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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 40)

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Originally posted by geetsweet


Update kab milegi...

shaam ko milegi sweety EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Sorry for the late sweety pies,, and m really happy with the amount of likes and comments,, thank u so much for the support' I hope I'll get the same response in future also,, love u all,, thanks a lot''''.




Kagaz ki Kashti Love that Sacrifices Life



Part 9



Geet: DON'T'' DON'T TOUCH ME'.. he voice was low but deep'.. his eyes fell on her bare shoulder that has red brushes and some blue as well' her swollen lip, that has cut on it'. He closed his eyes in pain' what have he done' his demon was so strong last night that he forgot every barrier' he forgot his limit,,, though he is ruthless but he have never acted like this to anyone'. He knew his bound but what happen last night is beyond that limit,, he have crossed his boundary,,, but strangely he was not feeling guilty for sam but he was in pain to see geet in this state'.. he doesn't know what it is or why he is feeling this for her who stolen his happiness his love,, but the pain,, grief,, hate her face was showing that cant tolerable for him' he saw her retailing form,, she has gone to the washroom, locking herself in anguish,, doesn't wanted to show her tenderness  to anyone'..



He closed his eyes in frustration,, he knew he have crossed everything,, but he was angry,, didn't knew what he was doing'..  but the pain geet's eyes were showing,, why that felt a pinched in his soul,, why its look like he has destroyed something,,, yeah he demolished his relation with sam but why he is not feeling worried for that,,, why every time he closed his eyes geet's fearful eyes haunt him'.he slipped in his track and shirt and left for the guest room,,, where he can freshen up before her'



Geet was in the washroom,, the moment she enter the washroom,, she sank in the ground,,, water started pouring on her,,,, she wanted to remove all his sinful touch,,, she saw herself in the mirror,, her arms and upper cleavage has turn red and blue,, the night was flashing again n again in her mind,,, soon geet's tears wiped of with the water'. But the scar she have on her soul after the night,,, nothing can washed away that'.. 


Its more than 1 hr and geet is still in the washroom,,maan was feeling restless and finally decided to confront geet,, he knock at the washroom door but there was no answer'. He tried once again and realize there is no response'.. ohh god why this is happening,, why she is not opening the door,,, I hope she is ok,, but the most important thing why I m so worried about her? Is it the guilt of torturing her at the night, or it's the pain that my heart felt to see those accusing eyes,,,, but why it felt so vulnerable to see her condition,,, is it normal' actually I never did anything like this before, may be the guilt is stronger and that's why I m feeling sad for her'.but right now he have to face her,,, its more than 1hr and still she is in the washroom,,, he can heard the sound of shower,, but not a movement from geet'  maan knocked at the but no response,, he tried again n again but nothing in return and then he just hit the door with his leg and the door open with a bang'..  the panorama was not so good for maan,, geet was cuddling in a corner hugging her knees,,, water was pouring on her,,, and she looked somewhere lost,,, her face was blank,, she rest her head backward,,, maan closed his eyes,,, but then he can't see her like this'.

Maan angrily walked to her: what r u doing geet,,, he jerk her shoulder but she didn't give a damn,, she just stares at him,, the eyes that only make him more guilty'. He knelled down and scooped her in his arm,,,geet was stiff in his arm,,, she didn't bother to hold him or looked at him, maan enter the room and place her on the bed,,, automatically she walked back,, and the sheet that wrapped around her, she held that more tight'. Her face and eyes were only showing fear and hatred'. Maan tried to touch her, but she snapped back and stood up from the bed,,, her denial, her fearful eyes only making him more guilty'. She leaned on the wall to support her shaking feature'

Geet: don't touch me, maan open his mouth but she cornered herself,, leave me alone'. The night quiver her self-eastme and self confidence'.

Maan: geet listen to me atleast,, he said while taking a step towards her,,, but she scream..

Geet: no don't do it please'. He closed his eyes,, what have he done, he breaks her completely,, she can't trust his shadow,, in the mean while maan's mind stuck with one thing,, what if geet told dadima about his act,,, dadima will not be able to handle this,, what will she think about him'. pushing all the shame, guilt he held her both arms'.

