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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 97)

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nice updates...
luved maneet convo..
awww geet longing for maan..
hmm waiting for the picnic..
continue soon

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wen ur going to update dear

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   4 PMing me ...Big smile
ur all updates r  dear...Embarrassed
ur update .....
really  ...Big smile
u really done  dear..ClapClap..
 dear...4 ur hard work...Thumbs Up
lots of   4 u dear...
P.S.: plz don't copy paste my comments...i only made it 4 my frndz...if anyone do it again as i saw many of my comments r copied i'll report it...u guys plz make comment urself...u can use my componets indevisual...but donn't coppied it whole as my post...Angry
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will try to update at ni8,,, may be at 11,, just started typing...

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waitingDay Dreaming
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thanku frends,,, sorry for not replying everyone,,, but i have read every cmnts and its only motivate me,, i know yesterday like button was not working and the likes are less compare to previous update,,CryCry but hope this update will give u a sweet smile and please hit the like and pl comments guys,,, silent reader pls one like puulleejjj...


Kagaz ki Kashti luv tht Sacrifices Life




Part 17



Maan: aadi will handle that' u just start packing and arrangements for that'. And yeah geet I'll call maa and papa,, and meera jay as well'.



It was after 3 days they have decided to go to have some time with each other,, so they are going for their farm house for a small picnic,, it was 1hr drive,, jay meera and geet's parents also accompanied them,, geet was really happy and her parents were too happy to see her like that,, maan had told them about her pregnancy and they were really happy about that though a little angry but maan has made them believe that 1st they wanted to be sure that the baby is fine and then they can give the good news,, her parents agreed happily' in the car meera and geet were in the back seat and maan jay at the front, while the elders were coming in another car and dev nt prem annie in one car' in the car meera and jay was continuously blabbering,, where maaneet was stealing glances of each other through the rear view mirror,, maan's intense eyes always gave butterflies in her stomach,, and she just blushed but soon hiding that as meera can catch her,, but meera is meera,, she catch her and teases her without noticing maan and jay,, and geet got more embarrassed'.

After reaching there the first thing was to take rest for sometime as geet is pregnant,, but she was not ready so maan lift her in his arm and took her to their room,, everyone giggle but he didn't paid any attention and continue' he lied her on the bed but she sat up'

Geet: I want to join them,, why u brought me here?

Maan: u need rest 1st,, we will go after some time,, but geet frowns at him'

Geet: I m fine, and if I m not wrong we are here for picnic not to sit and rest lying on the bed,, ohh I forgot with whom I m here,, mr great maan singh khurana who doesn't know the simple meaning of picnic,, hey babaji I think u forget to put the real brain in him,, instead of that u had put only a business mind, who doesn't know the meaning of enjoyment'he gave a dangerous look and took two step closer to her,, she gulp hard and smiled weakly'.

Maan: what did u said? I don't have brain? To see his look geet only mumble

Geet: no I just said uhh,, her words got lost to see him so close,, he was leaning on her and she on the bed,,, and then she just lied fully,,, maan smirks at her'

Maan: I said we will go after sometime,, not that we will spend the day here, sitting and chatting but if u want we can have that geet,, she nervously shook her head and he turn to leave for the washroom giving her a sly smile,, that only geet starts her cursing session' stop ur cursing program geet,,, and take some rest'. She cutely pouted and grab her dress from eth bag to freshen up,,, after he came out, she got changed in fresh suit,, she came out from the washroom and found maan lost in her,, she was combing her hair but only staring at maan through the mirror,, who was actually niharoying his beautiful wife'. She blushed a little,, when she was applying the sindoor maan held her hand,, she was surprised to see that,, but he took a pinched of that on mark her mang with his love,,, they were looking at each other through the mirror,,, geet was having tears but she doesn't know why,, he wiped that with his thumbs,, and stares at her intently,, he wanted to hold her, love her, shower all his love on her but he was afraid of losing her,, his one wrong move can destroy their beautifully growing relationship' he cam eclose to her and she closed her eyes,, feeling him around her,,, he kissed her forehead ever so lightly' and then came to her earlobe, giving a light peck on it,, that shiver her sense,, but then he whisper'

