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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 75)

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aur kitni deer tichu ?????????

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10-15 mins more pls

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Kagaz ki Kashti Luv tht Sacrifices Life

Part 14




Maan kissed her forehead,, and then her tears away,,, geet closed her eyes, and feels the sweet breath on her face, taking her all pain away with it' he was so much in emotional turmoil that he forgot everything around them,, he just wanted of feel her present' he kissed her eyes and then nose,, her rosy pinky cheeks invited him,, he can resist to touch them with his lips' he kisses there one by one, licking the rolling tear,,, she breath heavily, when he came to her lips,, her clutches his shirt'. His wet lips were giving her chill to her spine'. He looked at her face and eyes but that was tightly close and she was breathing heavy,, he caresses her lips with his thumbs and that replace by his soft M shape lips,,, he gave a peak on her lips,, just touching it with his,,, slowly licking it,, he sucks her both lips ever so gently''



It was a soothing kiss for both of them,, the emotional chaos has really left them broken,, he sucks her upper lips sweetly, it was not aggressive or demanding it was giving himself to her' he was surrendering his life in the small kiss' he didn't deepen the kiss and never wanted her response as it will be so early but he was amused when he felt her lips are being parted.. he captured that in more place,, nibbling the lower lips slowly,, he never thought she would response but she touches his shoulder for support' she was melting in his touch,, he was making her weak' his one touch was creating havoc inside her' she didn't kiss him back but parted her lips, and her hand held the nape to bring him close'. He slipped his tongue in her mouth, exploding her inner self but with gentleness and care,, he knew she need time to heal her wound but for now he needs her,, her presence sooth him, her touch can give a relief' he can't afford to lose her' never'. She was on verge of responding as he was giving her unknown pleasure' his sweet breath was touching her face, and the lips was licking of her lips,, she tried to stay calm but both of them was lost in other,, maan slides his hand on her waist pulling her close,, and then ultimately she started responding him, that was like an eternal bliss for maan' he have never imagine she will kiss him ever in his life but she did,, but he didn't made the kiss aggressive, it was pure, sweet.. they were living in a bliss that he wanted to cherish his life long'. His cold hand touched her bare waist and then her waist band' he traces his finger on her band line, making small pattern,, he was massaging her belly bottom ever so slowly giving her ticklish sensation'  he pulls her close in his chest and she held his neck tightly,, both was lost, their eyes were close,,, they broke the kiss to gain some air'. But maan didn't leave her skin he showers wet kisses in her neck,, and his palm cupped her back in one hand and other was going in her blouse from back' he kisses her throat and then neck gently,, the wet yet hot lips were creating magic' but then his hand reached her blouse hook,,, geet's mind instantly shot open and so was her eyes'. She looked at herself what she is doing,, he was lost in her,, and then his touch was remembering her the brutal night' his touch was giving her the feeling of disgust she felt that night,, her cried started haunt her'  the flash started coming in her mind and she shivered' her stiff body was saying her denial,, maan understood he was going too far,, he immediately remove his hand, and parted away from her, he ran a frustrated hand in his hair and turn around,, but geet rooted on that place, fighting with her fear, her eyes were already cloudy,, and numerous tears made its way,, he spin to see her state and was heartbroken to see her regretful expression' her fear was visible on her face, he curse himself for reminding her that night' before he could say anything geet ran to the washroom and locked herself' she wanted to washed his ttouch but more than that she wanted to forget that night, she wasn't prepare for all this but can't deny that she liked it' but her fear was much more stronger, she didn't know her feeling herself, was she afraid of intimacy cause of that night only? But she doesn't love him, then how can her body react like that? If she was so afraid she can withdraw that moment,, if she had stop him, he would never cross his limit, yes she trust him now'. His act, his tears, his concern for her was evident for his love, do he love him, but bigger question is do she love him, but then,,,, geet was confuse with her feeling,, her afraid mind and this new sensation was creating a mayhem inside'.


