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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 49)

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When Will You Update Dear...

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Originally posted by spvd

part 10
nice part...
Geet is free and happy and fearless when Maan is not near...
NT also knows Geet and is so protective of her...
Maan doesnt deserve Geet...
who is Prem?
Nikita and her friends are so useless...
cont soon dear...

prem is nt and dev's 3yr old son,, i'll upload the pix in the next update,,, and thanks deepa for ur support,, u always put up my ss ff's link in teh maaneet ff thread... thanks
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Originally posted by zohafarheen

hm sad for geet gear that maan has left on her that devil night
and happy that she is free with his family
hm maan has come after the ten days of hide k
now we have to see wat will happnd
and sasha got her blow of the day on her face lolzzz

she have to overcome her sadness so here are her support... he family
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Originally posted by krndr

Superb update
l really like Naintara she really good
I hope Maan realises soon that Geet is really nice and he's ruined her life for his revenge
Why does Geet tell Brij that she is sad because she is going away from everyone?
Is she that sick that she's going to die or something like that

don't stress ur self dear,, i can't say or reveal teh story but just wait a little

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kya aap ek aur character include karoge...
vicky ki character...maan's younger brother...
Main aapko force nahi kar rahi hu...If you r Interested...
Plsss do it...

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Originally posted by geetsweet

awesome part
continue soon...
 i think i can't able to hold ... precap is very intersting...
plz update soon

thanks a lot dear,,,,, i'll update tom or day after that
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awsm update... hope its Maan who hold Geet not Sujal... waiting for d next update eagerly 

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Kagaz ki Kashti Love that Sacrifices Life


Part 11



Prem: I don't want to drink that,, he was really small and was running fast,, it was difficult for geet to run behind him in a saree'. Suddenly she bumped with someone,,, she was going to fall and therefore closed her eyes in fear,, but she never reach the ground as two strong arm wrapped around her waist and gripped her tight to prevent her fall,,, there was a brief moment and then she opens her eyes,,, her heart beat started rising unknowingly'. And fear engulf her,, he felt her shiver under his touch'.. he just let go off her making her stand on the ground''.

 Geet back off seeing him,, the glass of milk slipped from her hand,,, and she accidentally touches the piece of the glass by her feet,, she winch in pain,, and maan came forward to help her,, placing his hand on her feet but she just draw back her feet,, tried to stand by her own with much difficulty' and then he saw the rest of the family came running,,

Nt: what happen geet? R u alright, she saw the blood that was coming from her feet and instantly bend down to see it properly,, on the other hand prem was crying continuously to see his baddi maan's blood, maan saw the concern his family hold for her,, the way everyone gathered around, they seem lie didn't notice him also'

Dev: bhabi come here I'll dressing it up'. He said holding geet's elbow but geet was only looking at prem'

Geet: one min dev,, with much difficulty she bend down to match prem's level and hugged him to sooth his pain.. arre mera baccha,, kyun roh raha hain,, look ur badhi maan is perfectly fine.. still he was crying and point the blood, she signal the maid to cleaned that and started to talking with prem again,,, everyone just saw the scenario in astonishment'  prem calm down really soon and geet pleaded annie to take him away, and she did so,, and now the difficult part, she can't stand properly and going to fall AGAIN,,, when maan grabbed her waist,, she became stiff but maan didn't leave her'

Everyone noticed that he has return (badi jaldi dekh liya) and then notice maaneet's eye lock,, dadima smiled at them and dev coughed to get their attention' maan broke the eye contact,,,

Maan: don't u guys have any better work other than staring he said in rough voice,, geet tried to make herself free and that angered maan,, he hold her more tight'. He just lift geet in his arm and led her to their room,, everyone gasp to see that'.

Dev: nt I m hallucinating,, nt who was more shocked than dev just pinched him,, ouch,, kya kar rahi ho?

Nt: ohh sorry I was checking was I hallucinating?

Dev: then why u pinched me, u caould pinch ur self.. she looked at him fire in her eyes and dev gulp hard, but gave a meek laugh'.




