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I*I OS Reconciliation And Realities I*I

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 I*I   OS   Reconciliation        And   Realities     I*I


Another day in the palace,another sunrise that sybolised a new day in my life.Everyone expected me to change me,try to make me the person they wanted me to be but no one ever thought what I was feeling like.oh I'm Manyata by the way,yeah the same girl who is in the news 24/7.The long lost princess who was now found.

This was nothing different though it was weeks since I had come to live here in the palace and alot had changed but at the same time somethings didnot change.I had grown to love my parents,they were the parents every daughter would love to have.And I practically adored my grandmother.Unnati,though she was younger to me but in a way she was more mature then me,she was like an elder sister to me and Uday,urgh! do I have to say this.. well though he is a bit annoying I liked his company now.He was different.he really didnot care about how I dressed or what I wore.And my so-called love for Akash was decreasing day-by-day.It was like he was a past that was never supposed to happen.He was a mistake,a bad one.

"I hate her!Even when she was not there in my life she was always there.Manyata this&Manyata that.Why does god hate me so much that he has ruined my life so much" Snapping out of my thoughts I heard my younger sister JaiNandini scream in her bathroom no correction our  bathroom.

"I hate her.I hate myself.I hate this life" She screamed.I rushed towards the bathroom door.

"J! Are you okay?" I tried to talk to her. No matter how much we hated each other she was still my younger sister and it was my duty to trake care of her. "J! Out of the bathroom now!" But no one came out.I gave the door a little push only to fin that the washroom door was wide open

.I rushed inside only to find J sitting on the floor still clad in her silk pajamas crying her heart out. I went toward her and hugged her.maybe it was that sisterly bond we had or that feeling of being her elder sister that made me do that I dinot know or maybe I didnot really care.

"Why do you hate me so much  J? What have I done to you?Why is it that you always cry?Can't we just talk it out.We are sisters,and deep down somewhere we still love each other maybe we hate each others presence but can't we just  accept the fact that we are sisters" 

"Because I am tired,tired of playing the second fiddle" she said sniffling her cry "From the day I was born it was always you,mom never cared about me.She was crying over the loss of her firstborn,everyone was broken.Everyone wanted me to be you.For sixteen years it has always been Manyata this and Manyata that,It has never been JaiNandini.I was jealous of you for sixteen years you were not present in our lives but everytime you were here present.Every birthday I celebrated everyone was crying over  the fact that they couldn't celebrate your birthday.As a kid everymorning I woke up waiting for my mom to come and kiss me good morning she was there in your room smilimg at an imaginary you"

"shhh" I said trying to calm her down while crying myself.

"Uday always considered me second after you,you were not there but still he was living your memories.Everyday he used to sit and remember about the days you'll spent together.Girls flung themselves at him but he was waiting with the hope that you would be found.You were alway THE princess here while I was no one.Maybe I put this exterior of being mean and rude an insensitive just because I donot want them to notice that I too am a girl.Someone who has feeling.I hate my life Manyata" She said hugging me "I was there in one corner waiting for someone to hug me when I was hurt but everyone was  waiting for you to come.I was about to be engaged when they found you.No one had a second thought about how I felt.No one actually cared"

She was not the only one that was hurt.Both of us though we were different in many ways right now we were on the same page. 
"What did you think it was for me?" I said hugging her back  " The guy I believed to be my dad just revealed that he was not my father.The guy I thought I loved dumped me infront of the media.The friends I thought I had just left me there.I was thrown  to this family like a new toy being thrown to some random child.I barely knew you'll when you'll expected me tyo be perfect.You instead of helping me accept this you were actually plotting against me and ..."  I trailed of with my speech but at the end of the conversation I barely knew what I said I only knew one thing and that was Jainandini was my sister now.
We were sisters for real.No eneminity,no coldwars but only acceptance.We were a family.

"Comeon stop this drama now.It is so cliche " She said hugging me all over again "Come on have your shower or whatever I will dress you up today afterall what are sisters for" 

She stood up and walked out of the bathroom wth a smile on her face as I sat there and reminsced over what just happened and all the time I spent with this family. 

45 minutes later 

"No! That doesnot suit you I mean that dress is so 2002! You are a princess for heavens sake" My sister said checking the dress I was wearing.She hated it,being a princess was totally difficult these days."Wear this,It's a cowlneck dress" She said shoving a black dress at my face.


"Rajkumari JaiNandini,Komal devi apko bula rahi hai" A servant said as she bowed in front of us.

"Oh mom! Tell her I will be there in a sec!" J replied to the maid "Manyata,wear these heels along with that dress" She said walking out of the door.