For 40 mins geet sat there drained in the water,,, her saree had soaked and she was shivering in cold'. Still her thought was nowhere to stop' maan was not in the room,, tense and shame brought him far from her,, he doesn't know how to face her, he said he will never touch her and he just wanted to protect them but whatever happen sometime before how on earth he will explain it to her' he knew his feeling that he loves her but what she thinks about him its more important for him' he was in his study but couldn't concentrate on anything, her teary eyes appear in front of him,, but he have to face it,, for her he have to face her, he have to ask apology to her' with determination he walked up to his room but geet was not there, then he heard the shower is open,, he bang the door 1st but when he didn't get any response her broke the lock and saw the sight, geet was sitting while the shower is open, drenching her in water' he saw her pale face, and terror ran through him,, its being very long she is here and its quite dangerous for her health and the baby' he almost ran to her and jerk her from thoughts,, she looked at him blankly and collapse on eth moment,, he held her closed to his heart' and scooped her in the arms to led in the bedroom,, her fever increased and he felt her body is burning' 1st he placed her on the bed,,, she have to change the saree but he have to doctor at the 1st place,, he called arjun and told him that she has faint in the shower and her body has temperature,, arjun tld him that he is coming in a while, but till then he have to take care,, with minimal knowledge he decided that he have to change her dress and arrange  some wet cloth to place it on her forehead' but how can he change her dress what will she think abut him' pushing all the thought aside he closed the curtain, the room was enough dark yet he can saw her properly,, he remove her saree pin and then the pallu,, her white skin was glowing and inviting him to touch for once, he removed all the plates from her abdomen and now her saree comes out, when he was doing that her fingers brushed her belly bottom giving a chill down her spine.. he lift her a little to unhook her blouse, the botton was on her back,, he did that in fraction of sec and it was hanging from her shoulder' he place her on the pillow, he thought this sensation will burn him alive but there was someone else who was burning though she is not in her sense'. He subconscious mind was reacting it own way'. She moaned his name, that was liking the soothing point for him,, but he control himself, and kiss her forehead, then he took a duvet and cover her, taking the remaining cloths' he walked to the cupboard but didn't knew how to wear a suit on her,, just one touch of her he was feeling breathless next time he won't be able to control his desire' he took his long kurta and slides that on her head to down,, he arrange some wet cloths and started placing it on her forehead, and then time to time changing it,, arjun was taking much time so he called him again'

Maan: where r u dammit? She has high fever and u,,

Arjun: relax maan,, sorry there is a problem,, I m stuck in the checking post,, here in ****** police had found a bomb and they are searching for more as per information, so they have declare curfew' as some people are head bend to creating problem,, I don't thing I can come,,

Maan: what? arjun,, geet is burning in high fever and u r saying u can't come'

Arjun: maan listen to me carefully,, in this state fever is normal, its not for her the drenching,, look at her cupboard,, she has a medicine bottle,,  gave her one, and wipe her neck and forehead with cool wet cloths every 15 to 30 mins, her temperature will decrease'. Maan disconnected the line as he arranged everything fast,,, he sat on her beside and placed a soaked cloths on her forehead' he has followed arjun instruction very well, he gave her medicine and wiped her neck shoulder with soaked cloths in every 5 mins,, he rubbed her hand and then feet to gave her warm as she was shivering,, he continue for this whole night and with exhausted body he drifted off beside her in a sitting position'. Dadima was standing outside of their room, silently witnessing all this, she was happy to see the love and affection but was sad that they are suffering so much,, both loves eac other but one can't say it, one didn't knew her feelings' yet both showed their concern in their action'.










Geet opens her eyes slowly but felt a light tug her hand, she saw maan was holding her hand where his head was on the bed stand, his eyes are closed,, then her eyes caught the sight of bowl of water,, the dried cloth on her forehead,, he probably rubbed her hand and feet for the whole night.. her temperature was gone, a sweet smile spread her corner of the lips to see him sleeping and frowning,,

he was uncomfortable in that position yet he didn't moved an inch, she wanted to caresses his face, but that will disturb her view as he will be wake up..


she stares at his face a unknowing a tear makes its way, and dropped on his hand, he instantly stir '

Maan: geet tum thik ho na? r u feeling ok?

Geet nodded, and lower her lashes, to control the her emotion' then she saw she is in his kurta.. maan gulp hard, he knew she will blast any moment'.

