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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 82)

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waiting dear...
update soon

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Aur kitni Time Waiting Tichu 11baj chuke hai ab
Jaldi update karo na plz
Ab aur wait nahi horaha
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Kagaz ki Kashti Luv tht Sacrifices Life


ps: its quite long update...




Page 15




Maan: arjun he is the same but circumstances changed, I m still the mean maan singh khurana, because I want geet for myself, I can't live without her and that's why I want her with me, in that sense I m mean. And I can be ruthless to salvage her, I can destroy anything and anyone who want her to separate from me. i m being selfish as I m selfish in love, I can't see her depart from me, I want her in me, she is in me, I love her and will keep her with me till eternity' arjun was dumbfounded by his claim, and he knew this maan singh khurana can do anything for his geet,, yes he has changed, changed for better, he had never loved anyone like this, not even sam. Its his madness and that is showing in his every gesture, he The great Maan singh khurana is in love with his wife, and he will change the fate for his love his wife''





Its like a typical afternoon,, maan return from the office and saw geet was playing with prem,, he was running all the whole house and geet is blind folded,, chasing her little sweetheart' now he is used to see her like that,, they probably play in the mansion and he admire her from far,, her cute pouting, cribbing like a baby, that something she only do with prem, but he knew she is like a kid herself.. geet sometime peeked from the blind fold and then again put that on her eyes, unknowingly maan smiled at her acts,, he so wanted to take her in his arms and held her like that, away from everyone,, he ever so silently walked down to her, and she touched his well built height' she knew this scent, she back off a little and then open her blinds and saw his face.. she missed a single beat to see him so close, and his intense gaze.. but soon she control her untamed heart and look down'

Geet: sorry, wo prem, umm we were just playing'

Maan: that I can see,,, but u should take care of urself geet,,, it's not good to play blind fold like this when there is no one in the house,, what would happen if u hurt ur self,, and if u don't want to think about urself atleast think about the child inside,, geet felt a feeling of sadness ran through her to hear his last set of words, so he was worried for the baby, not for her.. she felt a lump in her throat but hardly she gulp that' she was walking away when he held her hand.. I didn't finish yet geet, she looked at him with a little moist eyes, and a small amount of tears rolled down her eyes but maan wiped it instantly, geet u have to take care of the baby as I m there for u to take care, I'll be always there to hold u before u step into any trouble,, she looked at him with utter surprise, she didn't expect this at all' he saw her tears that rolled down some more,, he cupped her face and wiped all eth tears, I don't want to take care of the baby as I knew u r there to protect her and I trust that its only u who can look after her, and as per u concern, i m here and will be forever,standing and waiting for u.. maybe u don't need me then, but geet I would always need u,, and I'll wait for u forever, she felt the depth of his words, there was a brief eye-lock between them..

Geet's monologue''


Why I m getting a feeling that maan has changed, the maan I saw previously had lost somewhere,, this maan is entirely new for me, what is it I saw in his eyes, was it his guilt that changed him? or something other than that?  I expect him to say the words for his baby but what he tried to say about me, is it true, will he be always there for me? will he protect me? but how can he, when he had snatches all that from me, but then when he is around me why I feel so secure, is it possible the person u gave u the most unexpected, unbearable pain can sooth u just by ur words and more with his eyes that shows only concern and ??????



Maan saw her sadly, like he can read her eyes, her mind, like he knew what she is thinking' and she saw that, the pain he has in his eyes can't be false,, did he know what is going in my heart, what I think about himself? Or its my illusions, his trick to snatch another life from me,, but at a point I will lost my little life, when I'll be not there will he take care of my baby,, yeah its his baby also but if I gave birth to his blood will he accept it with his heart'.


Both wanted to know and show each other the concern the unsaid answer still they can't,, maan knew he have to make her comfortable 1st then he can take his step' he smiled at her'

Maan: let's go geet, someone is waiting for u? they were in their room' so they have go down in the hall to see the person' ok wait,, u can meet the person downstairs,, I m coming after freshen up' he took his dress and headed towards the washroom when geet called him'

Geet: shall we go together? She asked in low tune and maan smilled at her, slightly nodding his head.. she doesn't know why she have asked him to join her but she felt happy' small smile crept on her supple lips,, maan enters the room and saw her smile, he felt like he got the precious gift' she saw he was staring at her,, she spins around and told him they should go'



Maaneet were coming down and geet was lost in her thought that who can be the person maan is talking about,, then she saw someone was sitting in the hall with dadima and nt'. The person stood and she saw him,, her eyes were showing how much ssh eis shocked'

Geet: jay'. Jay smiled at her, and she ran to him,, she hugged him and he smiled at her..

