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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 90)

cyaa Senior Member

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very nice Smile

TanuDDian IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 12:14am | IP Logged
                     hello yaaro ...
                awesome update as usual   
         loved thz long update  
& iam dancing & singing 4r thz beautiful long update
continue soon ...
     will be waiting 4r ur next long   part          

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mysteriousmilli IF-Sizzlerz

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Just read in one go...It's  simple awesome...
eagerly waiting to know the next...

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crazydream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Wow... A beautiful update
We love you for giving us such long updates. We like it.
Pls continue giving us long updates.

This part is amazing. Maan gave Surprise to Geet by inviting Jay n meera to home.
He is taking gud care of geet.

Luv the bossing Geet
Continue soon. Will be waiting.
Luved it.

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tich.1990mg Goldie

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Originally posted by geetsweet

                     hello yaaro ...
                awesome update as usual   
         loved thz long update  
& iam dancing & singing 4r thz beautiful long update
continue soon ...
     will be waiting 4r ur next long   part          

awww taht was so sweet dear,,, thank u so very much,, Embarrassed
ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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hi, jst now i finished reading this ff. its really a rocking ff yaar enjoyed it to the core.  1st i felt like killing maan then like geet me to started liking him. great going. hope nothing happens to geet. plz do continue n add me to ur pm list.

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tich.1990mg Goldie

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Kagaz ki Kashti Luv tht Sacrifices Life


Sorry guys,, the precap I said previously will be in next part as I m not so well,, but I hope it will entertain u a little..




Part 16




Maan: geet do u know how cute u are looking with chocolate? I can eat u alive, she hazal eyes shot open widely'.. and her mouth fell to the ground to see him leaning on the fridge smirking'.


Geet tried to digest what he have said right now but couldn't,, she just stares at him without blinking,, maan thought he could lost in her deep eyes if she stares at him for sometime more' he coughed to get her attention,, she looks away in shy'. A little blush crept on her rosy cheeks' maan smiles to see her face,, but soon he looks away to hide his feeling..

Maan: abb isse pehle k tumhe aur bhukh lag jaye,, sone chale,, (now shall we go before ur hunger start once again) geet's mouth fell open with a  big O,,, but before she could utter any word maan left from there smirking,, and geet start her cursing session..

Geet: ravan,,, kharus singh khurana'..









For next some day was just great for maan and for geet, she just learn some new word for cursing maan, as he didn't leave any chance to tease her' dadima was very happy to see her children like that,, she admire their unsaid love for each other,, and the rest of the family was happy to see geet in her bubbly self'


Maan enter his room with towel wrapped around his waist,, he was searching his shirt when geet enter the room holding some files that he forgot in the study'.  She didn't what torture she have to face the next moment,, (tich sighed,, torture? For me it is the heaven sight :p)

Geet saw maan well toned back, wrapped in towel on his waist, and he is engrossed in the cuppord, searching for something,, she froze on her track,, maan felt a burning gaze on his back,, he turn to see geet was gaping at him without blinking,, her eyes, supple lips was more tempting that,, he walked to her and she came back to her senses,, she immediately turn to hold herself but soon felt his nearness,, he was standing right behind and his breath was falling on her bare back' he looked at her deep cut back and the white skin was looking alluring to his vision' he came more close to her earlobe' she felt her throat went dry'.

Maan: what r u doing geet, checking me out? Geet snapped open her eyes,, flushed in her own mind' she walked a little far and placed the file on his desk..

Geet: everyone is waiting for u,, breakfast is ready, she said in a trembling voice' maan chuckle at his sweet wife's plight' she turn to leave but maan came between her and the door, slightly shutting with his hand backward,, geet gulp her saliva.. and started going backward, as a normal situation he came forward till then she hit the desk and now she is trapped between that and his rock solid body' geet was breathing heavy to to the proximity and maan leaned on leaned on her'

Maan: do u want to see me like this only? She looked at him nervously and nodded her head in no,, then kindly help me for searching the shirt,, as I m not getting any of them' she once again nodded her head in yes,, and tried to go to the cupboard, but as he was on her way that was difficult to dodge him,, she tried to indicate his position but he was only looking at her'. she felt butterflies in her stomach to see his intense gaze,,


