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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 2)

tich.1990mg Goldie

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Originally posted by Mishti13

great starting 
cont. soon 
thank u sweetyyy,,

preetymaaneet IF-Dazzler

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nice starting continue soon

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tich.1990mg Goldie

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Originally posted by anshra

loved it
love u dear,, u made it here also thanks a lottt
craziekudi IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome start soon...

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Dazlingdivya Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged
Nice Start.Plz PM me.
tich.1990mg Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Kagaz ki Kashthi- Love that Sacrifices Life


Guys I m giving u the full view of the story so it will start from the beginning'..





Character sketch '''.


Geet Handa: comes from a middle class back ground, but educated,, a self made girl,, she has done her MBA and looking for a job,22yrs old,,beautiful'. No one can compare with her beauty'. sweet as honey,, makes friend easily, life was kind enough on her, her parents loves her too much and always supported her with everything,, never pressurized with anything'' she is in love with a guy,, from the beginning of her 11th std,, wanted to get married to him but before that she wanted to prove herself as a individual,, so looking for a job''




Maan Singh Khurana: 27yrs old,, ruthless, arrogant, selfish but loves his family very much, his daadima is his life,, he loves her to the bit,, and whatever she asked he will get that before her wish'. He is 28yr young business man, have achieve all that which can be only dreamt off by his age'. His looks are killing,,, well built body, dark eyes, the lashes are something any girl wanted to stair at him' his smile which is so desirable that who could get a glimpse of it can never forget in her life time'.. exceptionally hot and handsome' he is in deeply love with a girl from his collage days,, till now they are a perfect couple'..






Sujal Khandelwal: a very sweet and caring guys,, very handsome at the age of 23 yr,, comes from a middle class family, very to worth'. Love his family a lot, looking for a job to support his family,, done his MBA with GEET' and deeply in love with her from 11th standerd,, they met in the school and became frnd easily,,, and he propose her in their 2nd term of collage'.. and she accepted it happily''




Samaira Singh: Very beautiful and a little arrogant'.. comes from a very influential family,,no one can guess she is 25yr of age,, successful model by profession'. her father is an old frnd of maan's father,, and she is maan's childhood frnd and sweetheart,,, both done their school collage together,,, head of heal in love with each other'.. wanted to get married but waited for maan's daadi's permission'..





Savitri devi: maan grandmother,, very sweet and humble,  always support the right,, that can go against her son or grand son,, but she know her way out'

same as GHSP 



Rano n mohindar handa: Geet's parents'..(same)

Abhinash n Nikita khurana maan's parents'..

Dev nt same as GHSP'' little diff is naintara is samaira's cousin sister, married to dev,, and loves her husband and family very much but didn't like her sister's relationship with maan,,, she has a unknown jealousness that if samaira gets married to maan, the whole property will go under her name and she didn't want that,, dev is a sweet guy but a little afraid of his wife,, they are the proud parents of a 3yr old boy, prem''''
Annie same as GHSP,, loves her brothers and family,,, she likes samaira as a friend but didn't feel like a bhabhi in her' she wants the best for her brother,, Maan'..
meera and jay geet and sujal's best friend,,
 banner creadit goes to my fb frnd tanu

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kagaz ki kashthi-Love that Sacrifices Life
Guys this is the 1st part from beginning so,, it wll take one more part to reach the actual story'..




Part 1



Geet wake up,, but there is no response from the other side'. Utho beta,, GEET'..

Geet: bas 5 min more maa'.

Rano: ab se ye 5 min 5 min sun rahi hu'.. not just up its already 9 beta' geet jerked open her eyes'.

Geet: WHATTT,,,, 9 baj gaye, itni jaldi, kya karte ho aap maa, pehle uthana chahiye than na,,, Sujal is waiting for me,,,

Rano: wah kya ladki hain, main kitne der se utha rahi hu, tu hi hain jo uthti nahi'..  she ignore her and just walked in the bathroom' after another 1 hrs she comes to the dinning area where her father and mother are waiting for her,,,

Geet: are papa aap aaj office nahi gaye..

