha

NK : lets have a dance 

Khushi: look at Arnav who was staring at her he just started looking on other side "lets go" she just walk on the stage she started dancing with NK

NK: khushi this is old fashion 

Khushi: i just know this

NK: in such party we should dance in different way

Khushi: i dont know she just step down the stage . she notice his eyes was no her all the time thou he was talking to others but his eyes was following her .

Payal: kya huwa

Khushi: LG ki party LG ki tarha ha   she saw him having drink. she just walk to him knock at his shoulder

Arnav: kya 

Khushi: why you are talking it?

Arnav: i know how to much to take ?

Khushi: it is such a boring party i cannot drink i cannot dance .kya karo mein 

NK came and he pull Khushi on the stage 

Khushi was not ready she just grab Arnav arm and pull him too

Arnav: just followed her 

Khushi: just lost her balance as NK left her arm and starting dance with other girls 

Arnav catch her .

Khushi: look at him  girls came and they hold Arnav hand and pull him away from khushi . khushi stand still with open mouth.

they started dancing with Arnav " now who is jealous khushi " he started following steps 

Khushi : just boiled she just walk down the stage and sat on a table she saw him dancing . a guy came close to her " hi beauty why you are sitting alone "

Khushi: prob ha kya 

Guy you are not still drank

Khushi: i dont drink

Guy; then how will you enjoy party ? look at them they are all drank that is why they are enjoying party .

Khushi: now i got why Rakash ask me not to drink as he does not want me to enjoy. 

Dinner was announced everyone got busy .

Arnav started asking the guest to feel at home and enjoy the party.

Khushi: seek out she just to a glass and drank .

Arnav : where is she ? why i cannot see her ? why i cannot find her ? he was just looking here and there  he found payal "where is khushi?"

Payal: she was with you

Arnav just became restless he just found NK and ask him  he has no clue where was khushi" why i let her go why " he just grab a drink and drank in a breath. "khushi" shouted 

Khushi was sitting in one corner in middle of guys " shhh rakash is calling me "

guys look around 

Khushi i was telling about him he didnot let me drink but i steal one 

one guy yes  tell us what he did?

Khushi: yes yes where was i ?

guys same color sari

Khushi: it is my rakash fav color . you know , i wore this for him today 

guy: tell us na what he did?

Khushi: he walked to me  you come close ask a guy ... he just bend towards her 

Khushi: more close she recollected diwali night., she just push him away 

Guy: where are you going ?

Khushi: he is calling me she just get up he just hold her  hand 

Guy not so fast

Khushi: Arnav shouted 

Arnav: just heard her and started searching for her 

Khushi: leave my hand if you want to stay alive , he will kill you for this

Guy: i think your  rakash is a giant  he just pull her to him 


Arnav: just found her he just ran to her "leave her hand at once "

Guy recognized him he just left her hand 

Khushi:see i told you  she just smiled  and  bang in Arnav arms . she had a hiccup .

Arnav: you are drank?

Khushi placed her hand in her mouth and warp one hour around his neck.

Arnav: look in her eyes 

Khushi: you were dancing with other girls i ddinot like it so i all your fault 

Arnav: smiled

Khushi: i was telling them diwali night  she whisper in his ear ..

Arnav: look at her

Khushi:see i am again wearing red color will you today 

Arnav: just picked her up in his arms as he does not want others to hear .

Khushi: are you take me for a  she just smiled naughtily 

Arnav:shhh everyone will hear it . he walk straight to payal and Akash

Payal: kay huwa iss ko

Arnav: i will take care of her, i am taking her home you both enjoy the part and see off everyone . he just walk thought the hall

Khushi: jiji he is taking me to complete what he left that day ?

Arnav: sshhh

Khushi: oh  ssshhh this is between me and him

Payal: khushi kya bol rah ho

Arnav: kuch nahi 

Khushi: close your phone as last time it 

Arnav showed her his eyes she just kept her hand on her mouth .. 

Khushi :shhh  between you and me right 

comment if you guys want the next part sorry for mistakes 

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Arnav made her sit in the car and tied her seat belt.

