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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 7)

maaneetmaahi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 2:23am | IP Logged
awesome update..
but geet ko achanak kya ho gaya..
y is she distancing from every one...
but is Happy with daadi...
continue soon

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yashviagarwal Goldie

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hmmm ab kuch kuch samajh aa raha hai
vase plzz tichu geet ko koi bimari nai honi chahiye
cozz she started neglectingg her frnds
an den agreed for marriage
hmm me wonderinggg
aaage kya hoga ??????

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monika1992 IF-Rockerz

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awesome update..
but geet ko achanak kya ho gaya..
y is she distancing from every one...
but is Happy with daadi...

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tich.1990mg Goldie

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Originally posted by yashviagarwal

hmmm ab kuch kuch samajh aa raha hai
vase plzz tichu geet ko koi bimari nai honi chahiye
cozz she started neglectingg her frnds
an den agreed for marriage
hmm me wonderinggg
aaage kya hoga ??????

ufff tera dimag kitna chalta hain,, ssshhh,,, kuch bhi ho tujhe padhna to padega hi LOLLOLLOL... muaahhh
anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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tich.1990mg Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2011 at 4:52am | IP Logged

MERRY CHRISTMAS,,, may SANTA listen ur all heartfull wish and fulfill them really soon'..  this is a small gift I can give,,I have typed as long as I can' hope u guys will like it''





Kagaz ki Kashti ' Love that Sacrifices life


part 3



maan has promised to daadi,, he will marry that girl for her sake, but he loves samaira, more than himself,, now what should he do, he is stuck between the two most important person of his life,, he decided let daadi 1st come home then he can think of some plan to get rid of this marriage stuff' least he knew what is destiny holding for him'

after 2 days daadi is fit and fine,, geet had came to see her but never met with maan, as she herself is quiet busy'. Maan though daadi has forgot about his marriage and that geet,, as she didn't even tell him to meet her or that girl doesn't seem to have interest in meeting with him, but well, he is maan singh khurana,, which girl doesn't know him he wonder,, one fine day daadi makes a call to geet and talk to her parents.. they were shocked at 1st,, ofcourse the richest man of india, the youngest business tycoon great MSK's grandmother is talking about his marriage with their daughter,, it is surely an enigmatic proposal,, as they doesn't know why she have so much interest in geet only'.. but for the astonishment geet didn't protest either,, that is very unlike her,, she doesn't arrange marriages ,, then why she s approving this proposal'

rano: what is this geet,,

geet: what?

Rano: savitri ji has called to meet us for ur 'rishta'

Geet: hmm so?

Rano: r u agree with it?

Geet sigh: maa, u know whatever u guys will decide I'll consent that ,, then why u r behaving like this,,

Rano: I m behaving like this geet? Or its u who have changed so much only in these months'.

Geet: maa'

Rano: no geet,, she sits on her bed,, pls beta tell me what happen? Did u faught with sujal,,, I have notice u, u didn't talk to him nowadays'

Geet: no, its nothing like that'.

Rano :  u both love each other na? geet looked at her shocked,, don't even try to lie geet,, I m ur mother,, I know u very well,, sach kya hain bata? (what is the truth tell me)

Geet: no mom,, I don't love him,, never ever'.. she said while looking at some wall paint, rano knows her, she will not tell anyone if she has decided to do so'. She gave up'

Rano: they are coming tomorrow to see,, and for the sagun' u don't have time geet,, think once again,, if this shagun will done tomorrow ,, then u can't refrain from this relation,,,

Geet: I know maa,, I know,, tell papa that I m ready to meet them'.. rano sigh and goes from there,,, geet picked a snap that contain their grp picture and one of her and sujal together snap'. She caresses  the pic, tracing her finger on his face,,, I m sorry, she whisper,, and kept the pics in a box where she have put all the belonging, symbol of their love'. She locked it as she locked her past in it,, but she knew there is no future either'.




Maan: what? Tomorrow?

Daadima: yes, we have to meet them tomorrow'

Maan: dadima u r not enough well to put ur self in this stress'.

Dadima: what stress, I m craving for this day,, and if u want to keep me healthy and fine then just say yes to this relationship'.