Mohindar: nahi bte,, doesn't feeling well'.

Geet: not feeling well or u want to spent alone time with maa? She teases them like anything and for that she always deserves a slap from her mother..

Rano: ye sab kya baate karte rehti hain tu?

Mohindar: kaha beta, meri aisi kismet kaha,, both father daughter  giggle silently'.

Geet: ok u guys carry on,, I have to rush now,,  m really late,, they will eat e alive'..

Mohindar: but where are u going?

Geet: papa its Sunday and we are going for out,,, we mean me, sujal meeara and jay'..

Mohindar: sab badmash company..

Geet: chale saher lutne'. Both laughed at their typical line'and geet left from there

Rano: iss ladki ka kya hoga,, kabhi kabhi dar lagta hain delhi jaise saher me apna naam banana koi asan baat nahi hain'.

Mohindar: wo Geet Handa hain rano, she will prove herself'.







Geet rush to her gang,,,

Geet: sorry sorry sorry    

Meera: this is enough yaar, we were waiting for u for the past 1hr,, and u are showing ur teeth'. Geet insantly hide her big smile'.. sujal and jay was the silent spectator as they knew they are not allowed to interfare their fight''.

Geet: meera sorry bola na yaar,, dekh aage se nahi hoga'

Meera: yeah aur ye tu kitni baar keh chuki hain like 1000 no 10000000000000times.. till now no sign of improvement..

Geet: today its not my fault'. Mom didn't,,,

Meera: wake u up,,,

Geet: exactly'.

Meera: outing tu kare aur aur uthane ka zimma aunty par'. Sharam kar yaar,, kal jab teri aur sujal ki shaadi hogi tab kya karegi..

Geet: ye uthayega na mujhe..

Sujal: no way,,, tum uthayogi mujhe'

Geet: u know me na, do u think I can wake up so early'..

Jay: ufff tum log chup karoge, tab se tamasha dekh raha hu, abb koi kuch nahi kahega meri sis ko he hold geet's shoulder to support her' and now its not the time for arguments pehle se hi itna late hogaya hain'.. picnic me jana hain k nahi'.

Sujal meera geet said in unison: yeahhh

Jay: so lets go yaar'. They have planned a day off for their picnic at jay's farmhouse ,, which is totally like a village, the atmosphere is so silent and jay's forefather was farmer by profession'.  Its 2hr drive,, from DELHI''


Geet: oye teri,, babaji thank u yaad dila diya aapne'.. guys tum log gadi me baitho main wo chemist se medicine leke aati hu'.

Meera: waha jaake lelena'

Geet: nahi yar, waha nahi milega, and u know na my headec, it doesn't see the time and place, I need it now so just wait here for 5 mins,, I'll be back..

Sujal: main chalta hu tumhare sath'.

Geet: nahi sujal tum baitho, main le aati hu wo dekho the store is across the road only'. But he was not convince'.

Sujal: so what,,, I'll company u' he smiled sheepishly,,, she hit him on the hand,,,

Geet: main chali jayungi, to say that she ran towards the store,,after collecting the medicine she was crossing the road while her eyes glued on sujal who is waiting for her impatiently,,, she was crossing the road when she heard a loud horn'''.



Before she could understand what happen someone pulled her behind and the car zoomed passes her in full speed' she just crashed on his chest shutting her eyes tightly'..

What the hell,, tum kya karne ja rahi thi,, don't u see the car was coming on the way'

Geet: sujal?

Sujal: yeah I m asking something from u? agar kuch hojata to, he hold her tightly,, and she hugged him'.. tumhe pata hain how important u are in my life'. i love u' he said again and again and kissed her forehead,, she was so much in shocked couldn't say anything just staring at the retreating figure of the car'.. in the mean time meera and jay too come there,, they tried to talk to her but she just faints there''





What was that MAAN? She could have dead there'..

Maan: so what samaira? I didn't told her to come infront of my car,,, I don't think she was blind that couldn't see the car was coming'.u know sam I don't these kind of girl jo dimag kahi aur and ankhe kahi aur leke chahlti hain,, and that is only to trouble people'.