Jay: oye dheere mike Tyson, tu itni bhi halki nahi nahi,,, u know u always thought u are like feather but trust me u r not,, she hit his chest hard' ouch, u r really merciless.. mera tere pati jaisa rock solid body nahi hain' she felt embarrassed and saw dadima and nt was giggling at them.. and reality hit her

Geet: what r u doing here? She asked in serious tone' jay looked at her and then maan..

Jay to maan: didn't u tell her?

Maan smiled: I thought it will be a surprise for her'geet looked at them in confusion..

Jay: geet wo I m working with maan, I mean the company that has been taken over it was maan and he offered us a collaboration' and that will be a great opportunity  to work with the great Maan singh khurana who ruled business world' dad is really happy' and he is recovering unexpectedly fast'  geet just looked at maan with blank eyes and then she lowered her lashes to control her emotion,, why he is doing this'. how much she have to discover about this man,, she again looks at maan who was looking at her without any blink,, her staring said all he doesn't need any word.. he knew she wanted to ask him so much but right now she have to enjoy her best frnd's company that met her after so many days' geet just gave him a silent thanks, but he only stares at her lovingly'. Geet I miss u yaar' their staring session broke by jay's words' she looked at jay'

Geet: I missed u too' she said in a low voice,,, and then came shriek voice'

Ha ha sab ek dusre ko miss karo, mujhe koi kyun miss karega'( u guys only missed each other,, why u'll miss me)

Geet: meera?

Meera: ha meera,, what do u think, I'll leave u like that? Don't forget we have many unsort talk, dare u leave me, she broke into tears and hugged geet,, who was just dumb founded' she was confused and happy what is going on' and why she is talking like this,, ohh of course she is meera who showers her love like she is going to murder that person'. Geet chuckle and held her tight' unknowingly her tears rolled down'. I missed u, meera whisper..

Geet: me too,, she sobbed' this is the first time meera is talking with geet after her marriage,, they are meeting after so many days' and only thing they is crying'

Jay: uff yaar,, how can a person cry like this,, u two can do one thing, arrange a bucket and pour ur all Atlantic ocean in that,, I m sure u can full a ocean with ur tears' meera and geet hit jay together,, on his both arms' ouch, ouch, oye mat maro' jangli billiya'

Meera: mitti ka sher'

Two girls laugh to see his red face and pulls him in a group hug' maan was getting the glimpse of their closeness,, the way they are talking hugging its clearly indicate how much they love each other and how much care they have for each other'.. geet saw maan who was leaning on a pillar folding his hand in his chest' then meera said she has a lot of talk with her'. she drag her from there leaving the boys together'

Jay walked towards maan and saw he is lost in geet who was looking at him when meera was dragging her in their room'

Jay smiled: u love her, won't u?

Maan: yes'. Jay looked at him in utter disbelief,, he knew about maan singh khurana,, but that maan singh khurana and this has a difference in it.. and he became more puzzle when maans said, don't think too much jay,, I love her and I want to give her all happiness,, and I know she is happy with u guys,, wish I can be one reason for her one small smile,, jay smiled and his shoulder..

Jay: just love her like the way now,, selfless, u are the reason for her happiness now, and I know u r the reason for her existence' maan looked at him not understanding his meaning' but he just smiled at him'






Meera: geet, r u happy? Geet knew this is coming'

Geet: meera,,

Meera: do u love him?

Geet looks everywhere except her: I don't know, maybe, but how can I, he doesn't love me,, maan is a good husband and he is doing all this for me but meera I m confuse with my feeling,, meera observe her for a brief moment,, they are buddies from ages, only one person who can dig everything out form geet is meera, and she doesn't need her words to understand her'

Meera: I was talking about sujal'. Sujal's word ring geet's mind like a cyclone,, she has just forget about him, and now hearing his name bring only worry and tears in her eyes'

Geet: I, wo, she bite her lips to control herself but meera hugged her'

Meera: sshhh,, don't be worried,, geet u always said na, whatever happens.,, happen for the good,, maybe he was not made for,, maybe u have find ur soulmate, she looks at maan who just enters the room' geet looked at her source'.

Maan: sorry to disturb u both but meera dinner is ready..

Meera: dinner? Its just then she saw the time, its 8.30' ohh time ka pata hi nahi chala' by the way geet doesn't like to eat so early..