Maan: I didn't see her.. how can i

Dadima: ok, I can understand, we r going tomorrow na,, then u can see her and I tell u she is such a nice girl, I m sure u'll like it..

Maan: but I can't love her'. Dadima patted his cheek..

Dadima: trust me maan,, when u were a child u always look upon me to decide anything n everything and tell me did I choose wrong for u?

Maan: no daadima' but

Dadima: but?

Maan: I m not the kid, who can't choose the right thing,,

Dadima: ok maan did u want to say u r denying for this affiance? he saw the rage building up in her and that is not good for her health'.

Maan: daadi.. calm down,, maine aisa kab kaha? (when I have said this?) hum jayenge usse milne,, but pehle main us ladki se milna chahta hu,,(we are going to meet them but at 1st I want meet her) dadima didn't say anything, just nodded her head in yes, but she has plan to work up'..




Maan called samaira to told everything,, she is very upset with it, but he has convinced her that he will do something,,, 

Sam: maan,, do whatever u want but but don't let anything happen to dadima,,, he closed his eyes, she loves his family, his dadi but why dadima is doing all this, she didn't want to talk about samaira at all'. 

Maan: I love u,,,

Sam: love u too'

Maan: we'll be united really soon..

Sam: I know, she said in confidence' he smiled and hung up the phn


After the meeting with maan, she knew maan will try to bribe geet to say no to this relation but she can't let it happen,, she called geet's papa and fix their meeting at the evening instead of tomorrow'.


Dadima called maan who was in the office'

Dadima: maan come home soon,

Maan: what happen dadima'

Dadima: geet ke papa ka phn aaya tha,, wo aaj hi humse milna cahte hain.. (I got a call from geet's father so we have to meet them today..) maan was shocked to see the turning event'

Maan: daadima, I have meeting lining up..

Dadima: ohh so ur meeting is more important then ur daadi' ok, then don't come, let me humiliated alone at their place as I'll be alone to face their hurtfull faces,, as they will thought u r not ready for it and I m forcing u' yeah truth is unbearable' he knew his dadima is melodramatic,,

Maan: daadi stop being melodramatic,, I m coming in a while''''

Maan's self thought,, now what will I do,, maine socha tha pehle usse milke sab solve karlu aur usse convince karlu shaadi k liye na kehneko..(I thought as I was meeting her 1st I can convince her to say no to this marriage)'.. but never the less I'll persuade her later by hook or by crook..he smirk at his plan''



On the other side maan's parents are extremely annoyed about this alliance,, ofcourse they want a influential, and one of the best business man's daughter for him,, and samaira is perfect for it,, but they knew they can't do anything as man himself would not go against his daadi'.

Nikita(maan's mom): maan aap ye kya kar rahi hain,,, (what r u doing?) u are fixing up the affiance with that middle class family.. that girl will ruin our reputation..

Dadima: nikita tume apne bte ki kiqr nahi sirf khandan ki fiqar hain,,, (u r not tensed about ur son but only for family reputation),,,atleast sometime think about ur son' she smiled sadly, don't worry u'll not regreat of my decision'.  She walked out but before that she said, be ready at 6 in the evening we are going to meet them,,, at that point nt n dev enters the mansion and heard all about this from nikita and abhinash,, dev is worried for his brother,, he knew he will destroy everything if he has to part away from sam'. But nt is very happy with the alliance.. atlast her wish is granted,, he hated herself for being so mean but she loves her family dev and prem,, she want best for them and if sam enters the house all attesion love property will go to her and maan's name,, atleast if this marriage takes place then maan could not love that girl the way he love sam''. She agrees with dadima, and goes to meet her toa dd little fuel in this'



Geet was in her room, it 5.30 pm, her mother enters the room, and saw she is lying on the bed on her stomach'. She caresses her hair,, geet quickly wiped the strains of tear from her cheeks,,, she was awake all the while'

Rano: they are coming in the evening'

Geet: but,, they were going to come tomorrow na?

Rano: savitri ji ka phn aaya tha,,, wo sham ko aana cahate hain'(savitri ji has called us and told they want to come in the evening) we can't say no,,, she smiled' get ready ok, they could be here any moment' she walked away,, geet slowly sits up and look at her babaji..