Samaira: that was rude'

Maan smiled: only for the world' she passes a smile understanding his meaning''.

Samaira: maan daadi se kab baat kar rahe ho?

Maan: u know jaan I m trying but she didn't want to understand anything, like she is not in favour of my marriage'.

Sam laughed: yeah yeah she didn't want ruin a girl's life u know,,, she smiled naughtily and maan gave a frown'..

Sam: sorry baba' bas mazak kar rahi thi'..

Maan: then u have make it now'..he just stopped the car'and took of his seat belt'. He eyes goes widen'

Sam: maan what are u doing?

Maan: I said making up time' and just took her lips in his'' she wriggle at first and then gave up'

Sam: maan tum bohot bure ho,,,

Maan: I know,,, and whoever will try to come between us I'll show them how evil I can be'..she smiled at his possessive love'.







Sujal: doctor ye thik to hain na?

Doc: maine check up kar liya hain, repots kuch hi din me ajayenge'

Geet: are doc,,what it can be, just I was stressed out,, khamokha me test karwa rahe hain aap'..

Meera: I think he is the doctor,, he knows it better than u,,, u r sick from so many ages and always making some excuse that u don't want to see the doc'. What is with  u yaar, apne liye nahi to hamare liye chup chap baith kar hum jo kehte hain wo kar'.

Geet looked at jay to support'but he looks away indicating he is with them'..

Geet: ok fine,, aur kuch test karne hain kya doc..

Doc smiled: yes geet,, kal mere clinic aana aur kuch test kar lenge for now I m prescribing some medicine,, take it and report me tom'.. she smiled at him..





Outside the hospital'..


Sujal: geet,, he hold her hand,, meera drag jay out from there''

Geet: what hapeen?

Sujal: tumhe ek baat batanai thi,,,

Geet: hmm,, I m waiting'.

Sujal: maine jo interview diya tha,, I got slected there'. Geet has a thousand bolt smile on her face'

Geet: WOW,,,,,she hugged him' ohh  to this is the surprise u were talking about last night'..

Sujal: hmm,, but his face is showing some sadness in it..

Geet: ye to kitni acchi news,, why r u looking so sad?

Sujal: geet for that job I have to leave delhi,,, they are giving me a very good post in Mumbai branch'..geet face become dull and pale'. Tears are welling up in them..

Geet: that mean'

Sujal: no,, I'll not go there'.

Geet: matlab? She asked in confusion'..

Sujal: main kahi aur job k liye try karunga'..main tumhe chodke nahi reh payunga geet aur aaj k baad to bilkul hi nahi'.. geet understood his insecurities'.

Geet: sujal listen to me,, main thik hu and I'll be alright,, but this is the opportunity u were waiting for so many days,, kitni mehnat ki hain tumne is job ke liye,, pls take it,, main yehi hu.. aur hamesha yehi rahungi,, tumhare liye, tumhara intezar karungi'..

Sujal: but

Geet: NO BUT,, jana kab hain?

Sujal dipped his head: kal,, geet tried to stop her tears but it was making its way'

Geet: I'll come with u to see off..

Sujal: no,, main nahi ja payunga'

Geet: last baar nahi dekhne doge' he pulled her to his embrace'

Sujal: ye last baar thodi na hain,, main kuch hi din me wapis araha hu,,, lekin tum agar samne hogi to main ja hi nahi payunga'.

Geet: thik hain,, main nahi jayungi but aaj ka plan?

Sujal: wo hum sab yehi bitayenge, waise bhi aadha din to beet hi gaya hain'. she smiled'..



Meera and jay comes there and rest of the day,,, they enjoyed their last stay together' least they knew it will be the last happiness of the togetherness of them'.




Precap: maaneet meeting'..

To apne daadi se mana kar dijiye'..

He grabbed her hand and pinned to he wall'.agar wo kar sakta to pehle hi kar leta,,, I m not asking ur help, I m telling u truth,, if u don't want to see hell just stay away from me and this relationship''..

hows it guys, tell me honestly and in next 2 part story will start to unfold fully...
part 2

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awesome update

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