Geet was stiff in his arms,, but he felt her shiver in this state, he looked at her,, she looked at him with fear,, she clutches his collar in one hand,, he placed her on the bed,, she instantly move back,, maa closed his eyes,, he saw only pain in her eyes'

Maan fished some ointment and dettol with cotton,, he came sitting on the bed,, he tried to take her foot but she pull back that,, he tried to talk'

Maan: geet just give me,, u need dressing,, but geet didn't register any word,, her fear was much more stronger' she tried to move away from the bed when he grabbed her hand and that cause of her fall,, she was frightened,, what he want to do with her,, but to her amusement she felt his cold touch on her feet.. he was applying the ointment after cleaning the wound with dettol'.she looked at him in confusion, why he is caring her,, some days ago he didn't even felt guilty for his act but now he is applying medication least she know what turmoil he was facing till that night'. Maan saw her relaxed muscle, and looked at her eyes that has confusion in it'

Geet: why u r doing this? He looked at her contently.. but din't say anything,, she tried to pull back but he held her leg tightly,, and gave an angry glare'.what do u want?

Maan: what I want I can't get it... She looked at his face but he was watching her feet only'

Geet: what do u want? She herself doesn't know what she is asking,, but she want to hear it'. There was  brief eye lock in them'.. maan was the 1st one who broke the eye lock'.

Maan: u need to rest,, I'll go,, have to meet everyone' he left the room without any single word,,,

Geet was in dilemma what was that in his eyes,, was that guilt or pain? Or his another trick to hurt her.. somewhere geet has lost her trust on him,, its difficult for her to understand him and his grief'..




Sometime later she made her way to the stairs,, she looks at maan from the stairs,, he was sitting in the hall, talking with his dad, of course business talk,,she started walking down when annie saw this.. and panicked'.

Annie: bhabi' maan saw this and immediately hold her,, everyone saw the changes in him' he was not the same maan singh khurana that have been before 10 days'.

Maan: why r u here? Can't u sit in one place for once,, he said in concern,, geet find it weird,, and she made some kind of faces'.

Nt: do u need something geet'

Geet: I was getting bored so thought about coming here'.

Maan: u can roam around after getting better,, don't try me for a ride, holding u in my arm' nt suppress her smile and geet looked at him with anger visible eyes' that is the 1st time she showed her anger after that incident'

Geet: did I told u to lift me in ur dirty hand,she blurted out without thinking and without notiching the choice of words,, the family thought it's a cute husband wife little concern and argument but maan felt the inner meaning of it' geet looks away with fuming eyes'.

Nt: ok ok,, let me help u to come down the stairs' she led her in the hall,, all of them gather there and started their chit chat,, maan was shocked to see the view,, he never saw the togetherness of them,, at first everyone was busy in their own life,, and now after geet came the mansion become a home,, where every member would spend time with each other' dadima pated maan's shoulder'

Dadima: ye geet ka kamal hain bte,, she made our house a place for living,, now this place is called home not only a house'. Maan dipped his head'. I told she is the best bahu (daughter in law)I can ever have,,,  but I felt she is not happy maan, he looked at him with guilty face'. Maan I want u to give her all the happiness in this world' she deserves happiness only ,, dadima said with a little pain'..






It's being 25 days maan has return,, his guilt was increasing day by day,, but there was something else also'.  He has shifted his bed in the next room attach with his previous room,, he slept their at night without any-one's knowledge,, geet was still felt uncomfortable around him, she is glad that he didn't wanted to touch or harm her any more,, his effort was melting her..  she started talking him a little more.. though maan sleeps in the next room but for other work he has to share the room with geet'. 


It was morning when maan enter the room from his shower,, and watches the most beautiful sight that anyone can imagine' geet was giggling laughing playing with prem,, he was sitting on her lap and she was tickling him'  they were wrapped in a white duvet that was complementing her complexion,, her smooth bare arms was wrapping around prem' maan came out wearing jeans and a towel wrapped on his neck' it somehow catches geet's attention' she looked at him and then his well toned body' he saw this and came close to her' geet's heartbeat started throbbing in her chest' she held prem tightly'. Maan came close to them and took prem in his arm, but she shiver when his finger touched her hand accidently'

Maan: aap yaha prem? Is waqt..