Geet: kyun kar rahe ho aisa babaji,, kya galti ki hain maine,, (why u r doing this to me? What have I done?) tears were forming in her beautiful almond eyes,,, why this have to happen to me,, I m sorry she said looking at the box in which she has kept her memory of sujal' she wiped her eyes and drag herself to the washroom to freshen up' she was tired and sleepy,, but she can't so she decided to take a warm shower that could wash out her guilt, her sorrow... but least she knew what she couldn't do that ever'.



It's now 6 pm.. when the Khuranas enter the house,,, annie happily accompanied dadima,, and nt too enter the house with a smirk,, nikita and abhinash was dumbfounded to see dadima's choice,,

The house has all the things which a family needed,, it a small bungalow with few room,, downstairs and upstairs,, its really beautifully decorated,, anyone can say geet and her family has a good taste of furniture,, may be they are not so expensive but quite decent and elegant'.nikita made all kind all faces as she didn't find them upto their status' and then enter Mr Maan Singh Khurana'. Looking as usual hot,, clad in black suit'. Mohinder handa got impressed with this family at the 1st sight but somewhere he is very tensed about their status now,, khurans are really richest,, how could he satisfy them,,, but dadima's humbleness set this all' they all takes their seats,, maan's eyes were searching for someone,, (yeah its geet) he forgot her name, gosh, what was her name'. he saw annie was looking at him worriedly he assured her with his eyes' she was not convice yet choose to not to say anything'. He scan the house fully,, and there a picture caught his eyes,,, a beautiful pairs of eyes looking naughtily at him,, no not at him,, its just a picture how can she looks at him' she was holding a ice cream, in her hand and licking her lips,,, she is looking reallt naughty and teasing,,, her milky white shin was merging with the ice cream's color as it's chocolate ice cream,, glowing her more'. Her cute dimple can caught at the 1st sight' he jerk his thought,, why he is behaving like this,,, he is here to convince her to say no and he is drooling over a picture of her,, he is gone case for sure,, he straighten him self,, and glared at the time.. its already 6.30' he decided to go to her room to meet her as he want some alone time'..


Maan: dadi its getting late,, and I have to go somewhere else so can I meet her now,,, all gives their attention towards him like they have seen some ghost,, he was getting irritated and dadi sensed his frustration ..

Dadima: beta why don't u go and meet geet in her room,, rano's eyes popped out'. But she can't say no to the older lady, who seems to be so sweet'.

Rano: sure,,, come,, I'll lead u to her room, I think she is ready till now' maan smirks inward'. His dadi has made his path clear'rano led him to geet room but suddenly mohinder called from the downstairs,, so she have to rush,, she knock at her door..

Rano: geet beta,, open ur door,, look who is here to meet u' geet was in her bathroom,, and accidentally she has forgot to bring her cloths with her,,, she was in no mood to hear anything,, she heard rano's faint voice,, that she is coming.. she thought her mother can help her to choose what to wear'.

Geet: maa door is open,, u can come'.

Rano to maan: beta u go inside,, I m coming in a while,, maan nodded'..

He goes inside the room,, and closed the door,, and that time geet enters the room wrapped in a towel'. She didn't notice him..

Geet: maa can u help me to choose something to wear? Maan turn to see a beautifull girl with wet curly hair,, rubbing her hair with a towel and she is wrapped in a TOWEL'. He stars at her without blinking,,, U know I really don't know what to wear in this kind of situation' she sense there is no response from her maa so she turn and a man was standing right infront of her merely some inch away,, he un knowingly walked to her when she was muttering something'.  She saw the handsome man is standing there,, looking at her eyes,, he has some freezing gaze on her that didn't let her move or blink her lashes,, she stars at him with equally intensely'. There was a brief moment of their eyelock,,, he looked at her puzzled eyes,, and then the juicy lips,, she follow his gaze,, her cheeks was forming deep root beet color'. He saw it' her cheeks turned into red'. Suddenly their gaze broke with a loud ring of her cell.. they both break their trance of thought and then,,, she remember he is a strange r and HE IS IN HER ROOM,, looking at  her half nude body' she screamed AAA'''

And the instant reaction he closed her mouth with his hand,,, CHUP BILKUL CHUP''''. She stars at him' his eyes are showing anger'. And? Disgust?