Geet: maan that came only like a moan,, maan was lost in her scent,, and her voice only provoke him to go beyond his resolution' he slowly caresses her face with his finger, and traces the line of curves on her faces,, her jaw line and the side of her ear,, slowly tucking all the hair stands,, she closed her eyes,, she was losing herself every moment' and his sweet torture was going beyond of insanity' he slowly pressed her lips with his thumbs that was feeling like soft rose petal, seems like rose could not be more soft than her' geet unknowingly placed her hand on his bare shoulder that was fire ingested in his body,, he brought her more close by gripping her waist,, he nuzzled to her face,, tracing it with his nose,, current ran through her body, his hand sensually roamed around her waist and her back'. she feel his soft lips on her cheek,, only the touch burn her inside,, her cheek became red in shy,, and he continue his assult in a more sweet way, giving her wet kisses on her full face but in a very light way,, his body rubbed with her,, she held him to support herself as her knees has not the strength to carry her weight anymore, his lick the the corner of her lips yet not touching fuly,, he came to her earlobe and kiss it,, then her jaw' she pressed her hand on his shoulder and her other hand went behind his back,, roaming freely,, waking his desire on a level that he can't resist nor to hod her close' he pulls her more close and rubbed her body with his hand to control himself but when he felt her skin of the back on his hand he just can hold himself' he pressed his lips on her neck and gave hungry kisses' she moaned his name,, that gave him more power and his hand reached the dori of her back' he pulls that urgently and that night flash in front her harshly' that day his harshness felt needle in her heart, her eyes automatically beamed in tears,, as reality hit her,, he felt her stiffness but before he pulls out himself she pushed him,,

she held her mouth with her hand and tears started flowing in a heavy portion,, she cried sulkily' and he felt his whole world just snatch away from him and her tears only broke his heart into millions of pieces,, before he could say something she ran away'.. maan slapped the table beside him very hard'


Maan: why I have to put her in this state again n again, why can't I control my feeling,, my every act reminds her of that night, I crushed my life, my love on my own hand,,, what have I done,, I just lost her'.she can never forgive me with her heart,, and how can I think about that, I know what I did is actually not forgettable' how can I expect her to love me when I snatch her everything she must had treasured,, a lone tear slipped from his eyes'..






Days went well but maan tried to avoid geet, he thought its better to avoid her,, because if she will be close to him he will definitely lose himself' but his impression on geet doesn't get well as she thought maybe her react push him to far, she wasn't prepare for that, she was getting a friend in maan but his ignorance was tormenting her,, she become depress,, though she was not ready for intimacy but her heart cried to see maan so far, she wanted his touch, his smile that felt heaven for her, his papering her, she was missing all that, and that reflect on her health,, maan get himself busy in office work, sometime he didn't even came home and geet became more sad to see him stay away from her' all member noticed her pale face, she hardly laugh anytime, and that was really a tense situation for everyone.. except dadima noo one knew about her disease.. so everyone was more worried about the baby,, but dadima knew if geet toture herself like this soon her health will get more vulnerable'.


Geet gynecologist called maan one day,, and told him to meet her,, he became alert with the ring... instantly he went to meet her, and when he enter the cabin he arjun was reading some report, he looked up to see him and gesture to come in'

Maan: hello doctor shalini,,, arjun tum yaha?

Arjun: maan take a seat 1st we have to discuss something' he took the seat beside him..

Maan: is everything ok doc? Geet is fine na?

Shalini: mr khurana its not only about geet,, its related to the baby and geet disease,, maan became tense to hear the seriousness in their voice'.

Maan: what happen?

shalini: mr khurana,,, I see ur wife is in depression,, and that's why the growth of the baby is not up to the mark,, I saw her somedays ago she  was fine,, happy and when I test her 3 days back she was so silent, lower,, is everything is fine between u?

maan knew it can be his ignorance towards her, he kept mum..

arjun: maan do u know its affecting her health,, this child is suffering with her,, and if its continue I m afraid we,, but maan didn't let him speak..

maan: arjun, nothing will happen to her.. his voice was commanding..

arjun: then make her like previous,,, if she won't co operate with us and the medicine nothing will work then,, u have to keep her happy and mind it she can not skip her meal medicine and her test,, I have prescribed her therapy,, she have to attend that' she needs care maan,, and if have to take care of that,, try to open her true self,, try to know her heart, what she desire, if u keep deprive from her it will push her to the edge'

maan: I m sorry arjun, I was so engrossed in my remorse that I forgot my life belong to her now, I have to face every single phase of life,, and I'll not let u down, I'll take care of her and no matter what happen I won't let slip her again'. Both the doctors smiled at him'




maan enter his rom to see geet was sitting with a teddy in her hand, hugging it and meera was continuously blabbering, but he noticed geet was not listening her,, she was in her own world' maan came close to them and meera smiled at him weakly,, jay was sleeping on the bed,, meera tried to wake him but he slapped her hand and continue to his sleep' maan chuckle to see their fight but his eyes went to geet's sad face,, his heart wriggle to see her condition' geet didn't notice him until meera said..

meera: hii jiju,, so finaly u come,, we are waiting for u only,, she didn't eat yet'

maan took the seat beside geet: I have said nakul to bring our food here'

geet looks at him: apne nahi khaya abhi tak, I thought u must have finish ur dinner with ur client, there was taunt and a hint of pain,, he was giving her this type of excuse for some days'..

maan ignore her talk: did u had ur dinner meera?