Maan: and what more she doesn't like to do? He asked while himself setting on the bed beside geet,, he puts some pillow on her back and side,, then sat on her side.. meera was observing his every gesture, she liked his caring nature, though she never thought he could be like this' meera r u telling me or not? As geet won't tell anything about herself I have to beg u, he smiled at her cheerfully,, but geet looked at him knowing what he want to say'.

Meera: she doesn't like to wake to up early' maan look at her with wide eyes,,

Maan: but she always wake up early'

Meera: that is a surprising news,, u know aunty was the one who always wake her up,, she has lazy bump, she laughed and get feels embarrassed, cursing her under breath'  and yeah she doesn't like cooking, u know only eating with a big mouth.. maan laughed at her and geet just hit meera with a pillow'

Geet: I had big mouth?

Meera: sorry u have a big stomach who can know growling,, look at ur self.. u r so hungry that rat were making noise' maan's attention shift there'

Geet cutely pouted and looked aside: accha hain,, u two made ur team,, I m alone where is jay,, I want my brother' now maan knew that day when they were hugging it was a brotherly hug, he felt ashamed to think something like that' geet saw this but couldn't understand,, her stomach again started making some noise, and meera laughed at her'. hayyee babaji,, this girl only know to tease me'

Maan: lets go geet,, u should eat something,, and

Geet: but

Maan: geet baby needs this,, she knew this pregnancy is making her foodie,, all day she want to munch something' meera looked at her with open big eyes'

Meera: BABY?????

Geet bite her lips: yeah meera,, baby,, u r going to be a maasi(aunt)..

geet blushed a little and that is the 1st time maan saw her like this,, he never saw her blush when she is telling she is pregnant'

Meera gasp and then smiled excitedly: omg,, omg geet this is so good news,, did u tell uncle aunty,, geet looked at her sadly.. but maan held her waist

Maan: yes meera they knew everything.. geet looked at him confuse but he smiled at her' now lets go for dinner, else my baby will be hungry and she will torture my wife' geet blushed at his comment' meera saw that and felt happy' meera wanted ot ask so many question to geet but if she ask like if she doesn't love him or if she doesn't forget sujal how come the baby is here and she can see some kind of feeling in their eyes then why geet is not accepting'.



The dinner was good and time for jay and meera's leaving,, geet hugged them and said she will miss them but meera promised her she will meet her next day, as she has lots of talk with her, on that boys only chuckle, maan said he will be back soon and led them to the exit'

Jay: maan what is the processes of her treatment..

Meera: and what is for the baby?

Maan: she needs time,, we have to bring herself back then we can start our therapy,,   arjun has describe some medicine but we have to take her for check ups and that will approve her health issue and furthere progress,, if she will be healthy then we can go for c section but that will depend on her will power..

Meera: u knows its dangerous, maan sighed

Jay: that's why he have signed the bond if there is a chance of saving any one they will save geet as he had already said this,, meera looked at him in disbelief,

Meera: u already,

Maan: she is more important to me meera,, and if there is slightest chance of danger I m ready to give up form the baby' she can have the transplant after the delivery but she have to be strong physically and mentally'

Meera: u know before I came here I thought I can slap u for snatch my friends away from me,, jay just chocked in his throat,, she is talking about slapping MSK,, and maan looked at her in sheer amusement' but when I came to know ur love towards her I can't held myself to respect u and ur love' 

Maan: I don't deserve this respect meera..

Meera: maybe, but still u deserve this cause u r my friend's love,, he looked at her shocked,, she smiled though she didn't understand that, but I know her before she knew herself'


Jay and meera took their leave leaving baffle maan,, a satisfaction ran through his body, he remember her smile, her blush and meera's words' he felt and unknown excitement in him' he remember when he told jay and meera to come to meet geet but meera was angry on her and then he told about her health and meera came running to him,, and cried her heart out sitting on the ground and then they came there,, meera was a strong girl who hold herself infront of geet not letting her know what is going in her'. he knew that his plan of making geet happy in that way was the best decision'. Geet is happy and that shows her face'.


He enter the room and saw geet was sleeping peacefully, maybe she was tired,, he goes there and puts some pillow and cusion around her waist and head,, to make her comfortable.. she stares at him right then..

Geet: where were u?

Maan: u didn't sleep yet, I thought u must be tired and I was talking with meera and jay' she smiled at him and shift herself to give him space'. Maan adjust himself'

Geet: thanks maan' he looked at her not understanding the reason of her words' for bring meera and jay here'. Maan leaned on her and lsowly whisper'.