Maan: I m Maan Singh Khurana'. And our marriage is fixing up in the hall,, he said with greeted teeth,, she gulped hard to see the clear anger in his eyes''. She knew his name,, but why is he in her room and then the scene strike, she is in a towel and he is so close to her holding her mouth in his palm'.  She blink her lashes to tell she will not shout but he didn't understand it and so didn't remove his hand,, she got irritated,, and little frighten,, she gather all her courage and pushed him,,, he was not ready and stumble a little, but she is free now,, she hold a bed sheet lying their and hold it to cover her,, he instantly give his back,,, and then came a loud knock on her'..

Rano: beta r u ok? Hume teri cheekh suni'(we heard ur screaming)'.. geet got frighten to hear her mother,, what if she enter the room and see her like this,

Geet mangae to say something: maa wo nothing,, I saw a cockroach so,, I got scared,,, rano smiled.. Pagal' she knew she is scared ot that,,, ok I m going now,, if u r ok then come down,,,

Maan: umm,, thanks,, we will come really soon, just some min..

Rano: no hurry beta'. She goes from there'.

Geet: what r u doing in my room? And don't u have any manners to knock the door before coming someone's room? She said with rage in her eyes'

Maan looked at her disgustedly,, scan the room and found a piece of cloth like salwar lying on the bed,,, he throw it on her but giving his back to her'.. Change now'' she looked herself,, and hurriedly took it and goes to washroom'. After sometime she comes back wearing that'.  He looks at her'.

Maan: Miss Geet,, I think u should invite ur guest after preparing well,, she looked at him confused'.. he looked at her up to down,, she understood he is talking about her dress'.

Geet: wo umm, I thought my maa was coming so,, I didn't knew u were there with her'

Maan smirk: u didn't knew or its ur trick to catch a richy rich'. She saw his smirk that only disgusted her' how low a man can think'..

Geet: I was going down to meet everyone,, what was the hurry to come here,, she said in equal disgust..

Maan: look main yaha aaya hu tumse bohot jaruri baat karne'.(I m here to talk to u,, its very urgent)

Geet: go ahead'..

Maan narrow his eyes to see her attitude: iss shadi se mana kar do,,,  (say no to this marriage )

Geet: huh?

Maan I said clearly,, say u are not agree for this alliance

Geet: and what made u think that I'll do it?she turn to leave when he grap her arm rudely'

Maan: look miss,, I m saying this for last time,,, I m not ready for this marriage and more over how could u think I'll marry u? he said disgracefully,, she struggle in his grip and he tighten it,,

Geet: agar apko is shadi se problem hain to apne daadi se mana kar dijiye'..why are u behaving like this to me,, (say it to ur daadi that u are not ready for this,)

He grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall'.agar wo kar sakta to pehle hi kar leta,,, I m not asking ur help, I m telling u the truth,, if u don't want to see hell just stay away from me and this relationship''.. he is merely and inch away from her,, her breathing become heavier,,, the proximity and the struggle was making her weak,, but he doesn't seem to understand anything'. Geet, I wanted u to say no infront of everyone in the hall' and if u can't do it then be ready for the consequence'. He leave her with a thud and she hurt her back on the wall,, her tears were already on its path, blurring her view of his exit from the room'..





Precap: a frighten geet and a fuming meera,, oops abb kya hoga?

nilu i hope this will be ok with u Smile i have tried to translate the hindi line into english

Guys is this story is going too slow? Shall I speed up tis or u want to see as it is? Suggestion please,,,,, thanks for all of ufor accepting me and my small ss'. I don't have enough word to thank u''.



 Merry Christmas sweeties...




Your tich'''''.


part 4 at page 13

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angili Goldie

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Story is great but since it is ss you should pick the pace up a little but it is great I love it to the core I am dying to know why geet is distancing herself and why maan raped her the attraction is visibale between them

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