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Hiten-Gauri :They create magic together

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Note :- Special thanks to my adoring sister Vrinda(Vrindz)Hug for all the fabulous siggies.Thumbs Up
Heart  U

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Gauri Hiten has won total 6 Jodi awards.No other couple in Tellywood nor Bollywood has won so many jodi awards with the same partner.Gauri-Hiten itself has created history.Their name complement each other.After 10 years also fans want to see them together onscreen.

They have won 1 award of Evergreen Jodi for Pratham-Gauri in Aap Jaisa Koi 2006.

They have won Favourite Jodi Award in Star Parivaar Awards 3 times.No other  couple has won that award so many time.They won SPA favourite jodi award in 2005,2007 and 2008.

They won Global Awards Favourite Jodi award in 2008.And they also won Evergreen Jodi award for KaraNandini in India Ne Bana Di Jodi 2011.We hope to see many more jodi award still coming for Gauri-Hiten 

Star Parivaar Awards 2005-Favourite Jodi

Aap Jaisa Koi Awards 2006(Actually I dont have the video as GHT didnt took the award so I am keeping the previous AJK 2004 award pic)

Star Parivaar Awards 2007-Favourite Jodi

Star Parivaar Awards 2008-Favourite Jodi

Global Awards 2008-Favourite Jodi

India Ne Bana Di Jodi Award 2011-Evergreen Jodi


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Aqsashaha -(Aqsa)



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desiflavour101 (Humaira)













my adorable ght(ankita)



















rhearoy(Agnitri Roy)

Sallu4ght(Salma Khatun)

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Hiten's twitter account: 

Hiten's FB account link:

Gauri's FB account link:

Hiten's Fb page link:



Hiten Fan Page:

Gauri's Fan Page:

Kutumb Forum:

Kyunki Forum:


Brinda VM Channel:

Vrinda VM channel:

Humaira's channel:

Videochaska KUTUMB channel:

Gauri Pradhan's channel(as compiled by youtube):

Hiten Tejwani's channel(as compiled by youtube):

Kutumb's channel(as compiled by youtube):

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brinda_ght IF-Rockerz

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        When I was 12 GHT entered in my life as HeartPrathamCool and EmbarrassedGauriHeart.Before that I never liked anyone so muchEmbarrassed.I kept thinking about them all the time as what would PHeartG do todayWink.I remember muje xams ke marks milne k time bhi itni tension nahi hoti thi jitni tension KUTUMBStar ke episode dekhne mh hoti thiLOL..Yeh tension k channel na chali jaye ya power cut na ho jayeROFL...KUTUMBStar changed my life n GHT became a very big part of my life they are like a family to meBlushing.After KUTUMB ended I knew that it would be repeated and waited for itBig smile.I use to wake up at 2:30 am to watch KUTUMBStar repeat and I know all here must have done the same onlyD'oh.I was very happy to see them back with Ab Ayega MaazaEmbarrassed.After that GT did NGJ n I still remember my friend gave me the news that HT has entered NGJ but could'nt believe itSilly.After that they did KHKH n then the great KYUNKI.KYUNKI ki bhi ek alag story hai lolzzzParty.I remember we were in 10th at that time but there wasnt a single day k humne ek bhi episode miss kiya hoTongue.When KBroken HeartN didnt unite I was shattered aisa laga ke mere life mh bahut bada hadsaa ho gayaShocked.I have never seen a couple so magical n romantic in my life everDay Dreaming.When I heard that GHT married from Vri,v both went insane lolzzSilly..V use to celebrate every bday of GHT.And the news that GT is going to deliver twins made me so happy that I cant express that feeling.Hug
         GHT has given us such memorable moments in our lifeDay Dreaming.I seriously want to say that i miss GHT badly on TVCry.I hope they return back with KUTUMB3Dancing.After 10 years also i m still the same n wish that GHT works togetherApprove.I dont know what GHT thinks about us but I want him to know that there are still some people who pray for them everyday n still want them back together. Thumbs UpStar
I dont know what magic they create but their charm is still on me and it has been since the last 10 years when I first saw them in KUTUMB.I still remember when I first saw KUTUMB's promo I thought they they might be brother ans sisterLOL.I was always interested in the concept but never knew when it started,one of my friend suggested me to saw the title track and yes it was it.I started watching the legendry show from the class room episodeWink.
I must say that GHT  have been one of the most important part of my life.People say that TV has all fake characters and blah blah,but I dont believe that.These both have changed my life and I confess that I would not be what I am without GHT.
I always wished them to see together and I guess we have succeed in most of them and also have faced some dissappointments,but I guess thats just a part of life as we say the ups and downs.
Fine, I confess I think of you every second of every day, you're my favorite subject to talk about. Most of all, my dreams have you in them. I always get excited when I see you on tv and I'm completely, totally, in Love...with you my angles and I miss you.Please be back...
            GHT has played important part in my life,they are next to my familyBig smile.I want to have Hiten's nature and Gauri's intelligency in me.TongueI respect Hiten a lot,n no one is as dignified as GauriEmbarrassed.Not only seven years i want them to spend their whole life together with their lovely twins Neevan n KatyaBig smile
I fell madly and irrevocably in love withGauriHeartHiten when i saw them for the first timeDay Dreaming in Kutumb 10 years back,i use to often think to myself that what a made for each other pair they are n use to wish silently in my heart that it would be wonderful if they end up together in real life tooDay Dreaming...off course i didn't know that time that Godwill be kind enough to answer my silent wish so soonEmbarrassed,i still don't  have the  words  to describe the immense joy i felt when i got to know that GauriHeartHiten have actually got married in real life tooEmbarrassed...it was one of the happiest days of my lifeDancing...and the 2nd happiest day  was when this lovely pair was blessed with two adorable twin angels of their own Nevaan & Katya.I can proudly say that i'm a TOTALEmbarrassed GauriHugHiten nNevaanHugKatya addict...they are like family for me and are in my prayers alwaysSmile.On their 7th Marriage Anniversary and always i wish that  GauriHeartHiten'slove continue to grow deeper n stronger with every passing year and may they continue to live happily with each other and their adorable angels Nevaan HugKatya,amen
My only wish now is that we get to see this Golden Pair back on screen together in a serial as good as Kutumb...hope this happens soon,amen