Maan: wo main, actually, he takes a deep breath, I had changed ur dress,, it was full drenched and ur temperature was going high so I have to do that, sorry, but trust me I have switches off the lights and the curtains' unknowing geet's heart cried to see so many explanation, but she knew he is doing this for her as she wouldn't doubt him or herself' she wonder is it the same maan singh khurana she met before their marriage, is it the same monster who snatches her everything, or she is seeing a new maan who wanted to sacrifices his life for her, to mold himself in her cage'.


He was blabbering continuously but geet just hugged him' they didn't need anything else, just holding each other in arms is enough to recognize the true feeling'

Maan: u r not angry with me? Geet nodded her head in no still hugging him,, that was calming him,, he rest his head on the crook of her neck and snuggle close' they stayed in the bed snuggling closer,and soon drifted to sleep,, maan was fatigued so he needs sleep but geet, she just wanted to hold him, console him, she knew he needs this, she rest her head on her chest and her hold her from the waist soon both dozed off'









That incident made them more comfortable with each other,, now they can talk openly though all initial effort will be from maan,, one thing maan knew about geet is she loves her family and friends more than herself.. and she feels free with prem the most, somewhere he was regretting to thought something low about her, he was getting glimpse of real geet nowadays but still there is something hidden, still she is afraid of their proximity, but he knew she also feel the passion what he feels when she is around' maan didn't force her at all, he is waiting for her to accept him, and with her all heart and soul, he needs her forgiveness but not in words by her action, and that's why he is doing all the things that can make her happy or be her old self' dadima was helping him in equal share' maan had a talk with arjun  previously.. and he has suggested to make her happy and lightly, that way the transplant will be at smooth, little did they know how stubborn is geet'.

He remember arjun's word

Arjun: maan at 1st make her happy, let her see the enjoyment of life that she forgot,, the geet I knew for years had lost somewhere'. She was full of life and now she hardly knew what is life' she have to be like before, in that way we could have some more days to prepare her' and for the baby, my team is on search, maybe we can find to survive both of them,, maan was over joy with the news, but he can't express that to geet..  but for that he have to know her more..

Maan: though I want both of them safe and fine but geet is more important to me arjun, do whatever u want but I want her safe' arjun passes a smile..

Arjun: the maan I knew is not the maan I m seeing in front of my eyes now, he was mean ruthless,, where has he gone?

Maan: arjun he is the same but circumstances changed, I m still the mean maan singh khurana, because I want geet for myself, I can't live without her and that's why I want her with me, in that sense I m mean. And I can be ruthless to salvage her, I can destroy anything and anyone who want her to separate from me. i m being selfish as I m selfish in love, I can't see her depart from me, I want her in me, she is in me, I love her and will keep her with me till eternity' arjun was dumbfounded by his claim, and he knew this maan singh khurana can do anything for his geet,, yes he has changed, changed for better, he had never loved anyone like this, not even sam. Its his madness and that is showing in his every gesture, he The great Maan singh khurana is in love with his wife, and he will change the fate for his love his wife''





Precap: maan doing cooking oops geet bossing on the great Maan Singh Khurana'..

Picnic time'.. some nok jhok'.


Part 15


Hussshhh khatam huya,,, it was long enough na?? please tell me how its going? Do u need some more mannet moment,, and a entry in next 2 update'.

I'll try to give the next part soon, so please press the like button' thanks for supporting me through the entire ss' love u guys' Happy Maaneet Marriage anniversary to u all'.. hope to celebrate the next year with GURTI'..


here is my FB page,, u can it to get update news,, and my other works,,

Tich's Maaneet Fictions
i m in FB also

Tich mg


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awww first...     
loved the way  Maan took care of Geet...I am sure he won't let anything happen to his Geet now...
awww he even admonished Arjun for not being able to come as geet was down with fever...
Geet will be taking her own time to accept Maan...but I am happy that she trusts him now...Embarrassed
the scene whee they slept hugging each other is indeed the best scene...n the last scene was cherry on the cakeEmbarrassed...MSK would suerly do anything for his wife...
n the precap sounds yummy...can't wait for the next part...LOL

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lovely one...
cant express my feelings...spellbound...

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its awsem love geet feared but now sloly trust him and the last para was fab maan showed his love for geet 

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