Maan: I'll wait for u in the hall' he left from there to get a hold on himself,, geet knew he withdraw himself only for her,, she was happy that he is so concern for her but was sad also that he is holding himself,, she knew he has some feeling for her, that shows in his every gesture, his silent confession,, his talking with the baby that he did after her sleeping'.but she is confuse about her feeling'. Somewhere she has forgot about her past,, sujal and this new feeling was making her feels special,,this feeling was not there also when sujal had proposed her, or she agreed,, she thought she loved him but if that was love then what is the feeling that maan has developing in her,,, is it his concern or care that make her forgot about sujal' is it possible to love her rapist, and that too in some months' but he is repenting every moment,, he is dying every moment to see her tears,, he has filled her with happiness,, he didn't left a stone to touch her path or make her cry,, she remember the night he had made cake for her, then there was a day when he made breakfast for her, everyone was teasing him but he didn't give any importance to anyone as it was only her happiness that mattered to him' his care towards her melt her heart an unknown way that she herself didn't knew when where she has fallen for him.. but he is still living in remorses,,, and why not,, she didn't made any effort to feel him remorseless.. a small tear escaped to remember the day when he cried like a baby clutching her waist,, that day he said sorry to her,, and then one day when he was having bad dream,, he jerk in the morning and when she patted her shoulder he just hugged her tight' only whispering don't leave me' he had kissed her whole face and then her tummy,,lied in the bed,, she was feeling a sensation but controlled herself,,, he drifted to sleep holding her,  and she kept brushing his hair'. Geet tears didn't reach down as someone wiped that off,, she looked at maan who was looking at her in concern,, but before he can say something geet hugged him' he was dumbfounded to see that but held her tight in his embrace,, he was feeling an unknown happiness to feel her close to his heart,, this in the 1st approach from her,, and he is in cloud 9, but when he felt his shirt was getting soaed in her tears he make her look at him,, and cupped her face'

Maan: geet?? Kya huya?? Why u r crying? Is something wrong I have done,, she looked at him' now also he is thinking he in the reason for her tears,, but yes its true, he is the reason for it, yet sh edidn't knew why she is feeling like this,, this restless, the sensation to have him near, her heart was crying ot see his sadness but shy? She can't understand her feelings,, she hugged him and cried' he conclude its her mood swing that always a woman face during her pregnancy according his dadima'. They were lost in them unknown from the fact that some pairs of eyes watching them,, its dadima jay and meera' meera knew why she is crying,, she promised dadima tha she will bring them close and let geet knew her feeling'. Dadima smiled through her tears,, where someone was admiring meera in is dreamland,, that is our jay'. Who was now drooling over the angel meera'







They all were in the ground where all the men was playing cricket and the ladies was gossiping about anything and everything,, its looks like perfect family,, dadima was happy to get her family,, but she just wanted the two to become one who are admiring each other,, geet was only staring at maan who was laughing with prem,, lifting him, throwing and catching in the air,, she smiled to see their bonding,, she can see the glimpse of maan being a dad,, he truly loves his baby but her? maybe he loves her,, she lowered her head, remembering her dreadful destiny, she have to leave him, sh ehave to leave her happy family,, tears beamed in her eyes but she controlled that somehow,, maan knew she is upset or may be hurt, but why,, he have to find out,, he was walking towards her when meera grabbed his arms,, and pulls him in the ground' maan looks at her with confusing look,, meera whisper

Meera: do u want to know her feeling,, he gulps,, pretending he didn't understand,, ohhh common jiju, I know what is playing between u two,,, she is my best friend,, I know her better than herself,, ifu want to see her feeling just do what I say'. He nodded with a big sigh looking at geet who was looking at them in confusion'  don't worry she has the same feeling that u have'

Meera told him to learn her the bating as they were playing cricket and she too wanted to play it,, maan frowns at her and then gave her confusing looks only,,, meera gave a murderous look and told him only to do that what she is telling him,, he held her hand from eth back,, and here geet forget all her emotional state,, she was burning in jealousy only to see them so close'

she was making faces and meera was enjoying tha while maan was busy in teaching her batting,, meera mentally curse him not to see geet like that.. where jay has crashed the flower that he brought only for her'maan was telling meera what to do what not and she was following,, a man will be always a man,, if he gets engrossed in cricket no one can save the girls to get bored' meera was no exceptional,, she tried to hint him but he was to much in it,,, and the she notice geet's murderous look,, she knew geet will eat her alive now,, just the look was enough to shiver her,, she smiled weakly but geet turn her head,, then meera stomped on maan's feet'

Maan: ouch,, kya huya?? Why did u hit me???

Meera: just wait, after sometime u will be beaten up,,

Maan: huh?

Meera: look at geet.. he turn to saw a enraged geet cursing him twisting her lips,,, looking ever so cute.. don't go for her cute look, she will murder us..

Maan: it was ur plan..

Meera: did I said to occupy in it so much? U men na, uff,, now how will we handle her?

Maan gulps hard: but why she is so angry?

Meera hit her head with her hand: gosh, sometime I think how u became the strongest business tycoon,, don't u have any brain.. this is the 2nd time he is listening this.. he gave her a threatening look'

Meera: ye pati patni sirf dangerous glare dena jante hain,, she said under her breath,, jiju don't give me that look,, geet will murder both of us,, he looked at her but found her smiling' that was odd.. shit'

Geet grabbed jay's arm and said to teach her cricket'.though he is her like brother but still maan can't tolerate him near geet,, ofcourse he is not her blood relation brother' jay was happily helping her as he wanted to saw how will meera react,, but she just rolled her eyes in worry, (tich scratching head, sab ulta pulta ho rahi hain,,, mismatch oops, now who who will burn whom) meera knew geet too well to think anything,, but stupid jay doesn't knew what is possessive patidev maan singh khurana' jay held geet's hand from back and they hit the ball and geet jump in happiness,, and in that she hugged him, who happily hugged her,, both take out the hug and saw a fuming maan standing there with arm close,, jay gulp to see his rage but geet just twist her nose' she turn to say something to jay but found him 10 step far,, and then maan came close to her..