      Gauri di and Hiten jijs..First of all I wish u both a "VERY HAPPY 7TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY"!!!HeartU both hv been as usual stunning and terrific as a couple.. n seriously, seeing u both..it jus seems dat u gt married ystrday..! D same charm, love, understanding, care..everythin abt u both z soo inspiring 2 every1 elz.. :)HugMy journey wid d context of u both hav been outstanding.. I still remember i was in Grade 4..wen Kutumb started.. n at d very first sight.. i ws soo madly in love wid u both!Day Dreaming Believe me, I hv nvr evr liked any bollywood actor or actress in my life or been crazy abt ny1 der.. BUT..about u both- I ws more dan smthn dat cud compete d word "crazyyy"!!! Silly My frnds started teasing me at one point.. dat c'mmon its jus a serial, and dey r stars.. wt u see on screen z nvr reality..!
But..Smwhr , smhow, my instinct said dat lik gauri n pratham..Gauri and Hiten wer also meant 2 b togethr...Thumbs UpHeartYears went by..n u both started bcmin more close 2 my heart.. Thr ws kutumb2, kya hadsa kya haqeeqat, naam gum jayega.. and wid every passing day..i kept on bcmin more crazy abt u guyies..EmbarrassedMy frnds..cousins..infact my teachers..gave me any pic of urs..wichever came in any newspaper,article,or magazine..n my collection had no bounds..As i dint have internet then..so paper cut outs,magazine pics,etc were the only ways i cud get info abt u both! That tym i din evn knw that u wer rly dating or seeing eachothr in real lyf or not.. bt my heart said tht thr ws smthn between u two!WinkAnd then..one day wen i got d news that finally u both have tied the knot...I WAS ON CLOUD NINE!!DancingParty
Believe me, i wsnt that happy evn on d day i came 2 know that i passed in X board mathematics wid 75% marks...LOLMy happiness and celebrations knew no bounds..!!
U both in KSBKBT.. i watched it only for u guyies..den voting in star parivar awards..during dat tym.. my routine chnged.. cuz aftr very 2-3 mins interval..i would pick up d fone..n vote 4 u guyies..! :) And wen u won it.. i wsnt surprised..cuz y shd i BE? wen d world knws it that U BOTH R D BEST!!!!!StarClapand later on, Thanks 2 saas bahu saazish..dat we got to know sooo mch of u both..! We rly saw THE REAL HITEN AND GAURI...behind d screens..n it ws sooo nice 2 see dat u r d same humble, kind..n gud human beings dt u both of mostly portrayed urselves as on-screen!EmbarrassedAnd next, all of us fans' happiness got doubled and trippled..in 2009.. wen Little angels.. our dearest prince n princess Nevaan and Katya.. came into this beautiful world!!EmbarrassedTongue
Its lik a small little plant.. aftr lots of watering n care n affection.. became a strong and beautiful tree..! The same way.. our small plant..dat is gauri and hiten frm kutumb days.. grew as a couple..frm lovers till man n wife.. became proud parents of diz li'l angels..n finally became d strong ,beautiful tree...dat is "THE COMPLETE FAMILY"! :)EmbarrassedI was 9 yrs old..since i hv known u guyies,n i hv loved u,been crazy abt u,admired u,appreciated u,respected u..n I m 18 now.. & all i can say is.. i m proud of every bit of it.. Cuz all diz feelings hv jus increased exponentially aftr all diz yrs... and i m certain dat it wl b d same in d near future as well...Love u hiten and gauri...b d same as u r...U R D BEST!!Dancingand loadzzz of love,hugs,kisses,chocolates 2 my li'l angels cum buddies nevaan n katya!!Embarrassed
               I dont know from where to start. I've been hgt fan since 10 yrs wen KUTUMB came. Firstly I joined setindia msg board then yahoo grps, IF and so many other site which are positive about hgt.I always wanted them to become a real life couple and I was veryyy happpy when my wish was granted.In  a way I have grown with them in every phase of life.When GAURI entered kyunki my joy had no bounds but it was shortlived bcz of the pathetic storyline.I have a huge collections of their pics, vdos and never missed a chance to watch them on TV.Always voted for them in spa, nb2 and other awards like insane.The next happiest moment was wen NEEVAN KATYA were born. This completed their family pic beautifully- cute couple+adorable kids= HGNKT