Maan: geet,,, listen to me 1st,, whatever happen I was not in my sense, but if u r thinking of telling this to dadima,,, then let me remind u I m the same maan singh khurana whom u r dealing with,, dadima is getting better,, I don't want her to suffer more,, whatever happen between us we can solve this but don't u dare to drag anyone in our matter'..   geet just stares at him without blinking'.

How can a man be so cheap'. He didn't see the helpless condition of her,, all he want is his dadima to be safe,, and how much he can think low about her,, he really thought she'll tell dadima about his brutal act, to led her only to death bed,, the name itself gave her to dread'.   Her staring,, disrespectful eyes, and hateful expression only add misery for him,, his guilt that he wanted to pushed far, came around crashing him'. he left her'. Geet didn't wait a sec there she just ran to the washroom,, maan closed his eyes'.

Maan: if I have not said this, may be u have told dadima everything,, but I don't want to lose her'.. he makes his way out of the room and join the family member in the hall'..



Geet cried and cried,, but then she thought,,  why I am crying,, and why this pain? I have nothing to lose now,, why there is pain knowing that he hates me,, he think so low about me,, how can he think I'll tell dadima,, I love her like my own family,, if anything happens to her I can't forgive myself'. But why do I expect from him,, I saw his chastisement  last night,, he will never believe me,, and now I'll never let him know the truth,, waise bhi sach se unhe kya wasta,, he will never regret his act, I know he is selfish arrogant man who only knows about himself''




Everyone is waiting for geet,,, dadima has return today from the hospital,, she just arrived the mansion and all the rituals started pouring in her head.. maan doesn't wanted her to have stress but dadima being dadima said if anyone doesn't allow her ritual to happen she may fall ill again'.  Daima wanted to see geet as soon as possible so annie went her room to take her with her'.. everyone saw geet coming from the downstairs,, maan's heartbeat rose frantically,,, she was wearing a full sleep anarkali with coller,,, hair open and she has hide her all marks with some make up,, the lips that has a cut, she has hide it with pink lipstick,, everyone praise her beauty,, nikita too awestruck to see the beauty in front of her'. geet kept her eyes touching to the ground,, dadima thought may be its because of her shyness but maan read the pain her face was having'. Geet took all their blessing with maan'

Dadima: sada suhagan rahiye bete,,,, accha abb jab hum ghar agaye,, kyun na akhri rasam bhi karle'

Nikita: geet u have to made some sweets' there is the kitchen nt will help u' annie and nt guide her to the kitchen' they saw a nervous geet knotting her duppata'.

Nt: what happen geet?

Geet: wo,, I don't know how to cook'. Now that is dumbstruck realization'. Nt thought she is a middle class girl, who only knew the household work'.  

Annie: bhabi,, u don't know cooking? She asked in disbelief,, and  geet cutely shook her head in no,, her face was showing how much tension she has on the moment'.

Nt: ok then let me help u,,

Geet: no didi,, I can make it if u give instructions'nt looks at her in awe,,

Nt: didi?

Geet smiled: u r elder to me na'.

Nt: but in the relation u are in higher position'.

Geet: I don't know this relation type,, but u are elder and in that sense I can call u and take u as a sister'. So I wanted to call u didi,, if u don't mind'..

Nt (st): what is so special in the girl that everyone charmed by her so easily,, actually I always thought that but now I know,,, her simplicity is the beat charm,, samaira never ask me to call di and she never took me as a sister when I am her elder sister but here,, this girl didn't know,, my intention, but she just started making relation by heart'..


Nt: geet ok I'll help u,, just follow what I m saying'. Nt instructed the whole process of making gazar ka halwa, and geet follow her blindly'.. she serves it in bowls and led it in the dining area'.


Everyone took some bite, and geet held nt's hand,, she feared if they didn't like it,, nt asuure her with a smile and that goes correctly,, halwa was indeed very delicious,, geet made in it special guidance for dadima,,, as she can't eat oily and sugary things' and yeah everyone praise her cooking'.. maan didn't like sweets so didn't have a bite of it,, dadima called geet and gave her a khandani jewelry as shagun'

Geet: dadima, its really beautiful, but I can't take it,,,nt look at her in amusement and so was maan,, any girl would die to grab that but here she is denying it' ummm u know I can't take this responsibility'.