Maan: I don't need thanks geet,, she gulp hard to hear the intensity in his voice and the closeness was making her shiver.. I already get what I wanted' she closed her eyes,,, I got the beautiful gift, ur smile' she instantly opens her eyes' geet I know I have done very grave mistakes but trust I want to give u all the happiness,, geet was lost in his words, though I didn't deserves ur anything, but ur one smile is enough for me to live' I know I have to live with a burden on my heart but atleast I can die with a satisfaction that u have smiled because of me though it will be a little one' she immediately rest her hand on his  mouth'

Geet: don'y say like that.. she thought I m the one who will leave u 1st maan, and I want to give u the little satis faction to see me happy'  he kissed her palm and she removed that feeling the sensation' he came more close,, she tremble under him but he kiss her forehead'. She felt her thousand butterflies in her stomach' he withdraw himself and tried to get up.. maan where r u going'

Maan: geet I think I should sleep in another room'

Geet was confuse: why? U are here for so many days, why now?

Maan: geet, to be honest whenever u r around me, I feel myself lost,, and I can't control myself.. I m afraid I may hurt u by my action and trust me I don't want to do that'. Geet saw the sincerity in his eyes..

Geet: maan please,,  I know u won't hurt me again' he looks at her deep' and we need u she looks at her flat tummy,, maan rest her head on her stomach,, geet gulp hard,, but soon she relax herself' one drop of tear felt on her abdomen,, but he wiped off, and llo up to saw geet was fast asleep.. he kissed her stomach and tucked her in a duvet' and he himself dozed off beside her'.







It was midnight when maan heard some noise.. he instantly sat up and look to the geet's side but she was not there,, he knocked the washroom door but no response,, he saw that was empty,,

Maan: now where this girl has gone?

He followed the sound and found kitchen lights were on' he silenty goes there and stands there folding his hand in his chest (typical MSK style),, geet felt someone is behind her she held a knife in her hand and turn,, ready to attack,, but before she held her hand in air maan hold it'

Maan: what r u doing here? He asks sternly' geet gulps to see him like that' he was wearing black vest and track'

Geet: aap? Aap yaha kya kar rahe ho,,

Maan: I asked u the same question.. he looks at the knife ,, aur ye kya hain? u wanted to kill me?

Geet: ohh no no,, she drop the knife,, wo I thought some thief maybe enters the mansion..

Maan: 1st no thief can enter KM for its security and 2nd what he will do in the kitchen'. And 3rd if any thief saw u like that he must get and heart attack'. Geet looked with her mouth open'

Geet: kya kaha apne? Thief can get heart attack to see me? why? M I looking like a ghost that he will get heart attack..

Maan: u should ask this to others' did u saw ur self in mirror?

Geet: forget about me, did u saw ur self, thief doesn't need to see u just ur glare can make him shiver'

Maan: geettt..

Geet: what geet' hamesha ghoorte rehte ho,,, do u know how much afraid everyone is around u,, and honge bhi kyun na, apki shakal hi aisi hain,,,

Maan: what did u say,, meri shakal aisi hain? do want to say everyone is afraid of me cause my look..

Geet: no for ur body,, kabhi dekha hain apne aapko,, ravan lagte ho,,, das sar wala ravan,,, I m sure ravan was more handsome than u'

Maan: that's mean I m handsome.. geet looks here n there

Geet: who told u ravan was handsome, I was giving u example,, and

Maan: ufff geet how can u talk so much,, she pouted and twisted her lips..

Geet: did I told u to come here and to chat with me? nahi na,, why did u came here?

Maan: because ur noises didn't let me sleep' what r u doing here?

Geet: actually I was feeling hungry so came here'

Maan: don't tell me u r feeling hungry again.. geet gave him a angry glare' and looks away'

Geet: what can I do, if ur baby wanted to eat dark chocolate mint ice-cream with lots of chocolate chips and and chocolate syrup and brownie right now, she blurted out without thing anything'.  But maan caught the words,, he felt like he got everything in that small sentence' he was just looking at her lovingly and then she realize what she has said,,, she turn to hide her red face.. I was hungry and I wanted to eat that but here is not a single flavor of ice-cream'  maan wanted to hear her words again n again but can't,, he knew she will feel embarrassed to see him,, he ignore the idea of asking her to say the words again and headed towards the fridge,, there was not a single ice cream..

Maan: geet if u feel hungry we can made some eatable food na,, ice cream won't be able to satisfy ur hunger'.geet gave him a furious look..

Geet: I just want to eat ice cream,, nothing else..