Khushi: warp his hand more tight around his neck " i also " giggle 

Arnav: look at her "haato " 

Khushi: first complete

Arnav: i will take you to pool side then ok  free him self

Khushi: ok she just left his neck 

Arnav: just exhale as her closeness was making him crazy . he just taken off his jacket had covered her .

Khushi: i am not looking nice hold  his tie ..looked in his eyes

Arnav: you are looking beautiful remove her  grip on his tie

Khushi :push him out of door "quickly take me to pool side "

Arnav: just shock how desperate she was looking ,he just walk to his side while running his hand in his hairs " unbelievable"he seated and started car

Khushi: look at him " aap thek ha  "

Arnav:muhje ko kya huwa 

Khushi: wonder " get out tou nahi bola ga"

Arnav: no 

Khushi: aap itna bura nahi ha  pull his cheek 

Arnav: look at her 

Khushi: : wait wait wait

Arnav: ab kya huwa 

Khushi: i had to dance 

Arnav: khushi you dance at home 

Khushi:  will you dance with me 

Arnav: yes .. you are

Khushi:" unbelievable "

Arnav: how you know i will say that?

Khushi: i know everything about you , everything when you want what ? when you are angry and when you are not just acting ..waise bhi you only know few words of english "what the , unbelievable, get out , what is your problem aur sorry  "thinking while counting on her finger .

Arnav: just smiled  they reached home"sssh ok as every one must be sleeping "whisper in her ear

Khushi: ok pool side 

Arnav: ha  he just shake his head ..he walk to her side "chalo"

Khushi: wrap her arm around his neck 

Arnav: what the 

Khushi: please 

Arnav: picked her up 

Khushi smiled   he just walk  straight to the guest room .

Khushi: knock at his shoulder "this is not pool side"

Arnav: made her lay on bed" later "

Khushi just started crying you rakhas you LG you said pool side 

Arnav: sat next to her "ssshhh"

Khushi: pool side 

Arnav: khushi no

Khushi yes she just beat him on his chest .

Anajli ;kya huwa she walk to the room

Arnav: Di iss ko dekho na 

Khushi: jump out of bed "he said he will complete diwali's paused  palced her hand on her lips  you and me "look at arnav

Anjali :what is she saying?

Arnav: was just feeling like to bang his head some where " i dont know"just get up from bed 

Khushi: jhoot jhoot  let me remind you she starting walking towards Arnav who was standing in shock he just pull anjali in between them " rakhas scared rakhas scared "she started clapping her hand. and dancing 

Anjali: chota why you are scared ?she smiled

Arnav: di shut you ,yeh  pagal ha .he was looking at khushi who was dancing on bed .

Anjali: Khushi she was about to fall down of bed 

Arnav just grab her from her waist.  she just on the player with her hand 

Khushi Dekh le

aakhon main aakhen daal (pull him from his collar )
seekh le  (warp her arm around his neck)
har pal main jeena yaar  ( jump down of the bed)
soch le  ( wink at him)
jeevan ke pal hain char( arnav look at Anjali who was just loving and smiling )
yaad rakh ( he just removed her hand off his neck)
marna hai ek baar  (she hold his tie )
marne se pahle jeena (arnav hide him self behind anjali)
seekh le (khushi giggle)

baiyaan (she hold anjali and Arnav arms )

khushiyon ki thaam ke baiyaan ( ask them to dance with her , anjali with eyes ask Arnav to follow her)
gam ki marod kalaiyaan  (arnav twisted her wrist)
gam ka yaaron gam mat karna  ( she just wink at him )
chhod de ab to har pal marna ( tickle him like she does to payal)
marne se pahle jeena ( arnav just at last had a laughter)  

seekh le( hug her tight in his arms )

Anjali: just laughed at them

Arnav: Di please help in changing .

Anjali: ok

Khushi: look at him pool side 

Arnav: you change first 

Khushi:no she started crying

Anjali: chota take her to your room,yeh bhi utha jai ga 

Arnav: hmmm

Khushi :look at shyam who was standing on the door  ,she just hold Arnav arm tight and hide behind him  whisper  in his ear "you asked me who i was engaged "

Arnav: hmm

Khushi: pointed at Shyam "he"

Arnav: what are you saying ?