Prem: badhe papa wo I wanted to play with badhi maa, so I came here, she was sleeping and then I kissed her cheeks,, he giggle.. and then she woke up and we started tickling each other,, she is very ticklish'. Geet's saw his back,,, and then realize she was drooling over him,, she instantly looked away'. Maan turn to see geet's embarrassed face' his eyes were only looking at her where she looks everywhere except him' geet abruptly made her way to the washroom,, maan wear his shirt but continue to talk with prem' when geet enters the room clad in a red saree, rubbing her hair,, maan just looked at her mesmerized'. Her fragment spreads the room' he stares at her like that,, lost in his thought'. Geet goes to the mirror, combing her hair, he unknowingly walked behind her and stood there like a statue' she felt his breath on her neck,, she tried to turn but couldn't as maan was too near' she was nervous and rapid heartbeat was the proof of it'. She gulp her saliva when she felt his moving hand on her arms, brushing them,, she hold her breath but then she felt he was moving  back,, she open her eyes to see maan smirking face,, he was holding the brush to comb his hair.. she breath in relief '. Prem came between them and snatches the mangalsutra from geet's hand,, she was going to tie it around her neck but he just went away with it'. Geet scream to stop him but in vein'..

Geet: stop prem'. Dheere' geet ran behind him' but being a naughty child he ran fast'.  Geet was in saree so it was hard for her to ran after him' and then she saw what was coming,,, prem was looking at her while running front,, he didn't saw the stairs and going to fall when geet just catches him and throw him safe on the floor but in sudden contact she just collide in her saree,, and tripped in the stairs' and fell rolling from the stairs..

But maan was enough close to held her when she tripped only two steps,, he tried to hold her head to prevent getting hurt but couldn't as her head hit the railing,,, a loud shriek came from his mouth'.

Maan: GEETTT'. She lied in the pool of blood'. And then he found her unconscious'.  In the mean time all family member gathered the hall,, they saw maan lifting geet from the stairs and heading towards the hall'

Dadima panicked: what happen? Geet ko kya huya?

Maan: she tripped on the stairs and now she is unconscious,,, I m taking her hospital,,, dev give me the keys right now,, dev just somehow manages to grab the car keys and throws to him' maan took the place of the driver seat and geet on the passenger with him'. He speed up the car,,, in few mins they are in the hospital' maan rushes to the doctor holding geet,, her face was red in blood'.

Doctor takes her to the OT and started their treatment,, after 1 hr doctor came out' maan rushes to him'.

Maan: how is she?

Doctor looked tensed: mr khurana she is fine now but,,, maan was happy to heard she is good but the BUT caught his whole attention'

Maan: kya huya doctor, is everthing alright?

Doc took a deep breath: mr khurana is her case this could be dangerous for her' this time we have them sae but may be there can be some complication.. maan was utterly confuse with his words'

Maan: doctor what r u trying to say,, please say clearly,,

Dadima: calmed down maan,, let him spreak first'

Doctor: I want to say geet and the baby is fine but,, there could be some complication in the delivery,, so take care of her self,, maan couldn't register any other words except "BABY" '.. he looked at the doctor blankly.. he smiled..

Doc: don't worry both are safe now,, mother and babyboth are healthy so I m hoping there will be no difficulty'. All the member was over joyed with the news' but maan sat at the corner silently' no one notice his blank face'. Nt annie straightly goes to meet her,, dadima get a seat beside maan and patted her shoulder,, maan without thinking hugged her'. dadima was shocked to see maan like this'.






Precap: maan breaking down'..

I don't want this child'

TRUTH revelation'


Part 12

Don't know hows it,, is it up to the mark or not,, am I worthy of ur likes and comments????

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