A few minutes later I changed into the outfit J had given me and was checking myself out in the mirror when someone whispered in my ears making me shiver.

"You look gorgeous love!As usual" Someone with a familiar voice whispered in my ear.

"You!"I said turning around to face that figure.

"Arrgh! You don't speak to your future husband like that!Do You?" yuvraj Udayveer said with fake enthusiasm as he checked me out.

"Future husband my foot"

"aargghh! I guess the news that loverboy and your two annoying little friends are coming over has wrecked your brains.We are getting engaged in two weeks remember love" He said as he cocked his eyebrows.

"loverboy!" I said said wrecking my poor brains trying to figure who that was.Ah! Akash he was coming over today.Well,weeks ago when I was still mourning over my lost love Dadisa had promised me that if I learn how to behave like a princess she would invite my chawl friends over and look at me now I had totally forgotten about that.

"lagta hai humhare saath reh rehkar tumne lover boy ko bula diya.Hum itne loveble hai right" he said with his usual cockiness as he came closer and sandwiched me between his body and the wall.

"Nahi!main to bus" I tried to cover up for myself and forget about how close we were and at the same time trying to cover up the blush that was creeping up her neck.

"Blushing love! That is a good sign.! Now you like me huh!"

"Oye fut! main or tumhe like kabhi nahi,juthe khane hai kya.Chal foot nahi toh lagaungi doh haan nahi toh"

"haan nahi toh! " he said imitating me "MY old jungli-billi is back" he said as he came a bit more closer.He pushed my chin a bit up and the next thing I knew was that I was lost in his eyes.

"Ahem Ahem" came a voice that souded exactly like Dadi Sa's from behind and I broke the eyelock immediately and looked downwards trying hard to focus on the tiles below.

"Uday!Tum yahan!" 

"Unnati! Kya har baar galat time par hi aana hai tumhe and tum DS ki nakal kyun kar rahi thi Nakalchi Bandar!"

"Sorry! Bro par mazaa aa gaya seriously the look on your faces was  worth it."

"Worth it! abhi dikhata hun ki what was worth what" Udayy said chasing Unnati around the room.I just walked out of the room leaving the siblings to themselves.

I walked down the hallway and I heard some hushed voices.

"Tumne Akash ko yaha kyun bulaya hai ma" Came a voice that sounded exactly like mom.That woman was angry.

"Kyunki maine Manyata ko maine vada kiya tha ki main uske doston ko yaha par bulaungi aur ab toh voh " That voice sounded exactly like Dasi Sa

"Ma! Doctor Saheb ne bataya bhi hai ki coh log Manyata se iss liye jude hai kyon ki voh uske paisen ke piche the, Akash ke maa-bap jo Manyata se nafrat karte the sacchaye janne ke bad use achanakk se pyaar karne lage.Voh uske doosre dost mehel mein aane ki rofg vajah dooond rahe hai aur Akashg Manyata se shaadi karke sirf paise haasil karna chahta hai"

"jaanti hoon komal.Sab janti hoon par agar hum ye Manyata se kahe toh voh ye sab saach anhi maanegi agar khud pata chale tohi voh isse maegi."

"Ma! Kab bataenge use jab voh Akash ke saath bhool kare tab voh aajtak usse ladke ki saachayi jaan nahi payi jo usse bachpan se pyaar karta hai"

"Jo uski bachpan se raah dekh raha tha, janti hoon aur is bar vahi ladka usko ye bhool karne se bachayega.Pyaar karvaya nahi jata Komal ho jata hai sab kismat hai"

And their conversation wnt on I just stood there trying to process what had just happened.My old life was a lie.All the people I knew back then wanted to be intouch ith me because I was a princess.And at that moment I realised one thing.I never loved Akash it was something Chikki and Sonia made be believe.He was like a friend more of a brother.He was kind,caring but I was never actually attracted to him ss much as I was attracted to Uday.I was attracted to Uday.Another shocker. Those two girls who I had cosidered as my best friends had made me believe that I had loved Akash.That was their idea of love.

"Manyata!" J said clicking her fingers infront of my eyes. "Kabse hum Manyata.Manyata chila rahe hai aur aap hai jo yaha sapno mein khohi hui ho.Tumhare woh chawl wale dost aaye hai niche jaakar dekhlo" She said sporting a grossed out expression at the thought of them.

"Tum bhi ao J" I said in a low voice.

"Ohk! But pehle hi keh rahi hoon agar voh humare ppas bhi aaye toh hum sach mein" She said dragging me down the passage

"Yaha voh akri bar aa rahe hai toh tum jo bhi karna chahti ho kar sakti ho unke saath" I cut her off in a cold voice.