Khushi: sach she placed her hand on her self

Shyam look at Arnav  Anjali was taking out clothes for her she didnot listen

Khushi: for her she pointed at anjali  "because of her  i didnot tell any one "

Arnav: just look shyam face color change he just walk back

Khushi: see he got i told you .

Anjali " chota yeh la" she gave him dress and she walk out 

Arnav: just picked her up and walk to his room as now he wanted to ask her  what she was saying .

Khushi: pool side  as she enter his room

Arnav: yes 

Khushi: smiled at him

Arnav: make her stand " khushi "


 Arnav:what you were saying when you saw jiju ?

Khushi: yaad nahi 

arnav: come on khushi yaad karo 

Khushi: ha ha ha yaad agaya  

Arnav: kya 

Khushi: pull him to the pool "pool"

Arnav: khushi cup her face first you tell me what you were saying ?

Khushi: no first you keep your promise 

Arnav:Khushi  left her 

Khushi: ok dont she just sat on the floor 

Arnav: just taken off his tie and waist coat as he was feeling he could not breath.

Khushi:"LA ji i am trying to take care of your ASR , i know what he want ,but he is not listening to me "

Arnav: look back at her she was in to tears "khushi get up" gave her his hand "

Khushi: "La ji said to take care of you as you dont know what you want?and i am sensible, but you "

Arnav: shhh shhh khushi  look at her he recollected la words "when you find your love dont let her go away from you"

Khushi: you  think i dont know you , the way you look at me .the way you feel jealous if i am with anyone else "

Arnav:  Khushi

Khushi:no khushi no arnav just heart , today or never she push him

Arnav: just hold her arm as she try to walk away and pull her back to him and block her with his arms next to the wall.

Khushi: look at him

Arnav: caress her chin "make a deal first"

Khushi: kya

Arnav: you will tell me about your fiance 

Khushi: deal placed her hand on his palm

Arnav: just kissed her chin he felt her breath ,look at her ,her eyes was asking more from him "i am sorry khushi "just kissed her lips as he him self could not wait more ,her arms warps around his neck .he look at her face her eyes was closed .he just closed his too they last as long as they could. as the broke he felt khushi  drowsy. he just pick her up in his arms

Khushi: just rested her head on his shoulder .

Arnav: made her rest on his bed " khushi tell me "taken off her sandals

Khushi: look at him"kya"

Arnav: taken off her earrings and free her hairs from catcher " your fiance"he pull blanket on her 

Khushi: yes she look in his eyes "that day when i cried at your shoulder , i saw your jiju for the first time in RM "

Arnav: acha then caress her face

Khushi: he cheated both families no no our family we are one right hold his hand .ask him to sit next to her move a side 

Arnav: yes but how? 

Khushi: he was staying in our home as paying guest and force buaji to make me engaged to him.

Arnav: just look at her

Khushi: i wanted to tell you but i know your  world is anjali ji, so i asked everyone not to tell any one for you and Anjali .

Arnav: look at her she hold his shirt 

Khushi: i am just silence because of you  other wise i would have 

Arnav: look at her 

Khushi: i did right ,right

Arnav: hmmm

Khushi: if i had tell you she just hold his hand tight in her 's

Arnav: look at her

Khushi: for me your happiness and Anjali ji shadi is more important .

Arnav: just looked at her he just bend over her and kissed her again this was  not because she had asked  him , but because he Love her , when he lay next to her holding her tight in his arms he don't remember .

the cocktail party make them admit they love each other and revealed the secret . what happen in morning  is another story ... Wink

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG,,it was really crazy,khushi demanding to finish what was left unfinished on deewali night.
but loved its every bit. after khushi drink i was all like ROFL..her telling that night story to the guys.
it was hillirious..loved it reallyStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

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devishree IF-Dazzler

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zaniax IF-Rockerz

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Sooo sweet. Smile
meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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cute update liked it a lot notty notty kushi Smile

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shaaranya IF-Rockerz

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Super cute!
Drunk Khushi seemed so realistic…next part ASAP plzzz
LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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lmfao! What an OS

please please continue i wana see where this leads on 

and when Khushi realises what she did while she was drunk would be awesome too

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