                May god bless them an eternal togetherness not in this life only but in next lives also.Never a day has passed when Ive not prayed for them.
              Now just 1 wish- to see them togther back on tv. Miss them too much.
Hiten Gauri's chemistry,performance since Kutumb till now influenced me so much that till now no one has been able to win my heart like they both.I am proud to be Hiten Gauri fan ,they two have something special that's why I am their fan since 10 years. I have also seen all their serials and shows (nach baliye, diwali rishton ki) including their repeat telecast, after few months of Kutumb Indian channels in Pakistan were banned so I used to buy the cds on every weekend and watched them many times, I watched kyunki only because of karan nandini .From 2003 to 2008 I have been voting & praying for GHT  so that they win star pariwar awards and I am really very happy  that they beat all other jodis everytime ,not only the jodi award  but also for best beta & bahu.I wish that those golden days come back.Nowadays we miss them alot,wish they two come on tv together as we have been waiting to see them together since a long time.I have done too many other crazy things also in my life which is difficult to explain here for Hiten Gauri, its my wish that I could meet HitenGauri both once in my life,Many Congratulations hiten and gauri on their 7th wedding anniversary.May they two remain bonded to eachother forever.when I saw  GHT in Kutumb I prayed that they two become a real life couple as well.And when I heard abt their marriage,I was so glad and excited.The next happiest moment was when Nevaan & Katya were born.This is a blessing of God upon GHT that they got one boy & one girl  as their twin babies.I must say that Nevaan & Katya are  very beautiful like GHT.May God keep GHT always happy with their kids Nevaan and Katya.I daily pray for  GHT & Nevaan & Katya as I do for my family.
Love to Hiten, Gauri,Nevaan and Katya.
      I saw Hiten n Gauri  in  Kutumb 1st,  n fall in love with themHeart. Being a Bengali girl I could n't understand HindiConfused, just  bcoz 2 understand  the conversation between Pratham n Gauri in Kutumb, I learned HindiEmbarrassed.Actually after saw them in Kutumb,  I always wanted that they get married in real lifeDay Dreaming, so when  I was watching SPA-2004 (I guess)  n got 2 know that Hiten n Gauri  have got married  in real life tooApprove, I started 2 jumping like a kidDancing, that night I could n't sleep wellLOL,Whenever  I  pray 2 God, I pray 4 them too. They are a part of my life.Hug. Miss u guys like a hellCry,want 2 see u together  on screen.Lastly n of course  I wish them a very very happy marriage anniversary. Love u so muchHeart. May God bless u n ur babies.Smile
Wishing Hiten and Gauri a very happy wedding anniversary ,missing them alot now a days,hope to see them back soon and my journey with them is the best till date,will continue loving them.May god give them lots of happiness in life and god blessNevaan and Katya.Love them all.May god give this couple lots n lots of success and happiness.
Shumaila(gaurilover_4eve ):-
Congratulations HITEN & GAURI for ur 7th Anniversary...Embarrassed I luv u both sooo much i m a die heart fan of urs since Kutumb days & wish to meet you once in my life... n i feel it gonna happen so soon...Wink Miss u guys a lot... I want to see u both again on tv in a new show like kutumb.  A successful married life requires falling in love many times, but always with the same person.Embarrassed Lots of luv to the most precious babies Nevaan & Katya...Heart God bless ur family always...Big smile