Maan: but geet'

Geet: maan u can't understand,, this hunger is not like other hunger,, it just I want to eat that only' I want to taste the dark chocolate mint ice-cream with lots of chocolate chips and and chocolate syrup and brownie ,,, hmmm she started imaging the chocolate and she licked her lips in that,, maan wanted to taste her lips right then the spark and her glowing face was inviting him,, and the way she was licking her lips it was giving him a pleasure to watch' maannn,,she wave her hand ,, I want icecream'

Maan: geet look its already 2 am,, no store will be open now,, can we have something else, she looks so disappointed.. okk u want to taste chocolate na,, then we can made a chocolate cake.. and I promise there will be lots of syrup on it,, and cream also' though she was disappointed but still got ready for it,, and maan started his task'

Geet: maan aap banayoge

maan: don't worry I can bake cakes' all the servant has gone to their rooms so we souldn't disturb them,, and its my duty to fulfill my angel's wish,, geet looks at him with wide eyes but maan soon cover up.. I mean baby angel who want to eat that, he indicates her stomach, and she nodded cutely..

geet: ok, then make it fast,,,  maan looked at her in amusement and then rolled his eyes'

maan mumble: ye to maan singh khurana pe hokum chalane lagi'.

Geet: did u say something?

Maan: no,, u just sit there on the chair,, It will be ready in 45 mins'.

Geet: itni der kyun lagegi,, I m feeling hungry and u'll take that much time?

Maan: geet just go'

Geet: I want to sit here, maan gave her an angry glare

Geet: that won't work on me,,I will sit here only,, maan make the place clean and held her waist to lift her,, her breath caught in her throat to feel him so near, and he didn't leave that chance, he placed her on the counter top safely, and while lifting her his body slightly brush against him.. both felt a current but maan instantly pulls himself..

He started making batter for cake and she watched him silently,, he was blending the batter and chocolate, when she said

Geet: some more chocolate'

Maan: I m doing that only,,

Geet: mix the batter more smoothly na,, and I want more chocolate..

Maan: how can u eat so much chocolate..

Geet: because I love that.. please don't waste my time na, make it fast' though it was irritating but he can't deny he was enjoying too,, her bossy wifey is looking really cute'.

After some more time whole dish was complete' maan decorate the dish with strawberry slices and with chocolate sauce and chocolate brownie,, and presents infront of her' her face was worth watching,, the happiness was no bound and he was relishing her happiness' without any delay geet held the knife and cut the cake' she looks at maan who was looking at her intently,, and then gave the bite to him 1st' he can't leave that chance and ate a little portion and then he place that piece in front of her and she ate it immediately' she was relishing the cake and brownie' and he was relishing the view,, soon she finished all and smiled widely,, her lips was covered with chocolate,, maan wanted to taste that,, he leaned on her and came close to her lips' she was still in one position, not moving her slightest part' she closed her eyes as felt his creath but then he wiped her lips with his thumbs giving Goosebumps to her bosy'

Maan: geet do u know how cute u are looking with chocolate? I can eat u alive, she hazal eyes shot open widely'.. and her mouth fell to the ground to see him leaning on the fridge smirking'.





Precap: picnic'

Geet finaly I caught u'



 Part 16


here is my FB page,, u can it to get update news,, and my other works,,

Tich's Maaneet Fictions
i m in FB also

Tich mg


I know this time also a big update,, sorry can't help it,, if u want I can give u short from next time.. tell me about it, if u find it difficult to read'

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me first.. yyyuuupppeee...Big smile

god such a lovely and yes a long update.Clap.thanks yaar.. u r really great.. u r awesome dear really..keep it up...
as usual it was awesome and loved it from start to end..

Thanks for the PM.. will wait for the next update... PICNIC sounds interesting..Wink

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 i guess
i'm second
that was a fab update
loved it to the core
continue soon
will be waiting

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amazing update dear..Clap
loved it...
loved all the scenes..
maaneet talks..awesome..
kitchen scene...just superb...
dear no problem with long update...
give us long long updates like this...i love it
thank u for the update

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Originally posted by Tuli

me first.. yyyuuupppeee...Big smile
god such a lovely and yes a long update.Clap.thanks yaar.. u r really great.. u r awesome dear really..keep it up...
as usual it was awesome and loved it from start to end..

thanks sweetheart,, glad u like,, though i was little afraid as it was really long and i was afraid that was it boring or not,, and the little nok jhok suits the situation or not,, i m so good in describing situation and place the right topic on right time..LOL

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