"Monia!" Akash said in trying to hug me "Pata hai tumhare Akash ne tumhe kitna miss kiya"(A/N Angry) But I stepped back

"haan Monia! Sacchi tumhe khone ke dukh mein khoya tha voh"

"Tum is chudail ke saath kya kar rahi ho" Chikki said pointing to J and that really pissed me off.

"Meri behan hai voh toh jo bhi baath karni hai tameez se kejeye.Aap log yaha mehman hai toh" I said really pissed of at their antics.

"Monia yeh hum aur tum kya laga rakha hai.Hum toh tumhare dost hai"

"Haan vahi dost jo meri balai ke vajah meri zindagi barbaad karne ke barein mein sochte hai!"

"Monia kya ho gaya hai tumhe! Apne best friends se aise baath kar rahi ho aur mere bare mein kya hai" Akash said in his annotying voice(yeah I found it annoying nowLOL)

"Tumhare barein mein kya.Tum lagte kaun ho mere?"

"Tumhare hone wale pati! Tum uske saath bagne wali ho.Usse shade karne ke liye" Chiki said butting in.And boy she was really annoying me now!

"Humne kab kaha? I never said that I will elope with him? Tumhe kisne bataya.Aur maine toh tumlogon se itne hafton mein baath nahi ki toh maine tumlogon se kaise bataya!" I said trying my best to act polite.

"Mein tumhari best friend hoon aur main kehti hoon tum Akash se pyaar karti ho aur shaadi karne wali ho.Voh tumse pyaar karta hai" Sonu said 

"You are not my best friend.Unnati is.And the  last I check I checked I was Rajkumari Manyata and I don't take orders I give them.Aur haan Akash mujse nahi meri doulat se pyaar karta hai aur main kissi Akash se pyaar nahi karti aur nahi kissi Akash se shadi karne wali hoon kyon ki "

"Kyon Ki manyata humse pyaar karti hai aur shaadi bhi humse hi karegi" Uday said as he wrapped his hands around my waist "Yeh HUMARI Manyata hai,HUMARE HONE WALI MAHARANI." 

"People! Drama is over and I would be really grateful if you left the palace now" J who was clearly annoyed by their presence (you-know-who! Who else but the threee unwanted stupid annoying musketeers) said directing  the words at them. "Akir ab Manyata di bhi tumse baath nahi karna chati so what's your purpose here! Haan! Agar rehna chahte ho toh rehsakte ho servants quarters mein."

Sonu,Akash and Chinky walked out of the mansion and this time no one cared or bothered to stop them.I knew what they really were and my life now was the life I shared with MY family and well Uday Unnati and Uncle Grijraj. Wait a sec Did I just say Uday!

Evenafter those people left Uday's hands were still encircled around my waist.I didnot tell him to remove them but instead I turned around and just looked into his eyes. 

I was falling in love with him.

NO! I was in love with him but the question was did he love me. 

Was DS and Mom said for real?Did he love me? Were we meant to be? What if he didnot love me?Will he break my heart? There were more questions then answers.This time I knew that I was in love for real.No one told me I was in love but I realised it myself.I was in love.

That sounded so  ... good! The realisation filled me with joy and happiness.

The commotion brought the whole family downstairs.And there were whispers and smiles and tears of joy (from mom duh!).The whole time Uday didnot losen his grip on my waist.Now  he was not the played  but my prince charming.He had no reputition to keep up to! We stood there in the middle of the room lost in each other's eyes.God knows how long we were there! We were just there and the whole time no one bothered to disturb us they just let us be.Lost in our moment of LOVE!

I don't actually expect loads of appreciation for this.It's not that good.I just guessed that there would be a lot of Akash scenes today so I messed the epi and instead wrote this.I just had to clear my head.

I gotta go somehwere so I will proofread it and then correct all the errors tomorrow!
tell me how it was and what else I can do to improve my writing!
Please point out the flaws and errors in this OS

No crazziness today. kinda in a sad mood

Luv ya loads


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res * reading it <3

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loved it ...

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awesome os...really loved it a lot...specially becoz it had a happy ending...good work!

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AWESOME blossom...
Kiara commentry se writer ban gayi...truly boss amazing job...

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Omg loved it mind blowing super fantastic
Loving the whole thing the way uday and her had an eye lock
Wow just amazing sweety I loved ittt to the core
Plzzz update soon and do
Pm me plz plz

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Lol he was a friend more of a brother type ROFL ROFL ROFL man you made my day ROFL ROFL... And you were sooo harsh on akash, soni and chikki but whatever they deserve it LOL LOL... So do I have to say that it was just fabulous...Clap 

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loved the story it was cute!

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