Dadima: but bte, u have to take this,, it's a shagun and a ritual that whenever a daughter in law made something for the first time we have to give her something'

Geet: something,,, then u can give me 101 rupees,, that will be a shagun also'. Now that answer no one expected,, maan discover she is a enigma,,, least he know her, that she is a Crystal'

Dadima smiled: but bte hum apko apni khusi se iss ghar ki zimmedari soupna chahte hain'. geet looked at nt..

Geet: then u have to give all the responsibility to nt di,,, she is much more capable than me,, today that halwa also instructed by her only,, mujhe to khana banana tak nahi aata,, she help me with that,, she is a perfect responsible daughter in law,, nt was over whelmed with the affection geet was showing to her,,, no one in her life gave the respect geet gave her in only one day,, nt is not a bad person,, she didn't get what she want in her life that's why she made herself so greedy towards money,,, but still what she grave for is love,, that geet showered in only some hours'.

Dadima sighed knowing geet, she will never accept this'

Dadi: thik hain,, then here is two jewelry boxes one is for nt and one is for u geet,, and don't argue with it,,,, be ready quickly,, some womans are coming in a while,,, muh dikhayi ki rasam 1 hrs me suru hojayegi,, then u have to go to ur parents house' nt isse ready karvao,,, both the girls nodded and headed towards the room'. But suddenly nt remember she have to put her box in a safe place..

Nt: annie u take geet in her room, I'll come in few time'..





Dev: nt and showing affection to an unknown girl,, rare combination'

Nt: I was not showing any affection dev,, she is a nice girl and pure at heart'.

Dev: so doesn't u get jealous when dadima was giving that jewelry to her' he said that while nuzzling close to her neck'.

Nt: dev,, I m sure u will be shock, but first time I m pitying someone,, I wish geet didn't had married maan veerji,, dev withdraw himself,,

Dev: what?

Nt: she is really a very good girl and only deserves happiness in life but u know that she will never be happy with veerji,, I m afraid did I made any mistake to support dadi,, did I destroy her life?

Dev: what r u talking about nt?

Nt: dev, I m sorry to say this but maan veerji doesn't deserves an angel like her,, I hope he will realize that,, he loves samaira,, but he didn't knew sam can never be like geet,, she is really a selfless girl,, only in some hour she made me as her sister, wanted to gave all the responsibility that only she have the right but what I gave her,,  life time imprisonment with veerji,,, when I knew he can never give her the happiness she deserves'. I m at fault dev,, one small tears escaped from her eyes,, dev instantly embrace her..

Dev: hey jaan don't cry please, whatever happen happens for the good,, I m sure geet is destined to be with maan bro' only she can change him with her selfless love'. Don't worry and u have done nothing its their destiny to meet.. sshhh,, rona band karo,, prem dekhega to kya kahega,,,

Nt: wo kaha se dekhega, he is at her aunt place'.

Dev: ok then we can do something else the crying,, he winks at her naughtily and she shied,,,

Nt: I have to go ,,,  geet ko taiyar karna hain''








All the ladies were present in the hall'. Nt and annie took geet with them and make her sit in the center' one by one everyone came and saw her face only to praise her beauty,, the function went well,, but the one person that was missing all the while is maan'. dadima was hell angry with him,, she called him in the office but he didn't picked that,, geet's cousins rajji, and brij were there,, they couldn't came for her wedding but as the ritual of phagfera is taking place they didn't want to miss the chance to meet their jijaji' maan enter the mansion only to see the fuming eyes of dadima'..




Precap:  pagfera and work in London'.. small jump of 10 days'.

Part 10

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Smile Graphics
update is very emotional sad omg  ab maan ka next step kayaa hogaa
continue soon

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atleast maan would have said he regret his act for last night..
awesome part..waiting for next..

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awsem update nt impressed maan abhi bhi nahin sudhra 

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emotional update dear...brilliant writing
continue soon

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awesome update

continue soon

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