Maan: what r u doing?

Geet: what u called this game? Basket ball or football? He greeted his teeth' u called it cricket na then I was playing cricket,, and u were so bus so I have to take other help'. She twist her lips,, but maan said huskily..

Maan: its not safe for u' she maintain her calm and stood there determinedly'fine,, he gabbed her waist and then pulls her to do the batting,, she shiver in his touch and he smirks at him' dev bowled them and she hit a six,,, she jumped like a kid,, and hugged him,, meera was happy to see them so happy.. and so was others' and then geet again tried to hit the ball but the ball came to abdomen part,,, she gasp,, but before it touch her maan held that'. And then shouted on dev to be carefull' geet throw the bat and cringed to maan,, who console her by patting her back, holding close to him' everyone came there and after some time maan led her inside'



It was more than 2hrs but still geet was in shock,, if anything had happen to her baby,, what did she do then? The ball was in full force,, if maan was not there then,, geet was in her room,, and maan walked in,, sat beside her' she hugged him immediately'. And sobbed miserably'

Maan:sshhh geet,, don't cry,, nothing will happen to our baby,, the words were so sooting to her,, still the tears not seems to stop' stop it mishty'. She looks at him and frowns'.

Geet: mishty??? He bite his tongue' she snorted her nose' yeh mishty kon hain??

Maan looks at her smiling: tum'. She looks here and there to see the love in his eyes' geet when u give ur cute angry look I always felt u r really very sweet,, so I called u mishty,,, I like the name but if u don't like,,

Geet: no maan,, its ok with me, she said in excitement then bite her lips,, he smirks,,

Maan: there is another reason'. He looks at her smirking,, u taste very sweet,, her face became red due to blush' and he find it amusing,,, she tried to get up but he pulls her and she land up sitting on his lap'

there was an eye lock.. she looks at him with a slight tear'

Geet; thanks maan,, he puts his finger on her lips'

Maan: thanks geet,, for coming to my life and giving me the best happiness I can ever imagine,, I promise I won't let any single harm to touch u and our baby' he said with authority,,, she can see he is promising not only her but challenging her fate' she lost her count of time,, and starts at him with unknown love and longing' maan carasses her face,, and she closed her eyes to feel his touch'. They were lost in each other and unknowingly came close to each other face,, he gave a peck to her lips,, she felt the current ran through her spine,, before he can deepen the kiss, a loud scream made them jerk,,, prem came in running,, hugging his badhi maa,, she was crying and that made the little child tensed'she picked him and kissed his check,, removing the tear marks,, and maan made a grumpy face'.









It was time for them to return,, all went to the car,, and it was already 7 in the evening,, and they have returned half way' but geet was feeling hungry,, dadima warned maan to tease her,, as in pregnancy she will have the mood to eat anything,, he have to fulfill her wishes,,, maan smiled at her and takes geet out' she wanted to eat golgappa but but maan didn't wanted to risk in that state but stubborn geet made her way,, she ate golgappa with a cute lok an her face and maan only admire her'. after eating that she wanted to eat ice cream,,, he rolled his eyes,, but to see her cute cribbing face he can't deny her..

Maan: ok I'll give u that but u stay here,, don't move an inch from here ok? She nodded her head..





Someone patted her back and she turn smiling, but as she saw the face she felt numb but her heart raced wisely' he hugged..

Geet finaly I caught,, u know how worried I was,, I searched u madly but I didn't got u,,, ur parents also denied to say anything and meera,,, whenever I call her or jay they said u r not in their touch,,, he pulls her,, where have u been,, I missed u so much,, why didn't u picked my call and u got ur number changed? But why? He asked and asked but she was mum'.

Geet: tum??

Ha geet main,,, tumhara sujal'she felt her heart can explode any moment and when she saw the furious eyes of maan her heart just stopped beating,,, least she want to see him in pain' she puts her hand on her head as the world was spinning and without any warning she collapse,, but before she hit the ground two strong arms held her,,, she felt his scent, engulfing her and lifting in his arms that give her a sense of secureness'. A moan escaped from her mouth'

Geet: maan'.




Precap: the real maan singh khurana''


 previous Part 16

next Part 18


Finished,, sorry for waiting u guys,, but this is quite long just like other update'..

here I m starting new SS, do check it, and tell me hows it honestly'.

Kaisi Kashish hain Yeh (MG ss)


 Hey,, want a little favor from u,, I m sure one call from u to Life Ok, STAR and ZEE doesn't make any difference for u,, but it will have an effect on the decision maker,, if u want ot see Geet 2 or Gurti together in new show please guys call then,, only one call that need only 2 to 5 mins,, or maybe a little more, but if that will give us our GURTI back then why not,, please leave ur feed back to

and call endomol SO, LO, ZEE,,, and when u r calling them just tell tehm the power of gurti,, ask them we only want gurti together, we don't want to watch them separate s take feedback what we are telling them.. after that ask tehm what have they written by ur name,, don't hung up before that'. Only by crying we can't get them back guys so please make an effort and call them'

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