Meera: yup I had and jay too,, jay slowly open his eyes and saw maan,, he instantly sat up,, he was sleeping on MSK's bed,, his fumble a little'

Jay: wo main actually,, the food was so yummy that I ate little more, and then I feel bore between these two, he point at meera and geet, so I went to sleep, he finished at last'

Maan: relax jay' I m going to freshen up, then me and geet can have some..

Geet: I finished my dinner,, meera rolled her eyes and silent prayed for maan as geet is hell angry, that shows with her tone'. Maan saw that,, meera gave him warning sign with her eyes, but he smiled at her'



He enter the room after having a shower' he saw geet was sitting infront of the window,, silently watching the moon' he sat beside her'

Maan: food is getting cold,, can we watch the silent movie after the dinner, she didn't budge a little' he folded a piece of roti and held it towards her,, but she didn't ate that,, he held that till then she open her mouth'

Geet: why u r doing this?

Maan: eat 1st,,

Geet: I'll not..

Maan: why u punishing urself

Geet: that none of ur concern

Maan: it is my concern

Geet: really? Then where were ur concern when I was waiting for u at dinner and u said u have done that with ur clients in a party? Then where were ur concern when I longed for ur one word and u jut ignored me? then where were ur concern when I wanted ur look but u just walked away, where were u when I felt so lonely? Where were u then maan? her tears rolled down' and his heart a lump on it,, a burden that she was longed for him so many days and he deprive her from him,, he knew she has developing some kind of soft corner for him but now he is sure she also felt the same way he is feeling for her,, he didn't wanted to hurt her with his closeness but he end up with hurting her more'.

Maan: I m sorry geet' I was so engrosses in my guilt that i thought u will be safe without me around,, she looked at him unbelievingly' he was concern for her that she might be afraid of his closeness,, I thought I might hurt u again and that's why I tried to avoid u,, but I didn't acknowledge that u r suffering in my repentance' I forget the life inside u is suffering for my behavior,, I thought it will be good for u if I stay away from u but I forgot that if u were in my place and if u tried to do that may be I can't survive that' she felt choked with emotion.. he was all the way concern for her and only her' I m sorry geet, I will never repeat this,, please forgive me'

Geet: promise? She asked with baby cute innocent face,, how can he stay away from her when his heart, his soul his breath only belongs to her'.

Maan: promise'.

Geet: I m hungry,, and baby but maan just pushed a piece of roti inside her mouth,, she was gaping at him with big eyes'

Maan: u can stare me later,, 1st finish the dinner, my baby is also starving and complaining that her mother can't take care of herself,, she just knew how to punish papa'

Geet: excuse don't u dare to manipulate my child, aur ye kya hain, her, she? Look like u have already decided it will be a daughter'

Maan: I didn't decide that,, I knew that,, its her.. a baby daughter'

Geet: no u r wrong mr maan singh khurana,,  it will a boy only'.

Maan:no mrs geet maan singh khurana,, u r mistaken it will be only her' geet heart felt an unknown happiness to hear her name like that.. she felt complete with his name'. for sometime she forgot her all words and maan knew that by her look' he held a spoon full of rice and curry in front of her mouth,,  but she was only staring at him so he just pressed the spoon more to her lips and she shallow it down,, her eyes were moist,, but he wiped her tear that just tried to escape' he kiss her forehead, promising her not to go away from him, and he promised himself that he will never leave her till this eternity'





Maan was in the hall discussing some project with his dad when annie interrupt'

Aanie: what bhai,, this is not happeing,,, u are so busy in ur work that u didn't gave any time to bhabi,, look here u r busy in this business talk,, do u ever think about spending some time with ur lovely wife,, u didn't even took her to honeymoon' maan looks at geet who was hearing her words and he knew she is not so comfortable with it'

Maan: annie I m really busy,, I don't have time for that' geet frowns at him,, and and started started cursing him under her breath'

Maan (st) ye ladki chahti kya hain?? what she want, I couldn't understand her,,, she is not comfortable with my closeness I knew that,, but she wanted my time also,, that I have witness yesterday,, now what to do' iske sath akele main nahi reh sakta,, I can't control myself when everyone is around if we will be alone then god knows what will happen to me' now what to do???

After sometime he said: ok then I have a plan' everyone looked at him curiously' we will spend time together, geet gulp her saliva,, but not only me and geet,, it will be a family holiday as we all need sometime for each other' so it will be like a picnic'

Dadima thought,, maan singh khurana and talking about picnic,, its really rare and she knew all credits goes to geet only..

Dev: but bro office..

Maan: aadi will handle that' u just start packing and arrangements for that'. And yeah geet I'll call maa and papa,, and meera jay as well'.


Preacp: same'.

here is my FB page,, u can it to get update news,, and my other works,,

Tich's Maaneet Fictions
i m in FB also

Tich mg

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awesome part dear...loved it...Embarrassed
cont.soon...Big smile

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