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5)Gauri is very busy with nevaan n katya n hats off to her she is looking after them n managing the house,her painting classes n everything...She is the best.
4)Gauri my princess is busy with them'only a woman can do this..they keep her busy the whole day..n with all this she goes for her painting classes too.. 'm so proud of her n so lucky to have her in my life''
3)She is so humble,down to earth and very beautiful and bad thing is that"usne mere dil pe kabzaa kar liya hai"
2)For first date,Gauri n me went on a long drive to beach,we sat in car and watched the sea and discussed all our future plans

1)"I was running a temperature and she somehow realised that. Immediately Gauri called me and enquired how I was planning to go back. I told her that I would drive back home," recollects Hiten. The caring Gauri took over at this point and told Hiten - nothing doing, her driver would go and drop him home. "There was something in the way she said it'I couldn't say no. To be frank, that is when I understood - Gauri nursed some special feelings for me."
5)"Marriage has given us the stability we needed. It has brought us even closer"
4)"I could understand that Hiten wanted to talk to me, but I restrained myself. But I must admit that when I saw him on the sets of Kutumb on the first, I did feel comfortable. I felt nice that I would be doing the daily soap with someone I knew. He was, at least, not a stranger."
3)Its great to work with Hiten,we have been best friends before and now also we are married but before being spouses we each others best friends
2)I know this may sound funny but the truth is, I just don't get sleep without Hiten next to me. When he's out of the town or when I'm traveling, it gets very difficult for me to dose off, however tired I might be...
1)When I started  working with Hiten my friends knew from the very beginning that I would end up with Hiten

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HitenHeartGauri first met at Hydrabad airport in 2000 for BREEZE SOAP AdHug.After that they again met in 2001 for KUTUMB IStar.Kutumb had 2 seasons which ended on 17 January 2003Wink.After Kutumb we saw GHT together hosting AB AYEGA MAZAAEmbarrassed.They hosted 3-4 episodes of AAM.In april Gauri's solo show aired NAAM GUM JAYEGAThumbs Up.We saw Hiten's entry in NGJ in augustDancing.But due to some political issues it got wrapped up in august-september 2003Ouch.Later we saw GHT together in KYA HADSAA KYA HAQEEQAT-KAB KYUN KAHAN KHILABlushing series in November 2003.KHKH-KKK had 9-10 episodes.In KHKH we saw electrifying chemistry of GHTDay Dreaming.After KHKH Gauri entered KYUNKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI which Hiten was already doingLOL.Gauri entered as Hiten's love interest in KSBKBT.KSBKBT(KN track) ran almost 6 years and ended in 2008Smile.With KSBKBT still running we saw GHT together in many showsBig smile.GHT participated in NACH BALIYE 2Dancing in 2006 and were top 4 finalistThumbs Up.At that time Gauri also entered KYPH she was followed by Hiten too in KAISA YEH PYAAR HAIEmbarrassed.In 2008 Gauri entered LEFT RIGHT LEFT.Hiten also did a cameo in LRL as Gauri's love interestDay Dreaming.After KSBKBT got ended we saw GHT hosting NACH BALIYE 4Wink and DIWALI RISHTON KIBig smile.In 2009 GHT entered KUMKUMApprove.GHT even did cameo in a movie C-KkompanyTongue.They even did various Ads like PAN PARAG and ROCHEES WATCHESEmbarrassed.GHT also appeared together in some shows like KHULJA SIM SIM,JODI KAMAAL KI,KYA AAP PANCHVI PAAS SE TEZ HAI,KASAM SE and KISME KITNA HAI DUMClap



Naam Gum Jayega

Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai

Left Right Left



Pan Parag 

Rochees Watches 

Nach Baliye2

Kabhie Kabhie Yaar Kabhie Kabhie Pyaar

Ab Ayega Mazaa

Nach Baliye 4

Diwali Rishton KI 

C Kkompany

Kisme Kitna Hai Dum

Jodi Kamal Ki

Khuljaa Sim Sim

Kya Aap Pachvi Paas Se Tej Hai

Kasam Se

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